Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #168 – The Inability To See The Signs

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of Allah's subhanaw taala, which is the ability to see signs and determine the state of someone's heart. The speaker argues that these signs are not about their eyesight, but rather about their ability to receive the truth. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of faith in preparing one's heart for faith.
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At various points in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala defines kafir as the inability to see the signs or more accurately accurately to register the signs, right? Allah says in surah baqarah. So are they him and look down on them to get home? Let me know, it's the same whether you want them or not, they're not going to believe at different places and soil and iron and other sources of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says, It doesn't matter how many signs you bring to these people, right? They're not going to believe they're just not going to believe. And so this has nothing to do with their eyesight. It has to do with their insight, it has to do with the state of their hearts, it has

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to do with their ability to receive the truth. And this makes sense. I mean, it comes back to sincerity, right? How was the last time with data going to judge people according to like, okay, like one person didn't receive the information, or they didn't receive the call, or they didn't know. And the other person knew, like, that would be quite unfair, right? But no, this person prepared their heart to accept the truth when it came to that and this other person buried their heart so that it didn't matter if the truth came to them or not. They weren't ready to accept it. They neglected their heart to call them and that's right, the law says and sort of the shrimps. So

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this is why this is how Allah subhanaw taala keeps us accountable or what he holds us accountable for Are you ready? Did you prepare your heart to accept the truth to accept the science? We see the phony arguments of the Quran, the Quran, oh, give us an angel. Oh, send us a book, right? Oh, send us this. Where's the miracle? Well, we want to be given a book. Well, we want a Prophet from among us. So all these sort of stipulations. They're not real stipulations. It's not like if Allah subhanaw taala only did that then they would have believed No, it wasn't about belief. It wasn't about proof. It wasn't about inflammation. It was about the state of their hearts. It didn't matter

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how many signs I lost found to Allah would show them even if he matched every single thing that they asked for the goalposts would keep moving because they never intended to believe in the first place. They were just making excuses. So what's incumbent upon us what Allah subhanaw taala expects from us as to prepare our heart, prepare our heart to believe that's virtue, there's an aspect of faith that's like an epistemological aspect of faith, which is like, you know, you believe in something maybe you don't understand it, but you believe it. But then there's an aspect which is just about virtue, which is about sincerity. You want to do the right thing. You have a sort of charitable

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understanding towards towards faith and doing the right thing. And so when you're given the opportunity you choose faith as a moral act.

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