Ayah Series #09 – Surah Al-Nas

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The main idea of sorta nests is that Allah subhanaw. Taala is in control. He's in control of the entire creation, and especially people, because people are interactions with other people make up a significant amount of our life on Earth. And those interactions. Some of them are good interaction, some of them are bad. The people that we run into that we encounter, some of them wish us well, they want what's good for us. They're sincere, and other people are just waiting to see you slip up, or they want you to kind of share with them in some sort of detrimental, harmful activity. And so sorta NASS kind of reminds us that, first of all, that this is out there, right, we seek in the last I,

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Allah says, you know, mean, an agenda to one NASA is that we're seeking protection from these forces that can come at us from different angles, because a person chooses in their life, they choose who they're going to listen to, who they're going to obey, and what side they're going to be on. People don't just wake up in the morning, and say, they walk out the door and say, I'm gonna go kill somebody, or I'm gonna go steal, or I'm gonna go break up this family, or I'm gonna know, it's a slow process where the devil misleads people, Satan misleads people, he makes it appealing to them, what they're going to do, and every single person has a choice, whether they're going to allow

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themselves to be convinced of that sort of appeal, or whether they're going to resist it and say, No, that's not the right way. I believe in these things. I believe in these principles, I believe in these limits. And so I'm not going to get sucked into that. So if somebody allows themselves to be convinced by the devil, then what happens is that they're actually doing the devil's work. Right? They're kind of like on Satan's team.

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And so sorta, Nash reminds us that even the people or the creatures in this creation, that are doing that work, that don't want good for us that are going to potentially harm us, they're still under the control of Allah. subhanaw taala, we cycled out with a bit up in nests, we seek protection, we seek refuge in the controller of all those people, the good and the bad, the person who resists temptation and the person who so comes to temptation, the person who wishes us well, and the person who does not wish us well. It's still under control from Allah. So if we seek our refuge, you know, because we can get too fixated on Well, where's the harm gonna come from? Is somebody you're

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constantly looking over your shoulder? Is somebody going to hurt me or somebody's gonna do this to me is somebody going to do that to me, whereas the last panel to others trying to teach us that he's in control of it all anyway, so instead of over concerning yourself or overly concerning yourself with the individual ways that some harm can befall you, if you put your trust in the one who controls everything, then you have a lot less to worry about.