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Mina Shea banyuwangi Bismillah

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femen z.

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woman higher dunya

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I said Ali Kumara to LA he wabarakatuhu Alhamdulillah we praise a lot subhanho wa Taala who knows what the hearts conceal and but the tongues do not reveal in front of whom the believers kneel and to whom all shall appeal today's shallow tally, we will continue our series about gender May Allah make us amongst the inhabitants of gender. And I had mentioned in the last lesson, the batches of people that are going to enter agenda and the fact that people will begin to enter agenda while the Day of Judgment is going on. And of course, the bulk of the people will enter agenda you know, right after they have judgment, judgment finishes, when Ulla says, we'll see kalinina Takara bonell

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genetic Zuma that those who are pious they shall be brought towards gender in large throngs and crowds. So that's going to be the bulk of the people. And then after even the Day of Judgment is over, people will continue trickling in for Allah knows how long how many millennia, how many aeons timeframes, we cannot understand. And these will be the people that are being punished for a period of time. But then eventually, they will be left in bit by bit person by person. Until finally, as I mentioned in the last video that I had said in the last lecture, the very last person to enter gender, the very last person to be taken out of jahannam after Allah knows how long and that person

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will enter agenda. And then Allah will say that you can have all that this world contained and 10 times like it, you can have all of this, and the men will be shocked. And a lot of soldier will say this is what I have willed and destined for you. So imagine the person who is the very lowest of gender is being given this entire world and multiple times of it right? And we explained indeed, who would not want that. But Jenna has things even beyond this world. And this man is getting the pleasures of this world and all that he wants of this world and that is great. But why not aim for the highest and we don't want to be by the way of the batches that are with the Billa go through

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Johanna we seek Allah's refuge one entry agenda, inshallah Villeda hisab or at least with his Avenue Sera, you know, one antigen at least those two we don't enter agenda without having to be punished in Johanna we seek Allah's refuge. Now, a number of points. Today we're going to discuss some of the aspects that we know about Jenna. But before we get there, so I had mentioned the fact that people will be entering Jenna on the day of judgment and they will continue for a long period of time. Okay. The question arises, has anybody entered Jenna before the day of judgment? Or will the Prophet solicit them and then his own maybe the very first human beings to enter agenda? Well, to respond to

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this question, we have to realize that first and foremost, as I had mentioned, and I think four or five lectures ago, I forgot now that there is a controversy regarding our father Adam and our mother Hawa were they in that agenda? Or were they in a garden that a law calls age and, and inshallah it appears that they were in that agenda, and therefore, at least for sure, Adam and Hawa I lay him his Salah more in a part of gender. They were in a section of gender, but realize, as we'll discuss, the gender has many, many, many sections. So one parsh portion or one section, our father and mother were allowed to go there, but the rest of the bulk of Jenna In fact, no human has ever entered those

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aspects and no one has entered the gates of gender since the time of Adam it has set up and no one has lived in Jannah. Since the time of Adam it has said however, there will be some people who will experience some of the blessings of gender without actually living in gender right. And of course, the the obvious examples here our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he saw Jenna and he in astronomy or Archie In some versions even of the Hadith, he is walking through gender

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And so that he is incited without living in it, he is witnessing it without being in it and how is that possible, a lot of soldier knows best. And in his dreams as well, we have a heartbeat that he saw Jen in a dream, and he can see various things of gender. And so his soul is being shown gender. And therefore, there are certain attachments of our Prophet system with Jenna without him actually living there until obviously, the time will come. And the same goes for the Shahada. For the martyrs, we learn that they shall be flying around, and resting on the chandelier is of Jenna, in the bodies of birds, a beautiful green color, that their bodies are in this world, their bodies are

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varied over here, but the soul shall be taken up and they shall be able to fly around in a substitute body for a period of time, and they can enjoy the ambience without actually living there. So the fragrance and the flowers and the, the the waters of gender they can see and they can enjoy, but they're not actually living in gender. Also, the righteous people we are told that one they are in their pub in the time of the buzzer. And I went over this when we did our bizarre series, that when they're in the cupboard, that Allah subhana wa Taala will open up a portal and the people of the cover will see their particular house and there are lots allocated to them in genda and they

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will be able to visualize and see it and not only that a whiff of the smell will come and they can hear the murmurings of their own lands and their own areas. And so every single morning they will be shown their plot in gender and so what do you think their their response is going to be? They will say oh well law hasten the Day of Judgment make it quick so that we can enter that plot to make it quick yeah Allah so that we can enter that plot. So once again, there is a connection to their plots in gender without them having actually been there and this is good news. This is good news inshallah to Allah for us that we should strive to be amongst those people imagine in the buzzer is a very

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dank and dark and lonely place. It is a very difficult place in Masha Allah book except for those whom Allah has willed and so imagine in that state every single day there will be shown something they can look forward to, there will be shown something that is their property, a window will be opened up, they will smell the fragrances of gender, they will hear the murmurings and the whisperings What do you think the excitement is going to be, and that is why they will pray to Allah subhana wa Taala to hasten the Day of Judgment. So even though nobody has actually entered Jenna and lived there since the time of Adam alayhis salaam, there are people who have had interactions with

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Jenna in ways that are different than actually living there, such as some of the prophets and especially our prophets of the law where you send them and such as the Shaheed and such as all of the righteous people, they will see their place in Jenna in the buzzer. We now move on to the next topic. And this is going to be continued in our next lesson, because again, there's so much to say. So we're going to begin our topic by describing some of the blessings of gender and today we will be generic and descriptive, talking about some verses in a hadith that holistically describe the ambience of gender, and then inshallah we will do a little bit more details about the palaces of

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gender and the treasures of gender and the fruits of gender and the brocades of agenda all of this inshallah we'll be doing, bit by bit insha Allah who to Allah and again, this is a multi part series. So, we will begin by talking about some of the verses in the Quran that describe Jenna holistically. And before we even do this deep dive, let us understand that when Allah subhana wa Taala is describing for us the beauties and the pleasures of gender, language is employed that we understand, of course, we understand it, that's the whole purpose of language, but the realities of what the law is describing is beyond the comprehension of human beings, hence, beyond the

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actualization of human language, in other words, language falls short to describe the realities. And of course, this is demonstrated explicitly in the Quran itself in certain baccaro that Allah says wabasha realtyna amor y minus y hat andela home genoten dejima tactile and how to call them ruzi home inhambane stemmata is Concord who had the lady Rousseau cannot know what to be he moutere shabbiha that give glad tidings to those who believe in do good deeds, that they shall have Gardens under which rivers flow that whenever they are provided with any fruits, they will say, Oh, we have had something similar to this

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For Allah is saying they will be served fruits that look similar will to be he Muta. shabbiha, so Allah is saying the looks will be the same. And the fact that Allah is saying the looks would be the same indicates that the realities will be different. Outwardly, it looks like an apple, it looks like a pear. It looks like a pomegranate outwardly, we recognize what we are seeing, but inwardly and the realities of those fruits, it is beyond human comprehension. So the fact that a lot alludes to this in the Quran, we're honored to be here with a shabbiha and they are brought something resembling right this is what it translates as write something that looks similar. This indicates

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that the only thing that is similar is the outer look. Otherwise, the reality is that the apple of gender has nothing to do with the apple of this world other than the look and the fruit of gender, and the pair of gender and the grips of gender and the palace's your gender, and the bricks of gender and the companions of gender go on and on. In reality, these are mere words, and even abass are the last one famously remarked that there is nothing in Jenna that is similar to anything on Earth, except the name that is used, right? There is nothing in Jenna that resembles anything on earth except the name. So Allah says that they shall have a prenup, they shall have grapes, okay, we

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understand what a grape looks like when we see it in gentlemen, lawmakers amongst those people, we will recognize Oh, that is a grape and we will say the word grape, but that is where everything, every resemblance finishes, when we taste that grape feel that grape, the the flavors that will come the center that will come It is beyond human description. And it is beyond the functionality of words. And therefore. And of course, by the way, all of this applies to the lower levels of gender. And the descriptions of the Quran are about those types of levels as for the higher and the highest levels. In fact, our Profit System explicitly said that those are things that the eyes have not

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seen, the ears have not heard and the minds have not conceived. I want you to understand this point here. The higher you go, the less functionality language has, you see, that's why the lowest person of Jannah What is he told by Allah subhana wa Tada. You know, the pleasures of this world that the king has, you shall have 10 kingdoms. That's our understanding, that's the lowest of the low. Now you want to go higher up, words cease to have any functionality, there cannot be descriptions, no eye has seen, no ear has heard, not even the mind has conceived it. Therefore, as we go over all of these verses and ahaadeeth, we have to understand that we we at one level, we understand what the

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ayah is saying, but the realities of it are simply beyond human comprehension. Now, another point that we need to understand here is that of course, when we are making this claim, when I'm telling you to understand that language fails, I am not implying or other build up that this language is symbolic, and that there is no heaven or there is no hell, that is actually a type of rejection of the Quran. You see, it's one thing to say they have been given an apple and then I tell you the reality of the apple is beyond the realities of this world. That is no problem there because they have been given something called an apple, but to claim Oh, there is no heaven. And there is no

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apple and Alonzo just saying this I would love for fables to insight into entice, then you are accusing the Quran of being disingenuous of lying or with the villa. And Allah does not lie woman of Stoppelman alight. Lila woman has document Allah he had etha No, no one is more truthful than Allah subhanho wa Taala. So to summarize this point, because this is a very important point here, that all too often, you know, people, outsiders of our faith, outsiders of our faith, they sometimes make fun of our religion. Because of the descriptions of gender. We're going to come back to this point, especially when we come to the topic of Holden ain, which is one that raises a lot of eyebrows and a

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lot of discussion. And we'll talk about the same points over again. But I need to make this point before we jump into even today's topic, which is going to be about the general descriptions of gender, that the claim of certain groups that reject Islam is that hey, you know these descriptions of Paradise that are in the Quran, they are suitable for desert dwellers of the seventh century Arabia, and they are insulting to my intelligence, I cannot believe that that it will be the reward and they will quote for example, so many verses that jen nathas human factor and how their own fears was remoto Hara, that they're going to have Gardens under

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Which rivers are flowing, they're going to have righteous spouses, that they're going to have grandiose shades and whatnot. And they will say that this book of yours the Quran, it is describing a paradise that is relative to Arabian Desert dwellers, they're saying it mockingly. And it's not something that I would want. It's not something that would be the description of an actual heaven for all of mankind. And the response to this is very, very straightforward. The responses that Firstly, yes, of course, the Quran is speaking to a particular audience. And what is wrong with that, in fact, if it had spoken directly to your audience, in your culture and your timeframe, the

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people upon whom it came down, would have said, What is this we don't expect this. So the fact that the hold on is employing language that is directly accessible to its immediate audience, that's something that is not problematic at all. And secondly, and more importantly, that the Quran is also very clear that yes, these descriptions are all valid and they are genetic that you were adapted and how, but Jenna is more than merely gardens and rivers and companions and palaces, Jenna is more These are simple ways that we understand we desire but actuality is much more than this. And the key point here, Jenna is what you desire it to be the home, Mallya owner fi hub, they shall have

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whatever they desire. And so for some people, they might desire other things for their peace for their pleasure, and they will get to those things level may a shower owner fear. So yes, it is true that the Quran is describing a paradise that is very appealing to a certain demographics. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, it's going to do that it's going to address the people that it is directly addressing is being revealed to But the main point is that Jenna will have in it what you want, for what you desire, and what your version of gender is. And that's the key point we're going to keep on stress this over and over again. Also, by the way, another point needs to be added

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over here. And that is that you know, these people that are mocking our faith.

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And they're saying, Oh, we don't want this type of Paradise that has that has, you know, always seas and gardens and rivers and whatnot, and companionship and whatnot, that in reality, these are desires that are ingrained in every single human being. This is the reality, the norm, the default of mankind, good food, luscious meats and desserts, right? Great ambience, the combination of water and greenery. This is ingrained in us. So for Arabia, it would be oases. Jonathan says he would try to learn how Okay, in California, for example, you will also have their versions of genetic and genomic data in and out in Texas where I live as well. You go to a multimillion dollar mansion, you

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go to the backyard, what will you see you will see water and fountains and you will see you know, greenery and whatnot. This is our equivalent in every society because it is human nature. The combination of water and fruits and greenery is something that pleases the soul. It calms the heart, it makes us very calm and soothing. And it is something that we admire. And if we can afford it, we want to have a residence that has all of this in there. And therefore this is something that is human as well. When Allah describes gender as being a place of good food and a place of good companionship and yes, a place of intimacy as well, which we will inshallah discuss in a future

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lecture. Some people they mock this, and they say how what type of gender is gender full of pleasures and what not. And the responses? Of course, it is full of pleasures, why wouldn't it be? And then as we said, there's more to Jonathan. Just pleasure. So there's two primary responses. Why are we embarrassed about agenda that is appealing to the base instincts of every single human being? Because you see, and again, sorry, to be blunt here, but these people who problematize these descriptions of gender, right, you would expect them to live ascetic lifestyles to be hermits locked up in caves in the desert worshipping 24? Seven, then they might say, okay, that's agenda that is

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not this beneath our dignity. On the contrary, these groups of people are the most hedonistic, they are the most sensually inclined, their lifestyles betray their mockery, they are always the most eager for the most luscious foods and the best highest ratings and you know, the the the new Epicurean type of styles and their lifestyles and then their partners. So make up your minds. You make fun of something that your own lifestyles demonstrate

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Do you want, you can't have it both ways here. And therefore we as Muslims, please Muslims, there's no need to be embarrassed about the gender of the Koran, because those people who mock it, thinking that it is beneath their human dignity, their lifestyles betray, that they cannot run away from their humanity. Here's the point, a lot created us to crave sensual pleasures, to crave good food, to crave good housing and ambience we are created this way. So Allah is saying, live a righteous life obey me, worship Me, be good to mankind. And when you get to gender, all of these desires, and more shall be yours. Why is that problematic? We all want all of these desires, and we will all want

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more than these desires. So with that, rather lengthy if you'd like introduction, because it is important, because unfortunately, again, we do have misunderstandings in this regard, both from people outside of our faith and also from Muslims that sometimes they seem embarrassed even that, oh, why is the Quran describe our agenda to be in this fashion. And there's nothing to be embarrassed in the Koran about everything that the Quran mentions, including the very difficult topic for some people have heard on and we will see, it's actually very straightforward. It is not something there is not a single verse in the Quran that we should be embarrassed about. It is the

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revelation of a large xojo that appeals to all of mankind. So let us begin. As we said, I keep on saying beginning of ham that we've spoken for almost 20 minutes now. But today and our next lesson, we're going to be continuing a rather lengthy series that we're going to be doing about this, about some of the general descriptions of jinn in the Koran, and some of the beautiful aspects that the Quran mentions, and also the Hadith mentions, and of the things that are mentioned, which is so so beautiful, Subhana Allah, is the fact that people's hearts will be pure, and that there's not going to be evil or maliciousness or hatred, or vain talk in Jenna Subhana Allah, what's in a beautiful

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aspect. We, in this world, are always troubled by what others say about us and is human nature. We find it problematic to navigate the politics of family, the politics of friends, the politics of our office, sometimes our closest friends and allies, they backstab us in ways that it really hurts betrayed, we feel right. And they might be good people in some ways, but that one thing they mess up and it hurts us. When society speaks about us when especially when it's a scandalous thing. That's not true. As in the case of the prophets, Allah law said, I'm being accused of things that are not true. They said he was a liar. They said he's this and that. And it really obviously hurt our

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prophets a lot more you said them, that is one of the most difficult things to manage in this earth. And Allah says in the Quran, that there will be no problems of politics, in sort of the hedger verse 45 to 48. In the mustafina feature, not in what are you on, the righteous will be in gardens, in which there are springs, again, the combination of water and greenery. As they said, it is in Greek law, you will not find a single society on Earth, except that it's rich, and it's elite and it's nobility. They have residences that combine vegetation and water, that combination is ingrained in us. So the fact that the Quran uses more specific imagery that might be more appealing to let's say,

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people in the desert to have oases and whatnot still, it is the concept of the combination of vegetation and water put together that is ingrained. So the pain are in Jannat and springs or do Hello Happy salamin meaning enter it with peace, enter it with Salaam and you shall be safe and secure Amman. This is one of the characteristics of gender Salam and amin everybody will be saying Salaam and meaning it. What that means is that when you say a Salaam when you say your salaams No one shall harm you, you will be safe, no wars, no fear, no pain, no suffering, no grief, you are mean an Amen means absolutely safe. Then Allah says, What? Matthew, so do the human healing, we

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shall remove all of the animosity that was in the hearts of the people of gender. Because you know, this is something so difficult for us to understand. You can be righteous and still have a mistake in your heart. Nobody's perfect. You and I both of us. We all know people like this. But guess what, there's another person and that person you need to look in the mirror and you will see that person as well is not perfect. That person as well might have diseases of the heart. Nobody is perfect. So Allah is saying, those that shall enter Jenna. We shall remove or

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Whatever animosity was in their hearts, and they shall be one they shall be brother in they shall have full love for one another, they shall have nothing but love for one other one and Allah suited him with a carbon in they shall be on couches facing each other. Okay, now, these are beautiful verses. And you know, the famous incident took place between Ali rhodiola one and Huawei rhodiola one that some misunderstanding of a huge misunderstanding happened. They went to war because of this, and somebody said to either the Allahu and that, you know, why don't you you say something bad about why we are the law, why don't you curse? I'm honored to do this and that. And he said, No, not

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at all. I make dua to Allah, that this verse will apply to me and him when Zion Mr. fuse will do to him in the hill in a one and Allah sudomotor harmony. He quoted this verse of certain hedger that we shall remove whatever misunderstanding was between us in our hearts, and we shall be brother in on couches facing each other, right. We're going to be reclining. You know, when you go to somebody's house and your close friends with him, you know, you will sit casually, he's going to sit there and you're just talking and enjoying. And Allah is saying that there might have been problems in this world. But in the ark era, all of the Muslims will come together and those that might have had

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awkward relationships, in the Hereafter, they shall have nothing but purity. There will be reclining sitting on a couch and just discussing either sort of them with a karbolyn la ms. Sofia nossob. They shall never get tired in gender, woman whom men have been more a gene, and they shall never be expelled from gender. So gender is a place of peace. It is a place of security. There is no backstabbing, no gossip, no jealousy. No one shall cause you any grief, all of the hearts of the people of genda. As our Profit System said, It is as if it is one heart, it is as if they're in sync and harmony together, and they shall never get tired. Nobody gets tired of genda you know toward us

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every single day towards the afternoon towards the late evening we've had a difficult day might get a headache, nothing like this, there will be no tiredness in gender. Another verse sort of faulted verse 34 to 35 another beautiful description, we'll call it hamdulillah Hindery, I'll have another hasn't. And the people of gender shall praise Allah subhanho wa Taala they shall praise Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they will say all praises beautiful Allah who has removed all worry from us all grief from us. Every one of us, without exception is worried about something will lie even when there's nothing to worry about. Our hearts and minds create something What if, and we start worrying

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about that? If we have wealth, we're worried if we lose the world, if we don't have wealth, we're worried about how to get it. If we have we don't have whatever it is. There's something in our minds that is causing us grief that is causing us worry. And a lot of xojo says the people of Jenna, what will their Praise be handed in law? There's nothing to worry about. In Jenna, there is no possibility of getting anxious, no possibility of nervousness How could it not be Jen in Urbana de la fourchette por la the A Helena Dara mahkamah team in fogli. He He is the one that has allowed us to be in this abode of permanency from his own blessings, neither show any neither shall any pain or

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difficulty touches or tiredness touches, nor shall any vain talk be afflicted by a so once again the issue of no pain, no suffering no tiredness and no vain talk no idle talk all of this is of the descriptions of of gender. Also in sort of the de Haan Allah subhana wa tada mentions as well. The last page of pseudo Han is a very beautiful description of gender.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in sort of to the Han Indian mattina female common mean that indeed the righteous will be in a safe place. So panelo What a beautiful description to be in a safe place. There's no danger of harm from external enemies from internal foes no danger, no harm at all. In a meeting if we have a common I mean feature not in water, your gardens and springs yell by Suliman, Sundar said what several of them would have been, they shall be wearing the finest of silk and the richest of brocades facing each other in couches and cathartic so it will be was their words now whom behold and and and we will pair them up with children and and we'll talk about it in a

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nutshell law in a future lecture that a lot. xojo says he had their own Effie had equally forgotten, meaning they will be able to call for any fruit that they desire in

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Full safety and security. These are powerful verses, he had their own fee Ha. You don't even have to stand up to pluck the fruit. You don't have to go and get the food. The food will be brought to you simply by you desiring it simply by you wanting it, it will come to you. And as it comes to you, we need once again over and over again, the safety aspect to be safe from any dangers and fear. And Allah says that they shall never taste death, except for the time they tested it before. Right now we don't want to run with a limited ruler or horrible either BJ Fogg lumber Robic, this shall be a mercy from your Lord at gracemere. Lord, indeed, that is the ultimate triumph. So once again, sort

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of a dawn has a number of beautiful verses describing gender. Also one of the lengthiest descriptions of gender in one particular passage, because again, a lot of times Allah mentions gender anniversary, too. So we're trying to find lengthier passages that describe gender, one of the lengthiest places you will read a nice amount of descriptions is certain Walker, certain Walker, a suit of the Walker, it describes two categories of gender. And these are those that are in the front of sabya hole, and those that are bless it in the right. So the right here means those that are blessed or fortunate, right. And so Allah describes the elite. And then Allah describes the the rest

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of the people and insert our man as well, we have the same distinction between the very righteous or the elite, and between those that made it so again, there are two broad categories of the people of gender, inshallah, and our next lesson we'll talk about within this category, there's many obviously categories. But generally speaking, there are two broad categories, you know, like, to give an example in this world that we understand, right, we enter the plane, you have the business class, and you have the economy class Hamdulillah, we're on the plane Hamdulillah, we're getting to our destination safely. And so we're happy and even if you're in economy, to go from point A to point be

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in relative comfort, unlike having to walk once upon a time or ride a camel or whatever, it's a big blessing from Allah, we thank Allah, but obviously to be in, you know, business or first class, I'm gonna say a different thing. And of course, this is just similar to the example. So generally speaking, there are two broad categories. We'll talk about these later on more in shallow to sort of walk I mentioned they're very explicitly as pseudo Rahaman as well mentioned them. exlusive when the lessons woman dooney he imagined that and lower than that are two genders. So there's the higher and then there's the lower woman doing the Hema is the lower one right, what I'm going to call them

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Hamada, because behind Gen data, those that had fear of a large wager, they shall have the higher two and then lesser than that, they're also the lower two. And that's the distinction that is made in sort of our mind, and also others who has mentioned three, you know, these these two categories of gender, and one category of the people of Johanna meaning that if you're going to Johanna we sucralose protection that all of that is a damned category. And so you just put into one even though as I explained, there are many many levels within Jen. So insert into the wild cat as well. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that they will be a point sort of in Moldova, they will be upon jeweled

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thrones muteki in Allah Mata hobbit in reclining face to face with one another. And again, this is a constant reminder a lot of Xhosa mentions this point too many times that they shall be in large rooms and inside the rooms there's going to be beautiful, you know, in this in this verse, Allah says jeweled thrones, so the chairs are not going to be like the chairs of this world. They will be beautiful chairs and you can interact with your friends with your family, whoever you want to be with and they will be facing one another has innate a beautiful ambiance either. Now in some Hadeeth we learn it's inside of chambers and other haidet will learn it'll be next to rivers wherever you

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want. There's going to be good friends good food, good gatherings, all of this is together there and then Allah subhana wa tada mentions that around them there's going to be basically a servants beautiful servants that will have cups and pictures, pictures and drinks that are from pure wine from flowing streams. That alum mentions that lie you saw down and what a human who is a phone, neither will they get a headache, nor would they get intoxicated from that wine. The wine of this world the wine of this world is filthy. The wine of this world is disgusting. The wine of this world tastes disgusting, and it smells disgusting and it has disgusting side effects. It causes as well as

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mentioning here headaches and it causes intoxications and a lot

00:35:00--> 00:35:48

Origin mentioned that the wine of the hereafter it doesn't cause any headaches and it does not cause any intoxication and Allah says that they will be served any fruit that they choose what I mean by eating me Mr. Hoon, and the meat of any bird that they desire or hold on or in and companions that our hold on again, I'm Sally Lulu in maknoon that they will be like a beautiful and perfect pearls. And Allah says last month, a few Hello Hola, Thema illa cleeland salam and Salah that they will not hear once again this notion, any idle talk any sinful talk, nobody will be backbiting nobody will be saying anything that is disgusting or filthy or harmful. Not at all. In luckyland Salomon Salama all

00:35:48--> 00:36:33

that they were here is good and salah and virtuous speech and Allah subhanho wa Taala also mentioned against her to the walker here that they will be amid thornless low trees and what brought him on board and clusters of bananas and extended shades and flowing water and abundant fruit lamb have to attend well, mm Noah, the fruits will never be out of season, nor will the fruits be forbidden. And this is another interesting point in this world. Fruits are seasonal, you get certain fruits in the summer, certain fruits in the fall certain fruits in the spring, every season, you get that fruits but in general, they will be eternally whichever fruit you desire, and they will be as much as you

00:36:33--> 00:37:14

want. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions that we have also given them elevated furnishings, ie once again the couches will be high up and reclining. So these are generic descriptions, please go to Solitaire walk there and read these comprehensive verses that appeal to each and every human being. We also learned as well, that the the palaces of gender shall be constructed with material that is simply otherworldly. So in one Hadith we have in a beautiful Hadith and then was sent a man Mohammed. It's actually a long Hadith, and I'll go over it because it has some very beautiful benefits to it. Reporter but whatever the last one

00:37:16--> 00:38:04

that he said, O Messenger of Allah, or they said, this habit said the Messenger of Allah, when we are with you, our hearts become soft, and we become the people of the hero. And when we leave you, then this world is mesmerizing to us. And we get involved in our women and our children or our wealth, so we're not at the same level anymore. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If you maintain the same level throughout, if you could be that conscious of Allah throughout, then indeed, the angels would come down and live with you and shake your hands with their palms, right? So they will come to you. And they will shake their hands continuously with you. And they would visit you in

00:38:04--> 00:38:41

your houses. And if you were to cease to commit sins, then allies or jail would bring another group that commit sins so that they can turn to a law in forgiveness. So the Hadith here is basically saying that, of course, you're going to have periods of very strong eemaan and periods where you might not fall into harm. But at the same time, you're not at that level of simple example, you know, when you are, let's say, in a spiritual state, when you go for hedgetrimmer, for example, and you're in front of the gabbeh, for example, in the month of Ramadan, for example, your Eman goes all time high. Maybe outside of that, you're not that conscious, even if you're not committing sins, but

00:38:41--> 00:39:20

your level goes down. So the Sahaba were saying a messenger of Allah, when we're in your presence, our Eman is sky high, when we go home is not the same. And our profit system is saying, you know, if it were to be the same, the angels will visit you and shake your hands and be with you. That's not going to happen. And in fact, if you became sinless, that's not the purpose of humanity. This is not an encouragement to commit sins, it is an encouragement to to turn to a lot subhana wa tada and ask for forgiveness. So then they said, and that's why I'm quoting this heads. They said, O Messenger of Allah, tell us about gender. And what is it made of? What is gender in Mita? What are the things in

00:39:20--> 00:40:00

gender made of? And so our prophets, Allah laquanda, who was Selim said, levy levy net to there have been will that be net to feel button there's going to be a brick of gold and a brick of silver, and the plaster that is used between the gold and the silver is Musk, and the pebbles of Jenna are going to be pearls and corals. And the dust of Jenna will be saffron. Whoever enters it shall be blasted and never tire and she'll live forever and never die and the clothes will never wear off and his youth and vigor will never diminish. So how to look this headline

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

Once again is one of those beautiful comprehensive ones. And again, remember the point here is that language fails. Our Profit System says one brick of gold, the other Oh silver, that's the most expensive and precious thing that we know can you imagine a house that's bricks, our golden silver, not even the pharaohs have old built their houses with bricks of gold and silver, they could not even do that because that's beyond what what man is capable of doing. So when the Prophet system is saying this again, the point being Of course it is real, it's not symbolic, but what what is we are being told is what you consider the most precious, that will be your bricks, that will be the outer,

00:40:40--> 00:41:21

what do you think is going to be the inner and again all of this has meant it's not metaphorical language but again, there is a symbolism understand what I'm saying here even if it is not symbolic, right. There is a symbolism meaning the words that you know to be the best of this world that is what is being described. But of course the realities are totally beyond this. And therefore all of this headache is put into perspective. What else can we be expected to say? That is going to make us understand one brick out of gold one brick out of silver and the plaster you know when you have to bricks you have to have that mud or that plaster, the plaster between the mud out to her it will be

00:41:21--> 00:42:05

musk and musk was the most expensive type of perfume that was available. And then the the the grand Knights are the pebbles you know on when you're walking, it's not going to be just dirt and sand. No, it will be a low low and earlier coat right. So there's going to be different types of pearls and different types of corals that will be there. What torralba has zafir on and even the sand that you see, you know is that foreign that saffron and saffron is the most expensive or one of the most expensive spices, it has one of the most amazing colors you know that red hue and it has a beautiful fragrance. So even the sand that you see around you, it will be an amazing surreal color and it will

00:42:05--> 00:42:39

be something that it sent is going to be beautiful and this look is going to be beautiful. So again, all of these things are giving us a general description of gender and by the way, speaking of the, the sand of gender, speaking of the sand of gender again there are multiple things about this that once when the the child by the name of Ignacio yeah that I mentioned and we're talking about the signs of Day of Judgment, a dubious child a child that was communicating with the shell clean and practice the type of digital of sorcery that

00:42:40--> 00:43:12

the Prophet says and visited him to test him and the child asked the Prophet solo so even though say yeah, he said that, what is the total battle gender, what is the soil of gender? What is the soil of gender and the Prophet system responded, devil Mecca tune bale da o massacre Muskaan ha this one dharma. Dharma is a very obscure Arabic word. What it means is that and therefore even in the Hadith, it is explained one of the narrator's explained it that the Prophet system answered him with a very difficult word,

00:43:13--> 00:44:08

to basically show him that he knows the answer better than it will say I knew the question to ask, and when the question was, what is the soil of gender and the response was that it is fine, beautiful white musk, green, white musk grain. And so that's going to be the soil of gender. And in another Hadith Anissa dematic narrated that the Prophet system said that I entered gender and there were tents that were made out of pearls and the soil of Jenna is made out of musk. So, we have that the to rob or the sand is zafferano and the soil is musc. The soil is fine, granular whitish sand, you know, again, so Pamela, this is the reality. You know, people can say whatever they want, what

00:44:08--> 00:44:54

are some of the most beautiful destinations on Earth, they are the beaches that have those types of soil, right? They have that white tissue, you know, the destinations in the world that people go to, again, you can make fun of it, you cannot deny your humanity deep down inside that whitish soil. You know, the turquoise water in front of us. It's ingrained in every human being. So when evanesce yet asked the Prophet system, what is the soil of gender, essentially the description that is being used, it is a description that every human being deep down inside finds amazing in all that whitest soil, the small specks of said Imagine if they are made out of musc imagine fragrance coming out of

00:44:54--> 00:45:00

it. Imagine the entire streets paid with it. That is what the soil of Jenna is that far.

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

A beautiful granular soil that would be made out of musk. That's the dazzling picture that is being painted in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as well. There are descriptions of the ambience of Jenna as well with trees and birds and beautiful again imagery that we appreciate and understand and as we said over and over again, the reality is much more than this. So in gender, they're going to be trees. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the trees of gender are so large that a person can travel 100 years and still be in the shade of one tree. Can you imagine how magnificent that tree is going to be that you keep on walking and walking and walking for 100

00:45:47--> 00:46:37

years and you're still under the shade of one tree. So imagine a tree you see it in the distance and it is as large as the eye can see. It is as tall and as majestic as the eye can see. And we also read in the Hadith as well the realities of the fragrances of Jenna Jenna is a fragrant place Jenna, there will be a smell a scent that is going to be the most pleasant center that we can ever imagine. And gender is always central It is always fragrance full, and its scent is so sweet, and so powerful that it can be smelled far larger, far longer distances than we can imagine. And one Hadith are prophets of the law of war I said him said that the fragrance of Jenna that you jiofi Maserati me it

00:46:39--> 00:46:41

that you will find the smell of Jenna,

00:46:43--> 00:47:23

you will find the smell of Jenna for the distance of more than 100 years again, all of these distances when we say them, again, nobody's going to expect to measure it. The point is that imagine somebody traveling 100 years that's more than a lifetime traveling this the whole world you can travel, the fragrance of gender can be smelt for a distance that is larger than this entire world. What do you think of the people in gender? What do you think of the of the ambience of gender and gender as well has gentle breezes as we learn in the Hadeeth as well. And we are told as well in a number of traditions that whoever does such and such a crime shall not even smell the fragrance of

00:47:23--> 00:48:07

gender. For example, whoever kills the person unjustly shall not even smell the fragrance of gender. So all of these indicate that they will not come even close to gender and gender can be smelt, and again in the Hadith we did last time as well. The last person tend to gender even when he's outside the gates and he sees in the distance gender, he can smell the fragrance of gender. So gender is a fragrant full place and it is a central place as well the ambience, the temperature, there is no extreme hot or cold in gender, the temperature shall be eternally perfect, and the ambience shall be always bright without being extra bright. By the way, as another important point to understand there

00:48:07--> 00:48:50

is no sun or moon in general, there is no night or date in gender, there is no night because the purpose of night is for peace and to rest. And you know, when you wake up, I imagine you had the best sleep of your life. Imagine you had the best sleep of your life and you wake up as fresh as you have ever been. And it is early in the morning and you know the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and the wind is blowing. You know how alert you feel. In general, you will feel infinitely more alert than that. Imagine at that stage, it's going to come at Nigel I don't want nitride now I'm enthused I'm an energetic. I want to go out and and do what I need to do. That's going to be the

00:48:50--> 00:49:32

attitude of gentlemen, there is no night because you shall never be tired, you won't need a night. Now there's also means as we said, there's no sun and moon there is no sun and moon in gender. As Allah says, later on, if he has some sun, they're not going to see the sun because the sun is indeed beautiful, but the Sun is Also hot and the sun is blinding. So when you you cannot look at the sun directly the the light of gender and it will be perpetual light, the light of gender will come from under the throne of Allah subhana wa tada there shall be a light coming from under the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala that will be a perpetual light, it will be a light that will not be

00:49:32--> 00:49:59

unbearable with heat and the ambience will be perfect and that's why Allah says in the Quran later on if he has Samson, they're not going to find the sun over there. And there is a phrase that has the indication that there might be night and day agenda and it has caused some people to misunderstand or less as a suit Imodium verse number 62 what a homeless comfy have booklets and why she Yeah, they shall be fed morning.

00:50:00--> 00:50:36

Evening. Typical agenda to Lottie newly terminated by Dina men can appear, this is the agenda we shall give to those of our service that will righteous. So this verse says, they shall be fed morning and evening they shall be breakfast and there shall be dinner. And again. So by the way, the items of all, they would typically have two meals a day, right we have, we are told in our culture to have three meals a day, the hours of old would have two meals a day and in reality in Jenna, we're going to come to this point and no doubt it is Jenna, when you hear this, you will never ever get fat in gender, you can eat and eat and eat. And the food is not meant to be digested. It is

00:50:36--> 00:51:12

meant to be pleasure, there is not no problem of being overweight, you can you're not eating in order to get energy you're eating for the pleasure of eating. And so the food will be automatically digested. So we're going to come back to this point later on later on as well and re emphasize it that there is no excretion agenda, you can eat and eat and eat. And that's definitely a massive indication of gender, that imagine you don't have to worry about your weight, you don't have to worry about gaining a few pounds. And so you're not eating because you're hungry. You may eat at any time and you're eating for the pleasures of Jen and

00:51:13--> 00:52:00

others. CT could be mentioned in this verse that he commented on this verse what Omen is conveyable book Rashi Yeah, that they shall have their food, morning and evening, that they shall be fed in accordance with their usual times of morning and evening. Not that there is an actual morning and evening. Not that there's an actual day and night but rather that they're accustomed to those timeframes, and even taymiyah mentions that will agenda too late Sophie Hashim sudwala como la la la la, gender does not have a sun or a moon. And it doesn't have a night or a day, rather, the early day and the late day shall be told apart by the ambience of the light that is coming from under the

00:52:01--> 00:52:46

throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the light ambience might change. And again, by the way, these these indications are going to be as far as I'm aware, they're not explicitly mentioned in ahaadeeth. However, we derive them from certain statements of the Sahaba and two of your own, that the light might change its hue, its ambience, it's not as if it will ever get dark agenda agenda is never going to be dark. But there will be an indication in a way that Allah knows best of early versus late. And that indication will be done by the hue of the of the light. And there's also going to be in Jenna, a weekly bizarre, there's going to be a souk, there's going to be a place where you

00:52:46--> 00:53:30

can go and buy whatever you want to buy. There's a hadith in Sahih Muslim, that NSA dematic said that enough agenda Tila su con there is a sukkah bizarre agenda that is going to be put every Jew moi and a wind is going to blow on the people in the bizarre that will make them increase in their beauty and in their fragrance and smell and they're going to make themselves look even more beautiful when they go back home. Their inhabitants of the house will say that what has happened you are coming back even more beautiful, even more handsome, and the people that were at the bazaar will say rather you are even more beautiful and handsome since we have left in other words, the beauty of

00:53:30--> 00:54:10

people will continue to increase and because gender is a land of infinite so there is no end every single week you will get more and more beautiful or handsome and every single week it will increase to no end and that is what something that Allah subhana wa tada is capable of doing. So this is an interesting point as well another another indication of gender not only can you eat as much as you want, you can shop as much as you want. Can you imagine what will be in the shopping complexes of gender? Can you imagine not having to worry about paying for anything because it's all free, whatever you want, there is no money there is no transaction. Literally This is genuine especially

00:54:10--> 00:54:46

for certain segments of people right? Eating without any consequences and shopping without any consequence. This is definitely gender for a certain demographics and just leave it at that okay, but again, that's the whole purpose of gender. That's exactly what gender is supposed to be and Subhanallah when a Joomla and there is a powerful message here because Joomla now of course some have said by Juma what is meant is weekly. And that's also a valid interpretation. And some have said because the haddie says every Joomla every Joomla and the word Joomla in Arabic, it can mean every week and they can also meet at the time of Joomla so both meanings are there and whichever

00:54:46--> 00:55:00

meaning you hold there's no contradiction. It's really the same thing. But to say that it means the time of Juma gives a little bit of indication because how to look in Jenna there is no Salah there will be this beer there will be two

00:55:00--> 00:55:41

Meet there will be technically there'll be thicker. People will be will say Alhamdulillah Subhana Allah Allahu Akbar. But there is no sila because Salah is something we do in this world to gain a less pleasure. Those who pray regularly will be enjoying gin in the next life, there is no cider, there is no zecca there is no fasting in general. All of these are for this world and the next life we enjoy what we have done. So in this world jamara meant the hora is explicit, you have to stop your business transactions. Allah says in the Quran, or you who believe when the call for Juma is given, rush to the prayer

00:55:42--> 00:56:18

and leave your shopping whether it will bear leave your buying and selling. So those who obeyed that commandment, they made sure they took off for Juma and from their workplaces. They made sure that they pray Juma regularly they made sure that they did not do business transactions when they were not allowed to do that, which will be the reward every single Jumeirah. Instead of having to go pray in the masjid, which they did in this world, they will be allowed to go shopping, go buy whatever you want for free. It's not even buying, get it the shops agenda which will they have the bazaars agenda which will they have the suits of agenda? Which will they sell? Can you imagine? And you can

00:56:18--> 00:56:59

buy as much as you want. And there is no money buying here me simply to obtain it and get it back. And so when that happens as well, the people will return even more beautiful than when they left. And the same will happen for the people who did not go so Hannah, look, how many are the blessings of Jen and how beautiful is this place of Jenna. And inshallah again, this is just part one of this particular woman again, part one of at least two talks in beginning about some of the descriptions of what is inside agenda and shallow tie the next lesson, we will discuss some very interesting topics including animals of gender. And also we're going to talk about the very interesting

00:56:59--> 00:57:26

controversy, which has been discussed in our classical books. So I'm just giving you a teaser here about whether if you want a child in gender, can you have a child because again, a child is not just an object, a child is a human being now, right? So there's a bit of a controversy in that regard. And inshallah we'll talk about that in our next lesson. Until then chisako lowfat on was set on wanting more Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh yeah