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Ammar Alshukry
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What does it mean when Jesus Christ is called a spirit from God?

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the promise on the line is and I've said in a hadith reported by Behati Muslim that whoever believes that there's nothing worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad is a slave and messenger and that Jesus Christ is a slave and messenger and his word that he casts upon Mary and a spirit from him. So what does a spirit from him mean? What does the Spirit from Allah mean? The word Roar is using the Quran to mean a number of things. Number one, it's used to mean revelation.

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Allah says What Can daddy oh hang on a Laker Rohan mean Medina. Allah says and fuss. Oh hey now we have revealed to you go hand me a Medina, a spirit from us. You did not know what was the book before or faith and so the Quran the revelation is called a spirit. That's number one. Number two. It is also meant to indicate strength steadfastness support. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, Hola, Erica katha. Buffy Hello behemoth Eman. What uh, yeah, the home Bureau Hinman speaking about the believers in that long verse at the end of Salta, muda della verse 22, Allah subhanaw taala says they are the ones who Allah prescribed written decreed faith within their hearts and supported them

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with a spirit from him. So that's Allah subhanho data strengthen ALLAH SubhanA data support. A third meaning of ROI is the angel Gibidi himself. Allah subhana data says and sort of medium what we came across for understanding that really, how will Hana feta Mithila Habesha and so that when medium had separators off, and she was living in seclusion, or she was in seclusion by herself, Allah says, We sent to her, a spirit from us, meaning Djibouti. Number four, it's the Holy Spirit, which is Djibouti himself. So there's another edition and another description. Allah Subhana Allah says in surah baqarah what I attained as I've been a model, your mother would be in it, what are you doing?

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I hope it'll help us, Allah says, and we gave at 70 Medium and being at what eight years and I hope it'll help us and we assisted him with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is God. And number five, of course, is the soul. The soul, Allah Subhana Allah says, for either as a way to who when asked to feed him or Rohit for karuna, whose hygiene, Allah says, and so if I create Adam, if I fashion Adam, and I breathe into Adam from my soul,

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when Allah says Rohit, everybody knows that if you have a noun, and yet at the end, it becomes possessive. So the root is the noun, and you put a year at the end of it in Arabic that makes it my so if I say a color, which means pen, I say Color Me means my pen. Kitab means book I put a year at the end, I say, Kitabi that means mine. So Allah Subhana Allah says war, which means so war he, I put a year at the end of it, what does that mean? It means my soul. So is Allah subhanaw taala breathing into Adam from Allah subhanaw taala. So Absolutely not. Absolutely not. And so the same thing when Allah subhanaw taala describes it as it is set up or in the province of Allah is Adam

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describes ISA and he says a Spirit from Allah. It's indicative that this is a Creative Spirit from Allah subhanaw taala in a spirit that Allah created and Allah Subhana Allah died the many times in the Quran a number of times, not many but a number of

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Sometimes Allah Subhana Allah Allah will attribute things to himself when Allah attributed created things to himself, what does that make it? It makes it something that is honorific. And so when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says to Ibrahim I didn't set up unpa here IBT Well, he didn't either Ibrahim or Ismail either. And bahala Beatty, let's party fina, whether it be in our rokai sujood. Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah, and we enjoined upon Ibrahim and Ismay purify my house, Acaba purify my house, let's party fina, for those who make the often those who worship Allah Subhana Allah, Allah and prostrate and bow. Allah is saying, My house Does anybody understand from this, that the Kaaba is

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literally Allah Subhana Allah says, this is his house, this is no, this is his residence. No. You understand that all of the houses of Allah Subhana Allah dad are Allah's house. And that attribution is an attribution of honor that ALLAH SubhanA data is honoring the guy who by calling it his house in particular, ALLAH SubhanA dialer calls the messenger Muhammad cellulitis and of course his messenger, Allah Subhana. Allah dies as well mr. Karma Abdullah here to hookah, do you know neither Healy Buddha and sort of a gin. Allah says and when the servants of Allah, everybody's a servant of Allah, but when he's describing the province of Elijah said Allah, as a servant of Allah that

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indicates his particular honor, he's specifying him when Allah Subhana Allah says, in Surah, the chef's Nakata, Allah Hua, Sophia, Nakata, Allah that she Campbell of Allah, which is a description of the Campbell of sila, a prophet named salah, who had a she camel as a miracle, ALLAH SubhanA data calls it the camel of Allah, indicating that it's it's an honorific title for that camel. It's a specific miracle. Every camera belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. The point here being very clear, insha Allah to Allah that whenever Allah subhanaw taala attributes something to himself, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and if it's something that's created, it doesn't make that thing divine.

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What is intended is to honor that creative thing, that creation, and the connotation of Roy, is that it's a mercy and blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala on his servants, and that's why the Messiah as it is cinema was a mercy from Allah upon his people. And as such, he was a boy he was a Spirit from Allah

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