Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 11 Criminals Book Of Deeds

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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses verses 45 to 51 where he deals with topics pertaining to money and children and how they are only the adornments of this world and the topic of criminals being presented their book of deeds.

Shaykh Yasir begins with verse 45 where Allah SWT has summarised the story of the two gardens beautifully. The verse delves upon the plants and pleasantness of the earth, and, then, the appearance of the Divine Wrath which caused them to turn into ashes. This serves as a warning for the haughty who are neglectful of Allah.

In the next verses, Allah has defined the position of wealth and the power of man – the two main pillars of the life in this world.

The Quran explains the three stages pertaining to the Hereafter and they are –  the one before the resurrection of human beings, the Resurrection itself and the events after Resurrection.

The recorded document will exhibit all our deeds before us which will be an embodiment of our good and evil actions, injustices and justices and vices and treacheries.

In the final verses, Allah SWT asserts that for the creation of the heavens and the earth, the creation of Iblis and his progeny, He did not need anyone’s help. Therefore, His power is complete and He is not in need of the help of Satans and hence, it is binding upon us worshippers to only obey Allah and no one else.


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smilla hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was so happy he won with a hammer but we were talking about the story of the men and the two gardens. And the second fifth and it was sort of self care half was the fitna of money, the fitna of money. And so after finishing the story of the two gardens, Allah subhana wa tada then summarizes that story in a parable. Eliza widget explains in even more detail what he means by the fitna of money and Allah subhana wa tada says, while the who method hyah to dunia karma in Anza now homina sama, give the example of this world higher to dunya as if it is water come out in under now. homina sama, we are sending it down from

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the skies for teletubby Hina battle out, it mixes with the vegetation of this world for us by Hashem and through huria it then becomes Hashem is like, hey, it's the drive things that remain after the plant dies away. What can Allahu Allah Khalifa mo pata de la and Indeed, Allah is capable and Allah is aware of all things. Now, this example of the life of this world being like vegetation is a very common theme of the Quran at least seven eight times in the Quran. Allah says the example of this world is like vegetation. It's like grass. It's like the greenery. And this is an example that all of mankind would have gotten, except people like us who don't live in we're city dwellers. Now,

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we're not used to the vegetation. Otherwise, everybody is aware that crops come and go, that leaves sprout forth one year you harvest the next year is gone, you need to replant half of the stock the entire stock. So the temporality of this world has been compared to a phenomenon that every human would be familiar with. And that is the crops that keep on having to be planted, they die, they wither away, they become, Hey, you, you have to plant it again. So Allah says this world of yours is just like this vegetation, just like this vegetation. And there's a number of commonalities. Number one, the fact that it is temporary, it's not going to last forever. Number two, the fact that it's

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luscious when it's alive, when it's green, Mashallah, it's about a koala. Number three, when it's gone, it's useless. When it's gone, kalasa goes away, you have no need for it after that, just like this world when it goes by you cannot retrieve it. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala says, just like your vegetation around you pay attention to it, and you will learn from your own life as well. Also, some of the scholars have said a lot compares this world to water, while the Oklahoma that had the denier come in to water. And this is a beautiful analogy. Why? Because we all need a little bit of water to live. But if too much water comes, we will drown it we will die, we need the right amount

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of water and water is used to live but if this is used in abundance, then even water will become something that destroys and all you need to see is look at the tsunamis and look at the waves and the floods that happen even in this land of ours. When too much rain happens it becomes destruction. So Allah says this world you need it a little bit. But if you immerse yourself too much into it, then it will cause your own destruction. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that just like plants wither away and they become like hay that the wind tosses around so too You will decay so to your bones and your flesh will become absolutely nothing. So think about that which will remain forever.

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And Allah says as explicitly as possible. Allah Manuel by noona Xena will hire to dunya money and children is what makes this life beautiful. Xena is a decoration piece and think about that. A decoration piece what is the decoration piece used for it? Please pleases the eyes you know your house is full of decorations. This is Xena. What How do you really benefit from the Xena? It's soothing to the eyes but then So what? This is what Allah is saying Allah Allah walborn z natural hyah to dunya your money and your children. This is what makes your life It looks enjoyable to live. Also notice here Allah says mad before he says by noon. Why? because money is always in our hearts

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when we're young. When we're middle age when we're old. We always want money. But children we only want at one particular period of our lives. A 20 year old or 25 year old The last thing on his mind his children, he wants money once you get to 6070 also children Mashallah you have them you want money. So Alma is number one old man, and then by noon and then children and of course as we know man and balloon money and children really does make life worth living. The greatest happiness for all humanity is to live comfortably with family and Allah subhana wa

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Allah says yes, this is true. So notice he doesn't negate it. He doesn't say it's not true. He says yes, it is a Zina. The Muslim uses it as a real Zina as a stepping stone to get to the next world, whereas the non Muslim that money and that children will still be a Xena, but it will be a temporary Zina. So, what is that what you should look for while they are too solid, how to hide on endora? Because how urban well, Hayden Amara, the and this is a very interesting point here. Technically, those who know Arabic should pay attention to this, it should be was solid how to bakfiets the other way around the good deeds that remain, because what remains the solid remain the solid half that are

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back yet right, the good deeds that remain. But Allah flipped it around while back the art of solid hat, the remaining deeds that are good. In other words, Allah wants to emphasize the fact that good deeds are lasting forever. Even though from a linguistic perspective, it would make more sense purely from a linguistic perspective to say was solid how to back yet the good deeds are those that will reign forever. But Allah wants to emphasize what makes good deeds different from everything else. Wolbachia to saw the hat, the things that remain forever, which happened to be good deeds, that which remains forever. So man by noon, they're like the hay. They're like the wind they're like

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the the fragrance or like the flowers, they come they go and tell us what remains Wolbachia to saw the head. Even Abbas said about the artist solid hat is La Ilaha, Illa Allah Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah Subhana Allah Al Hamdulillah, Dido Allahu Akbar, this was even a busted back here to solid are Subhana Allah wa Al Hamdulillah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allahu Akbar, another Sahabi said alldata to solid head is La Ilaha Illa LA, another Sahabi said, Al back here to say the heart is your sign up another Sahabi said ibaka, to say that is your ticket. And the point is, all of these are valid, good deeds of any type are the things that remain. And so Allah says, those good deeds that are

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eternal, that is how you don't interrupt because awaba that is the real reward, we'll hire an AMA. And that's where you should put your ml your hope in. Every one of us we think about money, we think about children, we think about property, we think about luxury. Allah says, what should your MLB What about the society hat, don't put your aim, Alma walborn don't go to sleep, calculating what's going to be my next year's income and this and that, that's something that is going to be temporary, think about that which will be permanent. What about the how to solve that how to hold on ended up because our urban walk around Amala now, once Allah azza wa jal affirms that this world is

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temporary, he then jumps to what will be the final day, which will be the end result. So this world is temporary. So what is the end? The old male piano? Well, young men who say, Udall Jeeva were totally out of their bodies. On that day, we will change the mountains from their places, they won't be where they are, and you will see the whole earth that is a means flat, it means there's not going to be anything on it. And we know from the Quran and Sunnah that way, the Jubilee Year, for example, right? And the sun is going to be folded and the moon is going to collapse. There's going to be a huge cataclysmic event that will change this whole world, as Allah says, on the day that the world

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will be changed into another world and the heavens will be changed to another app in Yama, Tibet dollar although somewhat everything will be changed. So Allah says, On that day, the mountains which you consider to be the most stable, that's what lasts for centuries for eons, the mountains will be moved, and the whole world will be laid flat. And we will bring every one of them will Hashanah home, every one will be brought forth for them Newhall the main home I had not one of them will be forgotten, not one of them will be left behind. And of course the point here, Allah subhana wa tada is threatening those who deny the day of judgment that you think you're going to get away from this.

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No, on that day, every one of you will be brought forth, no one will be forgotten. And what do you do either because of they will be presented in front of their Lord in ranks and rows. And we learned from the Quran that every group of people will be with their own kind. So those who are idolaters those who are this type those who will not fit for those who are COVID. Each group will be in its own and they will be suffer, they will be in ranks. Then Allah says Lakota to Muna comma hatanaka Mara, you have come back to us, just like we created you in the very first of times, and our profitsystem explained this, that he said every human being will be resurrected in front of a law

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barefoot naked and uncircumcised. You don't have the luxuries in this world. Every one of us is accompanied by his luxuries, his clothes, give him away his watch gives him away his car gives him away his entourage gives him away on that day. Allah says wonderful. Did you want

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Raja everyone will come one on one in front of us. And Allah says la Khadija Mona chama Hakuna como de Mara as you came into this world with nothing, you didn't have a scrap of cloth on your back so to you will come back having absolutely nothing of what you had in this world. Where is your man? Where is your balloon? It's all gone like the dust in the wind as Allah subhana wa tada says, burns, I'm from Atlanta, Georgia como Merida, you presumed that there would not be an appointment, you deny this appointment, but there is indeed an appointment. What will the Al Kitab and the book is brought forth. This is the book of our own deeds that keytab over here is the book that the cattlemen

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cattlemen are writing the anemometer falloon that miles inland, that they hear people knotted, one word that comes out and the angel writes it down. So these are the angels that are writing our own book. And this is a reference the book is referred to in the Quran in multiple times. In pseudo Israel, for example, Allah says, we will give them the book if Cora Kitab you go and read your own book carefully enough. sicario Malika has Eva, you can be your own judge when you see your own results. And the Prophet system said, This book will be read by the literate and the illiterate, it doesn't matter. Even if you didn't know how to read this book, you will be able to read it. Why?

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Because you are the author. You're the one who authored it, except the angels wrote it down but your deeds and so Allah says well will the Kitab the book will be placed in front of them, the book will be opened up in front of them. photogra moody mean, the criminals and I mentioned this in a tipsy that we gave recently. Allah subhana wa Taala calls those who reject Him and those who worship others besides him, he calls them criminals. moodgym, literally to this day when an Arab says a criminal he uses the word Majid Majidi means a criminal. It's not machinic and Kapha. Allah says, moodgym anybody who was so arrogant and so haughty, as to deny Allah to worship other than Allah,

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this man is a criminal in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's why the term moodgym is a common term for those who were too arrogant to worship Allah and to be righteous people for total moodgym. And by the way, moodgym encompasses those Muslims who are not righteous. This includes them that they didn't live good lives, even if they knew the truth. Allah doesn't say cafetiere Allah says Muslim, and a Muslim can be a facet, a Muslim can be a bad Muslim, as we say. And so the Muslim incorporates anybody who was not faithful to Allah subhana wa Tada. So the Muslim will say, the matcha will be Michelle and Michelle means the very precise term, terrified of the consequences.

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Chef aka is to be terrified of what's going to happen. They're terrified of the consequences of this result. What's about fentanyl machine image 15 me Murphy, they're terrified of what is in this book. Why are coluna multihazard keytab? And they will say what is the what is the matter with this book? Where did this book come from? They're getting angry at the book even though they should get angry at themselves. Molly Haddad keytab Where is this book? What is this book to explain this book to me? Now you heard it Oh, sorry, rotten weather can be rotten in I saw her there is neither small nor large, except that this book has meticulously preserved it I saw means to write it in explicit

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detail. Not in Lakota Baja, not Illa, Shara Ilaha, Illa saw her and I saw her means to write it in meticulous detail. And so Allah subhana wa Taala says that the Muslim will get angry at the book because he recognizes this book has not left anything out. And Allah says, Don't get angry at the book. What would you do man? I need to help the law. all that you have done, it is in front of you. This is your deeds, what would you do? What are your books? Your Lord is not going to be unjust to you. This is your deeds, this is what you have done, and nobody else will take responsibility for it other than you. And after Allah azza wa jal mentions the end of times, Allah then reverses back in

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time and goes to the beginning of times, it is as if Allah is saying the beginning and the end. So after talking about your well, PM, instantaneously, Allah subhanho wa Taala goes back to the beginning of the creation, as if to tell us this isn't anything new. And there is another beautiful reason why this has mentioned over here. And that is if you remember three days ago, we mentioned the kurush were too arrogant to sit with the quote unquote low class of the Muslims Bilal and Selma, they didn't want to sit with them. And this arrogance, Allah subhana wa tada saying, You're not the first to have it. There was a being who had the same arrogance, the same Kibet and that being was

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none other than a police. And when you do this, you don't want to do what Allah commands you to do. You are acting, you're imitating a police when you don't want to be in the company of the righteous. You will be in the company of a police. So there is another reason why the story of a police is mentioned here with Paul nylund Mela it is Julie Adams.

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For sagittal Illa beliefs, when we said to the mother, aka bow down to Adam, all of them prostrated, except for a police can I mean Elgin, it believes was of the jinn. And this is a very explicit evidence that we mentioned in our class that we gave about Adam and, and the creation of Adam, the long class that we gave, that he believes was of the jinn, he was not of the angels that some of the other religions believe. And this verse is as explicit as possible can Amina Jin, he was of the jinn for for soccer and rugby, so he swerved away from the obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah is saying,

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Luna, who was earlier, he showed you this arrogance from the very beginning, now Oh, Quraysh are evil people. Are you going to take him as your ally, when he refused to honor you from day one? Do you think he's going to honor you now, when he hated you from when you were created? Do you think he will love you now? Will you take him and his progeny. And this also shows us by the way that he believes has children, and the children that we believe are the leaders of the evil and some of the scholars have said, each child has taken one spectrum of evil so one shape on causes, let's say divorce one shape on causes for his show one shape on causes that so this is what the scholars have

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said, there's no authentic hadith about this, but it's not too much of a stretch because Allah subhana wa tada says, Hey, Luna, who was a researcher who historiae his children, so at least has sons he believes has children. And obviously, what is the chief do he appoints his children as the positions of power, so it's not too much of a stretch to say, and this is something the earliest scholars have said that each of the children of Iblees has been designed one major evil, murder, and whatever. And their job is to just go ahead and propagate that evil to mankind. And there's some evidence to this as well, that, for example, once a happy said, I have a problem concentrating and

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sila. So the process that I've said, that is a shaytaan, whose name is WinZip His job is to cause you to not concentrate and so that you don't have for sure, so what does this mean? Every problem in the world there's one shavon it's his responsibility to tempt you to it. So the all of this fits in to what Allah says over here. How could you take him and his children as partners instead of me, and they have been your enemy beside avoid him in Abuja, how evil of a substitution it is for the wretched for the sinners meaning aurash instead of turning to the righteous, instead of admitting yourself to the company of the profits to the company of the solder hain, you have instead gone over

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to the side of a police what an evil substitution bitset avoid Amina but how could you have gone from this side to that side? And then Allah subhana wa tada the final words that will do best and Masha SMRT will all do the Hong Kong footsie him woman quantum with the hidden mobile Lena Alda, Allah Subhana, WA tada puts the orange into their place, and anybody who rejects and denies him, Allah says, Ma, to whom help SMRT will have these beings that you are worshiping the shell thing that you're worshiping the idols that you're worshipping. They were not around when I created the creation. I didn't show them how I created the creation if I didn't even show them how the creation

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was created. How then do you think they are powerful over the creation? how then do you think they share with me in the creation? How then can you worship them besides me? They weren't even around Masha to whom Hanukkah sumati will od wanna holla and footsy him, I didn't even have them when I created you. They weren't there when I created you, right? Well, what a hostile fulsome Welcome to MetaTrader mobile Leonardo da and Allah says, I will never take those who cause people to go astray as helpers. The meaning here, the chorus said these idols are Allah's helpers. That was the point to the Quran I said, Allah is Allah helper Elisa is Allah helper. And Allah is saying, These beings are

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shale team. And they were not around when I created the creation, they were not there. They didn't even see it. So they don't share any power with me. And if I wanted to take help from somebody, do you really think I would take help from multiline from those who are evil from those who are causing people to go astray? We're not going to muttahida madalina I'll do the inshallah. tomorrow. We'll finish off one more passage. And then the day after tomorrow we'll begin with the story of Musa and Heather was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.