Yasir Qadhi – Ten Ways That Sins Are Forgiven

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Prophet's actions can be forgiven, and the importance of forgiveness is discussed. The Prophet system is discussed, including its negative impact on people's behavior and the potential for growth. forgiveness is emphasized, along with avoiding overwhelming emotions and behavior. The dams in their life stages are discussed, including pain, suffering, and anxiety, and the importance of forgiveness is emphasized. The use of a cover bar and avoiding overwhelming emotions and behavior is also discussed.
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Smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was a happy woman who Allah Hammerberg.

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Today shallow to other will do a interesting list that even a Tamia for me between me a compiled, and it is the list of the potential ways that our sins can be forgiven. Now we know that the default which is in the Quran very explicitly is that whoever does an evil deed he shall be punished because of it. So whoever does an evil deed it is the punishment is written for him. But Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed multiple ways to get out of this punishment. There are ways that some of them are in our hands, some of them Allah azza wa jal allowed other people to do on our behalves. So shareholders have even Taymiyah he mentions that he has extracted from the Quran and Sunnah 10

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mechanisms are 10 ways that we can have our sins forgiven without getting to the ultimate punishment if of course the ultimate punishment is now to Johanna we see colors refuge, so we don't want to get to that punishment. Some of these ways are better than others, they're not all the same as we shall see. Some of them are in our hands and some are not in our hands. So to be aware of it and to know this list is something that will benefit us insha Allah to Allah, because we want to maximize whichever ones we are able to do. So very quickly, again, this is a list of 10 We're gonna have to go through this relatively quickly. The first two are obviously everybody should know Toba and is

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still far doba number one, number two is still far. Now Toba and is still far can be also put together but in reality there are different in that Toba is broader than is still far. Toba is the act of returning to Allah subhana wa Tada is still fought is the act of seeking forgiveness. So Toba is broader you return to Allah with more generous is still for feeling regret is Toba. Having a regret of why I committed the sin. This is the essence of doba is still far is to ask Allah for forgiveness, and the blessings of Toba and is still far and the procedure of Tobin is still far has been discussed in many topics and hold business rules and you are all aware as a professor some

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said, Whoever really repents it is as if he has never committed the sin. And he said I asked Allah for is still far more than 100 times a day. So number one and number two Toba and his default and this is the default and this is the most important and this is the most effective all the rest are not as and this is also in our hands. So toban is to follow we do it and it is guaranteed result as Allah says in the Quran. In the La Jolla for the Roma Jamia, Allah shall forgive all of your sins. If you're a doba is correct, Your sins are forgiven. So number one, number two Toba is still fun. Number three, what else forgives our sins causes our sins to dissolve away in his sanity you with

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him and Associates? doing good deeds in and of themselves causes bad deeds to go away. So frequently doing good deeds and repeating good deeds, and especially the ones that the prophets has mentioned that when you do them regularly, the sins between them dissolve away. So he said you are burning in your sins you are burning in your sins. Then when you pray, they are washed away. Then you are burning in your sins you are burning incense then you pray you are washed away and he went over all five daily Asana watts. And in the famous Hadith he asked the Sahaba What do you think of a person who takes a bath five times a day so they didn't understand where he's ending goes Yasuda this

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person going to be absolutely speaking span clean. He said this is the example of the Salah. So in the SRT, you'd have an essay yet and of course in the famous incident where the man confessed that Yasuda Allah You know, I was flirting with a lady and I kissed her. I need to have the head imply it against me. And the Prophet system was silent. Then they all pray Gemma together. Then he said to the man did you not pray Gemma with us? Didn't you walk to the masjid in Judah will do. Didn't you have all the news? Yes, I did. It goes in and has an attitude humanists say yeah, this is your Toba. You came you're repented you ask this far. Now you did these good deeds. So doing good deeds in and

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of themselves causes bad deeds to go away. And especially as we said, those that are linked with the forgiveness of sins for example, Ramadan to one Ramadan shall make a photo of all the sins in between Hajj to Hajj, or O'Meara Turramurra shall forgive all of the sins doing will do cause of the sins

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To fall, but any good deed so when we commit a sin, we follow it up with a good deed. This is point number three. So one, Toba two is default three is a good deed, four is not in our hands. It is the shefa of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam for his OMA and his is still far for his OMA and all that he has done to ask Allah to forgive his OMA, this is multiple categories for ABCD if you like so in his lifetime, the Sahaba would go directly to him. While unknown, available and foster home Jaya Oka festival for Allah ha was still for Allahumma rasuluh La Jolla, Hata guava Rahima. That was a blessing they had the Sahaba had a blessing we do not have many blessings and those blessings,

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they could immediately go and say yo rasool Allah, I made a mistake, ask Allah to forgive me. We do not have that blessing, we cannot go to him. However, our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said hadith is authentic and within within others, your deeds are presented to me on Monday and on Thursday. And if I find good I thank Allah for my OMA, if I find other than this, I ask Allah is still far. And it is authentically narrated that into her God would ask Allah to forgive the sins of His Oma. And we know for a fact that every prophet is given one special to either is answered, and every Prophet used it for himself for some good thing that he wanted. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he kept

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it until the day of judgment, and he's going to use it for his own man as the chef. So the chef of the Prophet SAW Selim, this is category number number one guys, you guys following number four, this is the Shiva and the DUA and is the fourth of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, we cannot, you know, ask him in this world, but on cuyama We can't directly ask the Prophet system. Anything that's of course, allowed in the same life span. But the real point is that Allah azza wa jal is the one who shall choose and Allah azza wa jal will be the one who will decide who shall get the Shiva of the prophets as Adam. And that's why after every event, we should make the drop along

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rabada doubted the term because of promises that whoever does this sincerely, my chef I will be obligatory for him on the day of judgment, this is category number four, Category Five is the dua of the believers for you for forgiveness, right? So anybody anytime somebody says May Allah have mercy and forgive you, or salata, janazah, or after you've gone people remember you and say, May Allah forgive me was such a righteous man, and this show forgive your sins too. Is this in your hands?

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How about partially sort of why sort of

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influence very good influence? Who shall be the one who is remembered and ask forgiveness for

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the one who impacts the most people, the one who touches the hearts of most people, the one who is allowed and whose mannerisms people remember. So when we think of those who have moved on, immediately, the ones we think of number one, are the ones who impacted us the most the ones who helped us the most the ones who o'clock, the ones whose benefit. So even though Category Five is not in our hands, indirectly, we can plant the seeds for them how so? By doing good deeds, being generous, good to do good deeds, other people, being generous, being kind, being compassionate, asking about other people so that we leave the largest legacy so that the maximum number of people

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make us that far for us and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, of the two hours that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala does not reject is the job of the brother for his brother, meaning Muslim brother for his Muslim brother when he doesn't know about it, right? Somebody does not know and you raise your hands and you say, Yeah, Allah, you know, Brother Muhammad was so good to me. He gave me the law and I needed that loan. Yeah, Allah blessed him with more Yeah, ALLAH forgive his sins, you make that dua from your heart, Allah azza wa jal shell accepted. And this is by the way, a neglected sooner. We talked about this many times. What do you lose Dear Brothers by making dua for others?

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And you know, the angel will say, May you get the same What do you lose by making dua for people? How stingy can we be that we don't even make dua for people knowing that we will get exactly what we asked for others? Also, the two of the Janaza sorry, the salatu Janaza. Our prophecies and him said, Never do three rows of people ask for somebody Janaza MACURA except that ALLAH forgives them. So three rows means a lot of people come Why would a lot of people come to your Janaza? Why would they come when you have impacted them once again? So the more that people that come to the janazah the more the chances are that again, the sins are forgiven? This is grew a category what guys, you guys

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following? Five, Okay, number six, following the dua of the believers. Number six is after you've gone, the gifting of the good deeds of the believers to you this is different than gifting of the good deed which is much more rare. Who's going to give to hajj and umrah who's going to gift you $1,000 After you

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We've gone, that's very rare. And that's going to be the smallest group of people whom you genuinely impacted, right or again benefited in some way or other. So when you give somebody a good deed, and they are gone now there has they've, they've the in the Barossa, in this dunya, you give them a good deed, this will cause their ranks to rise up and their sins to be forgiven. This is akin to equivalent to when you did a good deed in your life, it expunges Your sins, when somebody does a good deed on your behalf after you've gone. This too shall cause your sins to be forgiven. But once again, who is going to gift your good deeds, what group of people is going to do it unless it's your

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own son or daughter, and even if they are righteous and whatnot, and you've raised them in that way, who is going to spend so much money to say, Yeah, Rob, this reward I want for my father for so and so. And this is again, the reality of impacting people that who is going to do something like that. And by the way, I know for a fact some of my own teachers told me this, that they would do hajj and umrah on behalf of some of the great aroma of the past of Islam, because they said we benefited so much from their writings that are the least we can do is to do Hajj and Omar on behalf of Imam in no way on behalf of even has them on behalf of whatnot that they would literally do on Omar on behalf

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of a scholar 1000 years ago, because they said I owe so much to this person, this is the impact this is the benefit that people leave. So this is number what now.

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Six or seven, six, this is six, this is six now. Now, the last three are not in our hands. But we can try right the profitsystem Shiva we can try with with what we do after than the peoples do app and the people's gifting. Now the next three are not ones we want. But it's better than the alternative, which is either above Jahannam the next three ways to forgive our sins, we don't want them. We don't aim for them. But if they come, then we console ourselves that okay, this is better than the alternative, which is either boo Jahannam and they are all of them, the pains and sufferings that we get at three different stages of our existence. Okay, so 789 are three different

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stages of our existence. Seven is in this dunya any pain, any suffering any trauma, I just gave the Hooda on Friday about anxiety and grief. Listen to that, again. There are prophecies some said never does any anxiety or grief or worry or stress or pain afflict a believer, except that because of it, what did he say his sins are forgiven, even the thorn that pricks you, because of its sins are forgiven. So category seven is the pain and suffering and pain doesn't just mean physical pain. It also means psychological pain. And sometimes psychological pain is much worse than physical pain, sometimes anxiety and grief and stress. You would rather get a hammer in your hand than to feel what

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you're feeling in the heart because of something going on. So pain, grief, stress, internal and external, forgives the sins, but with one condition, we have a disarm. We expect Allah to forgive our sins were connected with Allah we realize understand that this is happening because of a reason. Maybe we don't understand the reason but we trust Allah. This is number seven. Number eight is and by the way, this from your birth basically, from your battle until the pangs of death. This is category seven, until Saqqara till the moat, everything that happens. Even the sakura till mo to the very end of life. The pain and suffering that one feels is also a Kufa for this dunya. So even

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though we don't want the strong Saqqara, we don't want the pangs when you find somebody like this give him Glad Tidings sympathize with him say Insha Allah, this pain, the suffering, it is meant to forgive all of the things you've done so you should leave this world absolutely scot free. That's number seven, number eight, right after the Angel of Death comes it begins and that is the cover Barza Moncure Nikhil fitness will cover either will cover and we definitely don't want that. We definitely do not want that. But there will be people that who deserve punishment, but Allah in His mercy will punish them only in the cover and not in the akhira not in Jahannam we don't want number

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number seven is a part of life we're gonna get it number we want to minimize number eight, we don't want any of it, but it is better than the alternative. And the alternative is actual so there will be people you know, evil people swindlers, liars, you know, the ones who are always breaking up people's friendships, breaking up marriages of the process. Some said I'll cut out the one who's breaking up, you know, just the evil person going behind people's back and just malicious person. This either will cover his promise for him right so I thought we'll cover now maybe he was praying maybe he helped some orphans what not so Allah and His mercy might not take him to Janam but he's

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going to be punished. So this is category eight, and that is the fitness will cover and the other will cover. Category nine is eating

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even more terrifying than category eight. And that is on the day of judgments. We don't want any major problems of the day of judgment, there will be people who will suffer on the Day of Judgment, the stress, and maybe even other issues of being denied water, we say closer views from that, or being denied shade or other things. There will even be people as I went over in the class I did on the Day of Judgment, whose decree will be Jahannam and their drag to Jahannam, only to be saved at the last minute, that tension and stress of being told you're going to join them, and being dragged to jahannam shall actually be a Cafaro for some evil that they've done and they deserved punishment,

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but still, Allah at the very 11th hour will forgive them. And that punishment that they had shall be the punishment that they deserved for what they did in this dunya it is still better than entering Jahannam but we don't want anything of that. And Allah mentions in the Quran, there's going to be a group of people whom in Feza Anioma in Armenian, they shall be safe from the stress of that day, homophobia and your maiden afternoon. We want to be that category still. Category nine is there. And we seek all those refuge from it, but it is better than the alternative. What is category 10 category 10 is an all encompassing generic Mo Farah that Allah chooses to give without any cause

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whatsoever. And Allah is mardik and Allah is Allah Krishna and Kadir and Allah is a foreign or foreign man and Allah chooses to do as he pleases. There will be people for reasons we don't know that Allah chooses to forgive without any of the nine and this is Allah azza wa jal Allah colletion Claudia and this is not doing volunteer anybody he knows what we do not know as Allah says in the Quran in Yeah, I love you Hello become Hydra. If Allah knows there's something good in your heart, He shall give you better than what has been taken away. There are people as the Hadith says lemmya MLO high Iran caught they never did a good deed in their lives. But eventually Allah azza wa jal

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shall forgive them, despite the fact they didn't have any of the nine. That's not something we can bank on. That's not something we aim for that we skip over all of the nine still we should realize that Allah is afforded recommand And if Allah wants to end there shall be people who haven't deserved any of these and yet still, for reasons Allah knows he shall forgive them. That is category 10 I hope you've memorized and shall the next Sunday I'll give you a quiz. Although you should memorize this, if you have memorize it, then inshallah listen to the lecture is a very simple categorization and it's useful to know May Allah subhana wa Taala forgive all of our sins in this

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dunya May Allah subhana wa Tada allow us to be who those who when they leave this world, they are not punished in the grave. They don't have the fitna to cover it up to cover. May Allah azza wa jal grant a security on the day of judgment and causes to enter Jannah below the hisab was akmola Cara Santa Monica, Allahu Barakatuh.

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