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In a continuation of the previous talk, we are made to go over ten more branches of Iman by Shaykh Yasir. These are as below –

  1. Loving and respecting the Prophet ﷺ
  2. Seek and teach knowledge of Islam
  3. Loving to read, memorize and ponder over the Qur’an
  4. Salah – Daily 5 prayers 
  5. Zakah
  6. Fast – Fasting Ramadan
  7. Hajj – for those who are able
  8. Counting the blessings of Allah upon us

Listen to this deep talk given by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi so that we can involve these values in our life.

May Allah enable us to imbibe these qualities in our life with utmost sincerity.


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salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy woman while

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we're still continuing in fact wrapping up the Hadith that we began three weeks ago. And that is the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alaihe. Salam Eman consists of 70 odd branches. The highest of it is La Ilaha Illa law. And the lowest of it is to remove something from the street and the path. And modesty is a branch of faith. And as I had said, we were doing the famous book of demanded by Houthi, which lists 77 branches. Because time is limited. I will do today what I did in the last lesson, which is to go over very briefly 10 more of the branches of Eman so that at least we can get an introduction to this beautiful book. And I have chosen some that are overlapping. So the first

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two is number one, loving the profits of the law where I sell them. And number two, showing respect to the Prophet salallahu idea he was selling them. And remember they have dimensions These are two separate concepts because to love and to show respect, don't necessarily come together. There are some people you respect but don't love. There are some people you love but don't respect and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it is required as a believer to have both love and ultimate respect for our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and of course the evidences for this are self evident Allah says in the Quran in our Santa Akasha hidden one on one a deal we have sent you as a

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witness and as a warner and as a giver of glad tidings little minnow Bella, he was truly so that you may believe in Allah and His Messenger, what do I Zoo and you may support the messenger what to walk the route and you may respect the messenger So Allah is saying you have to respect and support and love the messenger and Allah subhana wa tada tells us in the Quran Fela warabi Kala you mean hoon. I swear by your lord, oh Mohammed, they will not have a man until they take you Yasuda law, as the final judge as the arbiter in all of their affairs. And they accept your judgment. And they submit to your judgment without anything in their hearts. This isn't sort of a nice fella or a big Cola,

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you may know they will never have a man until they take you as the final judge and they will accept everything that comes from you. Brothers and sisters, the love and the respect that is due to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is self evident. Whoever loves the Prophet system has loved the law. Whoever loves the law has loved the prophets less than the two go hand in hand. Unfortunately, in our times, there is this new understanding or new trend of Islam. They call themselves the Hourani Yun or the Quran ists and they reject the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they say that we only need the Quran. This type of understanding. It is something that has no

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basis in our religion, because the one who told you the Quran is the same one who told you what is Quran and Hadith You have to trust him. If you didn't trust him from day one. You wouldn't trust the Quran itself. The very book the Quran has 70 verses that tell you to obey the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah says in the Quran, when you tell Rasulullah Otto Allah whoever obeys the messenger has obeyed a law, obedience to the messenger is made equal with obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala none of you believes our Prophet system said until I am more beloved to him than all of his wealth and his family and all of mankind and our Prophet salallahu idea he was sent him a

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man came and said, When his judgment day and the person responded, or the Prophet system responded that what have you prepared for judgment date? And the man said, I haven't prepared many good deeds, but all that I know is that I love Allah and His Messenger, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, You shall be with those whom you love. We have to be very, very clear to deny the Prophet saying sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to reject Islam. There is no Islam without the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam those new types of Muslims that want to separate from the Quran and Sunnah and say, we're not going to follow the Sunnah. We're not going to follow the Quran. In reality, they are

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destroying the religion. And this is what Mr. Michel Freire, II 1200 years ago said to accuse the son is to accuse the Koran to say that

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There is no sun. No we don't have to follow the Sunnah is to basically reject the Quran because the Quran does not even tell you to pray five times a day. The Quran does not tell you to give 2.5% zecca the Quran does not list anything of the details. It is found in the Sunnah. If you don't have the sooner you can't even follow the Quran. So they go hand in hand and the editor the process of that he said in Edgerton, what I have left you two things as long as you follow them, you will never go astray the Quran and my sooner so he told us he's leaving us two things, the Quran and the Sunnah. So this is the first and the second loving the process them and respecting him. The third

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and the fourth, we're going to combine as well, that amendment by half the size of the branches of Eman is to seek the knowledge of Islam number three, and then to teach it to others number four, so to learn, and then to be eager to spread. So you want to educate yourself, then you want to educate others and each according to his or her level, nobody's saying you have to become a die a chef. But every one of you must educate your family and friends without exception. Every one of you must preach and teach to your non Muslim neighbors. Every one of you must teach your colleagues that are not Muslim about Islam, there is a level of Islam you have to learn and a level of Islam you have to

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preach. And the more you're a man is, the more you're going to want to learn about Islam, and the more you're going to want to teach it. And again, this is a natural sign of a man and understand this point, a man means you will want to learn more about Allah and His messenger. This is a sign of love. You don't love anything until you want to know everything about it. And I've given this example before that, you know when I'm traveling, I'll call up my children. And I'll ask my my little girl, what did you have for breakfast? What difference does it make what you had for breakfast, right? But this is a sign of love. You want to know everything? What did you do today?

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How was your day going? This is a sign of love to Allah belongs the more perfect example. If you claim to love a law, where is your curiosity? If you came to love the Prophet system, where is your curiosity? What was his life? How did he live? What did he do? What did he say? So a love of a love and a love of Islam and a love of the Quran will compel you automatically to study. Once you studied, you will want to teach and benefit others and again, there are so many blessings of knowledge. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was commanded to pray in the Quran we'll call Rob designare in math, this is the only matter that Allah asks him to ask more of he didn't say give me

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more money. He didn't say give me more wealth, more fame. What call Rob busy Dini. ilma say Oh my Lord, give me more in knowledge and are Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever travels on the path of knowledge, whoever travels on the path of knowledge alone will make the path of agenda easy for him. And the student who is seeking knowledge, the angels will lower their wings upon him and the scholar who is preaching knowledge, although this is what it is called the hadith of knowledge, the scholar that is preaching knowledge, every entity of the creation, even the fish in the ocean, and the ants in their anthills, they will ask a lot to forgive the teacher of mankind

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good. And then he said, the superiority of the scholar over the worshipers is the superiority of the full moon over all of the other stars in the sky. One scholar, one moon, a billion worshipers, a billion stars, one moon eclipses all of the stars. Mr. Mohammed commented on this and he said, that is because a worshiper a star, he only gives enough light for himself. He doesn't like other people, but the scholar, one scholar can change the oma, one scholar can divert the course of history. One scholar can revive Islam in a generation. A scholar is like the moon that reflects the light of the Quran, the light of the sun and passes it on to mankind, but a worshiper might as much as he

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worships who's going to benefit other than himself. So the superiority of the scholar over the worshipper is like the full moon over that of the stars. So the blessing of learning and teaching knowledge is three and four. Number five amendment basically says, of the signs of a man of the branches of a man is to love to read the Koran and to memorize the Quran and to make the double are pondering over the Quran. And this is the month of the Quran and all of us inshallah been listening and hearing and reading the Quran to think over and ponder alladhina artina, Hmong Kitab, those whom we have given the book yet Luna who has katella what he they recited the way that it deserves to be

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recited and a lot as origin mentioned in the Quran. Every time an ayah comes down those who have Eman, their Eman goes up when they listen to it. And Allah mentions in the Koran that way that semi Roman ruins either a lot of soon when they hear the verses that have come to the Prophet system.

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Good Christians and Jews who are righteous when they hear these verses you find their eyes are crying because they recognize the truth. So to love the Quran to recite the Quran to memorize the Quran and to make the debate of the Quran is a branch of Eman, number 678 and nine are the pillars of Islam very briefly we'll go over them because we all know them Salas aka fasting and Hajj obviously, they are of the kind of Eman And there are the branches of faith and of course Salah I wanted to give an entire lecture on it and it is deserving of a lecture. It is the only action in the whole Koran. I want you to memorize this phrase the only action that a law calls Eamon The only

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action in the whole Quran. Allah calls it a man while makanda la julio de manickam. Allah is not going to have your Eman go to waste. And the reason why this was revealed somebody asked about salah and Allah responded your Eman is not going to go to waste and a law called Iman sola sola Eman so the two of them are hand in hand. It is the first ritual that was legislated the second day after jabril came down to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. According to the editor, sigh Muslim, he taught Khadija and the Prophet system how to pray he showed them how to do will do and how to pray through the five Salawat were made obligatory in his own marriage, but actual Salah the concept

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to the God anytime of the day was made obligatory. The second day, after the Orion came down. jabril came and taught the Prophet system to pray at that time it was to the God later on as we know in the story, Mirage It was then increased to what it was increased. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the very first matter that Allah will ask his servant, and another Hadith that feet of the son of Adam will not move until Allah asks him about the Salah. If his Salah was in order, the rest of his good deeds shall be found to be in order. And if his Salah is not in order, then the rest of his good deeds will not be an order. If your Salah is in order, then the rest of your good

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deeds shall be an order our scholars say this also indicates generally speaking, that the one who prays, generally speaking is doing the other odd can like I said, Can you imagine somebody who prays five times a day but doesn't fast out of laziness doesn't work that way? Can you imagine somebody who prays five times a day but doesn't care about Hajj doesn't work that way, the one who prays automatically takes care of all of the other good deeds. So Salah is an essential Brooklyn and the famous incident Omar will hop off when he was stabbed and the doctors told him you're gonna die. That the end of his life and he stood up to pray and his son and Omar said Yeah, I bet you my

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father, you're bleeding. But from what I've noticed what Bob said of sila, wala, however, Phil Islamism and taraka Salah sada is more important, and the one who leaves the Salah has nothing to do with Islam, or Omar is dying, he's bleeding to death, and yet he stabbed he sat to pray, and he did not give up his Salah, even though he was stabbed in fudger. before the dawn went down, he prayed his fudger and he died the next day as we know, but even in that state, but that statement of Omo, there is no share of Islam regarding the one who doesn't pray. And this is based on the Hadith of the Prophet system, which he said that the treaty that I have with the Muslims is the Salah, the

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treaty that I have with the Muslims is the Salah, whoever leaves the Salah has committed go for this hypothesis, a Muslim whoever leaves the Salah, he might as well be a cafard that's essentially how the Hadith is translated. So the point is Salah is essential to a man and it is of course of the pillars of Eman zakka, as well as of the pillars as we know and remember by Aki has an entire, you know dozens of pages about the importance of zakat. And we know that Zakah is one of the five pillars upon which Islam is based. The same goes for fasting, which is the eighth point today, we've mentioned many is in a hadith about fasting because it's the month of Ramadan. Number nine is the

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hedge and the hedge, of course is the final of the five pillars and it is the only pillar that has more conditions physically and financially being capable. And it is important that all of us who have not been for Hajj, make it in our hearts our need or desire to go for Hajj. Even if you are not obligated to go You must have the desire to go even if you don't have the finances. It should be in your Nia Oh Allah bless me with wealth so that I can go for Hajj. What Allah He had a nasty jewel bait. It is an obligation that mankind has upon Allah Allah has over mankind that they must go for Hajj whoever is able to do so. So there must be a desire for Hajj even if you're not able to go as

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for those who are able to financially then I warn you I caution you do not delay. The majority of muda have say that it is not allowed

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to delay the photos of hedge when you are financially and physically able to go, there's one method that says you may delay it for an excuse, but the majority of muda have say, just like the salah and Zika once it becomes obligatory, you have to go so please brothers and sisters who have not been for Hajj and are financially and physically capable, make it unique that you can go as soon as possible. The final point that we'll mention for today out of the 10 points, so we're gonna say the 10th point, one of the branches of Iman emammal basically says and this is an interesting one, and I wanted to conclude with this one is the believer follows the Quran when the Koran commands him or

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her to count the blessings of Allah and to then thank Allah for each and every blessing. Allah says in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, yeah, you have Latina M and O you believe all Kuru Naira Mata La Jolla, they can think and ponder over the blessings Allah has given you. So the believer literally sits down as an act of worship and he thinks, what are the blessings Allah has given me? Allah says in the Quran that they think about the creation of the heavens and earth, Allah subhanaw taala reminds us all mankind be grateful, I have given you this I have given you that some of these all of mankind shares hearing, seeing sleep is mentioned as a blessing. Allah mentions in

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five verses the daylight and the darkness. And Allah says, If I had given you perpetual darkness, how would you have slept? If I have given you perpetual daylight? How would you have gone about your day? If I give you perpetual daylight How would you have slept one mil rometty Giada Docomo later one of his mercy He gives you the night he gave you the day of the blessings of Allah subhana wa tada that He created us in pairs though Jane and that cut in on some of the blessings of Allah subhana wa tada is the wind and the rain of the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada, Joshua comas, some our bazzara will have either pallida match guru. All of these are blessings that all of mankind

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shares then there are blessings of a religious nature. Eman Islam, Salah zeca. We thank Allah for that. Then there are blessings of a personal nature, the specific blessings you have your family, your wealth, your health, all that Allah has given you. It is a part of Eamon to think about those blessings. Imagine if you had been born in another family without a man. Imagine if you didn't have a loving family. Imagine if you didn't have the health that you do the wealth that you do. So it is a sign of eemaan to ponder over the blessings of a law to make a list of them. And you realize as a law says you're never going to finish the list what to do. nemoto law e la Torre suha if you try to

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count the blessings of Allah, you will not be able to do so. But the goal is not to enumerate the goal is to be thankful for what we have and a shallow data we will resume the day after tomorrow was said on Monday.