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AI: Summary © The history and importance of the Hadith statement is discussed, including its significance to the world and its conversion process. The importance of learning Shullies for spiritual health and achieving Islam's teachings is emphasized, along with personal and family privacy, social activism, and a strong message of peace. The Profit System of Islam provides guidance on becoming a good Muslim, including praying at night and learning to be a good Muslim. The upcoming weekend event for Islam will focus on spirituality, events, and food, and participants will receive a free food kit.
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Today's holtzberg will be an elaboration and elucidation of the very first hutzpah that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam delivered when he migrated from Mecca to Medina, this hutzpah or you can even call it a Maori Law. You can even call it a small Hadith was the very first piece of advice that our Rasul and our NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam uttered when he entered the city of Medina, and it is just as relevant today, as it was 1437 years ago. In fact, it is even more relevant today. Because the goal of today's chutzpah is that I want each and every one of us to assess our lives in light of this hadith, or this hutzpah that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave and realize

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that Medina when he migrated to the city was not a Muslim city. We need to understand that barely 20% of the people of Medina were Muslim at the beginning of the Hijra. Yes, within 2345 years, the whole city would become Muslim. But at this point in time, when our Prophet Sall Allahu Allahu wa Salam is migrating and he's entering the city. The majority of the people of the city are non Muslims. So we need to understand that this hadith is actually very applicable to our situation, because he's addressing a mixed group. It's minority Muslim, majority non Muslim. So the Hadith are the more evil or the hotter or the

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whatever is being given to a mixed congregation of which the majority of whom don't even believe in Islam, and therefore, we, as a minority here in America, have even more relevance to understand what advice what sermon, what lecture was given by our Prophet sallallahu. I think he was setting him when he migrated. And this hadith is narrated by a very famous companion. And all of us should be aware of this person. His name is Abdullah ibn salaam, and he is famous because he was the chief rabbi of Medina. He was the chief rabbi of Medina, he was a yahoodi. And he was not a Muslim, when he heard this hadith, but he became a Muslim Upon hearing this, so this is his own conversion story

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as well. And so imagine the most learned yahoodi the most scholarly Rabbi converts to Islam

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at this particular instance, and he is the one who is an eyewitness, and he narrates all that happened. And this hadith is reported in sunnah Timothy and it is authentic. Abdullah ibn Salam narrates that I was of the first batches of people. I was of the first groups of people who met the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at Koba when he came from Makkah, so realize people were excited people wanted to see who is this man? They wanted to verify. What is he preaching? What is he saying, and the whole community is excited, even though they're not Muslim. And Abdullah bin Salam was not a Muslim, but he's excited. He said, I was the first batches of people to welcome the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the first Abdullah himself by the way, he says a beautiful phrase here beautiful phrase. Before even he heard the Hadith, he said, I saw his face fouled off to unknowledgeable laser be which he caught him. I recognized that the face of this man sallallahu alayhi wa salam was not the face of Allah Subhanallah this phrase is so beautiful. It really makes my hair stand on end.

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Who can give Dawa by his looks other than the prophets of Allah? Who are you send them whose persona

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is so beautiful. So Jimmy in that simply by gazing upon his countenance sallallahu alayhi wasallam you know that this is a true human being the OB Hua only sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Abdullah ibn Salam converted to Islam. By gazing upon the face of our prophets, Allah sell them and he said, This is not the face of a liar.

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And he knew this because of course, there's something in Arabic called fear, rasa. And feroza means an intuition that is based on knowledge. And generally speaking, the more Iman and Taqwa knowledge you have, the more correct your rasa is, as the IDT says it tocopherol subtle movement that beware of the ferocity of the intuition of the believer, because his philosophy is true. And Abdullah bin Salam was a believer in Allah, ie he was a righteous Yehuda, he believed in Allah and he wanted to check is this man the one who Musa predicted or not? So his heart is he has a loss, he has sincerity. So when he sees the Prophet sunnah he converts to Islam, and he says, this is the prophet

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of Allah. Then he said, and I heard the first words that He spoke. So these are the first words that our NABI SallAllahu sallam said when he entered the city of Medina, what are these words? Listen carefully and memorize a Yohannes of Shu Salam what tutorial was Sulu or ham was so Looby lady, we're now Sunni. I'm the hallucinogen netherby, salam, five simple phrases, four of them are conditions. And the fifth one is the response to the four conditions. Four of them are conditions do this, do this, do this, do this. And then the fifth one, if you do it, this is what's going to happen. This is the simple hutzpah the simple hearted or more ever that our Prophet sallallahu

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wasallam gave. What is it? Firstly a Johann NAS O mankind, our religion, our deen our message is not just for Muslims. He is preaching to everybody in Medina, a Yohannes or mankind I'm teaching all of you. Even if you're not Muslim, you can benefit from the clock of Islam. Even if you're not Muslim, we have morals. We have wisdom. We have tobyhanna cloud we want everybody to follow or at least listen and then choose to obey or disobey but we will preach to everybody preaching is not just to

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Muslims teaching is not just to Muslims all mankind, number one of Xu salaam, spread the Salaam.

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Number two, I'll go over each one, number two to Emoto. And feed the hungry to the feed food to the hungry. Number three, slow or ham Be good to your family. Number four, pray at night when everybody's asleep. And if you do these four things, number five, you will enter Jannah in peace, that whole agenda to be Salaam. So let's go over each one of these four points briefly, time is limited otherwise, this is a topic that we can spend hours on time is limited each one of them let's spend a few minutes on. And I want you to keep in mind that each of these four points in reality is representative of many more points. In fact, each one of these four is like a key that unlocks an

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entire chapter of our religion of Islam. And our Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentions only the key because when you have the key, the doors behind it, when you have the key, you can unlock what is behind it. So remember, each one of these four is in fact the key that unlocks a vast door, a vast chamber. These are the four pillars of our religion, if you perfect them you have perfected the religion, the first pillar of Shu Salam spread the salam what is spread the salam here mean, spread the salam here means spread the greetings of salaam salaam Wa alaykum spread the greetings of Salam. Now we said each one of these represents the pillar, it represents more than just spread the salam.

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What does spread the salam really mean? Well ask yourself, when do you say salam? You say salam when you meet somebody and when you depart from somebody when you meet and greet and then when you're leaving, that's when you say Salaam and what does Salah mean, what is the point of saying salam? Think about it when you say a salam Wa alaykum wa Rahmatullah. What exactly are you saying? Our Prophet SAW Selim is reminding us that when you say the salam say it with the proper meaning in your heart, spread the salam, the heartache or the reality of Salaam, what does it mean spread the salam when I meet my brother and I say to him, a Salam or Aleikum? It what it really means May no harm

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ever touch you. May you always be in peace, may no evil afflict you. This is really what a Salah means, May no harm ever touch you. So when you're perfecting the salaam, what is the implication? Very simple. Make sure when your tongue has guaranteed protection, that your heart and your hands and limbs follow up with what your tongue has said. How can you say salaam to somebody while you're stabbing him in the back with your backbiting? How can you say salaam to somebody while you're cheating him in business? How can you say salam to somebody when you're slandering the reputation in the community? How can you say salaam when your heart is full of evil and hatred and jealousy

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Hickton acid, spread the salam means to perfect your love amongst the people. Spread the salah means to have a pure heart, A salaam heart, a heart that is full of love and peace for everybody spreading the salam isn't just verbalizing salam Wa alaykum it is actualizing Salam it is to have your heart not full of anger, malice, hatred, jealousy, no full of Salam. When you say Sudan, you should mean Salam. So when a Prophet salallahu Salam saying spread the salam, what he means is make sure your heart does not have any evil or hatred for anybody. Your heart should be a heart of salaam you should want salam for everybody. You should want peace and comfort. You should not want to harm

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anybody. Brothers and sisters, if all of society had this in their hearts, where could evil come from?

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A Suriname society will come when everybody spreads the salam from the heart. So of shoe Salam, what it really means is perfect. Your manners, perfect your relationships with other people have a clean heart. So the first of these four pillars is your clock and your relationship should be one of peace with everybody. And peace here means the absence of evil and the absence of evil means you want to make sure that your brother, your sister, your neighbor, your relatives, everybody is in comfort, not in any pain, not in any suffering. This is spreading of the salaam of Shu Salaam. Number two, to

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feed your food to the hungry.

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Feed your food to those who need it.

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What is the purpose of this pillar? Remember, we said each one of these represents much more? Well, what is feeding food represents? It represents giving back to the community. The most deprived people of any society are those who don't eat and drink, correct. I mean, what is worse, what is more difficult than not having food. So when our profit system is saying, make sure everybody has food, the point is, make sure everybody has what they need, shelter, clothing, whatever else is needed in your society, make sure that people have it. Filter Mo Tom, and brothers and sisters and I have to be frank here, even though I'm a guest at this Masjid. But times have changed. We don't have

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the time to be politically correct. We have to be very, very explicit these days because of the circumstances because of the Islamophobia because all of what's happening in this land and across the countries and the entire world. Brothers and sisters, the fact of the matter is, we the American Muslim community have miserably failed to live up to the standards that Allah and His Messenger have set for us. We have failed to convey the reality of our religion to the people around us. We have failed to make them understand what this religion is about.

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Look, this is the first Hadith when he enters Medina, Salah Lauritsen him feed the hungry. It's the first Hadith that he's telling the people feed the hungry, go back to the Quran, the first commandment that Allah revealed after the commandment to worship Him and to avoid idolatry before Allah revealed prayer, before Allah revealed Hajj before Allah revealed Ramadan before Allah revealed zakat.

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The first commandment in the Quran after La Ilaha illa Allah was What were you told a Munna

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be Miskin, were your team and was Sierra in nama noter mo kaniva. Allah He learned who didn't commit incoming JSON. What are Shakira? The Muslim is the one who feeds his own food to the hungry and to the wayfare and to the miskeen and to the orphan and to the prisoner. They give to everybody even though they need that food themselves. And they give up their food and they say Don't thank us. Don't thank me. Ours is Allah will reward us we don't want your thanks, Lan. What are you doing contessa and voila Shakira, one of the first suitors to be revealed. In fact, it is perhaps the 10th Sutra. So we're talking about the first year of the message the first year of Islam early Makkah.

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Remember when was salah, obligated brothers and sisters Salah was obligated. 10th year of Makkah in Israel one Mirage 10th year of Mecca for 10 years sunnah is not obligatory for 13 years. Some Ramadan is not obligatory for 14 years, Zakat is not obligatory for 20 years. Hajj is not obligatory, it's all going to come but not right now. So what do early Muslims have to do to prove their Islam other than worshipping Allah? Look at these early sutras are eight a lady you can be will be Dean. Have you seen the one who rejects the Day of Judgment rejects the religion? Have you seen that one who's not a Muslim? The one who's not a Muslim, what does he do for radical lady you

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adore earlier team he pushes the orphan away. And what else? Wallah Yeah, walla.

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Miskin and he does not encourage the feeding of the poor person. Paws here. Islam is synonymous with taking care of orphans Islam is synonymous with feeding the hungry taking care of the weak providing shelter to those who have no shelter I ask you by Allah have we American Muslims done this reality of our religion have we demonstrated to the people around us that we take care of the weak that we protect the innocent that we feed the hungry? Well why have we done this? We have been in this land for decades, masha Allah we have so much wealth, look at our massages everywhere I go bigger and bigger massages, parking lots are jam packed. We can spend millions of dollars we have charities for

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anything overseas Masha, Allah Tabata kala the money pours in for Kashmir and for fearlessly enforced Syria. And all of that is good. Let's have a charity and a fundraiser for a local soup kitchen.

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You will barely get $10,000 Let's have a charity for a domestic shelter to act to protect abused women in our own community. You will have difficulty explaining to the Muslims why we should spend money locally. This is a problem and I'm sorry to be blunt here but it is

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Because of this problem that Fox News gets away with what is getting away with is because of this problem that people like Trump and his ilk can smear an entire religion. I think Islam has a problem with us. The he could only say that if we have failed to convey the reality of Islam, if we had done our job if we had stood up and followed the sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if our religion had been associated with taking care of the poor, feeding the hungry, providing shelter, exactly what our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did in early Makkah, what was he known for before he became a prophet? What was he known for? He was called the Sadiq. He was called El

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Amin, he was called The One Who protects the orphan. This is what his titles were. But unfortunately for us, we are a very isolationist community. It's only ourselves ourselves ourselves.

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We are a part of this country and land just like our provinces and was a part of makup when this first came down to take care of the orphan to feed the hungry, there were no Muslim orphans. Allah didn't say feed the Muslim hungry, he said, feed the hungry. And when the idea came down, who is hungry pagans, idol worshipers? But you see, our religion does not discriminate when it comes to hunger when it comes to orphans. Hunger is a human problem, not an Islam problem. Hunger is a human problem that all of us have to work to eradicate, to be active in your community to give back to your community, be a part of your community. We all know actions speak louder than words. Very few

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of us follow up with that brothers and sisters. Look at this simple Hadith tutorial. If we had associated our religions name with charitable work,

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like other faith communities have done and succeeded in

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where would we be now?

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I want to mention one point here. It's a bit awkward to mention I'm not criticizing those other trends. I'm I'm grateful and I'm happy they're doing what they're doing. Muslims realize most mainline Protestant Christian sects are smaller than us. The Lutheran, the Methodists, they're smaller than us. We are eight to 12 million here in this land. These other main line old school Protestant sects, they're probably 567 8 million. They're smaller than us. Now. I'm not criticizing them. That's good, what they're doing. But look what the Methodist have done.

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The term Methodist is typically associated with hospitals, with charities with schools. Why? Because from their perspective, and again, this is not criticism. I'm just saying we should have been at the forefront. Despite their small size, they have been at the forefront in health care. They have been at the forefront in providing shelter in soup kitchens, we, I have traveled this country, far and wide left and right east and west, north and south. I have yet to find a single community where the Muslims have taken the lead in the city to pop to tackle poverty and hunger. You don't have to eradicate maybe it's too much but take the lead. be at the forefront. Show the people and again, let

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me be clear here Allah is saying you don't do it for the PR you do it for his sake. feeding the hungry is not PR for Islam, feeding the hungry is Islam. We don't do it for the Kodak moment. But guess what, when we do it for Allah, there will be the positive PR that will come we don't do it for that. That's not our Nia. Our Nia is Allah's pleasure, but of the perks that come of the benefits that come when we do it for Allah's pleasure that the people understand this is what Islam is about, because it is what Islam is about. If we only knew.

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For most of us, Islam is just about the outer rituals.

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And look at this hadith, you will hear rituals, but they will come at the very end. Number four out of four, there there. It's important. Nobody should mock stuff for Allah the rituals, of course you have to pray and fast to be a Muslim. But that's something private between you and Allah, there has to be other things as well. There has to be things for yourself, for your community, for your family. And yes for your God as well. Rituals. Yes, all of this will come. Unfortunately for us, Islam has been boiled down to really just the outer rituals. We judge a person's Islam by how they look by the size of this or this length of that that's how we judge a person's Islam. And Wallah he

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brothers and sisters Islam is more more

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It's more than those outer rituals. Look at this hadith have your heart clean, spread the salam, feed the hungry, number three saloon or ham Be good to your family Wallah he you are not a good Muslim. If society loves you but your family despises you. You are not a good Muslim if you have two images, one in public one in the masjid one in your colleagues and co workers and one with your wife and children. The people who know you best if they don't respect you, if they know you're a fraud, if they know you're a hypocrite, you can't be a good Muslim. That's why our prophets of Allah Islam said the best of you are who are they had it isn't Behati Muslim, the best of you are who are those

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who are best to their wives and I am the best to my wife.

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If your family if your children can testify, this is an honest man. This is a discipline man. This is a merciful man. If your family can testify than an Hamdulillah that is a valid testimony. But how many amongst us? We are double faced in front of society Masha Allah Tabata cola at the forefront. First off, giving public checks to charity, when we come home, our wives and children making dua to Allah to seek protection against us. That's not a Muslim, that is not a Muslim. That is closer to a hypocrite. In order to be a good human, you have to prioritize your family will soon or ham. You have to be a good family, man. If you're a man, be a father, be a husband, if you're a woman, be a

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mother be a wife. Each one has a role to play. And if your family is not satisfied with you work on that relationship, do your best to satisfy that relationship because in that relationship is the pleasure of Allah will sudo or ham That's point number three.

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Point number four. Last but not least, last but not least, what is last on this list? Personal rituals? Yes, they're important. Yes, you must pray nobody's denying that. But how many are those who pray but they feel the first three conditions? How many are those who have outward piety but inward they have nothing or very little?

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The last but not least, pray at night when everybody's asleep. Well salute the lady when Estonia and of course this is overall having rituals with Allah. Why? Because praying at night is selected tahajjud and the one who masters salata, tahajjud, the one who prays to her June, automatically, he's praying the five prayers he is giving Zika he is fasting Ramadan. So this is the door to all of the rituals. The queen of rituals is to adjured the Queen of rituals is the magic if you have to have everything else comes and remember we said each one of these four represents something else. So yes, indeed, prayer is important and out of all of the prayers or prophecies, and I mentioned to

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her, even though it's not watch you why, because once again when you master tahajjud when you pray at night when everybody's asleep, that's another point. Rituals are not publicized. You don't take a selfie when you're praying and put it on Facebook. That's not the point of Salah. You don't tell others salute the lady when Natsu Neon is a private matter. Your Islam has to have rituals, but the rituals by and large are private. Yes, some of them like Juma has to be public, but the majority of ritual should be private only Allah should know of them. These are the four pillars of Islam. Number one, your o'clock with other people. Number two, your social activism giving back to the community.

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Number three, your relationship with your family. And number four, your rituals. These are the four pillars of Islam, all of them are necessary to be a good Muslim. Once you have perfected these four, what do you get? Our Profit System said to hallucinogen Netta be Salah you shall enter Jannah in peace and in Salam, once you perfect these for Allah azza wa jal has guaranteed the response and that will be entering Jana with Salam May Allah Subhana Allah Allah make us of those people Baraka Lord welcome Khurana. Aldine when a finding where y'all can be male or female I have to addicted Hakeem, according to smartphone was stopped for a lot of the mid welcome what is that and wisdom is

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wisdom and for self guru in the whole of affordable

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hamdulillah helwa headed I had a summit Allah de la Amelia Dwolla mu that Wallonia Kula hookah phone whereby you can ask the brothers to move forward we have a lot of people outside please squeeze as much as you can. This hadith that I've summarized for you

00:29:55--> 00:30:00

actually has a name for it because it is such a special Hadith it

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This is called the hadith of salaam Hadith Salam. This is the name of the Hadith ID to Salam. Why? Because it is narrated by Abdullah ibn salah. And it begins with Salam, and it ends with Salam. So it is all about Salaam. The hadith is called the hadith of peace because it's narrated by the son of peace Ibnu salaam, and it begins with peace of Jerusalem, spread the salam and it ends with peace, that hood agenda to be Salam and salaam, brothers and sisters as of the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala As Salam, a Salam is of the names of Allah Subhana Allah Allah because Allah is the source of peace, you will not have peace unless you believe in a Saddam and unless you worship a sunnah. So a

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Salam is of the names of Allah and Allah is inviting you to the abode of salaam wala who Yondu Isla del is Salam. Jana is called down to Salam. So we are people who believe in a Salaam and our religion is called Islam from the same root Salaam. Yes, the meaning is slightly different because Islam means submission. And Salam means peace, but only through submission to Allah will we find peace? Only through Islam will we find Salam so our religion is Islam and our Lord is a Salaam and he's commanded us to spread Salaam and He's inviting us to Darussalam Well, lo Your dad is Salam and have the greatest blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that when the people of Islam who believe

00:31:42--> 00:32:31

in a salaam respond to the call of a salaam as He's inviting us to that as salaam so when the believers of A salaam enter down to Salam we learn from the Quran that a Salam will greet them with the greetings of salaam salaam on como la mirada Rahim to hear to whom yo yo Kona who Salam and when a Salam says salam to the people who believed in a Salam as they enter Darussalam then no harm and no evil and no grief can ever touch such people because when a Salam bestows His Salam, how can anybody harm you after that? How can you be sad? How can you be in grief or pain or anguish after that point in time, and that is why Jana is the abode of Salaam and that is why our Lord will greet

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the people of Jana, as they enter Jannah with the greetings of salaam because once a Salam says salaam to the people of Islam, no harm can ever touch them after that, and that's why it's called Jana May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of the people of Jana Allahumma inni Darian for a mineral Allah mulata don't know if you had to know me them and in love a PATA wala Hammond. Illa for Raja what are they in an Illa Kadota? What am I read on? Illa SHA feta what I see it on Illa your Sarita? Allahumma fildena What is one endogenous about guna Bill Eman? Well, I'll tell you a few proven as really Linda Deena I'm an Robina in Nicaragua Rahim. Allah Houma is an Islam on Muslim in Allahumma

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is an Islamic Muslim in Allahumma is an Islam or will Muslim in Allah Humann Aradhana orada Islam and Muslim in Ebisu in real hope enough say where Jonathan mero foetus btw he Jaco, will you yah Aziz rebels Allah in Allah to Allah Amara Combi Eminem better behave enough say within the Medaka de como se with unless I become a you have a moment when I'm in jindee Hey, we're insane for call as a man called Nima in Hola Hola. Hola, Erica, who you saw Luna other Nebby? Yeah, you heard Adina Armando Solu la he will sell the Moto sliema Allahumma salli wa Salam wa Baddeck will update Kurosu de como Hamedan what are the early he was a big marine rebirth Allah in Allah to Allah moral Bill

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idly when Sandy waiter is a quarterback while young had an infection it will Moon carry well belly, you're either coming to either come to the Quran or the Quran Allah had emailed kurikulum Wish crew who Yes he did. Well at the crew Allah He to Allah Akbar will often miss salah.

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Allahu Akbar Allah Allahu Akbar, a shadow

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Illallah a shadow and Mohammad Rasool Allah. Hi yah Allah solidarity Hi yah.

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Burden calm at the solar to further calm at the solar. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Live

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ilaha illallah still straight neuros Leaving no gaps on the line

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or workable

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Alhamdulillah healed I've been knee pain or Rockman Elahi

00:35:29--> 00:35:50

Maliki de pain he can avoid doing any Ghana's styling then no slip at all. Most stumping slip at all Claude leadin I know

00:35:51--> 00:36:02

him a lot easier than my Lujan at him model on knee pain

00:36:04--> 00:36:06


00:36:09--> 00:36:16

in US had Energen nuts in here fish your warning

00:36:18--> 00:36:18


00:36:20--> 00:36:26

home was was your home feeling odd in Ireland or in chemo Turkey

00:36:29--> 00:36:30

loving fi

00:36:31--> 00:36:32

Keihan hace

00:36:38--> 00:36:39


00:36:41--> 00:36:42


00:36:43--> 00:36:49

mill below me

00:36:51--> 00:36:52

hola hola como

00:37:01--> 00:37:04

semi Allahu naman Hamidah

00:37:10--> 00:37:12


00:37:21--> 00:37:23

along we'll uncover them

00:37:30--> 00:37:31


00:37:39--> 00:37:43

along Cubone

00:37:49--> 00:38:23

Alhamdulillah healed I've been I'm in no rush no no Rahim in my Linky oh me Dini kinda gonna do on a goodness now you dying. It did not sleep at all clung on was still clinging on the knife and I'm laying him alive eating my wound beyond him Waddell was off on mi

00:38:25--> 00:38:26

mi n.

00:38:29--> 00:38:36

L A eternity you can see moving Dini further and he can lead the

00:38:38--> 00:38:43

GM one I home gone down for

00:38:44--> 00:38:54

skiing fairway lawn mower slowly in the know who

00:38:55--> 00:38:57

saw that it himself

00:38:58--> 00:39:06

and Adina whom you all know I am not on

00:39:12--> 00:39:13

Allahu Akbar

00:39:22--> 00:39:25

semi Allahu naman Hamidah.

00:39:31--> 00:39:34


00:39:45--> 00:39:47

Allahu Kubang.

00:39:53--> 00:39:55


00:40:10--> 00:40:13

All along

00:40:49--> 00:40:54

Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah long

00:40:56--> 00:40:57


00:41:01--> 00:41:05


00:41:21--> 00:41:23

so don't want to come over to

00:41:27--> 00:42:07

Grenada with the with the we presidential law he agreed he attends us more inshallah he's here inshallah this weekend on behalf of Allah Institute. He is conducting a seminar entitled no doubt, inshallah everyone in the courage to come and attend the brothers outside with the flyers. It will address topics of doubt that the Muslims are facing today. Whether it's regards to spirituality, whether it's a Gracia Tex inshallah he will be there to Allah to provide a thorough detailed explanation on those topics in sha Allah. Other announcements for the community inshallah going regarding in line with that today, as this is the first Friday of the month we are collecting food

00:42:07--> 00:42:50

for the refugees that are local in the Dallas area and sha Allah so please bring there's a list of food items outside sugar wheat flour, rice and sha Allah please bring those Ajala between motivation inshallah tomorrow, there's also an event along the same lines held by maruf is called opportunity they will be they will be assembling survival kits for the local homeless people. So for that inshallah everyone's encouraged to then the address for the place where they're going to be assembling and distributing is on our email list inshallah. Please go for that jello you'll find that tomorrow as well. We are starting our class for the new reverts insha Allah with Imam Nadeem

00:42:50--> 00:43:16

The first class is tomorrow so if you have friends or who have who are newly come to Islam, or even those who are interested Islam, they are welcome to come Inshallah, it's gonna be after tomorrow inshallah for that as well. Tomorrow evening after around 7pm I believe, ah a helping hand is having a an event for a fundraiser for orphans. The details are outside inshallah. Previously there was announced for the

00:43:17--> 00:43:27

sports day, but due to the bad weather, tomorrow, we will not be able to have that inshallah the brisket today will be announced in sha Allah. I believe that is all

00:43:28--> 00:43:39

Friday Night Lights, the program for the youth ages between nine and 14, it is rescheduled to be from 630 to cemetery in sha Allah insha Allah I think that was all and

00:43:41--> 00:43:55

yes, there's there's also tomorrow there's an education appreciation lunch for all teachers that's already booked, but inshallah if you do not have teachers, that inshallah the outreach committee will be here in July you can reach the masala barnacle FAQ circular data