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The segment discusses the struggles of Islamers to overcome poverty and fear of future harm. The shiny line of morality is advertised, and the segment encourages listeners to say their the words "has been spoken" and "has been spoken." The segment also emphasizes the importance of not letting anyone the words "has been spoken" and "has been spoken."

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Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you more than what we want him.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he opens the doors and opportunities for us to repent all the time.

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Allah subhana wa Tada created two angels, one on your right and one on your left. The one on the right writes the good deeds which you do, and he writes them immediately. He's not allowed to delay them. The one on the left has the right the things which you do, and he is obliged to delay them and wait for hours before he writes them. And if you write them he writes it only as one sin. And the one on the right right says up to 1010 to 70 to 700 falls when you walk to the Masjid 10 Hasina, to play Stein and 10 say to take an off when you make or do you are washed from your sins. When you smile in your brother's face or the sister smiles or for sister's face in order to bring her

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happiness or bring him happiness. Your sins fall off. When you say salaam to someone you get the rewards in your sins are forgiven. When you say La Ilaha illa Allah it wipes away your sins, Muhammad said Ya rasool Allah, why are the devil ya rasool Allah, you said that we should do good deeds after we do a sin because he said it raises it is now in Allah a good deed he said well Allah He among the best Rasul Allah says, Adam said, among the best deeds you can do, how hard is it for us to erase our sins by merely saying that in a in the law in, in Allah Subhan Allah and Allah subhanaw taala wipes away your sin that easily, my brothers and sisters in Islam, after all this,

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there are still people into hellfire. After all this people still delay their repentance. After all this, people still insist and continue to say, I'll repent later when I'm older, or when I'm married, or when and then after they're married. When I have children then after they have children when they grow up, and then after when they grow up, they say well, until I get older, and then when they settle, they get old until I go to Hajj. And then when they go to Hajj they say, Well, you know, all my life handler, the sins are gone, I can afford to sin a little bit more, and then I'll repent before my death. I still got time, the shaitan keeps giving you this and yet he keeps giving

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you this false hope. Allah Spandana says a shade line we are into camaleon falcoda Maruchan faction.

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The Shaitan always promises you.

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Sorry, the shaitan always makes you fear, poverty and future harm. And he gives you false promises. So he meant he commands you and tells you do the wrong. Otherwise you're going to feel you're going to get into poverty, do the Haram otherwise you're going to miss out this is going to happen to you that's going to happen to you. The shutdown says you got a long time to live. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam Wallahi you don't Wallahi you don't. I can see some of my brothers over here. Who when I first told this story 20 years ago, we all had perfectly black hair. We all had a perfect set of hair. Right now I can see a lot of you. Allahu Akbar. The white hairs have grown. Some of you

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you've lost your hair. Some of you have lost a little bit of your health. You have aged look how Cricket Cricket finished. Look how cricket passed. That is around the corner my brothers and sisters in Islam, visit the graves as our son allah sallallahu sallam said maralell booboo visit and for reminds you of the hereafter and see how many young people are buried 1415 1316 Young people committing suicide because of mere bullying, on Facebook, on Instagram and social media, they take their lives, they think that Allah has abandoned them. Allahu Akbar, where is our youth going? My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala He wants us and he says, Well Allah who you

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read to me to Valhalla eco, Allah only wants to accept your repentance. He wants you to return to Him and to accept you. Allah wants to always accept you, while you would eat to

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do ballet, and those who are led astray don't want to turn you away from Allah. You read Allah or you have free Funcom Allah wants to take the burden off you. He wants you to feel peace and ease inside of you. He wants the jealousy the envy, arrogance, stubbornness, pridefulness Revenge, hatred, all that stuff to go away from your heart. Allah Subhana Allah wants you back my brothers and sisters in Islam tonight may called go alone. No one has to see you. Speak in any language you want. Say it in any way you wish. Talk to Allah subhanahu wata either like you've never done before. And I promise you, you're going to feel a feeling that you haven't felt for a very long time, or

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maybe have never felt it ever really talked to him and open up to him. So panna cotta, Allah Allah, he already knows what's inside of you. But just say it so that you can have that connection. Say it on your mouth admitted so that you

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You can feel it yourself. And I swear by Allah, you're going to feel a state of Eman you've never felt before.

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It's impossible not to if you are sincere. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, may Allah subhanaw taala shower you with His mercy, His forgiveness and forgive our sins. May Allah subhanho wa Taala not deal with us because of our with our deeds, but to deal with us with His mercy. Just like Kamala I hate her though Salalah on Amina Muhammad, while earlier he was Sofia Jemaine Salaam Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh