Karim Abuzaid – The correct Aqeedah vs The Aqeedah of the Deviant Sects

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of " negativity" in Islam, which is the negative of divine attributes and proper conduct towards Allah. They stress the importance of being positive and avoiding negative attributes, and provide examples of how negation can be used in various situations, including when one is facing a problem or trying to accomplish something. They also touch on the topic of the human body and its differences from the animal and human body. The segment concludes with a mention of a panel called Luma da vivatic for law and a discussion of the holy spirit.
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Let's learn what tactile is so you affirm, without Dotty what is the negation? This is done by negating divine attributes and denying their existence

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negating the perfection of Allah by denying his names and attributes, negating the proper conduct towards Allah by abandoning worship or barring the created from its creator, such as those who deny the fact that Allah Subhana Allah created the universe and claimed that it developed an evolved logbook. What does it mean negation brothers and sisters Islam that you see that Allah

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doesn't have you can do this completely. You say that Allah doesn't have any attributes doesn't have any names.

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That's why see there is a complete and partial. We have two sects in Islam.

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Al Motta, Zilla, il Jamia, they say a lot doesn't have any attributes at all doesn't have any names at all.

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What are you gonna do with the Quran? You know?

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Imagine just to show you that when you approach the Quran with that wicked understanding.

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I think one of them made that statement that men every time I come across a rough man or on an option stoer, the Most Merciful did is to

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abunda throne did his abunda throne. He says what that to allow any hacker to hominin Muslim, I wished I could erase it from nullsoft because he cannot do it, he cannot accept it. Imagine that.

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Imagine this is more appealing than a gators who call them in Philadelphia, that you negate completely the names of a lot like the jammy like them or Desi. Or you do it partially like in sha Allah

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Allah Shakira, which is the mainstream just to show you the ministry like that the multitude of Muslims because they don't know these names and they don't know the subject. They actually negate the only affirm certain with a seven with a 13 with a 20 we can debate that, or they can debate that with themselves. And we're going to come to this in more details in the future but they say a lot doesn't have any names. So

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this is the second line that I want you to memorize today.

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allama tree Lu?

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Yeah, Buddha either.

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So remember the first line layer Lmk for Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah knows how Allah is

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only Allah knows that's why we cannot run your mouth. You cannot run your mouth you cannot run your head.

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Alma through the second one Alma. Caillou. Yes, yeah, boo boo is the one who negates the attributes is worshiping work. Nobody

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is like, Oh, brother, my wife and hamdulillah you know, she,

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she, she given me.

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She given birth to my my son.

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A beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy. Okay, what are his attributes? Can you describe him? Oh, he doesn't have any attributes. He doesn't he? He doesn't see.

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It doesn't talk.

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Why the fitna of Hong Kong Koran. Why the fitna of Hong Kong Quran, remember that fitna of the Quran is created not speech. Why? Because that's in the area that people who negated the attributes and mortality, the negative negated the attributes. So you can do this completely and you can do this part truly brothers and sisters in Islam, here it is.

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Complete RTL negation This is complete and utter negation such as that il Jeremy and il Moto Z.

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And we mentioned the names of the gentlemen Joseph one who knows the partial that we adopted, which is partial negation, this is like that appeal of a lashari who negated some of the attributes of Allah Subhana whatnot. So the second thing that you should avoid, so you cannot cancel out all or partial, as long as the name has a presence in the Quran and the Sunnah. Or be to who I affirm it. Allah said that is that Allah says he has a hand. Allah said he has his eyes.

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Allah said that he hears

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so when you negate it you will be lying the Quran you're saying this Quran did not

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say you're right about Allah, you're getting that that's a dangerous statement. You're making a statement.

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dangerous. So the first thing that you must avoid is what? data what is the second thing?

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The head if distortion?

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What is distortion? So they say, Okay, you know what? We're gonna accept it.

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But this is not what it means.

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The hand doesn't mean a hand.

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But let's give those and those are the ashati. Those are the shaila. And, you know, and, and let's give them the benefit of the doubt. Only, let's be Think positive of them. Why they did this? They say, listen, when I say a hand,

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when I use the head, that

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what is the first thing which comes in your mind? spring out of your mind? The human hand?

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No, no, no, who said that?

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I can't do that. Either. We're gonna come to the STEM field, we're gonna come to that scene. That should be we don't do resemblance. We understand the attribute. Here's the third rule. Here's the third terminology. Ladies that chemists Lee own.

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Nothing is like a lot. Well, who has sent me a message?

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So he hears and he sees, but not like us.

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And think about it. What is the difference between our hearing and was hearing let's take the hearing, for example. Hearing you see, I can only hear you now. In that place in that room what I am, what am I showed you is but Allah imagine can hear everybody he can hear the people in Denver, the people in Colorado, the people in London, the people in China at the same time.

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At any time, he hears them, heard it been added to the value of the allow a little delay. If the first few and the last few gin or ins the two races would stand in one place. And each one of you will make a request.

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Allah will heal us at the same time. And you will give us what we asked for which is not the same. We're not going to ask for the same thing you're going to ask for a car I'm going to ask for the house is going to ask for.

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He's going to give you the same thing at the same time. Ma kumala Phu Kham cannot see you either. You're getting that.

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we understand there is no need to distort to make the hurries because those people will actually they say, well, we're using the hand you like the hand the hand, don't say Allah doesn't have a hand that stuff for logic, but the hand means power.

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A lot comes the command of Allah comes.

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Allah descends His mercy, the sense.

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So they take the apparent meaning to another meaning of their choice. Why? Because they are afraid they are doing resemblance No, no Who said that? Who said that? What's this?

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The sheriff is to watch the words from their correct meanings to invented meanings without any evidence.

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To Horace is a form of deviation. And interpreting Allah has names and attributes because one interpret the text regarding the attributes upon other than their true interpretation. By doing so they change. And they claim that they are changing the meanings from one probable probable understanding to another one, without any evidence, except that which is from the opinion and the intellect of men. And that opened the door brothers and sisters refuse to speak about a law in a way.

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Let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

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LSAT, in particular, they claim that they do this because they don't want us to end up

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picturing a law in a human way.

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Because a lot of these attributes are similar to the human attributes. But who said that we understand these attributes in that country. You see, we understand the attributes. That's why we say what Allah sees in a way that suits His Majesty and His greatness.

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Lisa can be cliche, even, like, like if I tell you right now, Alain muffaletta here, the hand, the human hand, the hand of a donkey,

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the hand of a dog, the hand of a cat,

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the hand of a birds

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are the same,

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they look the same.

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And we're talking about creative things you

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know they are different they are not the same. Why? Because the essence is different

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than the body is

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Different the hand the human body is like this the bird like this because the essence with Allah is divine essence

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so we can not Mashallah caffeine alpha your mind

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that is why not our best said the only shield

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between the worlds and gender or is the names yeah we're talking about bananas but it's not we're Oh Toby Mota shabbiha looked like the bananas in the world but there's not the bananas in the world No, it just the need because if I come and describe you know that the agenda to you in a way that

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like if I come okay let me brothers let me describe agenda for you. Jenna has no good reason to do that.

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Joe gumboots Dumbledore.

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Lola Jenna has been an agenda has drinks. Jenna has roots. Jenna has food.

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Gender, so I'm describing gender in a way that you understand but it doesn't mean that it is you're getting the point. I think you're getting the point you're smart. Lisa can at least say awesome y'all auto Albacete

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there are three ways that a person may do the grief. The hairy family like let's say the people who refuse to affirm that Allah speaks that Allah speaks

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so they end up doing what they work on the grammars what am

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Mussolini spartina waka lemma

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look at this kalama hora.

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So, so they affirm that speech to the created to Moosa

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that Moses spoke to Allah and Allah did not speak back to him. So imagine look at how wicked This is that you affirm and attribute to the creative being, but you don't afraid you don't affirm it for for for the creator for the one who created

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so, they what they end up doing the playing with the grammars Oh, sometimes they actually change the wording

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alloush is tower.

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So they add, stole, conquer, took over the floor.

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So they end up and sometimes they do the literal meaning like the hand they say its power period is literally by altering the wordings of the names and the attributes by adding to them subtracting from them by changing the graphic that grammatical

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construction such as an Allah spoke directly to Moosa like I said, or by changing the meaning and this is the most common by the way of the world through giving it a metaphorical majeste meaning and not to take in it literally his hand represents his power, and his Pistole of bounty, such as

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the interpretation This requires the negation of the attribute. So this is the Hadeeth Allison Aldama brothers and sisters in Islam, we test the attributes mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah. And we take it in face value to Hans

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Stovall arsh. Yet NSL sapan we understand it in a way without comparing them to the human attributes, or interpreting them in a way that leads to negation. Look at the demand of chef a Are you believe in Allah subhana wa Taala and what Revelation tells about him in the manner that he intended and I believe in the profits or loss lm in the manner he intended, was that he was upon a lie on

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the Arabs, you know that the Muslims understood these the names and they never questioned. They never said what it means. They never said that. Have you ever had an Hadeeth were a companion came to the prophet and said What does Stovall arch means? He was he they understood what the moment is to Allah was the car in a way that truth is magic. So, this is the second thing that we must avoid. Brothers and sisters an example of the Hadeeth

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such as changing the meanings of earlier than the two hands, meaning power or bounty or to change the meaning of power, the ascension meaning is Stoller a bag that laughs a lot laughs in a way that suits His Majesty. It means when he laughs That means a lie is pleased with you, then he will give you the reward. You see, you take away from it is meaning to an apparent meaning from a from the apparent meaning to a hidden meaning.

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Okay, let's finish up here. So we at least will finish the affirmation today. And next we'll do the negation inshallah brothers and sisters in Islam. But here is the affirmation, you affirm without what therapy number two without What? distortion number three without THC, without them feel without Ashby that you cannot say Allah does this in that way

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affirming likeness, a likeness with something such as if a person was to say the hand of Allah is like the human hand, we don't say that.

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We don't say that, because we understand the hand the attributes the names in a way that suits His Majesty, right?

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laser chemically, he Shea wahoo was Samuel alassio. Alright, moving forward example of them feeling and I love this brothers and sisters in Islam and pay attention if you're living in the West, you should take this to them. Actually, the Christian and the Jews we're not, we're not meant to do that seem of a lot because that's the that's the guilt right here. That's what they distorted. They said, a lot comes down in the flesh, the mythic scene. They say Allah embodies Jesus, Jesus in a Latin and that's why the Odyssey, look at the first command, I want you to look at the green, the green bullet, the first command in the 10 commandments, this this is how it reads, by the way, some of you

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may not know that. And God spoke all these words, I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of land of slavery, you shall have no other gods before me. So this is one, which is what La ilaha illa Allah that's one. But look at this. Now look at this, you shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven, above or on the earth beneath or in the water below. And call it God and you bow down to it. You're not supposed to make an image of Allah. You see, that's what they did. They said a law comes down in Jesus and you see, that's the danger of allies every wave statement you're getting there that you make an image and and that's the justification the

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disbelievers of Mecca had you see that this Williams of Mecca, they never denied the existence of Allah but they said, Allah embodies the idols will worship a lot will do worship will also don't worship manner, but we worship the spirit inside them. The Spirit of God, yeah, you're getting that. So that's what we call that you see?

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Here is the first statement remember Laila cave, Allah, Allah Allah later, can we please have a semi on buses

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lahmacun loco, and I had

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just seen Alma de lluvia, Buddha Dhamma, the one who negates his worship, like why wasn't more just see muya Buddha center.

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And if you resemble Allah to his created beings, then you're worshipping an idol.

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When we just seem Yeah, Buddha was the one who says Allah looks like this. He is certainly

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worshipping an idol he made an idol of Allah Subhana like the Christians they bow down to marry the icon of Maria I can of Jesus

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all the people who bow down because they say Allah is inside that and that is what we call them Fie. The last thing brothers and sisters in Islam then we're done. I know that we're not gonna have time for questions and answers today. But what the last thing I wanted to finish yesterday, it's bet that you affirm what Allah affirmed for himself or his messenger without number one negation to without distortion number three without 10 fields that seem that should be resemblance number four, Takis that you say Allah is like that. What do you try to figure out? What is the key brothers and sisters in Islam is to mention how an attribute such as someone saying Allah, his hand is like that.

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Sometimes a person may even combine this turkey with the resemblance which is both Subhanallah brothers and sisters in Islam.

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So panela here is the last statement that you you should know.

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Yeah, G will Cafu. omnitek aefi Schumpeter filehandle Killa duc de deal on Bill Johnson, our career on bill listen outta here and Bill Burnett.

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You must cut off any hope that you can reach that reality or the nature of who Allah is.

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You must give up that with a deer and bilgin and that your brain okay? Like the people who smoke dope and

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Good. Okay, you know what, let me let me let me figure out how a lot looks like. Okay? Say so Pamela has above that

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you must give up that

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and you don't have to do it The thing is lemmya betdaq Allahu Allah did not ask us to figure out how he looks like.

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Just understand, believe in a way that matches his names and attributes brother that's it.

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You're getting the point

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or pole and Billy says that you describe love with your tongue. You say Allah has this allies that you run your mouth without What? Without because we cannot talk about Allah without or without having an evidence from the Quran or the Sunni that says Allah is this allies that out here and bill bennett or you holder, okay, you draw something like this and you say this is Allah, those three law cultural law, so panela so panel called Luma da vivatic for law who be hilarity daily. Everything that goes into your brain, Allah is above them. And shaitan comes and he plays with your head and he makes you visualize a lot and sometimes you make your visualize a line that very, in a very bad way,

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say so Panama, especially the people who have that issue with it was was so

( Al- Mu’tazilah_Al-Jahmiyyah)

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