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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now discusses a major event that happened in the Seerah in the year 9 H and that is the Hajj of Abu Bakr As Siddiq RA.

When the tribe of Ta’if accepts Islam in 9H, the Prophet ﷺ makes the decision to send Abu Bakr RA with an official delegation from Madinah to Mecca. He  does not perform the Hajj himself. Why so? He informs the reason being the performance of the Tawaf by the jahiliyyah in the naked state. And that is indeed a no brainer that the blessed Prophet ﷺ is not going to do Hajj when the mushriks were acting in this way.

Also we receive immense clarification on the topic of Tawaf being done in a naked state by the Jahiliyyah. Then Allah explicitly elaborates on this topic of Fahisha in the Qur’an and our doubts are put to rest.

The moment Abu Bakr RA left  for Madinah, Allah revealed the first 3 pages of Surah Tawbah which were directed at the pagans of Arabia.

Another point of interest is when the Prophet ﷺ chose Ali ibn Abi Talib to take these verses and announce them to the people during Hajj along with the congregation that had left for Mecca. 300 people were chosen to go along with 25 sacrificial animals.

What are these verses ofSurah Tawbah? The Shaykh explains the meanings of the verses revealed in this time and gives a detailed Tafseer. It is definitely worth a listen.

‘The verse of the sword’ or the 5th verse of Surah Tawbah that was revealed became a huge point of misinterpretation and controversy. What was the issue? Shaykh Yasir answers.

Abu Bakr RA performed the Hajj along with Ali RA and they first recite Surah Tawbah. Then they make the following announcements:

  • No one shall enter Jannah other than a Muslim.
  • No one shall perform Tawaf naked.
  • No mushrik shall ever perform Tawaf ever again.

Was Ihram present before Islam? It is reported that the Prophet ﷺ explicitly commanded the Muslims to wear Ihram and this implies that Ihram is that which the Prophet ﷺ himself came with.

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