Why are we in need of doing righteous deeds?

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The speaker discusses the history of the Han Solo movement, including the use of the word Sol to describe individuals as broken or dirty. They also mention a woman named Amy Amy who had a new house and was given water to her mother. The speaker describes the deeds of the movement, including the use of deeds to cover up spits and highlight highlights the success of the movement.

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Coming on Sunday had the word of funny hat, which is a come from, it comes from the word Sol, Sol. Also that comes and solo Han Solo. Solo, he means to rectify something, any solo he means to take something that is broken, and fix it up. And so I slowly had the good deeds are called slowly because they rectify our state, they rectify our soul and they rectify our heart. It's like, yeah, it's like a large social told us a solid head, because there's no way broken. And we're dirty from the inside. And if someone is broken and dirty from the inside, what is he? He needs something to fix him up? And so how is he going to fix himself, he will turn back to Australia, meaning the fixes

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the rectifiers. And that's why they could be to a cold as such, because they make us better people, they purify the soul, and they cleanse that heart. A lot of Soviet said, Well, I mean, they had they did the good deeds, that is a plural. And the plural is an implication to that the good deeds are many. Yeah, and you do whatever you can have the good and don't belittle anything that is small. So they had to tell me that there's so many of them, go and do whatever you can do, and do as much as you can from the heavy feminism and he says

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do not belittle anything of the good can a woman a lot of social appreciated the deed forgiven admitted into the paradise because she gave order to adult, a man a lot of social appreciated the deed he has meaning to our lives. Because again, he gave water to a dog close enough that will not forgive his sins, and admitted into the Pirate Bay. Imagine that you give a cup of water to your mother, or your father or to someone who is in need of it, or to the Pope, the Phoenix of a human being. And above this a Muslim human being even better. So we had a lot what kind of goodness can come from that? If it was done sincerely for the sake of Allah, perhaps that is enough to bring you

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gentlemen for those that no one is supposed to focus on the deeds. And there is a lot of money he was selling in the Hadith. He says earlier about a man who

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has a new house. He said that the deeds of the good of the good ones and the bad ones were all presented before me. And he said followership has an admin has any head

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and other human body. He said,

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he said, all the good deeds were presented before me. And I seen from among them and this is what he chose to tell us. Pick him up something harmful from the people's path, removing him from the people's path, getting

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them is highlighting even that don't lose focus on it, and don't allow someone else to pick it up and keep going. picking up some highlights from the many Khadija highlights this one from the same hub even with the way he said I saw all the good deeds and he says I saw all the bad deeds just to complete the heavy for you. And he said that that is the film that one spits in domestic and does not vary. Obviously you know in the past that it was just the the dog that was in the machine or whatever it is. And then even one had the film in his mouth and he had to get any spit it out its spirit, but if you did not bury it, then that is from among the car. So very highly cover it, wash

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it, move it, you do that and that is Yani been delighted to save you from entering into that ship for Elon Lavina