Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P06 069A Translation Al-Maidah 6-14

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript is a jumbled mix of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. The speakers discuss the media's portrayal of Jesus and his portrayal as a meanering and malicious figure, as well as struggles in a coffee shop and dangerous behavior from employees. They also mention a woman named Ruby Ballerina who fell while working in the coffee shop and is dangerous. The segment ends with a mention of a law and a woman named Wan Kaminana.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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national double one Sunday out of Saudi and Karim Allah Baratza are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim for Beshara li Saudi UAE Sidley Emery wash loler octet Amelie Sani of Kahu Kohli probenecid In our Inma

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lesson number 69 Sudha toma EDA is number six to 14.

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Yeah, Are you her? Or you and Adina those who are Manu, they believed either when quantum you all stood ILA towards a sala de de Sala the prayer,

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Foxy Lu, then you all wash? Would you comb your faces? With a vehicle and your hands? Either to El Mirage pick the elbows once or who and you all wipe Bureau OC come on your heads? What are jeweler come and your feet? Ila to Alka urbane, the two ankles. Were in and if quantum you were gentlemen, in a state of sexual impurity, FERPA Heroux then you all purify completely.

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We're in and if confirmed, you were marble once l o or either upon suffering a journey o or ger he came or hadn't anyone men come from you men from Allah if the toilet Oh or you all touched sexually and Nyssa the women

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phelim So did not that you do you will find man water

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for the yamamo then you all intend for purity or deuterium.

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So our Eden dry earth for uban clean pure from Sir Who then you will wipe we will do he come with your faces or on your faces. What a become and your hands. Men who from it. MA Not URI do he wants Allahu Allah. Leah drala that he makes are they come upon you men from halogen any difficulty? Well Akin, but you redo he wants Leotta hero comb that he purifies you completely. When you Dima and that he completes near matter who his blessing or lay come upon you. La La calm so that you touch grown you all give thanks.

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What guru and you all remember, near Mata blessing, Allah He of Allah RLA come upon you. When he selca who and his binding oath, his governance and the which were the kakum He firmly bound you all be with it.

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Is when Gautam you said, Samir Anna we heard were a foreigner and we obeyed

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what the goal and you all fear Allah Allah in the Lucha indeed Allah or Limon always all knowing be dirty with possessor assadullah Are the chests.

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Yeah, Are you her Are you and Adina THOSE WHO? Manu they believed? Go No, you all become aware Amina ones who stand firmly Lilla he for Allah Shuhada as witnesses Bill disply with the justice wala and not yet drymen Nico it definitely forced you it definitely compel you or incite you. Shanna Anil, enmity. Bowman of a people are the upon Allah that not 30 Do you all do justice?

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era de Loup do justice. for it. A caribou is closest? Let the Aqua do the taqwa Allah consciousness.

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What Taku and you all fear Allah Allah in the Lucha indeed Allah hubiera on always all aware, be man with whatever their maroon you will do.

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Where are the he promised? Allah who Allah and Medina THOSE WHO? Manu they believed? Were our middle and they did a fairly healthy the righteous deeds, law home for them Monferrato

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unforgiveness will urge Iran and a reward or Lee one great

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one Medina and those who go through they disbelieved for caribou and They belied be it now with our verses hola Iike those of herbal or companions of dream of the Hellfire.

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Yeah Are you hurt or you Alladhina those who knew they believed? Both guru you all remember near Mata blessing Allah He of Allah, RNA come upon you. It when her mum it intended for women or people and that year was a full day stretch out in a con Do you idea home their hands for Kalfa so he would help he restrained idea home their hands on come from you.

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What the whole and y'all fear Allah her Allah, wa Allah and upon Allah He Allah failure the workers so he should trust me known those who believe

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what occurred and certainly a harder he took Allahu Allah Mita covenant bunny children is la isla of Israel eel while Basner and we appointed and we raised men home from them is not a do our show 10 is Natasha 12 Now labor leaders

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will call and he said Allahu Allah in the indeed a Mara come with you let in surely if a condom you all perfectly established a solid data the further they don't end your game as the data does occur, what momentum and you all believed Bureau solely with my messengers, where are the to move them and you are fully supported them you will assist them will occur up to them and you are lent Allah Allah have been alone. Hasina good, beautiful

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loca fear on shortly I will definitely EXPEED on come from you so he DICOM your sins while odd auditory learner calm and surely I will definitely admit you, Jen nothin in gardens 30 It flows men from daddy her underneath it and help the rivers

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for man. So whoever Guevara he disbelieved BARDA after their Lika that men come from you for God then in fact, been he strayed sofa from straight A Seville of the way

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for beamer so because of Nakaba him they're breaking Lisa home their covenant law are now home weaker than what you are. And we made bloober home their hearts. Garcia done hard. You have the foreigner they distort al kennemer The words on from my well there he is places when a zoo and they forgot how one a portion member from what the crew they were reminded. behave with it.

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One A and not deserve it sets it ceases who you will be acquainted. Allah upon her in attain betrayal, men home from them Illa except bullied and a few men home from them for food so you pardon on home from them was far and you overlook

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in Allaha indeed Allah you should boo he loves l Mursaleen. Those who do utmost good

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woman and from a Lavina those who Corlew they said in their indeed we Nevada are Christians a hardener we took me circa home their covenant friend a zoo but they forgot or so they forgot one a portion member from what look you They reminded be with it

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for a Reina so we instigated so we incited by no home between them or their water, the enmity well Bakula and the hatred, Isla del Yong de LTM Murthy the standing

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for sofa and will soon you know be a home. He will inform them Allahu Allah

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La fever with what Ghana they were just in our own they do they perform

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let's listen to this edition

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yeah you

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see you do have one more idea

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or idea

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bureaus if Omar Abdullah Camila Luca they

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one How are you going

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Nisa Valentina G do

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that I am also

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that I am also used by themself I will be will do equal more AB equal mean man reading Laurie I

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mean how old you are Anki you read only upon your own workI Yuri Toyota here on YouTube many another

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test form was gonna

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be he tunes me

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what double la la

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vida de Soto

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I mean, he Shuhada is sports

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Shana and Omi nada

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de Loup?

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Taco, taco Allah Allah

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Allah who

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saw you had you know no field on to Charlie on leadin

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you can also have an Jehane Yeah Are you ready

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are you is

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idea the idea

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what law how or the law he fell yet our carry remote me know

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homie Bernie straw

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walk all along in me man come up onto Masada as though anti Thomas Zanka

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we also need to know more. Allah

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Allah has

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come see

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you danger at Gen

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me that'd be manopoly meet

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you how do

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you want us all how

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you're Obi Wan

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mean home

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was in

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Sydney? Well, I mean a lady in Apollo.

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So how's

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Ruby ballerina? Vina Humala

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was so

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long the mannequin Wilson know own

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