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I talk to you

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a little bit lower man.

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Sorry, man, good man.

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It takes your soul away.

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consulting his barber

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shop, I proxy shop, I can live

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through somebody else.

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Right? Because every scholar will have opinions that are easier and stricter. Right? So the danger photoshopping is you basically go to every scholar and get their easiest opinion. Work on the packaging.

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For what and get the size shorter than that? I don't know. I think I think that's good. I kinda I kind of think it should be just a little bit shorter. Yeah.

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Yeah. Yeah.

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What? From the back?

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You wanna? You wanted to blend it?

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Okay. Yes, because it can be lower than this. Hey, hey, good. To start my cycle like this. Would you here? Come on? I'm sorry.

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Talking about yours?

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Are you on Instagram? I'm not on any social media stuff.

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Pastors actually like the length of your hair. Yeah, I don't know if

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it looks Islamic. Okay. If I quit this out, will it still be as quick as quick a real war dog is brown. I like your hair. How'd you get it up? It'll probably be just below. So it's still below. So below.

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We think

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I think it was perfect. This is motion style, right?

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So what's the internet so if I put it all back to normal, that's like

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well financed

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but it goes deeper into it. What you gotta do, you gotta start feeding bird basically, you can specialize it when you do your math.

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Hey, listen to my strategy. Yeah, my strategy gets like consistent. Elevation in paradise. Plant trees all over the world.

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Timeout. Timeout. You didn't do the slap No, no slot. He always does that. But everyone except me.

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This is how to close up.

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My last thing. Okay, I'm done with my video.