The fasting person has 2 moments of joy

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When the Wii sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, Liz saw me for Hatha and for her to an end the field three or four how to handle a call lb. For the first thing person, there are two moments of joy. There is a physical judgement and there is spiritual enjoyment. The physical enjoyment is of course when it's time for thought, now that you're able to indulge in food and drink and sexual relations after having given all this up the entire day, a barrage of Rahim Allah, he said something very important, he says the physical enjoyment is only achieved if you break your fast upon that which is permissible. If you break a fast upon something haram, like a cigarette, or how long food

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then such a person is deprived of the physical joy that he has at the end of the day. And there is another type of joy and that is a spiritual enjoyment. And that is ending a call or B when he meets Allah azza wa jal, there will be a joy for the believers, when they meet Allah azza wa jal, firstly, because he's meeting his creator, and every deed he did, he did for this creator. Now there is a joy to meet, Who is Allah, the one I did all my worship for. And secondly, there is a joy to meet Allah, because you want to meet the huge reward that He has prepared for you on that day. This is like a day of graduation. And you know, the day of graduation students are excited, especially those who

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did good and prepared and worked hard. They excited on the day of graduation to see what reward and what result they have. For here, the Day of Judgment, a day of graduation for the believers, so no doubt on the day of judgment for how to

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be, they are happy to meet Allah to see what reward has he set aside for them. And we learn from this, that fasting prepares a person for the meeting with Allah. You see Musa alayhis salam when Allah azza wa jal met with him on the mountain, he commanded him to fast 14 nights

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to 14 nights, and the Arbaeen la isla at the mummy Akoto be here Binah Leila, meaning he fasted the night and it's obvious that you have the faster days so he fast that faulty day and night nonstop in preparation to meet Allah. Then he was in a position to meet Allah and Allah azza wa jal spoke to him. Fasting prepares you to meet for Allah to meet Allah azza wa jal. This is why fundamentally, we are supposed to be fasting every day of our life. You know that? Every single day of our life we are supposed to fast if you're serious about meeting Allah and entering the paradise for this is why, Danny, you know, you reflect over the story of Adam Allah has set up in the Paradise what was his

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sin that they ate, ate from the tree? What got us down to earth, something related to food. That's what got us down to earth. So if you want to go back, what's the first condition of repentance? Leave the sin.

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Leave the food first.

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First 30 days, and then the one who does six days of Chawan it's as though his faster the Aden is we will move on and six days as though you have fasted every single day of the imaginisce Such a person now he's ready to meet Allah azza wa jal because he has earned the reward of fasting every single day in his life.

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I think you need to understand this meaning