Your Life, Your Story #2

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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The speaker discusses the concept of "slack" and how it is not just about keeping bank statements and receipts, but also about keeping secret information inside one's phone. They argue that writing stories of one's life is not the same as reading them. The writing of stories is not just about keeping bank statements and receipts, but also about keeping secret information.

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So when we talk about the storage of your life

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is not only about the cost you have used is not only about the houses you have built is not only about your bank statement, where they log in the time you save money, the time you withdraw

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is not all about your phone. And the calls you've made, is not only about the secret you keep inside your phone,

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not wanting anybody to see not wanting anybody to read, this phone that you see has so much secret.

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There are some people who put passwords do put fingerprints, and you put face recognitions, so nobody can see the secret of what they have in their phones.

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Is it not the angels who can read the secrets inside your heart? Don't you think they know the password already?

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Even if they only with the carry code, the atrocities, the Xena,

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the infidelity,

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the obscenity,

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the sinful acts that people have committed with their phones, even if nobody knows the password, don't the Indians know

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don't direct it down. How many messages men quickly delete for their wives to not see

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many secrets women keep their husbands will not know

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how many coded works coded names coded messages that people have put in place.

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So the other people will not know whatever your passwords are. Don't Indians know these passwords. And this Indians the rights everything, the drift of every soul,

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the movement of every eyes, the thoughts of every mind, all of them are written down like streams of dreams, as the flu, so they are written this angels like accountant, the angels read every calculation and every estimation. Like secretaries, they just write about whatever and about whatever. And however,

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whatever you do, directed them life stories are not just written in these in months and years. life stories are not all about our date of birth.

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Rather they are written in smiles that we have had. They are written in the tears that are flew through our faces. They are written in feelings and emotions that we have had the happiness you have ever enjoyed the sadness you have ever endured. Stories of our lives are written in decisions and intentions. Stories of our lives are written in motives and mindsets. It is not in physical events, but in choices that we have ever need in our lives. That is why writing the stories of our lives is not the same as when you read

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as long

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