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The importance of death and good deeds in the aftermath of death is discussed, including the need to prepare for it and avoid unnecessary surprises. The emotional impact of death is emphasized, and the importance of learning to express emotions and surrounding the message of Islam is emphasized. Personal items and shrouds are recommended, and the importance of not doing things that make you feel sorry is emphasized. The speakers stress the need to stay true to the message of Islam and remind people of the negative impact of giving things that make you feel sorry.

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Bismillah you're off man you're walking

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Walla alihi wa sahbihi wa Manuela La Molina. I am founder and founder of EMA LM tonight Nikka semiology will dwell on many how to become an MLA Amphawa alveoli of Shaolin of Silla. dishwash. Leticia, what do I need? Are you smart, have been allowed to SuperLumiNova had Atena or have been militant. In the Intel hub of dystrophy surgery recently only waterlogged. That's an melissani of coli. Welcome, again, everyone. To our Tuesday night program has been lucky for joining us again, we'd love to know where are you joining us from? And if you have any suggestions, any comments? As I

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have said last week, actually, this program this series is, as a result of your requests really liked how I got couple of requests,

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as one of them specially from a sister who wrote a very nice, beautiful email requesting to learn the Islamic way. What does Islam teaches us? How do we handle the

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unfortunate events of losing someone we love or basically death? And what should we do after that, so just Akuma head 100 natural banana mean? And what we shared last week, if you remember, we talked about death. And we said that each one of us who don't have seen that remote every single soul will taste, death taste meaning it will go through this process. Nobody will escape this if anyone should have escaped. And if Allah will, he would absolutely have been able to do that. Subhana was Rasul Allah risotto Sal, and we all know the most beloved creation for Allah Subhana Allah rasool Allah salatu salam pastorally. So if he passed away, why do we think we will live forever and

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unfortunately, all of us, and even some scholars says it's from the Rama of Allah subhanho wa taala, that we don't remember death, every single minute, because otherwise we will be paralyzed, it will be very difficult to live.

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Always constantly with this thought, however, what is hot, what happens is the opposite that we are, most of us majority of the human beings are absolutely

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forgetting this reality, as if it is not going to come to me or to you or to us. So we don't want these two extremes, that we're going to think of it every minute that it basically will

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paralyze us and then, at the same time, I don't want to be completely forgetful and heedless about the fact and I live my life as if I am living here forever. And then a very wise st man said, a laughing the wise person has three or does three things three car has she or he has three characters, or does the three things allowed to man America bro, I'm sorry, first thing allow for the wise person when Tomica dunya complex Kubla enter Toka The wise person she or he is that person who leaves this life meaning of life and networker leaves this life before the life leads. Meaning I live in this life. But I am not so attached and focused on this life and what we mean by life is the

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material side of the life and now you will be no children and wealth. And we are so focused on it as if you're living here forever. And we all know we are not so allow the wise person when Tanaka dunya Kubla enter to

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live this life live in this life without being attached to it and focused only on it as if we're not going to go anywhere else. Before it will leave us as we just said no one is going to live here forever as one. So the wise person, man or a woman leave this life before life leaves him or her one second. While I'm Morocco Kubla Tala furnish flourish for repair his grave or her grave before she enters it. And how do you prepare the grave? And I'm not talking about the the the

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The wise man or the the scholar when he said this, he doesn't mean that you're going to prepare the grave dig the grave. Actually what the question should come, what are the foreignness? What's furniture will enter with me to the grave.

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None of what I have in this world, nothing in my home, nothing in my garage, nothing in my kitchen, nothing in my living room, nothing in my closet. None of this is going to come with me. So the furniture of the grave is not what comes to my mind and yours. When we talk about furniture. No, the furniture of the graveyard of the grave is number one is actually good deeds. Allama Rosada one of the specific good deed of the grave is actually a Quran reading the Quran, memorizing reviewing spending time with the Quran. So hum Morocco Morocco habla Mutola, you prepare you the grave. And one of the DUA as we say for the the deceased is Allah much I'll cover how Cobra rolled on Maria,

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the agenda Yala make his or her grave, a piece of Jana, a piece of the garden of Jana. So for me, I want to prepare, I want to come to this grave. And I am ready like imagine when you come to the house, and the house is beautifully done, and furnished and finish to beautifully how happy you you will be this is in this life. And I am going to go and live in that grave. We all know that it's a reality we cannot

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move away from it and we cannot run away from it, let alone escape from it. So I am going to furnish my grave with the good deeds.

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And you name it it's a good deed but as I said specifically, in that for the grave is of oran so allow people the wise man or a woman man Taraka dunya. Cobbler enter to leave this life meaning attachments, focus, fighting, hating people, severing relationships disobeying Allah, because of connecting, and more and more. So leave the dunya before the dunya leave us second foreign nation prepared the grave before we enter it. And third, what are la Mola public?

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He or she please our Lord or His Lord, on last animal Tyler before I will meet and what will what do I do to please Allah? What does Allah wants from me? And you so he will be pleased with me and you are all the Allahu Anhu? What one? May Allah be pleased with them? And they are pleased with Allah? What does he want from your, your thought for now so that you obey Him? And you do not disobeying him? What Anushka follow you for

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you are grateful, I am grateful we are grateful to him Subhanallah and not ungrateful for a new surfline, sir, that you remember him and not forget.

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If I do these three, these Nilla by His grace, I am qualified. I just can't say he will be pleased with me. That would be me. But I have done what I what he wants me to do. Obey Him and not disobey Him be grateful and not ungrateful and remember. So, let's go back again. The reality of this is reality. Wherever we want to run away, it's going to come right in and moto Levita Unum in the in the whole article. Was this in the Quran? Say, the death that you are running away from? You're going to meet it. You're going to meet him if you want to use that. No, no escape from that, as I that we spoke last week is the only reality of things certainty that we all know. No question about

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it. No ifs and buts. No hesitation. Only one. Everything else can change. Except that so that's number one. I need to get ready.

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Inside me morally, I mean mentally. That's that this is going to come and let alone if I have someone who's sick or terminal as we use the word in medicine. So number one, get ready. x zero Min. Min. dickly has the middle of that as a Roswaal eSATA or Santos. Remember, abundantly are not the destroyer of joy. And he didn't see a moat. Then he said, a moat. He called it first the destroyer of joy.

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The one thing that will destroy you, meaning destroy every joy, because it think of yourself, all of us, let's think about someone, we just came back from a funeral.

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You're not in the mood.

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I don't even in the morning to eat and that alone to see something that's alone to joke, let alone things changes because the perspective change. When you see the grave, you'll know for sure, one day me and you will be there. So however, now, as we have talking about the death, it's one of the Sooners that all of us needs to remember as death come close to us. We need always, always, always always, to have good thinking and expectation of Allah, inseparable hospital one you will always think it is not the time to think that Allah will punish me and let alone I will say to someone, it's not the time. The time is of Allah for Rahim when someone is dying inside me a lot. We never

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let me down. Allah is all forgiving. Allah is all merciful. So the time I think of Allah should rely upon Allah has severe punishment, no, and an in depth. And one of the things we have always to remember in general, and specifically at the time of death, and I enter in the host no one near Abdi will the only Masha Allah said this in a hadith woodsy. I was Panama time, I think I am I'm sorry, I am to my servant, as he or she think of me, let him or her think of me what they want.

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I Allah sing this, I am to my servant. She or he as they think of me. So I think Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is Allah subhanho wa Taala is merciful at the death. And Allah will say I mercifully I am not going to say what I'm going to do I missed all this, I didn't do that. No, I will say Allah in California.

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So always, it's a good idea that even when we think of someone, we're losing someone that we love, and we're going to think of God, how she is going to be in the gray or how he's going to be in the gray, bring this to you

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have good expectation from ALLAH SubhanA. Allah does not want to punish me in my life, how long will the either the company shocker tomorrow, loss of this are sold to Lisa, in the chapter, the woman, what Allah Who will get from punishing me in you, He only wants two things. In shocker to me. You're grateful, and you're a believer. So

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we need to remember this. Now, also, if we are close to somebody who's dying, actually a lot of

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a lot of your heart for as the person is dying, a lot of your heart, it's very emotional. I'm sure many of you listening to me, you have seen this or been in this situation could be someone very dear to. But remember in that moment, and I'm going to focus on this or maybe repeat this point, more than once today.

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When we are in a situation that we are about to lose a very loved one, a loved one. Don't think of yourself, think of that person, what I should do and say that benefits him or her not what I want to say or what I want to feel or what I am feeding, think of new love them, you will love her. And you want the best for them and add them she or he at that point. At that point, they can do much to themselves. And again, if you've seen dying person cannot even move their hands. So what I need to say and do everything that will benefit that

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dying, beloved die in person. And in fact, this will help a lot in the grief process. It will really help a lot when I feel in me that I have done everything I can I'm so grateful to Allah subhanaw taala that he allowed me and facilitate for me to do everything that will benefit this dying person. So a lot of dua for the person who is dying. Also.

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Reading Surah chasin on the dying person reading Quran on the dying person, a lot of Juha as the person is dying and of course, keep reminding that person, whether awake or not awake. Again that will help

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but not help you, the person afterwards in your brief, remind them cheap, which we say tell train, keep saying that a lot in their ears. We don't know. There is a lot of unseen, unknown. When the person goes through the dying process, nobody died and came back. So we don't know. We know what Allah subhanaw taala told us. We know what also Allah salatu salam told us and we know what the sooner so what the sooner is, is you keep reminding that dying person, even if they don't say a word, even if they are not responding, but they are still alive. Now.

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There's a hadith about that also alayhi salatu salam said Lakhta pneumococcal Cheech, you're dying people now you know.

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Yeah, you know. And Subhan Allah, law, law, this word, no God, no di t but Allah has so much comfort power. At that moment, I went through this not long time ago, as how Allah the LRB, the creme de thought, my inner, worldly by the remembrance of Allah, hearts reach serenity, hearts, feel peace in peace, And subhanAllah every time you get very emotional, because that's a very dear person in front of your eyes dying, the moment you start remembering now,

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the moment you start singing

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the words the name of a lost power Tada, as if you feel much more in peace. Imagine this is the this is us, what will the dying person feel? So you are you are in Doha, and do have

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one of the things I'm I don't want to make it as a class. But there is some things that we ordinary people may face and specially for us living in a non Muslim country, and you may be the only Muslim person in that hospital or you're the only person allowed to be with the dying person. So it's good to learn as much as you can. What, again, beneficial to this Muslim dying person and also will help me also when the person dies, when the person died, a couple of quick things we do in the Sooner close the eye, if the mouth is open coverage or tired, but the most important thing that we immediately all of us is to remember and say is inaccurate. Rajon Inari lucky, we know you're here

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Roger, to Allah we belong and to Him, we will go back to Allah we belong and to Allah Who will go back. It has an again, amazing impact. And Allah said this in the Quran surah three and levena either Saba, mostly Bhutan, are you in Malaga are innately Rajan. This is a swatch of the buffer the verses starts by What an ugly one, we will test you vishay in a little bit, in a hole sheer will July hunger. We're not also and less. Knox a minute and why in wealth was Thammarat fruits will unforce

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souls human being of a Sheree soldering and give glad tidings to those who are patient. And Allah described them what they should have slavery who are the slavery they lead in a Siberian are those be people who,

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says in Nigeria, what you know

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that I am it makes you so patient when you say this also. So how long so when you it's a very hard one, probably the toughest moment, toughest moment, a human being will go through is when he sees a beloved one, dying or dead or died.

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The moment you remember ALLAH, it makes you again so called so when the person already died in 911. Id

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to unlock we belong and to Allah, we return. So immediately we need to teach ourselves so this comes frequently comes frequently becomes natural, inadequately Roger and especially when again. We go through this when we feel so much in pain. When we feel crying and pain at the moment or even later on the keep reminding in Allah

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to Allah we belong and ALLAH

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SubhanA wa

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briefly last week about the crying, can I cry? Should I cry? Is it allowed? As they say able Karolina need? Can I cry? The first answer is absolutely yes. But even before I say absolutely, it's very natural,

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yet yet

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yet to see a human being that it has lost immediately

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a deal person, she or he to him or her, and they are not crying. It's very natural. It's actually as even medicine will tell you, it's actually it's very healthy. It's very healthy, because it's a sign, what's an expression of grief. It's an expression of pain. And we need to express our feelings, because that's a very painful moment. And as we said, last week, when I saw He saw it was his son, Ibrahim, you're scaring him, he must die. And he, he was dying, actually. And then he was crying and the Sahaba looked at him yas meaning you.

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And he said in our home is a sign of mercy with Allah put it in the hearts of the human being when they cry. It's not weakness. Absolutely. It's not weakness. It's its mercy. We're humans, we are full of feelings. So let us not try to

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act and put a bald face and I'm strong strength has nothing to do with crying. Because crying is a natural emotion. And crying is actually expressing my feelings and expressing the feelings is not a sign of weakness at all. However, having said that,

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is how do we cry? And what comes with the crying is that what do we need to be careful, and all scholars have agreed that the crying is absolutely allowed. And there's many Hadith of Australia salatu salam, he says, the meaning of that Allah subhanaw taala will not punish because of the crying or because the heart is in pain and sorrow. But Allah's pantalla were punished by this and he pointed to the tongue meaning what we say at the time. So I can say, Oh, she was so young and she left I can say that is a decree of Allah Subhana Allah.

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And Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah or knowing Allah subhana wa Tada is the one who knows.

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And Allah subhanaw taala every decree he decree is just so I can say she was still young, she didn't live that long. Where did she go and left me or where did he go left? I can do that. What I say in No, that's why I kept reminding you know what in that day, Roger, another one, we see what usually you see it, too, as part of condolences, and we will come to it is a Lahemaa home, with a home out

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to a lot belong what he took. And To Him belongs what he gives. That's another concept we all have to keep reminding ourselves that we don't own anything in this life.

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It's very hard to live this way because it's mine. It's my house. It's my children. It's my car. I worked hard for it. I brought the money. I did this. The reality of the matter is, is everything is owned by Allah Subhan God, and he loaned us this.

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He gives it to us, but as alone is not going to stay with us. Because we are going to go back to him and it's not going to come with us. So that he might have to Allah below what he took our US on your servants of Allah span time, He created us. So crying

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is healthy is a good sign. It is not haram, is it not? mcru? Absolutely not. It's actually on the contrary, and as we said it was solely his love to sit down, cried when his son died when his granddaughter died candelabrum plan where is the issue comes in. Because again, what we are learning is that stomach way of mourning, and dealing with death. That I am going to go through a process that I want to please Allah with it, but also what is allowed for me to help me in this process to cope.

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So show your emotions and cry. That's fine.

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The one that is not allowed is what we call wailing, meaning crying very loud, making noises saying things that is not pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala as I just said too young, too early. Why I wish if I have done this they will not

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have died, we don't do this. Because every soul, the moment it was created, the same time was created, how long before live?

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Could we have seen mongoose Allah subhanaw taala. When he created every soul he created, when it's going to be created, when it's going to shut the university is going to be happy, was going to be unhappy. So no wailing, no saying things that is not pleasing to Allah, rather, saying things that is pleasing to Allah. And we need to remember what I say, is going to make the beloved person that I just lost, either happy or unhappy.

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So how long does it have you thought for Swati salatu salam said, whosoever will, on a deceased person, that person the deceased will be suffering because of this.

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What does that mean? Meaning that that person, the person who just died, will feel again, we don't know, the hereafter. We don't know what happens in the grave. We don't know what the dead people hear or see, we don't know. This is again in the animal life unseen. But these are all from the hadith of rasa risotto. So this is the Sunnah of my and your beloved, or so as I've said. It they say the meaning of the heavy that the deceased person, the person who just died, Will, she'll pain how we don't know when his relatives or loved ones cry, but not cry, when so not crying is actually waiting, waiting. And then meaning that another seeing they say it's to Ebola, it says that what we

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do, at the time of the death of that person will be presented to the dying person

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will be presented to the disease not to the dime, the season saveetha For ossuaries auto center, and he said in a manner come to our albala Akali become Masha Iroko minute and watch your actions will be presented to your deceased relatives.

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For instance, kind of height and structure will be if what you are doing is good, then that that people will be happy. And they will feel and it's like a glad tidings to them. We're in kind of real Adeleke. And if it was not that all they say that person will say along miletto to have data, camera data, y'all do let them die until you make them guided as you guided us. Meaning when I am in that moment of pain and sorrow, and feeling down, I need to always my focus is about the person that I just lost, not about me.

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And what I can do, to my best ability to give them the best I can give them and give them so they will be even better and happier. And one of the things I need is what I say everything I say is pleasing to Allah Clinton, and I need to be trained, or somebody in that gathering. Normally there is more than one person has always to remind everybody, if we don't say anything, but what pleases Allah, again, what I have found is once you say in any law who are in the garage, even those who are about to say, or their voice will be dealt with how mother the word calm human beings. And I've seen it a mother lost her child, husband lost his wife. In many situations, even children lost their

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parents in arena. We're in the era of loss and it's in the Quran Subhanallah in what he says is absolutely the best of us. So that's, that's one and the wailing person in certain cultures, certain cultures, they bring that woman to the gathering, and starts reading about the dead person and it is a sign of ignorance of God. That's what they did before Islam. They hire people, and it still is done in certain parts of the world. They hire people to come and basically wail about the dead person and also add insult to sit down.

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This is all over yourself. Have a soiree sort of sinner took a covenant upon us woman that we should not will about the deputy

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and specifically about the woman and he said also Alayhi Salatu was set up to voices. So tiny man you

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nanny Paola solo tiny little nanny for doing our

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two voices will be cursed in this life and the hereafter. Soltani mellow nanny

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for dunya. Well,

00:30:20--> 00:30:32

Salto Nagamma in Dyneema, was sold to Marana in the masiva. They say this is an umami bizarre, in aerated this hadith, they say, the sound of a flute,

00:30:33--> 00:30:36

when there is a time of prosperity

00:30:37--> 00:31:05

and the sound are unknown in the most labor, cry, meaning shouting at time of calamity, two voices Melona they're cursed in this life and the hereafter, two sons. One is the sound of mismarked have a flute music at time of prosperity and loud cry, run. Loud cried loud voice time of day.

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So I need to ask Allah Subhana Allah that Allah Allah give me strong your Allah make me see everything that's pleases you and do everything that's pleases you. It's not easy. But if I keep turning to the one who makes the hard thing easy, it's going to happen. Anytime I turn to Allah subhanaw taala in everything, not necessarily only

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at time have done anything that I find it so difficult, impossible. You don't know. And I will say this to myself and to everyone. Turn to Him Subhana and he will make it easy. And sometimes you look at yourself and you say, I don't know how I went through this. Because he helped me. He helped you and other Adil a capable they're always capable. Subhana so

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crying is absolutely allowed. It's healthy. It's one of the external signs of grief. Express your emotion, however, without saying anything that displeasing to Allah pantalla and without loud cry, the person died.

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How long should it be? How long it should be the

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the the

00:32:28--> 00:32:42

more the morning in Islam. And again if you look at cultures, it has nothing to do with our origin. Morning. Morning for that person, the relatives three days

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except the wife when she lose her husband. It's four months and 10 days. And that's what Allah pantalla said in the Quran. Within a telephone knowing where the room as Rajan yet robust may be unforeseen or Bata assuring washer, Allah so this is what we call those who died and leave wives the behind the wife behind them behind him. It's our boss not the unforeseen or Bata Sreenivasan they stayed observed themselves in mourning period, which is four months attendance.

00:33:20--> 00:33:30

Everybody else when they lose someone that the warning period is only three days is only three days. So how long

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another thing that we do again, when you are going through this, or if somebody very close to you is going through this, why do I need to learn this because I'm going to help them when I know these things, when somebody goes a lot in the middle of this calamity, sometimes this may, you may not remember, you need someone to remind you and be as we have said many times be achieved of goodness and a key to lock evil. Don't be a key to open evil. So remind them in allowing Mary Geraldo remembering Allah subhanaw taala now in law is the cure of Allah homes people another sooner to do is actually to cook for the family of the deceased. Again, when I do this, when I do this, it's

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let's say is my uncle. Right? And when I am going to cook or they are my neighbors, which is very common, if they are my neighbor that I am cooking for them, I am helping them and our Swati salatu salam said it's not only Ali Jaffa cook for the people that the family of Jaffa they the death has kept them busy.

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Unfortunately Subhana wa unfortunatly and I still see it, maybe not in the West. But in the East special people cook the person who lost

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lost a beloved one, they cook for the people who are coming to give condolences. And sometimes they go way overboard. And none of this is the sun.

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None of this is the sun at all the morning, you come is actually to remind that the front I'm sorry, to remind the family to keep the number one is Hong Kong Muslim, it's the the right of the Muslim. And number two, is actually to give in to make the people feel better that people care about them, people wants to help them. So I'm not going to be I am the one who's going through this calamity. And I'm going to be worried about food, how many people is going to come how much I am going to cook how much it's going to cost me all this not from the sooner we need to go back to our original soon. We should not cook for them. We should not if I am the person who I lost a loved one I should not

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talk to anybody or order food or pay money at all, is the people should do it too. And and one of the He called this which was really nice, they say is actually because sometimes the person which is very common, those persons specially if it is hard, it felt hard on the hard on the person who lost a beloved one, they don't even eat. And this is what one of the things the support you give to people who have lost a beloved one is actually help them eat, help them sleep, help me comfort them in the way that pleases Allah Subhana Allah even when you are asked them to eat, remind them of Allah,

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nothing will keep the family one day long, when they lose a beloved one, keep them strong, and take it easier, other than the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. And every time I see this, I Say Subhan Allah, this is why Allah spent Allah said, when a calamity before them, they say in Allah

00:37:11--> 00:37:35

to Allah who belong, and to Allah, we are going back, one of the swollen actually, also that even before we die, it's actually the commended Humblot to prepare the coffin to prefer the shroud and even the place, even the graveyard. It's absolutely tsunami in the Muslim world, you don't see this a lot. But here in the West, it's very common.

00:37:36--> 00:38:10

It's very common, you want to make sure you are buried in a Muslim cemetery. Again, we live in a Muslim country hunt a lot of Brahmin, we don't worry about these things. But for me, we live in an Austrian country, you want to know where you are going to be buried, are you going to be buried in the Sunni away as a Muslim, and the sooner we are there, people are going to be coming and visiting and reading, visiting you. Meaning something I mean, when you go to a Muslim cemetery, even here, right? Most of the time, you don't go and visit only one you can visit as many of the disease they were there and you give themselves.

00:38:11--> 00:38:14

So it is something that is recommended that you

00:38:15--> 00:39:05

prepare for your death, as I said, and how can you man, the wise person who prepared the grave before he gets into it. And that preparing the grave is in two ways preparing physically, you buy the lot, you buy the car, find the shroud, you put in your car in your own way, who should if you can, if it is possible, who should be there for your for washing the body, you want people who are righteous people, who again will remember Allah Who knows how to do with the sun, no way, all these things, the more you prepare for yourself easier will be on your feet on your relatives. And that's why the week is one of the Sunon with every Muslim should have a will and the will is not about

00:39:05--> 00:39:09

money. Only are the children of the wealthy

00:39:10--> 00:39:17

parts of the world is this where I am going to be buried, who's going to be washing my body was going to be there for the shroud.

00:39:18--> 00:39:55

You spent you spell it out especially if you're living in a non Muslim family with a non Muslim community is like you know, mourning is three days. Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't cook food, don't serve all these things and life would be much easier for the people who comes after us. And I am my intention is to please Allah subhanho wa Taala and to follow the sooner one of the beautiful things and may Allah subhanaw taala give it to all of us your opinion is that you want to die in one of the two

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

masajid the two huddling in the two sanctuaries.

00:40:00--> 00:40:15

step above. It is highly recommended. It's highly recommended. It is highly wished somebody would have done even in makeover Marine. It says, see not all of your loved ones made this Doha he made to us.

00:40:18--> 00:40:45

He said, this is actually his daughter said, Hassan, may Allah be pleased with her. She said he said, Make dua for himself. See now Omar Omar, hop on. He said Allah who was up me Shahad FISA Vivica, which I naughty fever of Eurosonic Allahu Marzocchi Shahad, she said, which I multi view the better they are surely your law

00:40:46--> 00:40:49

grants me a state of Marxism

00:40:50--> 00:41:08

for your sake, meaning make me die as a shade as a marketer for your sake. And the second guy he made for himself say no more. Second one is and me me dying in the city of your Rosolino.

00:41:10--> 00:41:11

And guess what?

00:41:12--> 00:41:14

Lucky him both.

00:41:15--> 00:41:27

A login from both Subhana he died as a shade he was killed. And you all know, then he was buried in not only in the city of Roswell risotto sir, next to

00:41:28--> 00:41:36

Satan, Abu Bakar. I'm gonna say no, and say you've never saw any solid yourself. So how, and when he was

00:41:37--> 00:42:00

stepped, he actually send See, he send it to us a dilation, taking her permission. That will she allows what she put a mitt that he buried next to save that mill worker and also allow yourself to sit and look at say nice cedar eyes. And she said, is like I was hoping I will be there.

00:42:01--> 00:42:02

But she said yes.

00:42:03--> 00:42:11

So again, part of the things we need to do is also make the heart for our beloved and for ourselves.

00:42:12--> 00:42:16

To Allah give us hospital heart in a good and give us a play

00:42:17--> 00:42:36

a death that is pleasing to Him. People who are righteous at the time other people who will remind us of Allah subhanaw taala people who will help my family to go through this difficult time people who were followed the sooner in my process of preparing of death of washing off graveyards and all the Subhanallah

00:42:37--> 00:42:48

one of the most painful if I will not say the painful, the most painful. Death is the loss of a child is the loss of a child.

00:42:50--> 00:43:33

May Allah help every parent go through this? It's very difficult. It's very difficult. Younger and of course older is harder, but it is very difficult and that is why Subhan Allah, specifically there is sayings about losing children, because Allah subhanaw taala or sorry Santosa knows what autumn how difficult of this and he says mama NASCI Saraswati salatu salam innominate Buhari narrated and he said Ma Mina Nassima Muslim, Utah Fila filata Lemonnier global Hannah. I will hint I'm sorry. Then you blow things up. Jen. Before Dr. Schmidt, he knows

00:43:34--> 00:43:45

us three children. Three, they have not reached the age of puberty. But Allah spawn Tada. We entered him Jana, as a result of their

00:43:47--> 00:44:06

intercession actual. So how long another one is Rosaria salatu salam, as some of you may know, he had a one day in the week where he taught women only taught women only and this hadith is the woman told of a swami Sato semirara. So Allah make one day for us only for teaching.

00:44:07--> 00:44:41

And he said yes. And then in this day, at one of these classes, he gave them this admonition and he said, what any woman, any mother that lose three of her children, those children will be her shield from the hellfire. Any mother that she loses three children. Those children are shield from the hellfire. Then a woman asked him, she said Yara Salma Oh, how about if she lose two children? Not three. And he said if she loses two, they're also for her as

00:44:43--> 00:44:59

a shield from the hellfire, one of the things we have to remember also, model how do we as Muslims, we are a nation and I talk about Muslims, not nationality. We don't live long

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

We don't live long and narrow Swati salatu salam said this, this isn't monetarily and narrated by save now Hurayrah, who said Amma at my alma will live between 60 and 70 my ummah will live between 60 and 70. And much less of them, among them that will the more, they live longer, meaning majority of the Muslims will live between 60 and 70. Much less numbers will live longer than 70 Meaning we all need to get ready. We all need to get ready. And we all need to get ready in a way that pleases Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:45:44--> 00:45:55

One of the other things and I again I am not going to go through a lot of chakra part because the idea is actually how do we go through and there is there is probably a we'll do

00:45:57--> 00:46:09

party threes next week if Allah's pantalla will allow us is how about what do we do when the janazah comes in. So the mate now is

00:46:10--> 00:46:22

washed, the body is washed and the body is Australian, and now they brought the janazah or the disease brought him to the place to the masjid. For Santa.

00:46:23--> 00:46:38

They say this to mean about that, at some says you it's recommended to stand as the janazah as the deceased is is being entered to the mosque. Some says no. It's a different opinion. But the idea is

00:46:39--> 00:46:46

when we see this scene, we all have to remember one day we will be there

00:46:47--> 00:46:49

and the question always have to come.

00:46:50--> 00:46:51

Am I ready?

00:46:53--> 00:46:54

Am I ready?

00:46:55--> 00:47:03

How long as a Bedouin Astra resource Allah Allah seldom, and said, Yeah rasool Allah matassa

00:47:04--> 00:47:06

that also Allah when is the hour

00:47:07--> 00:47:08

when is the

00:47:09--> 00:47:14

animal Swati sort of Salam responded in the meaning? What's Have you prepared for it?

00:47:15--> 00:47:17

What have you prepared for?

00:47:18--> 00:47:29

And then the Bedouin responded, the meaning of I have not prepared a lot other than I love Allah. And I love His Rasul Allah saw Joseph.

00:47:30--> 00:47:34

And then Allah so Allah salatu salam responded, and what Muhammad

00:47:35--> 00:47:41

the person will be there with the person he loves. So when I see

00:47:42--> 00:47:56

the deceased is being brought in, for Salah, the first thing that has to come to my mind, even if they are the most beloved people to answer again, very difficult moment is one day I will be there.

00:47:57--> 00:48:03

And am I ready? What I have prepared? What does my vocab?

00:48:04--> 00:48:13

Which one is heavier, which skill is heavier? Is it my right side, or it's my left side button moment that will look more as you put

00:48:15--> 00:48:22

those who will have a heavy, heavy scale, the those are the one who are successful.

00:48:23--> 00:49:16

In many, many ways I must point out I mentioned in the Quran, from Mahmoud Chiquita who be a mean those who will be given their books in the right hand for who you have omocha Ottavia and that person he or she will say come on in, read my book. So death in general, death in general is a reminder to all of us. Reminder, it's a daily reminder, if not outwardly reminder that there is this life is temporary. One day we are leaving one day we are going to go and when I see when I lose a loved one it's a reminder to me it's a reminder to me I need to get 300 letter O'Brien news article optimal handling issues and I started getting caught at some of honestly you know hammered whether

00:49:16--> 00:49:27

it was highly esteemed career and Shala who will do a third part in next week and if you have any questions feel free to send it to us agenda Institute at

00:49:30--> 00:49:59

or actually office agenda and I will be more than happy if I can to respond also have the lack of blind mean there is a lot of requests we received for our usually do it before Ramadan. It's a five week schools we will not I will be teaching starting on the 26th of February. Not this coming Saturday, Saturday after it's the fact of menstruation make becoming easier inshallah. And I normally what I cover a couple of boys

00:50:00--> 00:50:30

as a as an obstetrician gynecologist so from the medical point of view and also from the point of view it's open to everyone and usually I mean the ages is it's open for women it's open for all ages nine and above or the woman who about to get their oh the goals we're about to get their cycle it's highly recommended that you start teaching them about this shot level. See there is a common Allahu Allah subhana Kolomna Morbihan Nick, it shouldn't be

00:50:31--> 00:50:37

a stuffy we'll call it truly solid love ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was highly disciplined and Cathy