The Fiqh of Salah #10 – The Sajdah of Forgetfulness

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes three hadith positions and their implications, highlighting the importance of the Holy Creder and rakaat. The prophecy of the Prophet system is discussed, including the use of the Holy Creder to prevent fraud and malicious behavior, and the importance of understanding the Hadith's deeds and mistakes. The transcript also includes a video of a theater performer's recitation of the hadiths and practicing them, as well as a brief advertisement for a coffee brand called Jelly. The importance of practicing and avoiding mistakes is emphasized.
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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah, who Allah Allah, He will be the woman who Allah Hammerberg. So we now move on to the next chapter. And that is the chapter of the stage data set who are the chapter of the such detail as several, and that is the chapter of the two senators of forgetfulness. And Sahar means to make a mistake. Sahar means to make a mistake and realize that the chapter of surgery that says that they assemble is one of the most controversial chapters by controversy, I don't mean any harsh back and forth I simply mean a lot of LTF a lot of difference of opinion. And each of the mud hubs has basically unique positions about search that they sell who

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when to do it, how to do it, what is the the procedure to do it and the fact of the matter is that it is simply easiest to follow a med hub and then don't worry about it for the rest of your life and we will go over the humbly method because that's what we are teaching and then just go with it in whichever you do inshallah Allah whatever method Have you follow in this regard? Insha Allah that is fine. And before we begin as usual, I began by narrating the primary a hadith that we should know about the search the data so that a hadith are three or four in number and we'll go over each of them so have them in mind. The first of them is the hadith of Abdullah had been behind Abdullah had

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been more hyena that the Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam prayed for her and stood up in the second Raka and did not sit down.

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So all of the people stood up with him until he finished the salah.

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And when he was in the final Tasneem before he made the Tasneem cup berawa Who are jealous he said that Chuck beer while he was sitting down was sagia that says the Teign Cabela and you sell them Soma sell them, and he did did to such does before he did the slim, and then he did the Sneem Okay, so this hadith reported in Bukhari and Muslim most authentic hadith possible, Abdullah bin Pena narrates that the process of them stood up and Salah to vote for Raka to Raka. He stood up, he did not sit down, and he realized that he didn't sit down. So what did he do before the Tasneem of the fourth raka he said, Allahu Akbar, and he went into such depth. And he did Toorak to such does, and

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then he did the Tasneem. So this is one Hadith that is used hadith of Abdullah bin hyena, and from it, we derive many, many benefits of the benefits we derive is that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made mistakes as a human being makes mistakes, that he was marked zoom in propagating the message of Islam, but he was not marked soon from human error, such as forgetfulness. He could also forget like everybody else forgets, because it is impossible, he intentionally sort of obviously and will learn in other Hadith he explicitly said, I am a human like you I forget, like you forget, he explicitly said this. This also shows us that the sitting down in

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the second Raka is not a broken

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because how do we know this?

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He didn't repeat it, because had it been broken, he would have repeated it. So the sitting down in the second chakra is not a broken, rather it is of the YG bat. So this hadith demonstrates that for us. This hadith also demonstrates that at least at some times, the sedge detain is done before the Salaam

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and this is one of the main controversies when is this is the thing done, and each of them has has its own position the Hanafi Shah very Malika, humbly they each have their own positions. One is the says that ain't done. So this is an evidence that is used by those who say the two sides this is done before the salam because it is explicit for sagia the sash detainee Cabela and you Salim thermocellum This is as explicit as possible. So at least when you miss a rockin this had the saurian Haruka excuse me when you miss a wajib this hadith tells us you make it this name. When

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before you make the sorry, not at this you make the stage that Dane before the Tasneem okay, this is the hadith of Abdullah ibn Bo hyena, okay. The other Hadith in Sunon ABI Dawood and also Bukhari and Muslim and other versions, so both had the author motif of it basically, the other Hadith, which is the hadith of Abu Hurayrah, the hadith of Abu Hurayrah is that the prophets of Allah why

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He was salam prayed salatu Allah Azza prayed Salah to allow sir to rockers instead of four.

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And he made the slim. He pray two rakaat and he made that the Sneem and he then stood up and went to a pillar that was in the front of the masjid. And he put his hand on it. And there were features of anger from him. So something is troubling him what it is, we don't know from this hadith we don't know something was troubling him. There were features of anger. And in the comb in the modulus was a worker and Omar, but they were too

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not scared but respectful to say anything for harbor and you can Lima who they had too much haber to speak to him. And the quick people who leave the masjid rushed outside and they began saying or announcing the salah has been shortened, the salah has been shortened from four to two,

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because they have only pre Toluca. And a man stood up whom the prophets Assam had nicknamed the Holy adeiny. The man of two hands, why is he called the man of two hands when everybody has two hands? Because his hands were extensively long they would go basically below other people's normal length of his on his thighs. So the process him had called him Gulia Dane Oh, you have two hands Lulea Dane. That was his nickname. So he stood up and he said, Ya rasool Allah, and as Sita M ko serratus salah or messenger of Allah, did you forget? Or has the salah been cut to two?

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So the prophets of salaam said Lim unser wallum Toxin Neither did I forget, nor has the salah been cut. So then duly ordained said now that the process and I'm saying we haven't forgotten, and it hasn't been made possible. So then Lulea Dane said Bella codnor, Sita

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indeed you have forgotten. This is a very interesting Hadith as motocaddy Buhari and Muslim, very interesting Hadith. So the prophets Assam turned to Abu Bakr and Omar and said, Is it true whether you're Dana saying a Hakama Myoko every day? And they said, Yes, oh messenger of Allah. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then said that Kabir and he prayed the tool of God. So he Salah chi Chang, he prayed the tool of God. Then he did the Takbeer Allahu Akbar, and went into Sajida like he does for the salah. And then he raised his hand by a sari raised the head by saying to Kabir and he then finished the Salah with the Tasneem. So, this hadith motocaddy motocaddy as well. This

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hadith demonstrates what that the Prophet sallallahu either he was setting them pray two rakaat separate from the first two rakaat for a total of four. And in between, what did he do? He got up and walked away, what else did he do?

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He spoke, he confirmed and verified. And then he prayed to God with the search that they Assa who and then made the steam and that was considered to be salata acid. Okay. Now, this hadith has many, many benefits. Once again, we learn that the Prophet system is indeed a human being and he could forget, like other human beings forget. And he is so certain he has not forgotten that he says lamb answer. I didn't forget, you are wrong. I am correct. You are wrong. I didn't forget. And I didn't make Doxy. And it also demonstrates the Haber that the major Sahaba had none of the big names said anything. That's why they're big names. That is why they were who they were. That utmost respect for

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Rasulullah saw Salam, that is dignity. And the one who has the audacity to tell them you forgot somebody, nothing wrong with that not he's not a sinful, but he is somebody whose name we don't even know Lulea Dean. We don't even know his name. He's not one of the names. And again, when we did this, you know, we did this so many times that we always think of a worker Omar as the entirety of the Sahaba they were the exceptions, the Masjid that the process and will be jam packed. We don't even know the names of most of the people. And is these types of incidents that we learned? Oh, there was somebody called Julio Dane. Even at the time of the process and the bulk of the Sahaba we

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don't know their names it didn't they just were there. They didn't do like what Oba could have avoided what not so Lulea Dane, his bluntness and frankness are excusable, but they are not the bluntness of Abu Bakr. So Julia Dane says You forgot a messenger of Allah

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and the show

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allows us to mention a human aspect of the process and is not of course gopher or sugarcoat anything. He is a human being. And Julia Dane is not being rude he wants to know about salah and he's saying you forgot yeah rasool Allah Bella but in the seat and he is affirming, you have indeed forgotten or messenger of Allah. So when he is twice told, so then he wants to verify. And this shows us the importance of verification, and who do you verify from the people whom you trust? So, he turns to obika and Omar, and he says, uh, how can my Apollo's retain is what Julian saying correct? And of course, now they verify yes, that you have forgotten you didn't pray for aka you

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have forgotten. So then now that his memory has been proven that he was incorrect in this regard. He then stood up pray two rakaat said this is the sample and then made the Tasneem this the hadith of Abu Hurayrah. Okay, the Hadith,

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the hadith of eminent ignorant Hussein.

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The hadith of economic Husayn reported by Abu Dawood and Timothy, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed and made a mistake. So sagia saj, that tiny, he prayed to such those afterwards somata shahada, Sama Salam, then he made the Shah hood again, then he made the Sneem. Now, in this version, we don't know the mistake that he made. In other versions, we learn that what he had done was that instead of sitting down in the fourth Rakhi, he stood up. So he made five records out of four, he might five record out of four. And then he prayed five record. And he realized he had prayed five record. So then, at the end, he then said, you the search detainee, through Mata

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shahada, so he did the shout over again from myself. Now, this is the evidence of those muda Hib that say, you have to make the Shah hood after this is the thing. So, I will talk about a little bit of a different stuff. So the whole estate off comes, all of these ahaadeeth they mentioned, you know, differences, slight differences. And in this one, we learned that he did this as detain, and then he did the Tisha hood again, and from this, for example, the Hanafi is all the 100 Thieves here No, that's the way they've been taught that you must make the shahada after the search, detain Okay, whereas many of them are they've don't have them so they have an evidence this is their, this is

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their evidence, and the Hadith of a Musa Aden Hodari the Hadith or in the history, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, either Shaka Zulu confused salatu he further MiraDry come salah, a third earthen urban fall Yatra Chaka wali ebony Allah mistaken some years to search the tiny cobbler and you sell Lim for in Ghana Salah Hamsun Shiva and Allah Who salata when cannot Salah Temmerman, Ghana, Tata Lehman, the shape on Ottawa Muslim, this had authentic hadith that talks about doubt in Salah what to do, when you are in doubt, if some of you is in doubt, and he doesn't know how much he has prayed three or four. So you're confused. Am I paying three? Or am I praying for then let him

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get rid of the doubtful Yatra haChinuch? What is it mean? Get rid of his doubt. And while you have an anima SteriPen and let him build on what he is certain I II go to the lower number.

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Go to the lower number. Okay, whatever you're certain about, go to that number, your your clean, you have prayed, go to that number. And let him then when he finishes the Salah, let him then make such detain before he makes this name. So if he had in fact prayed for, and mistakenly because he was confused three or four, mistakenly he went down to three, thinking it's three. So he added a Raka. And in reality, it became five. So if he had indeed prayed five, then the two such detain will count as Urraca. And he'll we may be praying, even in the Salah. It's as if he then made it six, it's a shofar prayer, because also it is four. So if he had prayed five, the two soldiers will kind of

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boost it so that it's as if it's an even for ourselves. And if he had prayed, actually for and he made the correct decision, then those two such does will humiliate Shaitan in other words, don't worry about it. If it's extra, Allah will accept if it's extra, Allah will accept and if it's less, Allah will accept and shaitan will be irritated that you did too much such as the point is get rid of the shock of the doubt and build on what is certain and build on what is certain. And the final Hadith that will do

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And then we move to the book. So all of these are Hadith they should be aware of. And they're all authentic hadith by and large, the final Hadith, the hadith of Ibn Massoud.

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The hadith of Ibn Massoud that in another and so look at Subhanallah a number of times are processing and made errors in the Salah a number of times and each one we're learning and Subhanallah imagine any 20 years he is leading the Salah in Medina 10 years. So in those 10 years, every single Salah he is the Imam, every single Salah in those 10 years, perhaps he made maybe less than 10 mistakes. And each of those mistakes is what we get says this level from each of those mistakes is narrated. That's how we're trying to understand such as that. So how do we reconcile between all of these ahaadeeth That's what the mudah have have different over the the details of

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when to do such though how to do certain so that's in trying to understand and extract a systematic ruling from all of the Hadith. That's the point and the final Hadith that will do they will move on to the text. Why even Mr. Udo the Allahu and ohada Salah Rasulullah sallallahu ala he was selling them

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for them, sell them Akira LA who ya rasool Allah had for Salah T shape or that woman attack all who saw later Qaeda were Qaeda. So in this hadith, basically, basically even Massoud said that when the prophets are that when the process of said the salam after one salah, they asked him or messenger of Allah, has the salah changed, has the salah changed. So he said why do you ask they said you prayed in such in such a manner and once again the scholars say he probably added a rocker he probably added Urraca so he immediately turned around face the ugly biller performed to such does and then made that a slim so this such that is being done after that asleep

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and now he's doing another to such does that is he doing another Tasneem is that clear? Right? So this Salah he prays five rakaat his turn and he's faced the audience so they said O Messenger of Allah has something changed know why you prayed five recart Immediately he turns back around and he's does that agreed he goes into such detail and then he says the slim so these are two tests limbs, one before one after so the says detain is done after that the slim This is from this hadith we get okay. Then he turned again to the people and he said

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in mahalo hadith of Salah T che on to convey if anything had changed in the Salah. I would have informed you what I can in NEMA Anna Bashar Al Mithraeum unser come out and zone but I am a man just like you I forget like you forget for either in a C two for the Q Rooney if I make a mistake, then remind me why the Shaka huddle comfy sala de familia taharah swab for you, Timothy summer just do a search detain and if one of you is in doubt, how much he has prayed. Let him make the best assumption. What does he think he prayed, go with that and then let him pray two rakaat

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then let him pray to God basically at the end now these are all the Hadith that we need to know there are a few more than these. But these how many they give you five I gave you five these five are the main Hadith of the sage that so these five are the main hadith of says that the settle now this is not an advanced class. So I'm not going to go into the 15 different aquat of the aroma because there's quite literally more than four. There's quite literally lots of modahaus. Even within the MME we'll just stick with our author to make things easy. And as I said, for the beginning student, this is why the med hub is convenient. This is exactly why following month it

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makes a lot of sense. Otherwise for you to try to reinvent the wheel and do it yourself as impossible. So what are you going to do with this? So what are you going to follow? That's why it's just stick with them I'd have for the beginning level advanced intermediate that's a separate level. If you ever get there, you'll know what to do at that time for now we're sticking with this. So the humbly madhhab bobble says that a a several chapter over the two sage does have several was Sahoo other fella 30 elbowroom Audra that the Sir Who is of three types, the Sir Who is of three types so this is the humbly position there's three types of search that the circle number one a how to ha a Z

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yada, number one when you do something more than what you should do a Z yada yada to fear and then Min Jin says sadati Cara Cowtan Oh lookin to add something from the actions of the Salah itself to add something from the actions of the Salah itself. What does it mean from the actions of Salah you can add something that is not from the actions of Salah such as walking. That's the step

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Putting okay such as too much motion that's a separate thing adding something from the our can of soda so to recourse in Urraca three such does another car okay, this is adding a token to V Rocker or even to add a rocker to add a rocker or a broken for tub total Salah to be MD he if he did it intentionally then the entire Salah is invalidated because he's making a joke out of Salah

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because he's praying playing with the prayer. Okay, so if he did it I'm done if he intentionally added something to the Salah, this is a joke, and it is even bordering on Kufa Davila to make fun of the Salah. To make it into a joke. This is bordering on Cofer. So to do an intentionally the Salah is button.

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While yes, Julissa we he if he made a mistake, then he does the search. Okay, then he does the search by adding a broken we're in Zakharova rocket is either jealous or Phil hull. And if he remembered and if you remember that he is making an extra car and he is in the last truck and so this is his fifth truck I should be four or it's his third rock I should be too jealous of Phil while he sits down immediately. Okay, so he sits down immediately.

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One in selama and Noxon, for your Salah tea or Toby my Baka Allah He some such as and if he makes that the Sneem while having missed a part of the Salah, he must perform what He left out and then prostrate. Now, what does this mean? What does this mean? This means that if a person

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adds a token

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of a person as a token, then he will either understand that the token has been added while he is in that regard. So for example, as we said, he is supposed to pray for God, he adds a fifth Raka and he realizes he's in the fifth raka in this case, as soon as he realizes there is no such thing as a fifth raka he does not continue

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because he has moved on to a record that should not exist. So in this case, he sits down immediately. So whenever you remember you're increasing the Archon and you realize it you stop that increase unlike if you miss a wajib and move on to the next record then you do not go back to the wajib Okay, now it gets a little bit technical guys, you need to pay attention gets a little bit technical, you need to pay attention if you miss a watch so the Jelsa of the two rockers and you stand up and you get to the next record in this case you do not rewind to the previous record because you move from a legitimate rockin to a legitimate record and you've left the wajib then call

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us you have to move on however, if you move from a necessary rock on to an added rockin rockin that shouldn't be there then you should go back to where you're supposed to stop because that record is meaningless. So if you remember it in the middle of the Salah, then you cut back where you're going and if you continue and you finish the salah then you pray says detain so this is what happened when the person prayed five record and he didn't realize so then he prayed since the day so if you don't realize and you pray five raka then obviously what are you going to do? You cannot go back. So in this case you will then have such detain and then you make the Tasneem What opha Lemma lays them in

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Genesis Salah and if he does something that is not from the actions of Salah, so such as talking

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such as walking, such as lots of motions these are not something that you do in Salah Okay, so if he does something that is not from the actions of Salah less Dawa I'm do who was who who regardless of whether he does it intentionally or unintentionally here it doesn't matter here it does not matter intention is irrelevant when it deals with things not related to the salah let's do our um do who were Sahoo for in Cana Kathy Iran Erbil Tala if there's a lot of actions than the Salah is belted

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we're in Canada yes see Iran and if it's a small amount of actions go fairly and abuse of Allah who I think

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We'll send them Hamlet you humbly he or Mama will photograhy babbling above the Isha fella buzz and if he does trivial actions, like his holding of Obama and like his opening of the door for Artesia, then there is no hemorrhage and no sin in this okay what is all of this mean? Very simple

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if he or she adds actions that are not related to the Salah

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in this case it doesn't matter even if you make it accidental or intentional, the ruling is the same. What is the ruling? If it's a lot, then the Salah is vaulted. All of it beginning to end you begin the whole Salah again not the raka the Salah, because this is a rockin sorry, this is a an action that is not of the Archon unlike a rukon that is accidentally added a record that is accidentally added does not make the salah bottle

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but you guys following a rock on that is accidentally added does not make the sun about it. But a non sila action that is done in the Salah and it is a lot now the biggest laugh what is a lot and here are the muda who have their differences of opinion and the humbly say that which people if they saw you would not even think you were in Salah.

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Okay, so if the person saw you you are basically you don't seem as if your Salah, okay, so your phone rings and you pull it out and say hey, how are you doing?

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Okay, then you realize, oh, I'm in Salah, and that happens to people. Okay. Hello as the Sun has gone.

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It's Barton. Why is it Boulton

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because he's spoken but you're not supposed to speak in the Salah. He has done something if somebody were to see you and you pull your phone out and you're saying hey, how's it going? People would not even think you're in Salah okay so this even if you make a genuine mistake, the Salah is routed. Okay. Now what if it's a small amount for a reason? And he gives two examples straight from the zero

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the first of them Kofi Annan, Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam family he Omarama as his holding of Omarama.

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Jelly either call

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me Mr. Heaton doll Seanie when she

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