The Clash Between Islam & Liberalism

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The series of discussions on some of the modern ideologies that our youth are in danger of following, and building a framework that will help Muslims young and old to avoid falling into these ideologies.

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We live in a time where

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everyone has access to information from a variety of different circles.

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sometimes, especially for a young person, it's very difficult to distinguish between what is good and what is evil.

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And it's very easy to get caught up in the ideas that are the norms of the time, or the trends of the time, or the ideas that are popular amongst the masses.

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To deal with this, we as Muslims, need to be very clear about our fundamentals, we have to be very clear about the foundations of our religion. And we have to understand what are things that we cannot compromise on? What are the fundamentals of our fate? You see, very often, I am very critical of one extreme in our community, right. And that is the extreme of making fatwas that are unnecessarily harsh. I've spoken about this many times, right that these fatwas are too harsh and, and very extreme and making things haram without evidence, I've been very critical about that. But we also have to take time to discuss the opposite end of the spectrum, which is when Muslims get too

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liberal, the Muslims get too free when Muslims start making the Haram halala. Because it's what enough's once we have these two extremes, and

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the Muslim community is stuck in a cycle of both extremes pushing each other further and further away from the middle part. What do I mean? So when the British had taken over India, about 200 300 years ago, the Muslim Allah of India at that time, were worried that the youth were going to be corrupted by the British. So we need to hold on to our religion. So they became very, very hardcore in the interpretation of the religion. And they came up with a lot of fatwas, that we have ushered in the rest of the Muslim world. And you notice this, and in many issues of fake, you have a very moderate and balanced view coming out of Egypt or turkey, or Arabia, and the on the same issue, you

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get a really harsh what we're coming out of India is because those lands were in British colonies, so didn't have this reaction. So as a reaction to the British, the fake got a bit more intense, he got a bit more harsh. But now as a reaction to the fake being a bit harsh, people bounce to the other side, and they became a bit too liberal. And so what happens is, some people will look at this and say, Oh, see, we don't make the fake, harsh, you know, people are gonna go all the way to that end. So they make it even more harsh. And then the other side gets even more liberal. And we see this with each generation, that we are seeing more and more strange fatawa that are harsh. But we

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also see more and more strange opinions that are so liberal and bizarre, have absolutely nothing to do that religion. And both sides are pushing it pushing each other farther and farther away from the middle part. And we've been very critical of one side, I have been very critical about the fact that we need contemporary he had based on the orifice and the needs and the necessities of our time, according to the principles of Amata. But I've been very clear about that. But we have to tackle the other side as well, that many people, when they get this illusion by these fatwas, they find too harsh. They jump to the other side, they latch on to these new ideas, these ideas coming out of the

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west. And then these many of these ideologies that are originating in the USA and the UK, that are being imported to our lands and into the hearts and minds of our youth through the internet.

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Right, let's face it, the average Muslim child spends all their time on the internet. They are watching movies on Netflix, which are pushing these ideas on them. They are watching videos on Tiktok, which are pushing these ideas on them. Now they're scrolling through Instagram where they're being bombarded with these ideas. And if we are not talking about it, if we are not addressing it, these ideas become part of who they are. And then suddenly you hear young Muslims saying something completely bizarre and completely unheard of in Islam. And you wonder where did they get it from? It's because these ideas are being put into their minds without any filters. So what do you want to

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do now is create some filters, that these are the filters of our religion. These are the things that keep us grounded.

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And to understand what's going on in the world. You also have to understand the history of those lands. Does this do I want this to be

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multiple parts over a few weeks. Right? So just to put things in perspective, every ideology in the world, and every reaction in the world, there's always a history behind it. Right? So for example, they said that, you know, sometimes you wonder why an Indian or Mrs. fatawa more harshly than other parts of the world. But when you study the history of British colonialism, you can understand it, it makes sense that we're dealing with British colonialism. So they have to be a bit more stricter. Right? And it's the same with what's going on in the West, or what's going on in the West. Understand that the European world, if we go back 1000 years, if we go back 1000 years, Muslims were

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the dominant civilization on earth. Muslims were the leaders of every field, science, technology, everything. Europe was in the dark ages, Europe was backwards, Europe was, you know, considered barbarians by the Muslims. What changed? And what held them back? What the Europeans discovered, was that Christianity was holding them back. And so they began to not just reject Christianity, look at the extreme, they jumped to didn't reject Christianity, what did they reject religion, they rejected religion. And they developed a secular framework for dealing with this world. And all these new ideologies of liberalism, and capitalism and feminism all come from the secular framework, where

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religion has nothing to say with life. And they became antagonistic towards religion itself. And from there came this modern world. Now the way they look at it, look at it is when we abandoned our religion, our societies flourished, right? This is their history. Our history is different. And this is something along with some to understand other Muslim today, they see Muslim lands are weak, they see the European and American lands are doing strong, and they say, Oh, they abandoned their religion, and they are flourishing. Maybe we do the same. We also work French, right? But we don't we forget that our history is very different. Our history is very different. When Muslims were firm

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on their religion, Islam was the dominant superpower of this world. And that's a fact for over 1000 years, Muslims were destabilization of this world. When we abandoned our religion, when we abandoned our religion, we fell into the mess we are in now. So going further away from it is not going to fix it. It's not going to fix it. So understand, these are two separate history, you can't confuse the two. Right? So for example, feminism developed in the European world for very logical reasons. Until 50 years ago, you know, even 100 years ago, some of these things, even 50 years ago, woman in the in the western world couldn't vote, they couldn't own property, they couldn't work, you know,

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Christians believe they didn't even have souls. Right. So I mean, coming from that culture, you understand who I did develop this philosophy of feminism, the Muslim was never had these problems. From the beginning of the Muslim world, we had female doctors, female nurses, female teachers, female Alama, we had women owning their own properties, receiving their own inheritance. You know, we had them having their own, say, in weightings, we run, yes, we have a structure, we have a thing where, you know, the husband does have a certain ranking in our community, we do have these things. But it wasn't to the detriment of woman it was for the protection of woman. Right. This is where

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people mix things up. And what happens now is all Muslims who only are aware of Western history and Muslim history, they think, okay, they got this idea, we need to latch on to this idea as well. And they latch on to it with everything that comes with it, which includes rejecting a lot of our religion, right? So let's face it, if you adapt their ideology, entirely, you're going to end up rejecting hijab, you're going to end up rejecting that woman should stand behind men in Salah, you will end up rejecting, you know, the status of the husband and the family, you will end up rejecting things that are fundamental parts of our religion, because you are looking at it from outside the

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So understand that every ideology has its own history. And when you understand the history, you can see where it differs from Islam and why we should not adopt it.

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Now, as Muslims, we come from a very different background than the people who came up with these ideologies. And we have very clear foundations that they lack. We have very clear foundations today that I wanted to just look at some of the fundamentals here. One of the goals of modern ideologies, specifically, liberalism is the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain. Right? This is like a fundamental principle of the ideology, the pursuit of pleasure, and the avoidance of pain.

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Why did he go around fornicating like donkeys for the pursuit of pleasure, right? Why did you want to avoid getting married and having children to avoid responsibilities? It's all about the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain.

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As a Muslim, you cannot adopt this ideology. Why? Because our life is all about the pleasure of Allah.

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and sometimes pleasing Allah means sacrificing pleasures of this world. Sometimes pleasing Allah means going to pain for the sake of Allah. Our religion has the concept of jihad, that the sacrifice and literally getting hurt for the sake of Allah, we have a concept of martyrdom, where you literally sacrifice your life for the sake of Allah, if you adopt a liberal mindset, your ideas make no sense to you anymore. Because it's all about me. And this is another area where we have a fundamental philosophical difference is that modern ideologies are all about me. It's all about the nafs, it's all about myself. And you see this in all these world and ideologies, everyone's only

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cares about themselves. People even get married for selfish reasons. They get married, wanting only about themselves and not about the other person. In Islam. It's all about Allah. It's all about Allah. You cannot be all about yourself and all about Allah at the same time, there's going to be clashes, there's going to be contradictions. That's why our religion has a whole science of purification of the soul taming yourself, because you have to tame yourself to please Allah, you can't have it both ways. So from the very basics, our religion is different from these modern ideas, and that's why you cannot adopt them as a framework for interpreting the religion. Now, some people

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are brainwashed into thinking that, you know, these ideas are causing the success in the world.

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I ask you, what success is it causing? What success are these ideas causing, because what we have seen in the past 50 years and especially in the past 20 years, a rise in depressive depression, rise in depression, rise in mental health issues, rise in suicide rates, right rise in divorce, rising children being born out of marriage, a decrease in marriage, a decrease in marital happiness, rising loneliness, loneliness, people are surrounded by other people and they are lonely. These are all the results of adapting these ideologies

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is that what we want? May Allah has given us a better way is that really what we want to latch on to all of these problems that come with the ideology

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is a very simple

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statement about philosophy to keep in mind whenever it comes to these competing ideologies and the non Muslims event.

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When you replace a man meet philosophy, with another man named philosophy, you are simply replacing one set of problems with a new set of problems.

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When you are replacing a manmade philosophy with another man made philosophy you are replacing one set of problems are a new set of problems. Look at the example of communism versus capitalism. Both are manmade systems both have their own set of problems. The only thing that solved the problems of this world is submitting to the Creator. The only place you're going to find your solutions is in the revelation that Allah has given to us. So over the next few weeks, I'm going to tackle some of these ideologies directly. I'm going to tackle them very clearly. I'm going to explain why they are wrong. I'm going to explain how we deal with them and I'm going to give some fundamental principles

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to inshallah help our youth to navigate these ideas that are being promoted to them through the media and through the internet. And we ask Allah for guidance and steadfastness and for to keep us on the moderate and balanced part Subhan Allah because Robin is determined seafood was salam ala mousseline with hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen.

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In Alhamdulillah, Anna moody who went in on a stock funeral when I mean it'd be Hidaka, or they went to the villa imagery Rudy and fusina Amin Crtl Medina mejor de la who for them would be Allah or me you deliver the HA the other Amma bad for inner circle ADC Kitab Allah wa hottie hottie Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sharing morning what they said to her, just in mid

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$18, Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah has blessed us with a perfect Sharia. Right Allah subhanho wa Taala amongst the final revelations sent to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Surah Al Majda is a Yo Ma UK multizilla convener. Today I have perfected your religion for you. One of the Jewish rabbis of Medina told Omar Rajala one who that if this verse had been revealed in the Torah, it will be a free with us we'd have celebrated it and he eventually converted to Islam. Right because of this verse. Allah said, amongst the final revelations that he said, was that I have perfected your way of life. Islam is the perfect way of life. Yes, sometimes people misinterpret it.

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Sometimes people go to extremes in the interpretation of it. But the religion itself is perfect. And one of the things that we have to be very clear about when dealing with the problems of our time, is that

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Our solutions must come from within the tradition not outside of the tradition, our solutions must come from a framework of Islamic thinking, not bringing in outside ideologies to

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to change the religion.

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And this starts really at the very basis of even why you are criticizing an opinion. Let me give you an example. Yesterday, someone states the opinion that women are not allowed in a masjid. Right, and you are angry at him for having that opinion. Now, ask yourself the question. Am I angry with him? For that opinion? Because it goes against the principles of feminism? Or am I angry with them about their opinion, because it goes against the Hadith do not stop women from going to the masjid. You see, these are two very, very different mindsets. The person who is angry with them for contradicting the Hadees is going to follow the Hadith and stick to the Hadees the person who is

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angry with them for contradicting the principles of feminism, they're gonna go all the way to saying women should be Imams, right? Why? Because they have two completely different ways of looking the angry at the same issue. But the philosophy behind it is very different. One person's philosophy is Quran and Sunnah the other person's philosophy is a man made ideal.

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So be very careful at the very basis. From what perspective? Are we criticizing an opinion? Is it coming from the perspective of the Quran? And sunnah? Or is it something that is coming from a man made idea and then Muslim, we have to believe our religion is perfect. Our solutions come from within the religion. And this is why we need to have all ABA who provide for our solutions from within our religion. How do they do that? They do that by tapping in to the mechanisms built into our religion. Our religion has things like a very flexible law system, that if you use the principles of your madhhab, and you understand the goals of the Sharia, and the maximum of your

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madhhab, a scholar can find practical solutions to the problems of his community. But it has to come from within that framework. That solution has to come from the framework of the principles of America, it can't come from the framework of oh, you know, the non Muslims are doing it this way. So we want to do it to say, is there a way to make it halal to Halal defy it? Because it can't come from that premium. You can't come from the premium. We want to do what they are doing. So let's find a fatwa that suits us. No, it has to come from the framework of how can we solve our problem in a way that is pleasing to Allah? That should be your framework? How can we solve the problem in a way

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that is pleasing to Allah? So yes, definitely, there are aspects of Fick, in our community that need to be reinterpreted only needs to be re analyzed, but they need to be re analyzed in light of Quran and Sunnah and

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they do not need to be re analyzed in terms of outside influences. So when you are critical of a fatwa, ask yourself why am i critical? Am I critical because it goes against the Quran and Sunnah. Or my critical, God goes against my naps on some idea that the non Muslims are pushing on to me.

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Because it's the second reason it's not the Lord that needs rectification. It's your soul and certification.

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And this is why what what we really need to emphasize for our young people is the importance of having your principles grounded in the Quran and Sunnah. That the very principles by which you live your life, interpret your religion, and deal with the world around you are the framework of the Quran and Sunnah and not some other ideology. And this is why Muslims should not have some other label attached to them from outside of Islam. There's no such thing as walking around and seeing like I'm a liberal Muslim, or I'm a Muslim feminist, or I'm a Muslim communist, no, you are a Muslim,

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you do not attach a non Muslim philosophy to Islam that becomes a contradiction. And you will find yourself having to contradict yourself at some point, if you want to be both at the same time. So we must be very, very clear on this point. And this is the this is the main point of today's football is to understand that our Sharia is perfect. And within that perfection, there is a built in mechanism for change. But that change has to come from within the Quran and sooner and the OSU the thick, it cannot come from outside.

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And so we have to raise amongst us all AMA, who are able to interpret the fit for the times based on the principles of the madhhab. But we cannot we cannot be changing our religion, just because we want to blend into somebody else. That should never ever be the reason why you want a fatwa to change. Like you shouldn't want your fatwa to change because you want to blame everybody else. You should want the fatwa to change if you feel it is contradicting the Quran and Sunnah. That makes more sense. So we ask Allah for steadfastness, we ask Allah to make us from those who follow his religion, who are concerned with his religion and who are balanced in the understanding of this

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religion. Robina Artina dunya Hasina fulfill already has in Okinawa now, Rob

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in the heartland I mean as far as you know how to react in

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the Kenai mama Subhana rahbek Robin is at mA seafood was salam ala mousseline hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen okay Minnesota