Yasir Qadhi – The Descriptions of Jannah & Jahannam #6 – The Punishments of Jahannam

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the punishment of the Jahannam, a powerful evil entity. They emphasize the need for people to stop drinking water and use it outside of punishment, as well as the importance of understanding the purpose of life and why women should not be punished with reward. They also mention the theory that women are not in the culture of the hour off and that men should be punished with a different category.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. We praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, for each and every blessing he has given us we praise Allah for every single new day that he has allowed us to worship Him and to study his faith and to come closer to him. We thank Allah azza wa jal for having guided us to this beautiful religion, and we're not for Allah's guidance, we would not be guided. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala, to maintain his blessings upon us and increase those blessings, and to never ever show us a day where those blessings are stripped away. And we ask Allah for agenda, and we seek refuge in Allah from jahannam. And one of the things that

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will help us come closer to agenda and help us avoid jahannam is to know more about agenda and jahannam. And that is why we are doing this detail series agenda and Johanna and we are now on our lecture regarding some of the details of jahannam. In my last lesson, in the last lecture, we talked about some of the punishments of jahannam and in particular the food and drink in the clothes of the people of Johanna, we will now continue and I will try to inshallah summarize 10 more specific aspects of punishment that I mentioned in the Quran and in the sooner about the punishments of the people of Jehan, none of the things that are mentioned. So, again, this is just 10 points. Again,

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this is a continuation of last lesson. So it's not as if we are actually not even starting from number one. But just so that for today's lecture, let's let's let's start from number one for today's lecture, that of the things that are mentioned is that the punishments are so severe, in jahannam, that a person even after one millisecond, will forget that there was anything called pleasure, the person will not even understand that there was something called pleasure, the person will not ever imagine that he ever experienced pleasure in this dunya at all, every memory will be gone of that because of the suffering and the pain. And this is mentioned a number of traditions for

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example, in Sahih Muslim and a cinematic says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that a person will come from the who is one of the most blessed people of this world, and he will be brought on the day of judgment and destined to go to jahannam so one of the most luxurious one of the most fortunate of this dunya all the blessings of this dunya of wealth and of palaces and of sensual desires, everything that he had, and he will be brought and be punished for Johanna because he was a rejecter of Allah subhanho wa Taala and he shall be dipped into jahannam for use will Yeah, just dip Sabha which means you dip in jahannam then he will be asked that Oh, son of Adam, have you

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ever experienced any good? Have you ever had any pleasure at all? And he will say now Allah here Rob, I swear by Allah, oh, my Rob, I have never even known what pleasure is. And it is just a millisecond of jahannam and all of these decades of pleasure and decades of heedlessness and decades of hoffler shall be forgotten. And in the other narration in Sahih, Hadith Sahih Muslim, Allah subhana wa tada will say to the person who is one of the least punished in jahannam that would you give all that you have in this world to be taken out of jahannam? Would you give it in ransom everything that you had? And he will say yes, I would give it and more than this, oh my lord, and

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Allah subhana wa tada will respond to him that but I asked you much less than this. I didn't ask you all of this world. I didn't ask you all that you possess. I simply ask that you worship me and don't worship false gods besides me. But you insisted on worshipping those false gods. Notice that he is being asked would you give up everything but of course the Quran tells us that even that asking it is a type of punishment because they are asking would you give a ransom as if the ransom will help but

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Of course it will not help insert till marriage yeah we're doing mergeable low yesterday man either Bo may even be Bernie he was like hey but he was he was he let he let it we he women fill out the Jimmy and some even g color. The criminal on that day will be more than happy to ransom himself from the punishment with all his own children and his own wife and his own brother and his entire tribe. And all were in the heavens, he would give them away to save himself and Allah subhana wa tada says inserted into verse 36. In the Medina cafaro lo under the homophilic Lb Jamie, I want mithila humara who live to do be humanized, abbiamo cavity, moto Bella min home, wala Hamada, again, those who

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rejected Allah subhanho wa Taala. If they were to give all that is in this world, and then double it even more after this, so that they can run some themselves away from the punishment, Allah says, they can offer it, it will not be accepted of them, and they shall suffer a miserable torment. So, of the points that we need to emphasize is that jahannam is so severe, that all the pleasures of this world shall be instantaneously forgotten, and all of the desires to be ransom will hastily be agreed to, but of course, nothing will be accepted because because there is no ransoming on that timeframe. And after the Day of Judgment, of the things as well that are mentioned that are

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mentioned from the fire of * is the issue of the the homies or the the scalding water and the water will come and it will boil them from the inside even as they drink it and as they it is poured on top of them so in our last lesson we did the issue of them drinking the water. Today we're also going to mention that this type of water will be poured outside of them or under external skins as well. And Eliza Jen mentioned this in the Quran fillerina cafaro Allah Hamza woman Noreen you saw Bowman felt they will see him will mean use harrowby he Murphy Bertoni him while you loot, while Macau Mira min Hadid, verse 19 and 20 of suta hedge, as for those who reject Allah, they shall be

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made to wear garments of jahannam that will be tailor made for them. So they're going to be wearing garments made out of fire. And then on top of that, you subhuman folk who see him will mean that the boiling water is going to be placed and poured over their heads used to be him a few Judo, Matthew Bhutanese module, it is going to melt all that is on their inside and all of their skin will be melted as well. And on top of that, they have to deal with McCollum, the Roman Hadid, iron meses that we will talk about in the next point. So the point here is that Allah subhana wa tada is mentioning that there is going to be

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boiling liquids and fluids that are going to be external as well, of the things that are also mentioned is the chaining up of the people of jahannam. And their physical immobility, they're not going to be able to move because they will be chained up some of them tighter than others, some of them will be allowed to walk a little bit and others will be completely changed up depending on how Allah subhana wa does but it is upon them. And we have for example in certain incense, Allah subhana wa tada mentions that in verse number four, that inactivity, caffeine has said Ah see that was alella we have prepared for the caffeine. set us in and sell acid means chains made out of iron ore,

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and other lol yolks that you place around their their necks. And so Allah is saying that there's going to be chains and there's going to be yolks around their necks certain resemble verse 12, that Allah subhana wa tada says in the law, Dana and then we have uncovered and God is the chains that are placed, especially around the feet area. And so Allah mentions the chains that are placed around the necks in some verses, and in other verses all dimensions change that are placed around the seat. The point being that the people have agenda will be literally chained up there will not be able to go too far and insert a half verse 3031 and 32 Hulu for Hulu, the merger hemosol lu sommerfield will

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see that in vero has several owners Iran slew that in Surah Al halka, Allah azza wa jal mentioned take him and chain him up for Hulu, who chain him lock him up, and then scorch him in the fire of *. And then put upon him a link of chain a set assassin that is 70 cubits in length, so Bruna zero and this is there are and Allah mentions the Quran said the rune of Iran now what is the point

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mentioning 70 cubits 70 hand spans. Remember that seven and 70 and 700. These are common motifs in the Quran and soon they are meant to indicate basically a rough number doesn't have to be exactly seven or 70 or, or 700. As Allah says, if you were to ask forgiveness of them 70 times a low would not forgive them. So the point is that allows them to do the same, there's going to be a chain and for some people that chain is relatively long sobre una de la is not too short taint chain, and some of our scholars have mentioned that this chain is meant to give the illusion of freedom, but there is no freedom because 70 changes you can walk quite a bit yeah, only a few you know, like 30 feet 20

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feet or so. So you think there is something but then when you get to the end of it, there is nothing to go and so there will not be freedom, but the person might think that if he goes this way, if it goes that way, he might be able to rush free. So Allah subhana wa tada mentions several una de la 70 cubits away, and of the things that are also mentioned of the punishments of jahannam. This is point number four is the fact that the people of jahannam they're going to be dragged around jahannam they're going to be dragged around jahannam and Allah azzawajal mentioned this, this is the Arabic word use is yes hebbal sahibi Yes, which means to be pulled or to be dragged in so that the calmer

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Allah subhana wa elementaries verse number 47 yo mo use have Woon F in the eila will do him do homeless soccer on that day that they shall be dragged. So this is Saheba, yes habit to be dragged. So they're not going to be walking. When they're being punished. They're not going to have their full volition. Rather they shall be dragged by the angels of punishment and they shall be dragged on their faces into the fire and it will be said to them taste the punishment of a soccer zu masa soccer and sutala Hoffer, verse 17, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that those who cut there will be will be mercenary who sued and FSL fire Allah Moon is in alpha now for him was Salah siru use have

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rune for the hematoma finale, use Jeroen, this, this series of verses combines what we said previously. And this point and one more point we're going to mention in the next section. And Allah says in the Quran, those who rejected our book, and they called it to be a fabrication and those who rejected our prophets, they shall know the consequences of that of that rejection, either as an alpha and alpha him when the yolks are going to be around their necks. So here we have the concept of an iron chain, a lock that is placed around the neck was Salah, siru and they will be then be chained up. So there's going to be an iron lock and then that iron lock itself is going to be

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chained up and then what's going to happen you have one they shall be dragged right so this is how prisoners of war are treated. You know after the the army is conquered or whatnot they are taken and they are drug use heroin and where will they be dragged to fill hematoma finetti use children, they will be dragged through the boiling water and then into the fire of *, where they shall be burned, use your own, they will be burned and patata, the famous scholar of the time your own, he commented that they shall alternate between the punishment of being dragged in the fire of * and the punishment of being dragged through boiling water. Each one of them will be a type of punishment

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through the fire and also through the the the boiling water, also of the things that are mentioned in the Quran, and also referenced in the soudan. Point number five in our lecture is the resurrection on their faces, and the fact that they'll be taken into jahannam on their faces, the people of jahannam We seek refuge from being amongst them shall not walk into jahannam know they shall be turned upside down and they shall be then drag. We mentioned the previous point being dragged this point on their faces, whether you have to be loved, they will be humiliated, from their faces being dragged through the dust to get into jahannam. And Allah mentions this multiple times in

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the Quran. For example, sort of the number verse 90, that allows or just says that, that whoever does whoever brings evil will magenta say Yeti that whoever brings evil for could but will do home for now. Their faces will be turned upside down into the fire of help so good but who to whom they will be tumbled in and thrown and turn around into the fire of *. Instead of me noon, verse 104, Allah says tell

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Thought who would you whom oh no one fee ha Can you own the fire shall lash out and touch their faces, and they shall be in punishment and in, you know, torture and grimacing over there, sort of. Verse 66, Allah subhana wa tada says that your token lebu homefree Nadia coluna la tener Atlanta la hupp Well, I'll try not Rasulullah on that day, their faces are going to be flipped around. So they will be flipped around and some of our scholars said they shall be roasted our ob la like, you know, we roast chickens or ears something of this nature, they should be roasted every single portion of their body to be exposed to the to the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they will say,

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yeah, Leyton Otto and the law what Allah and Allah Sula wrote to us, if only we had obeyed the law and obeyed the messenger. So the point of all of this here is that Allah subhana wa tada will cause the rejecters to be flipped upside down, and they shall be dragged on their faces into jahannam. And then in particular, their faces as well are going to be tortured, and the fire of * will be demonstrated or shown to them from multiple angles. This is what the Quran is telling us. Also, we learn point number six, that the skins of those who are being punished are going to be constantly replaced. And this is of course, very explicit. Almost everybody knows this from the Quran. Surah

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Nisa, verse 56, that Allah says, In the record in the Lydian account that we identify those who rejected our signs, they shall be resurrected, they shall be subjected to a fire of houses. They shall be excuse me, those who reject our signs we will scorch them with the fire crew lemma. Now the jet Judo home this is the shy This is the point cool lemma now the jet Judo home but then now home Judo, then hi raha do colada, every time their skins are completely demolished or cooked or roasted, we shall replace them with new skins so that they can experience the punishment. So the skin of the cafe is not going to remain the same that every time the skin goes because in this dunya we have one

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skin and if it's so happens because of an issue or whatnot that a portion of the skin becomes scalded or burnt or whatnot, it is possible it will lose sensation, it might heal, maybe it will not have any sensation and Allah subhanho wa Taala says that we shall substitute Will you shall keep on rejuvenating, keep on renewing the skins of the people of jahannam. Every time the skin completely chars out completely becomes corrupted or burned through or scalded we shall replace that new skin so that they will perpetually feel the same type of punishment We seek refuge from that, also of the things that we learn about the fire of *, and of the punishments of the people of jahannam is

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that the faces of the people will be darkened with certain with charcoal and with the dust of the fire of health. And so the faces themselves because you know we have in our nature in our fifth row, that we keep our faces pure and clean, and that we want to make sure that we are the most presentable. But of course in the fire of *, that is not going to happen and the people's faces will be completely disheveled and darkened with the suit and the charcoal of jahannam. And a lot mentioned this in the Quran. In surah Yunus verse 27 while leadin Acosta was sejati Jessa will say it immediately our turaco home de la ma homina la him in our sim in an all shared Buju whom crypto

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I'm in LA with Rima, when I was having naughty homefree have called it on those who do evil deeds shall be given those evil deeds back and they shall be filled with shame or they sell shall be shamed on the Day of Judgment. Right. So what's our humble home Villa, shame shall cover them meaning, they will be so embarrassed, they will be so full of shame. It is as if shame has covered them. Mother whom may know law he may now seem they shall have no defense against Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then here's the point of the verse here. And all she had to shoehorn into a lady mother Lima, as if their faces are covered with the darkness of the night complete imagine the darkness of

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the night, their faces are completely covered with with with that darkness and of course, this is the darkness of the fire of *, the darkness of the certain the darkness of the heat and the the exhaustion and on top of that the internal anxiety and the internal regret and the internal

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humiliation that they have all of this is going to come and give them that, that look of sheer exhaustion and terror we seek Allah's refuge from that, also of the things that we learn of the punishments of jahannam is that the people who are in jahannam, they will see their false gods with them, they will see their objects that used to worship with them inside of jahannam. And this is of course, we have gone over this in previous lectures as well when we talked about the day of judgment and also when we talked about entering heaven and * and other aspects. We talked about this issue and you can go back to listen to all the evidences there but over here I'll just mention one or two,

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that Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran, that frown and a reason other than mere kodomo como yo Pia Murthy, he shall be leading his own people into the fire of *. And he believes himself is told by Allah subhanho wa Taala that you and your followers are going to be in jahannam. And we learned in the Quran, in one taboo, and I've been doing Illa how Sabu jahannam you and all that you worship besides a law shall be the fuel of jahannam and the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that every person shall follow what he used to worship in this dunya. And so those who follow worship, the sun will follow the sun, those who worship false

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gods will follow false gods. And so all of this demonstrates that this is going to add so imagine this, this being this human would worship a false god thinking that this God protects him against a law. And instead of that being protecting him against a law, he will see that being in jahannam with him we seek Allah's refuge from that of the things that are mentioned as well is that jahannam the fire of jahannam is going to surround the people all the way and it will be all the way up to their chests and this is again mentioned in a number of verses. Yo yo shout woman Isaiah woman FOCA, him woman, Tatiana, Judah him way of poo coma quantum balloons rattle and caboodle was 55 on that day

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the punishment shall surround them, it shall cover them up completely, and it shall be above them, it shall be below them, and they shall be told taste what do you use to do and so they will be surrounded by the punishment everywhere. And in some verses, we learned that the fire itself will be going all the way up until their chests and we learned this as well as through the Zoomer Zoomer verse 16. That Allah subhana wa tada says, Let him in felt to him Lula Illuminati woman tattoo him whoodle radical you have a lot of everybody who everybody for whom that they shall have layers of fire above them and layers below them. And Allah says that deca you holy for law will be here about

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who this is what Allah uses to make his servants frightened. Allah strikes the fear of jahannam into the hearts of his servants. We should be terrified of jahannam so that we avoid falling into it. Yeah, everybody Fatone, all my servants beware of jahannam. So here we have, they shall have layers of fire above and layers of fire below them. And this is very clear from spirit Azuma. So that the Toba Allah subhana wa tada says, we're in the Johanna l'amour, he applied to Bill feeding, that jahannam shall surround all of those who rejected Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the notion of being surrounded, in other words, the fire of jahannam is not regional, it is not from one section, it is

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not going to punish only one segment of the body, rather the person in jahannam shall be completely surrounded up and down top and bottom left and right complete surrounding this is called a hatha and Allah is using this verb to describe the fire of jahannam and of course in Surah Allahumma za Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions Calla legume by then filho former one Morocco Morocco, Tama now to LA Hill more Haida allottee to play the root island of EDA. This is very explicit here that a lot is threatening people to be thrown into that which destroys which is what is destroys. It is the fire of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is perpetually kindled, and it is a fire that goes all the way to

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the chest area. allottee Tata de Rue island of EDA, so this is a fire that goes to the chest area. And so this is another description of jahannam in the Koran. Also we have yet other descriptions of jahannam that we're going to come back to later on.

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that some people will be punished with specific punishments only for them, or for a category of mankind. And this is we're going to come back to this in sha Allah in a later lecture and have them. So for example, we have that some people, they shall be punished because they did not give zakah by their objects that they would hoard that they would not give those objects would become

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things that are going to punish them in the fire of *. So the gold itself is going to become an object of punishment or the animals that they did not give Zakat on, they will be trampling over them, caught perpetually punishing them. So we learn that the very objects might become instruments of punishment. We also learn for example, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Hadith isn't Bukhari Muslim, right to live near Ahmed in Missouri, or another. Another name is Amber vanilla. Hi, they're both the same. I saw amber from the the tribal Hosea, that his intestines were dragging in front of him as he was being punished in the fire of *, because he was the first person to bring

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in the pagan practices into Arabian culture. So I'm going to vanilla height was the founder of Arabian paganism before I'm going to hide the hours we're following one God, the monotheism of the Prophet Ibrahim, and the Prophet is my daddy, his solemn, however, obviously, with our Moodle high being introduced, the issue of paganism, the issue of superstitions, the issue of changing the calendar, all of these things were introduced by Ahmed of noodle high from the tribe of Hosea. And so our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I saw him being punished specifically with these types of specific punishments. So these are some of the things that are mentioned about the punishments of

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jahannam. And before we move on to the next topic of Jana wanted to finish off today, talking about another miscellaneous group of points that deal with john none of these miscellaneous points is that we learn from the Quran and Sunnah that jahannam will have far too many people in it far too many to count, and that there will be more people in jahannam than there are in general. In fact, the majority are doomed to jahannam and this is mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah. Surah Saba verse 21, called sadhaka him he believes one now hufa terbaru eleftheria, commoner momineen, that Allah is saying, the presumption or beliefs regarding mankind proved to be true. And the majority of mankind

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followed a police except for a small group of believers. And this is the default that most of mankind are not interested in a higher purpose in life, most of mankind are content to live animalistic lives. And when a human being lives like an animal, then that human is worse than an animal because at least an animal has the excuse of being an animal, what excuse does a human have of acting like an animal? And this is why again, the the punishments are so severe that Allah subhana wa Taala, created man with faculties, and with tendencies and with an intelligent intelligence and with fitrah. And all of this should guide mankind to one simple question, why am I

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here? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? That question should be preoccupying every single person who created me what's going to happen after death? Although this goes back to what is my purpose in life, if a person chooses to not care about this question, if a person immerses himself or herself in the pleasures of this world simply to stall off answering this question, well, then they have acted in the most arrogant manner imaginable. They have never once thought, What am I doing? And what's going to happen after life and death? And we believe that the answers to these questions are self evident. Once you open your eyes, and you look around you, there is one God, this

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God has created us, he must have sent us a prophet and messenger. And so let us look and see who has claimed to be a prophet, look at their messages. And when you discover the Abrahamic religions, they are all you know, making some sense to you, but each one is superseding the other until you come to the message of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So in this verse, we learn it beliefs is going to win over most of mankind, except for a small group of believers, and in Surah slogged also, a police is told by Allah subhana wa Taala, that Johanna minca woman man Tabby, I come in home geomar in that I shall fill jahannam with you, and with all those who follow you, all of those who

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follow you, they shall enter into jahannam and we learn

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In the Quran as well, that was a thorough, nasty one. Oh, how does that be meaning most of mankind are not going to be believers, even if you desire it, or messenger of Allah. And we also learn as well the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam seeing other prophets. And those other prophets might have small groups of people, some might only even have two or three, some might have even one. And some might have no followers at all. So that so that means so imagine those prophets that are two followers, one follower, zero followers, their entire nation rejected them. So look at the quantity of each one over here. And that's where we also learn that in the Hadith as well, that

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for every person going to Jannah, there will be a larger quantity going to jahannam. So we learned this as well in the hadith of Bukhari and Muslim that more people are going to jahannam than going to Jenna. And of course, in the Quran, every time a batch comes and enters jahannam the angels are shocked what even more what you're still coming. And every time a batch comes, the angels will ask them, How did you end up here? How did you come here? Didn't a warner come? Didn't you have a messenger? And they will say indeed a messenger came, but we rejected that messenger. And we said Allah did not reveal any book down to us. And therefore we learned from these verses and these a

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hadith that the people of Johanna will be more than the people of gender, but let us not forget when when I say people, I mean both men and jinn. Because Jen are also going to be in Johanna Jin shall be in Jen and Jen shall be in Johanna.

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And sort of hood verse 119. Allah says, What 10 minutes Kalamata Arabic Allah Allah and Johanna Mina Jean nutty one Nah, see, a jump in your Lord's decree shall be fulfilled, that jahannam shall be filled to the capacity with both Jin and with mankind. So Allah azzawajal is promising to fill up jahannam with Jin and with mankind and insurance are off verse 179. One call the knowledge 100 namaka here on mineral Genie Well, we have destined * to be the place for many of jinn. And it's so Allah is saying the majority of Jinan ins are going to end up in Johanna, what are the dotnet Johanna McCarthy are on Mina Genie will ins and that's when you say Katia, this means the majority

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are going to end up over there, the minority of people will end up in Jen and the fact that the the the gin will also go to heaven and *, this is something that there is no controversy over and it is something that is explicit in the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as for again the Quran, it is from the testimony of the jinn themselves. Surah telegin verse 14 to 15 one Mindell Muslim mono amine nakasu tuna femen A slammer for we like to have a Russia one milk Aussie tuna for cannoli Johanna hot lava that the jinn are saying, we have some genes that are Muslims, and some genes that are transgressors. So whoever submits to a law, then they have indeed

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chosen the right path and they shall enter agenda. And as for those who are transgressing, then they shall be the fuel of the people of jahannam. So the gins themselves are saying that they shall be the some of them shall be the fuel of the people of China. Now, if somebody were to say, How can the jinn be punished with jahannam? When they themselves are made out of fire? Right, this is a question that might come to the people's minds. The jinn are made out of fire, how can they be thrown into jahannam and jahannam is also fire. We respond that multiple ways that the fact that the gen created from fire does not mean that they are of the exact same material or the exact same you know, concept

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as the fire of jahannam. So fires are of many different types. And a lot created gin from one category of fires. And the fire of jahannam is another category and the it is possible to possible to be punished with something that is from the same substance. So for example, we know that we have been created from clay, and stones and rocks are also clay, stones and rocks can kill us stones and rocks can torture us stones and rocks can bruise and wound us, even though we are created from the same origin as stones and rocks. And so the fact that the shell team are created from a type of fire does not negate that they will be punished in another type of fire as well. And also we can say

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secondly, Allah is capable of all things perhaps the fire that will be used to punish the jinn, the type of fire the place of the fire might be different and suitable for their punishment. The point is that Allah is indeed capable of all things that

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final point that we'll mention for today's lecture, which I needed to put in somewhere, so I decided to put it in over here

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is that there is a misconception or something that is raised by some of our brethren and sistren, about the people of Ghana, that there is a misconception out there, that people say that the majority of women will go to jahannam. And this is a huge misconception or misunderstanding of the Hadith in Bukhari. It is mentioned in a hadith inside Bahati, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave the hood but on the delivery to the men. And then because obviously there's no microphone, he then walked to the women's section, gave them a small, you know, sermon, and in that he had a small phrase in there, you know, a sentence in there, in which he said that, oh, groups of

00:35:51 --> 00:36:42

women, Fear Allah subhana wa Taala. And, you know, guard yourself against jahannam. for India, I saw that the majority of the people of jahannam were women, and then he encouraged them to give sadaqa and charity. Now, this is misunderstood by unfortunately, too many people to indicate or to assume that a majority of women will go to jahannam. Let us be very clear here. The fact that the majority of jahannam will be women, does not imply that the majority of women will go to jahannam. If in one area or one location you have a majority of people have let's say one profession, it does not mean that that profession represents the majority of all all of mankind unless and until we are told the

00:36:42 --> 00:37:25

statistics of gender. This in and of itself is meaningless when it comes to most women are most men going to heaven or *, the statistics, the statistic becomes meaningless. In fact, we learn that from the earliest of times, many of us have been earliest scholars, they said that both gender and jahannam shall have more women in it. And this is based on a hadith in Sahih Muslim that Mohammed Eben CD in said that the men and the women began having a debate amongst themselves which one shall be more in gender. And so there's this debate going on, until finally, they asked a bow hooray early Allah one and Abu hurayrah used as an evidence that every single man shall be given at least two

00:37:25 --> 00:38:09

wives in gender. And so he said the women will be more in gender than men. So from the beginning, there is this been this notion that both Jen and Johanna will have more women. And of course, this makes complete sense, because again, historically speaking, most of Earth's inhabitants are women. If you look at it from the beginning of time, generally speaking, there have been more women than men. And so both gender and jahannam will have more women, it is not because women are women, that they're going to be more destined to go to the villa, that is not the case as well at all. Also, this Hadeeth By the way, it is actually about it is about Muslim women who might potentially be

00:38:09 --> 00:38:50

punished for a temporary period for a major sin that they have committed. Remember, this whole context of the Hadith is not the permanent inhabitants of the fire of *. It is for Muslim women to be careful that they do not fall into specific things that the Prophet system forbade such as arrogance or rejecting, you know, gratitude being ungrateful, you know, rejecting the good of other people and their husbands that they have. And, you know, using full guarantees are no Mima or saying things that should not say. So the Profit System is telling them that because of the sins, they might end up in jahannam. Now that means that we're talking about Muslim as and the jahannam that

00:38:50 --> 00:39:36

they will end up and as we mentioned, and we'll mention again, in our future lecture is not the jahannam of the cafe. This is the peripheries of jahannam, or the outskirts of jahannam. This is not the actual pits of jahannam. No person who lowers his head to Allah subhana wa Tada, and dies upon La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah shall enter the gates of jahannam or be punished in the same place as those who rejected Allah subhanahu wa taala. So we have to understand the context of this hadith that all groups of women give your charity for I saw that the majority of * were women. This context, it is a type of threat to make the audience act better. It is a type of threat meant

00:39:36 --> 00:40:00

to incite a fear that is meant to live a better life. And as we know from our religion and our shitty are, all of the Quran and Hadith about threats, about threats of punishment are viewed in a very specific light. And that light is, we understand that the purpose of these texts is to frighten and that we also understand that the majority

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

Those people who are you know, doing this that inshallah to Allah, Allah is afford and Allah is Rahim Allah will forgive and Allah has the right to forgive. And so all of the punishments about you know those who do leave those who didn't know Bhima those who drink alcohol and whatnot, this is amongst the Muslims. We are hopeful and optimistic that all amongst them who repent to Allah subhana wa tada all amongst them who make us the fall all amongst them who are genuinely feeling regretful that inshallah to Allah they shall be forgiven by Allah subhanho wa Taala. That doesn't negate the fact that the Quran and Sunnah mentions their punishments, but it is meant to incite a type of fear

00:40:37 --> 00:41:20

that is meant to better their lifestyle. So let us put this Hadeeth in context. And remember that a lot is of a Ford, and Rahim. And also remember as well that this Hadith, it is a punishment that is not linked to the gender, as much as it is linked to the actions of the people of that gender notice is a very key point here. The prophets have some did not say, a women, the majority of you are going to join them not at all, he said, I saw the majority of the people of jahannam to be women. They asked him why he said, because their tongues issues of the tongue. And because ungratefulness right, so both of these are actions. So he linked that to their actions, and he did not link it to their

00:41:21 --> 00:41:59

gender. So realize that it is not that just because a person is of one gender, that there's chances of entering gender or jahannam go have statistically Not at all. Rather, the purpose of this study is to highlight two of the most common sins that are more common in one gender. Now, the other gender has other sins that are more common, there is no question that men have the desire for power, and men have the lust of the sensual pleasures, and men have other issues that corrupt them, generally speaking more than women, and they have to be worried about that. But in this Hadith, remember, the context is the Prophet system is going to the women folk, and he's giving them a

00:41:59 --> 00:42:40

special lecture, and he's encouraging them to be more pious. And so he is not saying Oh, women, you're all going to shun them not at all. Rather, he is pointing out two or three major mistakes that are more common amongst them so that they eliminate those mistakes and, you know, repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala before it is too late. Also, by the way realize the Prophet system did not say this phrase in front of the men. Okay, any man who uses this phrase to make type of score a point about men versus women? This person is completely lost the plot completely so Hannah law, this man who is trying to use this, Heidi, does he not have a mother who didn't have a sister does he

00:42:40 --> 00:43:18

need to be reminded that he comes from a man and women, there is no superiority of gender in Islam, in terms of nobility, there is no such thing we are equal twin has in terms of humanity in terms of nobility. Yes, there are different responsibilities, of course, but in terms of gender and gender, in terms of our humanity in terms of our net worth in the eyes of Allah, there is no question that each gender is complimentary and equal to the other. And the last point for this particular issue as well. So my point is that we should never use this hadith it is ludicrous. It is foolish, it is an Islamic for any man, to what type of foolishness is this, you're going to boast about what exactly

00:43:19 --> 00:43:37

about what exactly it doesn't make any sense. The the Profit System is giving a very specific lecture for a female audience. He's not saying this in front of the men in order that they become better ladies, we should keep that context when we narrate this hadith. Also, the final point about this particular issue

00:43:38 --> 00:44:21

is that really, we can flip it around and say that just like the majority of when it comes to rich and poor, the majority of the rich will go to jahannam, not gender, and the majority of the poor will go to gender, not gender. Okay, think about that. Let that let that sink in. That if you look at it statistically, right, if you took all the very rich multi billionaires, multimillionaires, if you look at the elite of society, the creme de la creme right? The highest 1% or the point 1%. within that group, the majority, the vast majority are going to end up in jahannam. Okay, and if you look at the lowest, you know, 20% or whatever the ones struggling and whatnot, generally speaking,

00:44:21 --> 00:44:59

you find amongst them piety and taqwa and a class and tawakkol. And you have more generosity in that class, and the majority of them more amongst them, we'll enter in Jen, does this mean that wealth itself is evil? Does it mean that poverty itself is blessing? No, it's circumstances right? So with wealth comes privilege in this world, and with privilege comes responsibility. And with responsibility also comes sometimes massive failure and sometimes massive benefits. So we can flip this around and say that in reality, it is as if women are being told that they have the potential to do so much good but

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

They also have the potential to do so much damage as well. So when she goes astray, she goes astray with multiple leading more people astray, because of the privilege that Allah has given her, because of the power that Allah has given her that he has not given men. So all of these things need to be taken into account and inshallah to Allah. In our next lesson, what we're going to do in shallow tada is talk about the people of the jahannam. And also very, very important point here, the people who will end up in Jenna, but are going through jahannam, what exactly is it with them? And what do we have information about them, because as I've said multiple times, we need to be careful all of

00:45:42 --> 00:46:24

these that I mentioned all of these points that I mentioned in today's lecture, and yesterday in last week's lecture, all of them, they apply to those who rejected a law and did not submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala. These are those who are called kofod the car for those who don't have a man or correct amount in a law, those are the ones that are going to be punished, as in those punishments. As for the one who uttered La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah and who lowered his head to Allah and who did will go and who prayed or fasted, even if occasionally and died upon that state, that person shall not be punished with any of these punishments whatsoever, they have a different

00:46:24 --> 00:47:08

category or status, and also inshallah, In our next lesson, we'll also discuss the very, very interesting topic of who the people of the hour off or the elevated places are. There's a whole surah in the Quran called our off and out off means the elevated place, and Allah mentions a group of people that they are not in jahannam, but they're also not in general, and they're in the middle. And Allah References This group, which is a very interesting group, what is this? You know, neither here nor there, and inshallah In our next lesson, we'll talk also about them and what are the major interpretations that our scholars have about the people of the hour off? inshallah with this, we

00:47:08 --> 00:47:15

come to the conclusion of today's lecture, inshallah, we'll resume next week until then set Amati Kumara to lie about a casual

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