7 Practical Steps to Overcome Addiction

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah the one and the unique it is he alone that we worship and it is his assistance that we seek. He revealed the Quran and he taught to man how to speak. He is the molar of the oppressed and he answers the dua of the week. So may Salah 10 Salam be upon the Mustafa who has chosen to embody the prophetic peek as to what follows ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has reminded us to be conscious of him in the Quran. When he says yeah, are you hola Dina? I'm an otaku. Allahu Akbar to otter wala to Morton in one two Muslim moon.

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Dear Muslims, one of the biggest struggles that many of us, perhaps all of us have, is the fact that we struggle with that which Allah Subhana Allah has forbidden upon us, despite the fact that the vast majority of things on this earth are Hallen that the default is that the permissible predominantly outweighs the impermissible, just like when Allah said to our father and mother Adam and Hawa, enter Jannah and everything is halal, except for one tree. So two in this world, almost everything is halal, except for a small list of that which is out on and yet still, despite the fact that that list of Haram is so small relative to the vast halal and despite the fact that we can find

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Halal pleasures in almost all of the other things that are permissible. The base instincts of man have good food and have good drink and have intimacy and have good friendship. This can be found in the halal still, shape on comes to us like he came to our father and mother Adam

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He tells us that one Haram is better than that million halal. And there are so many amongst us amongst us. We struggle, perhaps with one particular sin that we are addicted to.

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Perhaps all of us or many of us have a weakness. Some of us might be for alcohol, others might be for gambling. Others might be for hard substances like drugs, others might be for pornography We ask Allah has refuge from all of them. But this constant struggle of battling that which we're addicted to, it causes a toll on us. Ramadan after Ramadan, some of us might promise Allah, this is it. This is the last Ramadan and maybe even Chawan, maybe even a few months after we are good, but then shaytaan causes us to slip. And the next time along, we make the same promise. And then next Ramadan, we go for Hajj and we make a firm decision. But we find ourselves in a few months,

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reverting back to maybe that same sin will login with Stan. And what happens in all of this is that a sense of helplessness, hopelessness, even a sense of spiritual asphyxiation, begins to overcome us. Perhaps we withdraw from being active in society, perhaps we feel not worthy of doing so many other good that we used to do, in some cases, battling these addictions, in some cases, leads to physical depression, and maybe even worse than this. In today's brief chutzpah, I'm going to try to remind myself and all of us have seven practical steps of how to battle something that we're addicted to seven practical steps of how insha Allah to Allah, we can take on these challenges and

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try the best insha Allah to turn over a new leaf. And we also have to understand brothers and sisters, that there's something called the psychology of addiction. And that's a whole different topic that I'm not qualified to give it as a psychiatric talk, that sometimes when we become so addicted to something, we are addicted to the addiction and not to the thing itself. Think about that. Sometimes we become addicted to the dopamine effect that our brain releases, and not even that which we think we are addicted to. And so the addiction is even compounded. Because we don't even understand we're actually not addicted to the substance, we're addicted to the notion and then

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concept of being addicted to the substance. So what can be done to break this infinite loop and this vicious cycle? First, everything begins with the heart and with intention. Every single aspect of this world or the next must begin with a firm resolve a Nia in naman Malou Binney yachts, there must be a firm resolve that I am going to change, if you don't have that resolve, if that doesn't exist in the art, and is just a fleeting concept, let me see if this works or not, you will never change that resolve, it has to take root in the depths of the heart, it has to be a firm conviction that I am going to be a better person and I can do this and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is not testing me with a

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sin that is above my capability, no law, you can live for long enough son in law Huzzah, I can and I will overcome this addiction. That is point number one, point number two, any time we want to do anything again these first points they are irrespective of what the goal is, in this case, the goal is to battled addiction and overcome it. Point number two, anytime you want to do something, after you have the intention to do it, you have to learn study have him if you want to become an engineer, you have to have the NIA and then you have to have knowledge of engineering. If you want to start a business you have to have the knee and then you need to know the know how the wherewithal how to

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open the business. How do I declare a for profit company? How do I do this and that there has to be written you will say what do you mean their income of addiction? What is the What are you talking about illegal drugs? I love comedy I love gambling remember pornography? What do you mean by this? The response here you need to have the real the knowledge of firstly, why is it how long? What did the Quran and Sunnah say about this thing that you're addicted to study read ask. Listen to the verses of the Quran and the Hadith about your particular problem. And secondly, understand the physical harms of this addiction. This is the to stage knowledge to step knowledge, knowledge of the

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spiritual harm and knowledge of the physical harm.

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Um, so for example, if you're battling, drinking, if you're battling addiction to home or to, to wine or whatever else substance it might be study, What did Allah say about Hummer? Allah says in the Quran? Yes, there might be some good in Hummer. There might be some good but the evil far outweighs the bad.

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Allah says the Profit System says about humbler about alcohol. And if this is about alcohol when you think about drugs, which is worse, he says about alcohol. It is the source of all evil on earth. Oh, Mortal Kombat, if it is the source of all filth, alcohol is the source of all filth. Because when you're addicted to alcohol, you waste your time you're wasting your money, the greatest blessing Allah has given you your mind goes to waste, you are forced to do other sins. When you're addicted to drugs, you're going to be stealing money, you're going to be doing things that are out on to get the drugs so it is the source of all evil. Study the Quran and the Sunnah about why this thing is

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haram, learn the prohibitions, learn Allah's Lana is on the one who drinks comer have that in your mind, there has to be that knowledge of what Allah and His messenger say, and then study the physical harms that come from this addiction. Because Subhanallah brothers and sisters Subhan Allah, whatever Allah has made haram, it is actually physically tangibly harmful for your body. Allah has not made anything out on that is good for you. It is Allah's mercy to us. Why do you think it is haram just to have a for no reason without any cause? On the contrary, Allah says, You Hindu the hamaca you about where you're headed Remo Ali Himmelfarb it Allah has made the pure things good and

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halal. And Allah has forbidden the Hubby, the filthy the impure, Allah has forbidden the poison. Whatever is forbidden is poisonous. It is filthy, it is destructive, it is harmful. And I swear to you brothers and sisters, every single psychiatrist and every researcher who studies these fields knows look up the problems of alcohol. This country tried to ban it 120 years ago, but they failed. This country tried to ban alcohol it was in the Constitution because they understood how bad how bad it is, how much death is caused the number one cause of cancer, all of the statistics of of traffic accidents and of money being spent. Look at the harms of gambling and the addiction to gambling.

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Look at the harms of pornography, pornography ruins marriages, it ruins it breaks apart marriages. And I say this bluntly young men that are addicted that are single yet fear Allah firstly and secondly, realize this addiction. It has the potential to break up your marriage, read, talk, listen to the TED talks about the problems of pornography, it has the potential to cause you to be impotent in the sense that you will not find love and conjugal happiness with a normal human being because you're addicted to an imaginary human being you might not even be a father because of this addiction. Isn't that terrifying? Doesn't that scare you to the core? If you go down this path, you

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might not be a father, I have met multiple couples that have broken up because of this issue. The wife comes and says he cannot be a husband to me. How can this marriage last? Everything that Allah has made out on? It has physical harm. It's not just spiritual. It's not just abstract concepts. It's downright dangerous to our physical bodies, much less our spiritual souls. So study, study, read, memorize, listen to talks, even from non Muslims that are telling you the dangers of these addictions that you're battling. So this is point number one intention. Point number two knowledge and knowledge is firstly spiritual and secondly, physical ie the medical problems of whatever you

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are addicted to point number three, one of the ways to battle addiction. Psychologists say that you should have between yourself and Allah between yourself and your conscience even those who don't believe they they say this we will say between you and Allah, you have a set of rewards and balances, rewards and punishments that you assign upon yourself. You set a realistic goal. If I can abstain from this sin for one month, I will inshallah reward myself by purchasing something Halal that I thought was a treat and I haven't had the money to afford it all by myself this for one month of apps donation. If I fall into that sin, I will give a penalty of X amount of dollars charity

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every time I fall into that sin. Now, these rewards and punishments they have to be feasible enough to hurt or enough to enjoy without being too much. Because if you say I'm going to spend $100,000 Every time I do a sin, then if it happens, you're gonna say I can't do it. No, you make a hell of an oath to Allah and you put upon yourself a penalty. That is enough to pinch you

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but not enough that you say I can't do this May Allah forgive me. For some people that might be $100 for others 1000 If you're a student struggling with a job, maybe even $10 is a lot for you is it okay? If I do this sin, every time I do this sin, I make a promise to Allah, I'm going to give that $10 fee Sybilla $100 $1,000, whatever is enough to pinch you, but not to bankrupt you, because then you're not going to do that. The same goes for a reward, a halal reward. And by the way, that money that you're going to save up from not doing the Haram from not wasting time on the Haram from not wasting money on the Haram sure you will be able to splurge on a better watch or whatever you want

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to have something Halal something that Allah has made allowed for you, you splurge, you just say I'm gonna get this, the point being next time the urge comes to commit the sin next time shaytaan comes you're sitting all alone. And the worst was comes, remind yourself, you know, I put myself that one month, watch two weeks have gone by until another two weeks, I'm going to get what I want, and I don't have to pay the penalty. It's not worth it. $1,000 for this and it's not worth it, you made 100 to Allah, you have to do it. So you know, if you do it, you have to pay that penalty, then you say it's not really worth it. Let me be patient, then you distract yourself because the reward and

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the penalties have caused a distraction. That's the goal, that distraction is enough for you to find something else to do stand up and go take a walk outside, call up a loved one, speak to a friend do something to get your mind off it. And the reason why you had the time to do that is because you put it in your head a reward a checks and balance that is between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala this is point number three, point number four of the ways to battle an addiction. Point number four is to bring in a loved one or a close friend whom you can confide in to be your spiritual mentor, if you'd like to be your guide to be your coach in this regard, if you're struggling with let's say substance

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abuse, and you're married, you tell your wife, you know what, I have to confess something, I do XY and Z, I'm telling this to you. I'm very embarrassed and sad. But I need your help. Because I need another human being that's Allah is there. But sometimes my mind comes weak, sometimes I slipped, I need a loved one that is going to be my comfort, my support. If you have a spouse insha Allah spouse is ideal for this. If you're not married, then a close friend or a cousin or somebody that you can trust that you know has your back, you reach out to them and you say you know what, I need your help. That person should sit with you and literally list go down. Okay, where are the points of

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weakness, okay, you have this contact on your phone, who supplies you the drugs, I'm going to delete it right now you don't know the number you have no contact, you're alone with the computer things happen. I'm going to move your computer to the living room, the other person will give you practical advice, okay, if you're watching something you shouldn't watch, the other person will install on your computer software. There's many software's from many corporations that are even free and they have the password anytime you think you're going to log on the software will block those types of sites. And if it's a legitimate site, you have to call and that person will check in and put the

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password in. If you're spending money on Hamid, you say look, if I'm going to purchase with my credit card, you give it to you If so, you know what, I'm not going to spend anything until you have to approve. The point is you bring in somebody to act as a physical checks and balances because sometimes the conscious is weak. Point number four was your point number three was your internal conscience. Point number three was checks and balances in your own life. That's their point number four, you bring in an external checks and balance somebody that loves you cares about you once you're good. So if you're struggling with something and you're really not able to overcome, then you

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need to bring in a friend or a relative or a loved one or a spouse and you tell them point blank I need your help after Allah subhana wa Tada. And I trust you to not tell anybody and believe you me Insha Allah, huzzah, every one of you has somebody in your life like that every one of you has somebody who cares so much about you. They might be angry, they might be irritated, but they're going to take that anger and they're going to transform it to love, I'm going to protect you, I'm going to make sure that you don't fall into this and you will be a better person for that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to have good companions, he told us that good companions

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are like carriers of perfume, you're in their presence, you always going to be good and bad Companions are like the fire makers. Bad Companions are like the blacksmith that in their presence, you're going to go down. So this other party, the loved one is going to tell you, Hey, you got those people in your life, you've got to cut them off. Those people are influencing you bad. You go to their house, you start drinking, you go to that place to start smoking marijuana, you will have to stop that that person is going to see what you do not see and that person will be brave enough and blunt enough to monitor and make sure you are not going to go over here and put in some physical

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checks and balances. That is point number four. Point number five.

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relapses almost almost inevitable. It's very difficult to go cold turkey and the first time you become cured. It's very difficult and addiction and actual addiction. It takes

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multiple times until finally you break free. So if a relapse occurs, don't lose hope and start from scratch all over again. And if relapse occurs, then start all over again. And if a relapse reoccurs start all over again. There is no timer for the quantity of repentance, and the only clock ticking against you doesn't care about how many times you've sinned, it cares that when the angel of death comes, you have quality repentance. Remember this point, Allah does not care about your past and the quantity of sins. Everything is decided everything that when the medical mode comes, you are in a state of repentance. If you are like that person for the children of Israel that killed 100 People

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mass murder, and then he repented to Allah a sincere repentance. Even then Allah forgave him that sin of his because he made a sincere repentance and the Angel of Death came at the time of repentance. Allah does not monitor how many times you have sinned, Allah does not concern himself with the quantity of sins. Allah is concerned with the quality of your repentance. So every single time you relapse, you turn back you start all over again, and you do not give up hope. Regardless of how many times you have fallen, you you stand up again, you dust off that whatever is there and you continue walking, that is the only hope of salvation that you have. Point number six brothers and

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sisters point number six, never let shape on. come between you and another good deed because of a sin that you're doing.

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Never let shame on come between you and another good deed because of a sin that you're doing. This is one of the most effective tactics of shape on and yet if you think about it, it is the weakest shape on comes and tells you how you you are going to be active in the masjid then you are doing this in private, you are going to do something positive. You are going to go and give money to charity. Who are you you're spending money on haram you think Allah is gonna accept your money in charity? And so you feel embarrassed, you feel shy, you feel guilty and you just withdraw from public society, you withdraw from doing good. You withdraw from volunteering, thinking that you know

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what, this is better for me, I'm a sinful person, no point in me doing any good. How foolish is this philosophy? You need a good deed better than the pious person. Oh, sinner, oh, sinner, you need a good deed more than the good Turkey needs a good deed. How can shaytaan possibly caught convince you that I shouldn't do a good deed I'm not worthy of a good deed. On the contrary, use your addiction. Use your addiction to fuel a lifestyle of good outside of your addiction. This is the real repentance sinner in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada you're battling with substance abuse. You're constantly slipping and drinking what you shouldn't drink then you know what sponsor not just when

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1010 Orphans go for Umrah as often as you can and beg Allah for forgiveness. Pray to Hadoop even if your drink on that date still ask Allah for repentance and pray 200 In the night because you understand you are the sinner. You need Allah's forgiveness. You need Allah's repentance more than the MacDuffie. So never, never allow a sin to come between you and the door for good. In fact, you need that door more than the with delta and the righteous person. Therefore motivate yourself to do extra good deeds and keep on asking Allah in your private life for forgiveness, but never come. Never let the sin come between you and good. Don't you know the famous Hadith of the man who did

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something with the woman who should not do and he came to the masjid and he prayed with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said yeah rasool Allah, I have done something I should not do I have done something I should not do. Please punish me. Whatever Allah has decreed the punishment is and the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam said didn't you in one version do will do and walk to the masjid then the other version? Didn't you pray with us all in the GEMA? He said yes. He said Don't you know what Allah says in the Quran? In Al Hasan attitude? Hibben say you're doing good deeds, causes bad deeds to disappear. In Al Hasan it you've given us a yard, you did the sin you repented.

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You walked all the way to the masjid feeling guilty. You prayed knowing that ALLAH forgive sins, you prayed the prayer of a repentant person. Don't you know that Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, doing good deeds, eliminates bad deeds, memorize this verse, Oh, sinner, I'm a sinner, you're a sinner in Al Hassan to you the heaviness the yard. So take that frustration, take that pain, take that guilt and channel it to do something that you would not do where it's not for that sin. On the contrary, it is possible to your Muslim it is possible that

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Sin of yours that you repent from it will make you a better person. There are so many of our pious predecessors, including the famous handful they didn't at all, he was a gangster literally a mafia thug. He was a person who would rob on the highways, you know the mafia. And when he repented for the rest of his life, he became an odd Mazovia than RB so that everybody who hears the name only thinks of him as the Adam the father, nobody remembers the gangster years because for the rest of his life, he caused that regret to fuel a lifestyle of piety. If not, like you mentioned, it is possible that the sin of a sinner causes a person to rise to the highest ranks of Taqwa because of

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the effects of that sin in the heart of the McDuffie So never ever caused the sin to shut doors have good on the contrary, motivated to do even more good. And the final point brothers and sisters point number seven, the final point, never despair of the mercy of Allah. Never give up hope that Allah can forgive you never stopped dua asking Allah for help, never stop is still far asking Allah for forgiveness. Never, ever, ever feel in your heart that oh, there's no hope Allah will never forgive me. Dear Muslim, dear believer in Allah, the notion the belief, the claim that Allah cannot forgive me is a bigger crime against Allah than any crime you can do on the face of this earth to another

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human being. Because when you do a crime to another human being that is between you and that person, and when you say and when you claim and when you believe that Allah will not forgive me you are limiting the MO FIRA of Allah. You are limiting the infinite Mo Farah and Rama of Allah. Do you understand how utterly arrogant and how foolish a person must be one puny, infinitesimally small creation to challenge out of Hamra? I mean, the heart of the samurai and the and to say, Allah cannot forgive me, who are you? And what is all of your sins compared to the Rahman and Rahim? Do you not understand the challenge? When you say Allah cannot forgive me? Do you think that you are so

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sinful that the one whom Rama emanates from the one who is called Rahman doesn't have enough Rama for you? So the claim dear Muslim, the feeling that shaitan comes from shaitan This is from Shaytaan the feeling that I am to sinful Allah will not forgive me that feeling is a bigger sin in the eyes of Allah because you have challenged Allah, it is a bigger sin than any sin you could possibly do against the creation of Allah never lose hope in Allah's Mercy always turn to Allah always ask Allah says still far always make dua and realize that it is possible it is possible that you be a sinner, you will be a major sinner and still have enough good and enough hair to enter Jannah and be

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forgiven by Allah. You can be a major sinner and still get the testimony of Allah and His messenger that you're a good person. Don't believe me? Hadith in Sahih Bukhari Hadith in Sahih, Bukhari hadith is inside Buhari or whatever HotJobs says, There was a man in the time of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam who would always joke and laugh. And he would make the prophets listen and laugh. But he was always a drunkard as well. And he would be brought in front of the prophets or sort of to be whipped for his drunkenness, public drunkenness, one day he was brought, and one of the companions said, learner to Allah He I like, Have you no shame how many times you have to be brought

00:28:43--> 00:29:20

in front of the Messenger of Allah, learner to Allah here I like how Have you no shame how many times you're coming? The prophets of Allah, who are they? He was sent him and he's the one ordering the punishment. He turns to the one who said that Anna, and he said, Are you siding with shaytaan? Against your brother? Are you taking the side of shaytaan against your brother? Are you making things worse? By the way, footnote here? Anytime somebody comes to you with a challenge with a personal problem, and you say Lana Tula lake you have the Prophet says, I'm against you. Are you out of your mind? He has come to you for help. And you turn harsh towards him. He's come to you for

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assistance. And you say to him, how dare you get away from me? Are you siding with shaytaan against your brother? He's coming to be cleansed and clean and you are making the situation worse. Are you siding with shaitan against your brother and then the Prophet of Allah the Mustafa Habib, the Rahmatullah mean, what did he say about this drunkard? The drunkard man, you know what he said? Wala he, I testify that he loves Allah and His messenger. The drunkard loves Allah and His messenger. Yes, he has a sin. Yes, he's battling with an addiction. Yes, he has a problem. But you know what? He has a lot of good as well. And I testify He has that good as well. He's been

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punished as he's being whipped. And the prophets of Psalm says I testify He loves Allah and His messenger. Dear Muslims, if this hadith does not give me hope, if it doesn't give you hope, what will give you hope that is all of us right there. We have our sins we have our battles we have our demons that we're all dealing with, but in sha Allah Who to Allah, if we continue to strive if we continue to pray to make us still fall, if we continue to make up for that sin with positives that we wouldn't do otherwise, then perhaps just perhaps we can be in that state where yes, I have some sins. Yes, I asked Allah's forgiveness. But in sha Allah as well. Allah will see that I do have a

00:30:37--> 00:31:18

love of Allah, I do have a love of the messenger and Allah azza wa jal will forgive those sins. Allah says in the Quran, Julio arriba, dear lady, and Astra for other unforeseen him la taco not only Rahmatullah in Allah yo fu by Jimmy, oh my servants who have sinned against themselves. Do not give up hope in the Mercy of Allah. Allah forgives all sins, all sins turn to Allah and Allah shall forgive your sins. May Allah bless me and you with her through the Quran, and may make us of those who is versus understand and applies harder than haram throughout our lifespan. Ask Allah is forgiveness he was will ask him for his liver for under Rahman.

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Al Hamdulillah helwa hadn't had a summit Allah de la mia live welcome you that what am your caller who phoned ahead well, but I do do this. These are the seven points that I have summarized in this hotbar and before I conclude, it is important and useful to mention one particular Hadith that is very, very inspiring to all of us. It's an authentic hadith reported in October Ronnie and ended by happy that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Ma'am in Abdon movement in Illa Allah who is ammonia who there is not a single believer or you can also translated there are so many believers who they have a sin that they're addicted to there's a hadith them been yeah tell you who are them

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that is an either of them. That is a habit yeah taboo, a sin that is constantly afflicting him. Minute affinity that fino I'll find that tip either find every occasion or every once in a while he will slip and fall into the sin. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, I will then Ben who are more keen on either Hila you further Cohutta you find a Petunia or he might have a sin that he is addicted to and he never stops doing it until he leaves this world. There is a possibility that a person has a sin a movement as a sin that every once in a while he does or maybe even he does it continuously until he leaves this world. And then the Prophet system gave us hope. We're in Del Mar

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Mina Hola, como Feb 10 Until Werb and either the Kira Docker and the believer has been created and he mentioned three characteristics morphet Tana always subjugated to fitna miskeen Wallahi. Every time some fitna happens and it's a fitna for us. Whatever our fitna is the believer is created to be the source of fitna fitna happens amongst the believer to the believer. So we are the source. It always happens to Wabun constantly doing Toba after the fitna, he does Toba after the fitna he comes back to Allah subhanho wa Taala nessa and constantly forgetting forgetting what forgetting the Promise of Allah forgetting the commandments of Allah forgetting that he made a promise to Allah not

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to come back. The son he constantly forgets by forgetfulness means he slips up just like Allah says in the Quran that we made. Adam promise for NESEA Adam forgot the promise by forget doesn't mean he literally forgot. It means he forgot the severity of the promise. He knew it was haram, but he still did what he did. Our Father Adam is our role model. He is our Father in the end of the day. He's our father, our father Adam was told everything halal, just one tree haram still, he went to that tree and he ate from it and still Allah forgave him. That is the role model for us. Sometimes we slip shaytaan comes and causes us to slip. So we constantly turn back to Allah in the Kira Docker as a

00:34:26--> 00:34:59

Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said when he is reminded when he's reminded this as a sin when he was reminded to turn back to Allah that cut off he wakes up and he takes that remembrance and tries to turn over a new leaf. Therefore brothers and sisters. The summary of this entire hutzpah is very simple. Regardless of your sins, try to be a good person and constantly constantly obstacles is still a follow and try to take that sin and overcome it and as you're overcoming it, be extra charitable and extra good and extra

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

That's an extra Zakah and perhaps just perhaps you will overcome your sin. And even if you don't overcome it in that struggle, and in that attempt to be a better person, that is our only hope of salvation like our father, the mother has said, I'm making dua, so make dua along with me Allah indeed. aminu Allahu Allah to deny the Neo Maoism and Illa la falta what ahem Manila for Raja what are they in Illa Kobita What am I do on Illa sure feta whether I see it on Elijah sorta Allahu Allah and I will explain in a little sub Hakuna been Eman what a treasure I feel Karuna hyndland Lilina aminu Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim, Allah Houma is Islam one Muslim in Allah Houma is Islam and

00:35:40--> 00:36:19

Muslim in Allah Humam and Allah Jana are the Islam and Muslim in Ebisu inoffensively hoomin FC, which outed me Rafita the BT Jaco yah disease rebirth Allah in Allah to Allah Amara cumberbund embedder BBFC within the Malacca the Odyssey with a lesser become a U haul Moon in Gemini. Hey, we're in for all the I's and Idema in hola hola because of your saloon either. Nebby Yeah, you heard Adina Amanu Sallu alayhi he was selling him with a steamer Allahumma Salli was selling robotic well and I love the closer they come Hamad why the early he was such a big Marian rebars a lock in Allahu Allah your mobile Adley what your Sonny Boy tidal orba 100 fascia it will Moon carry well belly,

00:36:19--> 00:36:26

your Illumina Allah come to the karoun Gurukula has already made the curriculum wish crew he has one of the crew Allahu Akbar world famous Salah

00:36:35--> 00:36:37

long like button motor a shutdown

00:36:42--> 00:36:44

a shutdown Namo

00:36:46--> 00:36:55

Medora Zulu all Oh, hi Jana sala de Hayyan AlFalah

00:36:57--> 00:37:09

bomb at this law lead the bomb at this Lorna Allah walkabout luck bottom love

00:37:10--> 00:37:14

in long long stone

00:37:15--> 00:37:18

a lot of bones

00:37:23--> 00:38:03

Alhamdulillah healed I've been on me in a rock nah no Rahane Miley and Kia Omid doing II cannot gonna do on any kind of styling doing it then I'll slip off one more stealthing slid off one Latina and I'm gonna eat him. Oh boy eating. Ooh, the eyeline him model whoa on the screen

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I mean

00:38:09--> 00:38:12

we'll go How was Laney is as

00:38:14--> 00:38:17

dark out on Buka one

00:38:18--> 00:38:32

on one. Pharaoh to coin Kameena Hola. What are some of your tweak out of bootcamp that's all gone. Lm e g de que tiene

00:38:35--> 00:38:42

wha wha wha jejaka on

00:38:44--> 00:38:46

wha wha jejaka

00:38:51--> 00:38:51


00:38:53--> 00:38:59

Melia GMFM fella jump on hell. What is

00:39:02--> 00:39:08

enough, Jen how? What I'm being

00:39:09--> 00:39:15

jailed on beak of death. Hola. Hola. Como

00:39:23--> 00:39:26

semi Allahu naman Hamidah

00:39:29--> 00:39:31

a lot

00:39:39--> 00:39:41

Hola. Hola cabana.

00:39:45--> 00:39:48

Along likeable.

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Alhamdulillah he'll have been Adam in our rock Manor Rahimi moneykey young woman Dini Ghana are going to do on any kind of styling you know slid off one of the most stealthy mostly said on Hina and I'm Johnny him waiting oh the ID him Why don't walk on me

00:40:41--> 00:40:49

either Jada and also wrong or he was fat while he

00:40:51--> 00:40:51

say yeah

00:40:53--> 00:40:56

feeding he have for

00:40:58--> 00:41:03

first beat beat him down on Vika was still

00:41:04--> 00:41:06

in UHC

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sent me along who naman Hamidah

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along like them

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so now more either income model

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model much

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all stuff