The Branches of Faith – 20 – Blessings of Iman – Part 1

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Episode Notes

In this compelling talk, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi acquaints us with the rewards for adhering to the Branches of Faith and goes into its details. Amongst numerous benefits, some are listed as below:

  1. Entry into Paradise (Jannah)
  2. Protection from Hell (Jahannam) 
  3. Good deeds rewarded in Hereafter 
  4. Forgiveness of sins 
  5. Allah will defend us if we ensure we are blessed with a strong interest in Iman.
  6. Fearing nobody except Allah 
  7. Finding comfort in one’s faith (Islam) 
  8. A winner in every situation (never a loser in any situation)
  9. Finding a way out in every difficulty .
  10. Raises a person’s rank in this world and Hereafter.

May Allah keep us steadfast in our goals towards reaffirmation of Faith.


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smilla al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while early he was a woman who Allah hammerberg as we are winding down our series of lectures, we have three lectures left inshallah Tada. And today and tomorrow I will be discussing some of the conclusionary remarks that we need for this topic. If you remember the topic, I hope all of you remember it is the branches of a man. And we began in the very beginning with the beautiful parable of the tree of a man that Allah subhana wa tada mentions. So today and tomorrow, I want to discuss what are some of those fruits of the tree that Allah promises in the Quran? Allah tells us in the Quran, that the tree of Eman is giving us

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our fruits throughout the seasons throughout all the times. So what is the benefit of having the tree of a man? Why should I and you be eager and enthused to have that tree and to cultivate that tree and to grow that tree? What are the fruits that I should be looking forward to for that tree and we will mention around 20 Plus or so. So this is going to be for today and for tomorrow in sha Allah, Allah. The first and no doubt one of the most important in fact, the most important other than the last one. The biggest fruit other than the last word that will mention tomorrow is of course the fruit of gender itself. ie Eamon is a necessary precondition to enter agenda. Now this

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leads us to a deep theological issue. And to be very simple, I'm going to put it in a simple language as we can our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in a hadith in Sahih Muslim in who lanyard hole janetta no one is going to enter agenda in Neff soon Muslim except for a Muslim soul. This is something that is explicit now. We do believe that somebody who has never heard the message of Islam and is unaware perhaps this person if he or she was righteous and their other conditions met, they might be forgiven. But we believe as a matter of principle, that Islam is the only path that leads to Allah subhanho wa Taala. No other path leads to Allah in the DNA in the law in Islam, the only

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religion in the eyes of Allah is an Islam, why am I here but definitely higher on Islamic DNA and further new cobalamin. Whoever chooses other than Islam as a way of life, it shall not be accepted of him on our Prophet sallallahu. I said I'm setting a heavy that is Mota awatea mancala la ilaha illAllah de la agenda, whoever says La ilaha illa Allah shall enter agenda. The understanding therefore is the one who refuses to say the one who is aware of La ilaha illAllah but does not say it shall not enter agenda. So this is of the most important fruits of a man that gender is promised to those who have La ilaha illAllah. At some level at some level as we talked about throughout the

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series, it's more than just verbalizing it is to implement La ilaha illAllah. The second fruit is linked to the first but it is not the same. And that is to be saved from jahannam to be saved from Jana is not the same as to enter agenda. And this goes back to a talk I gave three weeks ago at the beginning of the month regarding the levels of Eman we set the lowest level of EMA and the lowest level of Islam. It guarantees eventual admittance to gender, but then we said that is not the level that is required by a law it is a higher level what level you should be at is more than the bare minimum and if you get to that level and we explained back then that that level is the outcome the

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five are can and to avoid the major sins. If you are at that level, you get the second fruit the second perk, what is the second perk that is whoever has achieved the level that allow requires of a man shall bypass jahannam guaranteed This is in the Quran and in the Sunnah. Now we can never know for sure if we have bypassed that level until Judgment Day, but we hope and we're scared in case we don't the hope and fear goes back again. So the second perk if you like of Eamon if you reach the minimum required level is that no matter what other punishments come, the worst punishment, which is the punishment of jahannam will never ever go to the believer, and there will be a category of

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believers. We don't want to be amongst them who will go through jahannam for a period of time, then they will enter agenda. This Hadith isn't so high Bahati that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there will be a group of people in Jana, they will be called Johanna miyun from jahannam. And they will have gone through jahannam eventually they'll get to agenda but the scars are still gonna be there. So one day

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They will make dua to Allah, Oh Allah, we don't like these scars that sets us apart from the rest of the people of gender. So Allah will then give them a river and they will dive into that river, then those scars will be taken away. But the point is there is a group of people and we don't want to be amongst them, they will not go to gender directly, they will not get that per quarter. They these are the Muslims who commit major sins, murder, and they don't repent, or they're doing some heinous crimes, or they're not doing the watch of art properly. And their whole lifestyle is basically on the verge if you like, but they're still believers deep down inside. Those are the categories of

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people, that is a possibility they will go through jahannam we don't want to get there we want to get directly to agenda. The third blessing and fruit of a man is that a man acts as the key to unlock all of our other good deeds. Allah only accepts from the most men from the majority from the righteous in yet acaba de la who mineral myrcene, Allah only accepts from the Morrison and another verse from the Metatron. Allah accepts from the machete from the righteous. So if you do not have eemaan, your good deeds will not be rewarded by Allah. And of course, that's common sense because if they were awarded by a law, you will go to jedna. If you don't have a man, a person who does not

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have a man will not be rewarded by a law with the agenda. How will they be rewarded? Allah mentions in the Koran men can you read will hire to dunya was enough to her or whoever wanted this world and he wasn't interested in the next world. Basically a person who doesn't believe in Allah, a person who doesn't believe in the Hereafter, whoever wants this world and he does not desire the hereafter. Allah says we shall return all of his good deeds in this world, and he will not be shortchanged all of the good that he has done. He'll get it back and he'll get perks in this world, a good life, money, wealth, health, fame, fortune, he never wanted the hero. Why should he get the accurate he

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never wanted a lot. Why should a love reward him but a lot is so just even when a non believer a counterfeiter, he does a good deed. She does a good deed. If they feed the poor, they build a hospital, they're nice, they will get their reward back, but it will be something of this world. The only way that the hero will also get your reward is if you have a man and that's why we learn in the Quran. That if you have a man, man, I made a cider ham in Zakat and the author woman whoever does good whether they're male or female, while they have a man, those are the people kindness Are you homeschooled or their efforts will be rewarded. If you do not have a man, then Allah will not reward

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your efforts in the hereafter. EMR is a key that unlocks a lot of acceptance of your other good deeds. Number four of the blessings and fruits of a man the very fact that you have a man is a catalyst to forgive you of your sins. What in Nila have fallen Lehman taba Amina Amina saw the handsome Matata I shall forgive over and over again to all those who repent and they have a man and they do good deeds. So merely having a man and just saying suffered a lot stuff and a lot of stuff and a lot that he man is so powerful that in fact forgives your good deeds and there are many mechanisms for forgiving good deeds. We mentioned some of them like the will do like the prayer

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simply doing these deeds will automatically forgive once you have a man and that is of the blessings of human number five over the blessings of a man is that Allah subhanho wa Taala will defend you in the law her Yuda Pharaoh and in Latina amanu Allah will defend on behalf of those who believe so Allah Himself will defend when you are going to be harmed when there's an enemy going to attack in this verse was revealed before one of the battles of the prophets of Allah it was Selim and Allah said I will defend you in the law you doubt fear Allah will protect you. And this leads to the sixth blessing of a man, the sixth blessing of a man, the true men and fears none other than Allah subhana

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wa Tada. And in Olia, Allah He the whole family him without whom he has known those that are righteous and have a man they have no cause to fear nor any cause to worry. So he man blesses you with a courage. Eman blesses you with a conviction with a fortitude that you will not fear in the face of great drama of great fear of great enemies attacking when you're in a situation where others might be terrified your eemaan will give you the confidence that you need. No and this leads me to the next point and that is that the min finds comfort and solace in his or her faith. Allah says in the Quran regarding the incident of Azov when they were surrounded alladhina all in a homerun nasu

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in an

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NASA Jemma our home for azada, home imana, when the people were told everybody of mankind has gathered to fight you, aren't you terrified, and the believers said, hacer una La Jolla and Milwaukee and their Eman went up. So the min is able to cope with many of the problems of this world. Now this leads me to a very important disclaimer, and that is that there are medical symptoms are not called depression, there are certain things that bring about depression, eemaan and depression are not directly or causally linked together. There are people that can be depressed even if they have good Eman. However, by and large, generally speaking, having a man having a loving

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family having some of the worldly blessings, generally speaking, it helps in the Battle of depression. But it is not necessary, it is possible that a person is actually depressed, clinically depressed, even if they have a man and they need to go see a therapist or counselor. So that's something important. But we also need to point out that generally speaking, one of the factors that helps a person cope when they're down in the dumps, as we say, when everything seems to be lost and gone, one of the mechanisms that should help doesn't always help because sometimes there are medical issues that there has to be dealt with, from a psychological perspective. But generally speaking,

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just like if you have a loving family, if you have a good friend generally is going to help you battle you know, something negative in your life. So the greatest of these blessings that will help you battle a negative time of your life, if all other circumstances are met, is that to a man. So the more men, generally speaking, will find comfort from a man. And again, I make this disclaimer because sometimes some people are suffering from depression because of issues that are beyond human beyond family beyond. And that's a medical issue a psychiatrist has to evaluate that has nothing to do with this talk. However, I reiterate, the average person shall find comfort with faith. And faith

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is something that helps us battle when we're negative in life. And this also, by the way, explains why so many people when they go through something traumatic, they become religious, when they go through a painful time of their lives. They discover Islam, because that's when they realize nothing brings the comfort of religion, nothing sort of calms down the psyche, nothing is a soothing mechanism to the soul, like the worship of Allah is so a man helps us cope with the problems of this world of the blessings of a man is that a man will always make us a winner in any situation. The moment is never a loser. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, amazing are the affairs of

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the believer for the believer is always a winner. If good happens, he thanks Allah, and that's for his good. And if something bad happens, he's patient, and that's where his good a moltmann is never a loser in any situation. No matter what happens in the eyes of a law, you are a winner. And that's a huge point of comfort. If you have a man and you have a connection with a law, nothing in this world is an ultimate calamity for you. In the end, it will be for your benefit in the hereafter. And that's of the biggest blessings of a man of the blessings of the man is that he man blesses us to find a way out of every difficulty. Woman Yeah, tequila hajjaj Allahu Maharaja, whoever has the

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taqwa of Allah, Allah will find a way out for him while Yoda zuckermann heyfield A is him and his source of sustenance will come from places he never expected from woman yet what Colorado law he fought who has fought whoever puts his trust in a law a law is sufficient for him. And of the blessings of this the final word will mention today of the blessings of a man is that a man raises a person's ranks in this world and the next Jada ferry law hula Deena Armando Minh come while the dino Turin madora. Judge, Allah raises the ranks of those who have a man and those who have knowledge amongst you, their ranks are raised up in this world they are beloved, everybody loves them. The

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community loves them. They become icons of any community that people have faith, those that are humble, they might not have all the fame or the money but when they have a man they are beloved Allah raises the ranks in this world and more importantly, Allah raises the ranks in the next inshallah will continue the blessings of Eman tomorrow and of course the biggest blessing is left which is I'll save it for the last and that is the 20th blessing insha Allah Allah will continue tomorrow was set on Walid monochromator lawyer water castle