Yasir Qadhi – Is it Permissible to Practice Family Planning in Islam – Ask Shaykh YQ #148

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of family planning in Islam and its negative impact on the body. They explain that family planning is leaked, but it is manageable in certain scenarios. The speaker also discusses the use of pills and the risk of pregnancy.
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We have the next question brother emptyeyes from India Mashallah Tabata Cola, the land of my ancestors, brother enthusiasts from India, he emails and he asks that is it permissible to practice family planning in Islam and the extent of family planning? Is it allowed to space children out? And what methods of contraception can be used?

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So again, I have given a longer lecture but again, just to summarize in a brief answer here, that it is permissible to practice family planning and to use and avail yourself to any type of contraceptive that does not in and of itself harm the body permanently or long term any type of contraceptive that is deemed to be safe is permissible, and family planning is permissible, except in one scenario, in one scenario, it becomes theologically problematic, and therefore, it should not be done. And that is that if the reason that you are spacing children out if the reason that you are delaying or even stopping to have children is because you feel that you cannot afford to have

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children. In this case, you have contradicted the Quran that Allah says no, no, no, no Zuko, como iya, whom we're going to take care of your children and feed them, and we shall feed you as well. And therefore, if you space your children out, because it is easier, you know, for maintenance of the the time, because again, a child takes up a lot of time and your wife, she might be partially working or may be tired, or maybe even just not possible for her to take care of multiple youngsters at a time. So she says, you know, I'll wait two, three years until this, this toddler is able to take care a little bit of himself, then I can move on to the next child, and you plan in this

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manner, no problem, or she has a degree she's doing or for whatever reason, basically, any reason that doesn't infringe on the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because when you say that, who's going to take care of the child, it's as if your salaries taken care of the child, as long as the NEA is not to challenge the other of a law, and that you just want for logistical purposes for logistical purposes. Having said this, of course, we as Muslims, we love to have children because our profitsystem asked us to have children. And he said, I want to have, you know, the largest oma so it is something that is allowed, but it is makrooh it should, it's better to avoid, but it is not

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how long and there's evidence jab at him. Now, Abdullah explicitly mentioned that you know, we used to withdraw from you know, our spouses or concerts, before the *. So, this was their type of, you know, family planning, right. So, in those days, obviously, they did not have the types of family planning that would that we have, they do not have prophylactics, they do not have pills, they do not have any of these things. So, what would they do is that the man would pull his organ out before *. And this would basically prevent pregnancy. But of course, there is no foolproof mechanism because obviously it is possible to get pregnant. And in fact, in one such

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scenario in the time of the Prophet system, it in fact did happen that the man thought that he had pulled out but in fact, obviously, it wasn't done in time. So the point being and the processor said you can't change the father of a law, you cannot change if a law is wielded, you can practice all the family planning you want and pregnancy will still occur. However, he allowed them to do this and therefore, it is permissible. It is it is but it is you know, makuu it's something that should be avoided. Simply because we are an oma that we are commanded to have more and more children, unless you only reason that would be sinful and how long is if you think you cannot take care of your child

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from a financial perspective, in which case you are sinful for practicing family planning other than this, you are not sinful and a lot of what Allah knows best.

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