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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now moves to the final part in the series related to the famous Battle of Tabuk.

We begin with the six things that the Prophet ﷺ instructed to be counted before the Day of Judgement. Among them, a few are:

  • The death of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ.
  • The conquest of Baitul Maqdas .
  • Two plagues that would eliminate .
  • A fitnah that no house of the Arabs (Muslims) will be unaffected by it.
  • A truce between Muslims and Romans.”

A prominent incident that transpired in the duration of Tabuk 20 nights was related to Abdur Rahman ibn Awf RA  what was this coveted privilege and honour? He was only among the two behind whom the Prophet ﷺ prayed in his lifetime.

Also, in this time,Abdullah dhul be Jardain died and the Prophet ﷺ  showed his ultimate care and affection for his people by giving him a befitting burial.

On the way back from Tabuk, a number of events unfolded. The Prophet ﷺ passed by Al Hijr, the place of Thamud and the people of Saleh. The Sahabas were perplexed and enquired him about the same. What did the Prophet ﷺ answer? What was the wisdom behind this? Shaykh Yasir answers.

Another appalling incident that happened was the assassination attempt made on the Prophet ﷺ by the Munafiqun. When the Prophet ﷺ was atop a cliff on a dangerous location along with  Ammar ibn Yasir and Hudhayfa, some bandits attempted to take charge of the camel of the Prophet ﷺ. They were going to throw the Prophet ﷺ from the cliff and obviously they failed badly due to Allah’s help.

The Prophet ﷺ finally returned back to Madinah after almost 50 to 60 days and he was welcomed rejoicing by the people of Thaniyatul Wada’a.


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The book of Surah describes various predictions and events in the past, including the legal process for massage where users will have their own toeholds and potholed means to pray, the historical predictions of the end of the world and the potential for war, and burying individuals at night during war or other times. The conflict between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States is described as a war of "harvest" where the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are killed and the city is destroyed, and the conflict describes a "hornon."

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Bismillah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in while earlier he was iVh marine.

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So hamdulillah we are now resuming our series after an interlude of is it three weeks, three weeks right in sha Allah. And we are still on the Battle of two book insha Allah I hope today to finish the main events of the Battle of the book. And then next week in sha Allah to Allah will bring a Quran I expect all of you to bring up Quran. And we'll go over sections of surah, which surah so that the Toba everybody should know which sutras after book, and we cannot go over the whole food because it is too long to go over. But I want to just highlight and refresh our memory. So that adobo will go over almost all of the incidents in the Battle of the book. So we began in sha Allah,

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Allah today, we had talked about many miscellaneous incidents and episodes. And today we will continue what happened for those 20 days, what do we know about and what happened on the way back, and as I said, the prophecies and remained into book for 20 days. And we know from the Hadith and Buhari and others that he prayed short, the cluster sada for all of those 20 days. And we also mentioned that in the Battle of two books are in the area of the book, there was a small pool of water. And I had mentioned this before, but to refresh our memories of it's been so many weeks, that the process of them told the Sahaba Do not touch the water, if you remember, don't touch the water.

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And there were or how many people were in terrible crime doing the quiz here. How many people were in trouble?

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How do we know?

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We don't know. We actually don't know how many people were in trouble because there's there was no register, there was no entire sheet. But the number of people in the book has reported to be 10,000 15,000 20,000 30,000. All of these numbers are reported. And the fact of the matter is, we do not know, however, of these 20 30,001 or two of them went to the water of the book, and they used it before the processing arrived. And when the processor arrived, he was very angry at them. And he rebuked them because they had accidentally disobeyed but they had nonetheless disobeyed. Nonetheless, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam took some water in his hand, and he gargled it,

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and he spit it back in the pool, there was a small amount of water. And that was what caused the water to come all the way to the brim. And they were able to the army was able to feed itself and water itself throughout their duration of the book. And it is said and I'm not sure of this. It is said that there is still a pool to this day. In that area outside the city of tabuk. It is said I do not know but I've never been to the book but it is said that still to this day. They know the exact location where the Profit System captain, they built a Masjid over there, they called administer the Toba and there is a well over there or there's a small area of water. That is the exact same area

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that the Prophet system Captain now what are we going to do today? As I said, there was no battle so what do we have to give you in the about in the incident have lots of mini incidents, lots of small things that happen and a hadith that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and for 20 days when he was there, he gave lots of small if you like Holton bugs or hot dollars or more it was and the books of Sierra and Hades have recorded many of them. For example. One of them is that one day the Prophet has stood after the Salah. And he said today, Allah has given me five things that he has not given anyone before me. Today, Allah has given me five things that he has not given anyone

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before me, number one boy in a Nazi Kapha I have been sent to all of mankind. And those before me, were only sent to their peoples, those before me will only send to their people. This is the first blessing. Number two, he said, No, sir to Barack Obama sirata Sharon, I have been helped by a law

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to the distance of one month's journey, that the enemy will be frightened of me. And what this means is that the book was like a month journey away from Medina. And the people were so terrified that the tribes of Lausanne and the Roman Empire did not show up.

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Even though it was one month journey away. And the Profit System said this is a loss blessing upon me that one month away and they were so terrified, they fled. So this is the story.

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Can blessing no suitable Obi Wan sirata Shahada, the third blessing, he said is that Allah NEMA has been made halaal for me, and it was not handled for those before me, what is the NEMA that is what is what you take after the war. This is the war booty. And we know from the Hadith and the traditions that before the process and what would happen to the linea, who can tell me who remembers I said this in the Battle of butter.

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So a lot xojo would, in front of their eyes, basically send a lightning bolt from the heavens and the booty would be disintegrated, nothing would be left. So they were it was a sign that they had been accepted, their deed had been accepted. So the process that I've said no other nation before me, no other call no other Prophet was allowed to aneema I am the first prophet that Allah has allowed by Nima. And the fourth point he said that Jordan allowed Lolita, hula and woman's juden, the whole earth has been made out to hold and msgid. So whatever person of my alma happens to have to pray, he may do the ablution, or the Messiah and pray wherever he is in the world.

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And he said, the previous Oman could only pray in their houses of worship. So the hood in particular, for example, and to this day, they must go to the synagogue.

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And they're not allowed to offer their Salah what at least the more Orthodox amongst them except in the synagogue. Whereas for us, we may pray anywhere we don't have to pray only in the masjid. In fact, we may do although from anywhere and the who'd have much more stricter water purification rules that the water has to be running it has to be natural, it has to be this and that so many requirements that they have for the water, and for us any water and if we don't have water, we have

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must tell him and that was not allowed for the previous oma that was not allowed at all. So we're allowed to do massage wherever. And this is a general ruling or process that I'm said, wherever you need to pray, you will have your toehold and Masjid and potholed means what you purify. And Masjid means place to pray. So anywhere in the world you are, if you don't have access to water, whatever there is, that is natural, whatever there is, that is the creation of a law, you may use it symbolically to do your massage. And to pray. Obviously, this is only if you don't have water, otherwise anywhere in the world. You have your thought and your Masjid. And then he said what is the

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fifth he himself is questioning? What is the fifth one? What is the fifth one? He said that Allah told me to ask What do I want? Sell, ask whatever you want. And I decided to save my request for you welcome, Eli. Oh, welcome. I decided to save this for you to the Day of Judgment. And so any of you who says La ilaha illAllah will get that fifth one. So what is the fifth one it is called a chef ah to the rovuma. This is what is called a chef art will roadmap. And I've spoken about that in my happy the classes here last year, something where we talked about the intercession of the prophet SAW Selim, that the Prophet system has a shefa for all of his oma that believed in him and acted

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upon what he taught that they will eventually enter agenda eventually is the point enter agenda. And so he announced these five things. What he also announced predictions of what he announced here in two book is that the Muslims shall inherit the treasures and the empires of Rome and Persia. And this is exactly what happened because he is now the closest he ever was as a prophet to Roman Persia. He is the closest he ever was. And so he announces to them that Allah azzawajal has promised me that the canoes are the treasures of Rome, and Persia, and of the miracles that happen as well in the Battle of to walk on multiple occasions in the end journey to an act of walking on the way back,

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they ran out of food and water, which is understandable, they're 15 20,000 people, and there's no way they would have the provisions for that much. And so on multiple occasions, the profits are made. Here we just have he made two out for the water at the booth, he may drive other places as well. And whatever small amounts of food they had lasted. All of them are most of them and this same incident of tequila Tom of increasing food and water. It is actually a standard miracle throughout the Sierra. It happened at least a dozen if not two dozen times. And in the Battle of Tupac, we have four or five times back and forth that has happened and I don't want to go over each and every

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narration but you get the point that the Sahaba are complaining that he sees that they are very tired and he makes the

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To Allah and in one occasion and to Bucharest said and this is not just in the book, but also in Arabia, the water came right between his fingers. So this is narrated in two occasions in her day via when they ran out of water and into book as well it is narrated that the Prophet system basically put dipped his hands in a small amount of water. And then lo and behold, when he pulled it out, it's as if his hand became a fountain, and from his hands, although seldom, water began pouring, and the Sahaba could then use it to drink from so this is, all of these miracles are announced, or narrated multiple times in the theater and then bottled up to book we have the same

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narrations. We also have a narration. In the top of order, we've been saying that in one of the Knights of the Battle of the book, some of the Sahaba got lost, and they could not find their way back. And Allah azza wa jal gave them what is called the kurama. And a kurama is a mini miracle that is given to nonprofits, the profits are given more that the nonprofit's are given cut on that. And karma is something we believe in, it is a miracle that proves the profit out of the process. And even though it goes to a follower, and a kurama is a gift that is supernatural, that Allah just gives it a one off gift. And what happened was, the Sahabi says, My fingers began to glow in the

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dark, because he's lost, he cannot get back. So all of my five fingers began to glow. And so he used it as a torch to find his way back to the camp. This also occurred in the Battle of the book. And the process of also did other miracles of them as that he predicted not only kisara and, and Rome, he predicted other things. And this is inside a body where alphabet Malik says that count six things, count six things before the day of judgment. And this is a famous Hadith he said it at a book. Many of you have heard this hadith I've even given a whole book about the Day of Judgment. I mentioned this, in that whole book, count six things before the day of judgment. Number one Moti my

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death. So the death of the process is the first sign of the Day of Judgment, the coming and the death of the process. And this is the first sign of the Day of Judgment. So he said before the day of judgment, there'll be six things number one, motif, number two photo beta democritus.

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And this is number this hadith is in Bali, by the way, this is the most body Muslim, and most authentic ID number two is the conquest of Jerusalem with a knock this and this happened literally a year and a half, two years after less than two years, a year and 810 months after the death of the process of them. Jerusalem was conquered. So he says number two foot probated muck, this number three, two plagues, that will eliminate you like and then he mentioned the disease that they knew we had, I don't know the English equivalent, it is a disease that afflicts camels. And if one camel has it, the entire pen of camels simply just dies. So he said to play goose will come or two diseases

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will come that will simply eliminate you like

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that camel, that disease does two camels or two sheep, and it just eliminates the entire flock or their herd that you have, and somehow to law. In the time of Bob, there was a serious if you like drought, and it a lot of people died. And there other commentators mentioned other things that happen in the past. And Allah knows if they are happened, or they might happen in the future. But there's going to be two major plagues in the world and alumnos did that already happen? Or is it going to happen? Allah knows best, What number are we on number three now right? Number four, now, number four taxi role model, you will be given lots of money, you will be given lots of money, so

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much so that a person will be given 100 dinars and he is going to be vexed and irritated? Why is it only 100.

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Now 100 dinars for them is quite literally, I would say realistically, something like $10,000 for us, like a good amount of money. It's not a fortune is not 100 dinars is a good amount of money for them especially. So the problem is that a time will come when somebody is given 100 dinars, and he will be irritated, you're only giving me 100 dinars and 100 dinars was more than the annual income for most of the Sahaba more than the annual income and the process and predicted it's only a matter of time, you guys will be so rich, you won't even know what to do with your money. And I definitely believe we're living at that time now compared to the early times of the oma. And then he said a

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fitna a trial that no house of the arrows will be left unaffected by and when he's saying are up here he means Muslims because at the time that was with the Muslims were no house of the Muslims will be left unaffected by so there's going to be a major calamity that will affect the entire oma, what is that calamity? There are people in our times that are saying this is this happening now. Allah knows best we don't. I have said this many times. We do not apply a specific prediction to a specific event because Allah knows best, but we may guess we may hypothesize

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But it is not our right to say, the process of said x, y is happening x and y are exactly the same, we can say it appears something like this. And I have heard a number of scholars of our times they say, the current crisis of the oma is really affecting almost every single household of the bombs and the warfare and the civil war in crisis. Allah knows best if this is referred to or not, this is the fifth one. And then the sixth one, which is one of the most scariest ones is that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that you will have a truce, you will have a a pact or a treaty between yourselves and the bundle US foreign who are the bundle as far as

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and the time it was the Romans, and that was their descendants, right? You will have a pact to a truce between them. Now, other ideas, tell us other details not in this one, that there will be another enemy that is common to the both of you. So you will have to combine to fight that common enemy, then the headache goes on. And then the bundle asfar will be treacherous and break the treaty. They will deceive you after you've won the enemy, then they will deceive you. And then they will come and fight you under 80 flags at banners. They're going to come to fight you under each flag or banner they will be 12,000 men. In other words, an army the likes of which the world has not

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seen, this is going to be at the very end of time. This is what even the Christians predict the Armageddon, we have a similar equivalent in our tradition as well. There are predictions of a worldwide global war, these are predicted in the Hadeeth is predicted in the Bible. And these are things that we try to avoid, we're not looking forward to them, we try our best to avoid them. Even though we believe that eventually whatever the process of said, will come to pass. So this too occurred, this headache was given in one of the nights of taboo, another incident that occurred in these 20 nights. And again, we have no clue of happen of knowing when each of these occurred. You

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can imagine in 20 days, lots of things are happening. We're just giving you snippets here and there. Another thing that happened was a great honor for Adorama live now. And that is that the process and prayed behind him. And he is one of the only two Sahaba on the process and prayed behind in his lifetime. What happened was unbelievable. shorba narrates that the process and woke up to use the restroom. This is before fudger. So he went out and whenever he would use the restroom, he would go away from the army go away from the people. And I went with him and I took the the water and the spear. And the spear was sometimes used to provide shelter like you put your cloak on it, there'll

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be something so I took the water and the spear. And so when he came back, I poured the water for him and he washed his face and his hands. Then he tried to wash his sleeves. But the sleeves didn't come to the elbow. So he's wearing what what they call the job. And the job of those days was like a maybe like a cloak or something that has big heavy arms, it's cold, it's freezing cold in the winter, he couldn't get it up. So he put his hands inside and lifted the job up and put them from underneath. Right? So imagine a tight job that is loose at the bottom because this is a cloak that's protecting you from the cold so that you couldn't get it up. So what did he do? He put his hands

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inside, and then he went underneath lifted the job up, then he could have access right. And this shows us therefore that we are not allowed to be lazy. And doing we'll do each and every limb. Each and every point has to be touched by the water even if it's cold. And even if you're wearing tight clothing, you need to do that. So he washed himself and asked for his the massage molera said he only put his fingers inside the turban and then wipe over the rest of the turban. So Messiah is allowed for the turban. And for the sisters we can play as it is allowed for their hijab as I've said this in the women's class that I give that women are allowed to do massage over their hijab,

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they just put a little bit just symbolically again just like we do over the feet that they just do like this and then they do the rest over the hijab. And if a man is wearing a turban, not a goofy or topic because you can take that off, but the turban that you wear that some people still wear and the sisters have their hijab, they may do massage so he did massage over the turban. Then moving it I said I bent down to take his shoes off. And he said that Houma leaves my shoes on for in the hall to whom Paul had attacked polyurethane that I wore them while I was upon to hada then he did massage over his head of the leather shoes that he was wearing. So this is the famous headed party and

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Muslim, then they walk back to to book and lo and behold, the Sahaba have begun salted Vijay, because he took some time they have begun Salah televisor and so the Prophet says I'm stood at the end of the line and it was dark, but

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People began to recognize him in the commotion spread, that the process is here. And the amount of now understood that the Profit System is there, he took a step back, but the process of emotion to him remain there, stay where you are. And so he completed the Salah, behind after I met him now if he Mr. Raka. And so him and our mohila they stood up to finish the Baraka. And this is the only time that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed behind a Sahabi an entire Raka as for Abu Bakar, so therefore the Allahu taala. And now this happened, incidentally, by the way, meaning it wasn't intended, meaning they were waiting for the process and we didn't come and this shows us, the Salah,

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the Sahaba knew it is so important that you don't even delay it for the Prophet system. And that really underscores for us the status of Salah imagine us we are lazy, you know, we keep on delaying and we seek Allah's refuge Hello sybilla imagine even the process and they know he's gonna come, but he's taking his time and the Salah is time his budget is finishing, so they decide to pray, even though the Prophet system was there, meaning physically in the vicinity, but they didn't know how long is gonna take so they began the slaughter. This also shows us the blessings of the mouth. And the end of the day, he is one of the 10 promised paradise, and he is one of the earliest converts

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and his macom his status is similar to that of a modern Earth man and alley. And so I've done my job now was considered to be of that elite circle, and he was nominated to give to be the Imam. And so he was the only person who the process and prayed arakata behind us for Abu Bakr Siddiq, as we're going to come to maybe even later on this year or or beginning of next year.

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When the processor fell sick, he ordered a buck or two lead. And for around one week aboubaker was hitting the Salah One day, the process and walked out whenever bucker was leading the solder. And he sat next to abubaker and abubaker when he saw that the process was was there. So he took a step back or

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took a step back and the process of motion to him mechanic Stay where you are. And abubaker during the Salah, said Alhamdulillah like this. And then he still disobeyed the process of him and took a step back. And the process then was forced to basically and he was praying next to me he was forced to come up. Then he said after the Santa Monica, why did you not obey me? Why did you disobey me? Right? So he said, Mark and I unbelievable. Hahaha it is not allowed for the son of a vocal hoffa to lead the process of insula. So the disobedience was out of love and respect. Amazing. It's really amazing. The disobedience was out of love and respect. How can I lead you in Salah, so technically,

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he never actually led him in Salah. Well, for a millisecond or whatnot, he didn't actually lead that. Okay, so Abdullah Malik now has the unique honor and privilege of being as far as we know, the only human being ever who has led a prophet in Salah, because we don't know of this for any other prophet that somebody else led him in. sada. So as far as we know, after I met him, now he is the only human being that Raka was prayed, and the process was behind him. So this happened in one of the faujasite as of the 20 days of book, one of the another incident. Now again, all of these are just incidents, and they're just interesting to hear tidbits here and there of what we know. Another

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incident reports that one night I woke up in the Knights have the book, and I saw a fire in the distance. And I saw around it the process of a walker and armor. So I want to see what was there. And lo and behold, Abdullah zoodle beija Dane had died. One of the names of the Sahaba one of the people Abdullah who will be jadine will be jarred then means he have the two course garments he have the two woolen garments be Jardine. bidjar, which was a cheap sack. And B Jardine is two and Xu means the one who owns so there'll be Jardine, the one who owns the two cheap clots. That was the name of the savvy. That's all we know. Abdullah told each other in the one of the two cheap clots.

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And his story was that when he converted, his tribe, refused to give him anything.

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no food, no water, no money that he had earned, they just kicked him out. And so he left only wearing one digit one of those garments. And when he got to Medina, he was so embarrassed. He tore that into two so that it would seem as if he has two garments. So one he tied and one he wore, so he was called Abdullah the one of the two cheap garments that would be jetting, and he happened to die on that night into buka natural death. And so the process of working on Omar, praying Salah over him basically and giving him a funeral and it shows us that it is helpful to bury

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Somebody at night. It's not the general rule, especially when your team, it makes no sense. But it is Helen. We see it here. And we see it in the lady who used to clean the masjid, that she also was just buried at night. So it is permissible to bury somebody at night and especially when you're in the war or whatnot. There's no reason to wait until the morning, he passed away. So they, they buried him right then and there. So even Massoud participated, and he said that the prophet SAW Selim himself went into the grave. And he said to Abu Bakr and Omar hand him to me, and so they handed him Abdullah, who will be Jardine. And as the process was filling the stone, so he's doing it

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with his own two hands, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Oh, Allah, I am pleased with this servant of yours. So you as well be pleased with him. I am happy with this person, all that he's done, you as well pleased with him, had been rude said yeah, late Anyhow, I much I wish that I would be the dead person in that grave right now that I got so jealous of him, I wish that I would be that dead person in the grave. And this shows us as well, the care and concern. This is not one of the elite of the Sahaba. In fact, we don't know anything about him nothing about what he's done previously, other than historians will be judging this thing thing we know, we don't know anything

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about him. But the fact that the leader of the army, the process of him is waking up at night, he is informed he's dead. And he is personally, you know, taking the lead and burying him. What is that going to do to the morale of the troops? As they say, right? What do you think is gonna happen to the morale, that you know, that the commander, the process of himself, got into the grave of the Sahaba, he's the one telling people back home and hand me the body and puts it in and then covers it himself and then makes do out for him, you will get even Mr. Woods, which How I wish I had done this, right. So the enthusiasm, the the the level of obedience, all of this will, it shows us the

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reality of the that I'm attending I mean of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And there are many other small Hadith given about film issues. We're not going to go over each and every headset, but if you read the books of Hadith, any book of Hadith, you will find so many a hadith that in the Battle of two book or during the book, because a lot of things happen over there. So very quickly, just so that we get an idea what I'm talking about, for example, one of the Sahaba said I saw the process and performed will go in the Battle of two book only once once Mirage and Mirage, because typically he will do although how many times, three times he would wash the limb, right? But in the

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Battle of table quarter is scarce. So we learned from this that it is permissible to do it once we learned this from taboo. We also learned from taboo that the process of would always pray with a sutra because he's in the middle of the desert. He there's not in the masjid. And he always took a sutra, sometimes you will take a spear and shove it in the ground. Other times you would take the saddle that you put on the camel, he would put it and so one of the Sahaba asked him Yasuda law, how much should you suit should the sutra be? And so he said it should be as large as the saddle of a camel, which is basically half a foot or a foot. So whatever you put on that camel, you know that

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thing is something that is visible, that will prevent people from going between you and your place of prayer. And we also learned in the Battle of two book that he combined all of the Salawat on the way to the book and on the way back. And that entire book for 20 days. He did also but he didn't combine.

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He did cossar and costuming. Every four is done too. But he didn't combine. And this shows us that the sooner and this is a commonly

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neglected sooner. The sooner is that you only combine during the actual travel.

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And when you get to your temporary destination, you stop combining berjudul cossar.

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And he did this utter book and he did this in a conquest of Makkah the same thing that the way to MCC and on the way back he's combining lawhon and Asa masala Venetia. But in Makkah when he was there for 1819 days and into a book for 20 days, he never actually combined Is that clear? And this is a common mistake that many of us know I shouldn't say mistake scrap that it's a common

00:29:23--> 00:30:00

against the sooner misunderstanding, right? This is it's not wrong. The Mustafa is allowed to but the Prophet sallallahu Sallam never ever ever combined when he was temporary morphine. Is that clear? This is a temporary Muslim. He's not he's neither Mustafa he's he's there for a little while. He only combined during the actual journey. When you're driving when you're in the plane when you're literally in the suffer, then you should consider to combine. But once you get to your business destination, your tourist destination your family visit for four

00:30:00--> 00:30:31

days, five days. Now, obviously, how long? Can you do that? That's a whole different topic. And I've written an article, you can find it online. One opinion says 20 days based on a book, based on two books, one opinion, says 20 days, but the strongest opinion is that there is no set number of days that it really does go back to your own psychological state of affairs. Are you traveling? Are you there for a temporary period of time? Or are you semi settled in, you know, you, you you have a long term place to live and whatnot, it goes back to your psychological state, nonetheless,

00:30:32--> 00:31:09

the majority opinion is four days. And if you are confused about that, then just stick with the majority and say for days, that is the majority opinion. And there's no problem with that. But the point being that we learned from the Battle of to walk the reality of Casal and Gemma regimen is to combine and also just to shorten, also, in the Battle of two book, he passed by a dead animal, one of the animals had died. So he said, Why don't you benefit from the animal? So they said, Yeah, rasulillah the animal is not justice Mater, it's a dead animal, how can we benefit. So the process of them said that, when you tan the skin, the skin becomes pure? The baja totowa, when you tan it,

00:31:09--> 00:31:50

you may use the skin of a dead animal. And so from this, the majority of fuqaha have said that the carcass of an animal, yes, it is not just and the meat is always held on. But you can benefit from the skin of the dead carcass. If you turn it, there's the majority opinion and the ham buddies have another position. But that is also a fifth we learned from the Battle of Tobruk and other things as well, we just gloss over them tell you on the way back, we talked about whatever we know. And by the way, as for the political stuff that was I talked about the three weeks ago, treaties, he sent letters to heraclius. It's already been done. For those of you that were here. We did that three

00:31:50--> 00:32:18

weeks ago. Now on the way back what happened, a number of incidents happened on the way back, first and foremost, the processor then passed by a ledger, and an aged is the place of the mood and almost all the mood and homicide. And to this day, that area is well known. And to this day, those houses are still there now some mood dates back 1000s of years.

00:32:19--> 00:33:03

And their houses and even the well that the camel used is still there to this day. Why? Because their houses were not built of wood, nor were they built of any other material. their houses were carved into the mountain. And we don't know to this day how that was done fully. We have theories but we do not know for sure how what instruments that they use and how could they spend so such a long time carving into the mountains. So to this day, you will have their houses there is one of the oldest settlements known in Arabia, because this predates Ibrahim alayhis salaam, can you imagine? This is before even Ibrahim alayhis salam, this is of the ancient ancient civilizations. And to this

00:33:03--> 00:33:46

day, all of their houses are there because as I said, they're carved into the mountain you can walk in and you can see the rooms there quite literally rooms and chambers and even beds so they carved beds into the the the the the wall. So there's a bed, you know that's carved in there. So you can see the the people that were used to live there. They're the remnants. So they passed by a hedgerow and the people began to remember you have an army of what 1015 20,000 some of the people rushed in to go see what's inside. And the Prophet salallahu idea he was seldom called them back or he commanded them to be called back by saying a Salatu. Jamia and also that to Jamia was what the

00:33:46--> 00:34:14

process of would use other than the event to call the people. So even so that's an aid for example. That's what we say our Salah to Jamia we should say that that is not to say that it is now time to pray come, you don't give the event for you don't give the event now how do you get the people you make this announcement? So that people came back and the process and said why would you want to enter in appointed people whom Allah is the hub has come down upon? Why would you want to go and

00:34:15--> 00:35:00

into their houses when Allah has punished them? So they said that I gentlemen dyadic we are amazed at that our messenger of Allah, to which he replied, should I not tell you something more amazing than that? A man from amongst you, who is informing you about what happened? And what will happen? meaning your profit is more amazing than the places where Allah Adam has come. This is more amazing. So be firm for Allah azza wa jal will not lose anything by punishing you. And he also said, Do not enter in upon the people who have wronged themselves and were punished for fear that you will be punished how they were punished unless you are

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

Crying as you go in, unless you feel that grief or worry. And he himself, he covered his face with his turban, and he lowers his head, and a Seraph assayed. He rushed through that valley. And he did not pause in that valley. And as they went through, and again, remember, they're a huge army. So some of them went to the wells. And those wells still had water in them. And they used water and they took the water out. And when the process of them heard of this, he forbade them. And he said, any water you have collected, give it to the animals do not drink from that water. And some of them had taken the water and mixed it with dough to make some type of bread. He said, Do not eat that

00:35:45--> 00:35:55

bread, give it to the animals. And so from this, the books of filth mentioned, you're not allowed to do will do from not just water from this from that, and from the water of the sandwich.

00:35:57--> 00:36:22

If any of you needs to do from there, you can sorry, tough luck, okay? You're not allowed to do from that water because of this idea that it's not not just but it is punished water, it is a what the people were punished and that place is punished. So we do not go over there. And he said to them, that do not ask Allah subhana wa Taala for miracles, because the people of solid asked. And

00:36:23--> 00:37:04

they asked for miracles. And they then hamstrung it, meaning they, you know, they cut off the ligaments of the of the camel, and he told them the Campbell would come from there and it would go from there. He pointed, he's telling him that the camel would come from this area, and it would walk to that area. And he told them that the camel would drink their water one day and this is the Koran that should have superhuman volume that you have the ship and he has the ship, the camel, so the entire city, the entire city's water would be drunk by the camel in one day. Because it's remember the camel was a massive camel, it was a giant camel, and it was literally carved out of the stone in

00:37:04--> 00:37:46

front of their eyes. That was the miracle that Allah is showing them. You think you guys are so powerful by carving rooms into mountains, I can create life from a mountain and in front of their eyes. The the camera literally just walked out of one area or there was formed from that rock and they just walked out and it was a massive giant camel. And so Allah azza wa jal showed them basically the sign and even though they saw that sign, and what I mean that Hadith says that the camel would drink their water one day, and then they could drink its milk the next day. So one camel could feed the entire city. That's how much milk was coming from the camel. But he said they still

00:37:46--> 00:37:56

hamstrung it, they still cut off its ligament. So a law sent upon them. They'll say ha, and the site has the loud sound, they'll say how that silenced all of them.

00:37:58--> 00:38:14

silenced all of them under the heavens. So one sound came and it destroyed all of them. And when they passed out of the valley, they had to camp the night. So it was nighttime. So he said to them, Do not leave your tents at night.

00:38:15--> 00:38:27

Do not leave this valley or this tents at night unless you have a companion with you. Some reports mentioned that he predicted that a storm would come or a wind would come

00:38:28--> 00:39:07

to people disobeyed one of them had to go to the restroom. And the other one fled after his camel has come around or worse or he ran after it. And the both of them afflictions happened to them as one of them they say he went mad or he went crazy. And the process made up for him when he came back or he was found. And so he was cured. As for the second one they say that the winds took him to a far away mountain literally picked him up and carried him away to a follow your mountain. And he made his hat to make his own way back to Medina later on according to some books. So the point being that he told them do not exit from this valley. But two of them out of the army disobeyed and what

00:39:07--> 00:39:08

happened to them happened.

00:39:09--> 00:39:54

Another incident mentioned, this is again after this note must be after this. So they're running out of water now. So the water they took from the book is running out. The animals are withering and becoming tired. So they began to complain that almost enjoy Allah do something or animals cannot carry us and he felt pity for them. So he said Bring your animals to me, bring your animals to me. So they brought him the camels in a line and he patted the camels and he made dog for them Bismillah that In the name of Allah, Allah paws these animals to carry those who are in your path. He sibenik for you are the one who carries on animals that are weak and animals that are strong and on that

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

which is wet and that which is dry, most likely the reference here is to the the the

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

The camels that have water in them and the camels that don't have water in them, and over the land and in the ocean, the narrator of the Heidi, his name is Florida. He said, By the time we got back to Medina, our camels were so strong and energetic, that we had to struggle with them to pull them back, that after this, they became extremely energetic. And I would say to myself, this is the drive the process and he made it for the wet and the dry, I understand. But how about the land and the ocean? How can you make dua for the ocean land in the ocean. And then he said, it came to pass that we conquered Syria. And after we conquered Syria, then we went to conquer Cyprus. Now, this wasn't

00:40:42--> 00:40:42

the time of

00:40:46--> 00:41:27

rosemon began it. And while we was the one who completed it, earthman began a naval and then while we completed it, so in the in the time of war, where, you know, the island of Cyprus, the beautiful tourist island for 300 years, 300 years, it was under the time of the Sahaba, tap into your own. And then this is very controversial, and the people get very irritated from that land, the the Ottomans reconquered it in the 1400s. Right. And then they gained their independence 100 something years ago, and that was another traumatic time for them. But Cyprus was conquered twice, first time by the Sahaba. And then by the Ottomans later on, and that was recent, relatively recent, and then they and

00:41:27--> 00:42:02

that's why there's a lot of animosity between the Greek Cypriots and the Turks, it was a huge amount of animosity. You do not want to start talking about that topic. What else tempers flare, because no doubt, massacres occurred on both sides and and there's tension between that, but that's not relevant to us was relevant to us. Cypress was concrete in the time of the Sahaba. That's a separate story. There weren't that that's not when the massacre has happened. The Sahaba conquered Cyprus, so football has said that I was there meaning the process of though it made into a book now I was there. And when I saw all of the ships, I realized this is the drama of the prophets of Salaam,

00:42:03--> 00:42:19

because what was the DA, carry the people in your way on the land and in the sea? And I said to myself back then what does this mean on the sea? And Furtado saw with his own eyes? What was the reality of this, that this is on the sea, also, on the way back, another incident happened.

00:42:21--> 00:42:30

And that is that they ran out of water again, and the process of made for rain. So that night, it rained, and it poured. And

00:42:31--> 00:43:14

in the morning, the process and after fudger gave a famous talk and it is recorded and Bahati and others that Allah subhanho wa Taala said that it could see that Allah subhana wa tada said, some of my servants woke up this morning, believing in me. And some of my servants have rejected me. How So what happened? So some of the hypocrites had made fun of this, or not made fun of they had really ignorant, they had, they had said, This isn't a miracle. That's what I should say that the processor may do are the rain came. They said, this is not a miracle. What did they say? They said, Oh, this is because of the blessings of such and such a star. Now they had back then some type of

00:43:14--> 00:43:15


00:43:16--> 00:43:57

Zodiac type of connection, that on this day, this star on this day, that star so they had that type of thing. So so it happened to be on the day of a particular star. And they would expect that some good luck would come from that star, you know, so to this day, we have the zodiac signs, they had their version of it. And that version was that if it is a particular time of the month, then a star will be able to benefit or something. So one of them went off and said, Oh, it rained because we're in the timeframe of that star motor nabby. No, because that's what the the note is what the good luck would have. And so he said this to ridicule or to trivialize the fact that it was a miracle.

00:43:58--> 00:43:59

And so as far as

00:44:00--> 00:44:37

the process, Adam said, Allah has told me that he said, that today morning, some of you woke up believing in me and others woke up rejecting me. As for those who said, rain has fallen because of a law, they are believers in me. And as for those who said rain has fallen, because we are in the time, or the zodiac sign of this and that then they are believers in the stars rejecters of me. And this hadith is a very important hadith of theology. We talk about it in theology a lot, because this shows us we do not ascribe blessings to other than Allah.

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

And if we ascribe independent blessings to other than Allah, this is major shift. To believe that a star will give you your risk, obviously, or to believe that a stone is good luck, charm good luck charm, right? to wear a talisman and amulet and say, Oh, this will protect me. All of those goals.

00:45:00--> 00:45:06

Under this issue of good luck and bad luck, right? And every culture and society has these types of, of

00:45:08--> 00:45:40

charms and rituals and symbols and whatnot. And we don't believe in any of that stuff, obviously, for those who do believe in this stuff. This Hadith shows us believing in charms and amulets and good luck and bad luck. This is disbelieving in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Rejecting Allah subhana wa, and literally the Hadees says Cafu, don't be minimal. If you think the rain has fallen, or if you think this good luck ring or charm has protected you from an accident, right? What are you doing other than making this rocker stone into a type of idol?

00:45:41--> 00:45:52

This is exactly what it is. And we don't believe in this. Now, I have to just point out here, if what you're wearing is haoran, then the scholars have different about this, whether it's jazz or not. And

00:45:54--> 00:46:25

it cannot be shared because the Quran is the speech of Allah, and it's not separate from Allah. But some of the scholars have simply said it's not appropriate to wear the Koran out of respect. But nobody said that it is not allowed theologically. It's a question of respecting the Koran as for seeking refuge in the Quran. Yes, you may seek refuge in the Quran. Because the Quran is the speech of Allah and the speech of Allah is an attribute of Allah. So having the Quran in the car and the glove compartment,

00:46:26--> 00:46:37

or dangling ayatul kursi from the back of your mirror, for example, thinking that some Baraka will come, this is not the same as a good luck charm.

00:46:40--> 00:47:14

Essentially, it is allowed to seek Baraka from the Quran. But practically speaking, some scholars have said you are showing disrespect by just putting in the glove compartment with all of your other things over there. Right. So the issue is not of theology, it is a fifth in the sense you see the point here, right? The Koran cannot be equated with any other charm because the Quran is the carambola. It is speech of Allah and therefore, those ideas don't apply to the Koran. However, in our times, you have all of these symbols and icons,

00:47:15--> 00:47:33

horseshoe or, I mean, what is it rabbits for these types of things, you know, that type of stuff. This is what would apply to these a hadith in any case. So this hadith also occurs in the incident have to walk on the way back, another incident occurred. So the munafo corner getting irritated, there were some hypocrites that took part in the book.

00:47:35--> 00:48:20

After all, there was 15,000 20,000 people, not all of them were of the elite of the Sahaba. Some of them will not feel who did take part and we find some of the stories here and there. So another incident of them when I feel home to a place and that is that. On the way back, the prophet systems Campbell was not to be found. His camel disappeared last. So he sent the Sahaba out to go find his camel. And one of the hypocrites said when they heard the news that the whole army has been delayed because the camel is lost. One of them one after horn said, Stop for a lot that this is a man who thinks he's a prophet. And he tells you that revelation comes from the heavens, and he doesn't even

00:48:20--> 00:49:05

know where his camel is. The Hoda huzzah labella Okay, so he said this far away from the processor. And it so happened that one of the people that shared the tent with him was with the processor system at the time, so you understand what's happening. This is the hypocrite faraway and obviously people are divided into groups. Artillery is regiments, somebody from his regiment, happens to be with the process of at the time. So the prophet SAW Selim stands up and he says, some of you have said such and such now the man is on the other side of the army, nobody has come to the process of Allah has told him, some of you have said such and such and will law he I am a Bashar I am a human.

00:49:05--> 00:49:51

And I only know what Allah tells me. And Allah has just told me that my camel is stuck in such and such a valley that it's rain, it's a harness has caught the tree. So go get the camel. So the Sahaba went and they got the camel and they brought him back. So this man doesn't know that his regimen guy has said this. He comes back, amazed. And he says you won't believe what just happened basically. Right? And he tells the whole story. One of the other people says that was the guy who said it, you know to stand, right? That was a guy. So this hobby becomes so inflamed that he kicks him out and he says you're not going to accompany me. Yeah, I do rely on me of Allah. You're not going to have

00:49:51--> 00:49:59

anything to do with us. So he expelled him from the camp from the army. And so this is another mini miracle that took place that the process of them

00:50:00--> 00:50:28

This by the way really shows us does the process of normal ape, he himself is telling us, I am just a human. And I only know what Allah has told me. And Allah has just told me that my camel is stuck in such and such a place, go get my camel. So this clearly without beyond a shadow of a doubt, it shows us our process some does not know in Malaysia, other than what Allah tells him. And Allah azza wa jal has told him many things. And this is one of them that was mentioned.

00:50:29--> 00:50:33

Another sad incident of this of the munafo Honda Accord as well.

00:50:34--> 00:51:14

So these are three, three or four incidents of them were not one that occurred. And the next one I mentioned is even more bizarre after this one is even more bizarre. Another incident that really shows the reality of the one iPhone, and for which Allah revealed verses that we recite To this day, is that a group of kunafa hoon began laughing and joking too much beyond what was required. And they said statements that were completely inappropriate. One of them said that, here's the process that I'm telling us, we will conquer Rome and Persia, Who does he think he is we're gonna get to Rome and Persia, you know, this is, if you really think about it will lie, this is a miracle, the likes of

00:51:14--> 00:52:02

which we cannot understand any of the Sahaba compared to the Roman Empire, compared to the Persian Empire. It is truly bizarre. I have said this many times here, that to this day, historians don't quite understand how the sassanid Empire just disappeared within 510 years. I mean, they have their theories, but there's, it's just, it's amazing. It's just a bizarre reality that after 567 100 years of being a superpower, within five years, the entire Empire just fizzles out, and it just disappears. And it becomes, you know, an Islamic part. province, you know, and then as for Rome, as well, as we know, the Roman Empire was carved into half. And the better half was handed over. And

00:52:02--> 00:52:46

the better half is basically Damascus and Jerusalem and, and all of these lines and Alexandria made you understand what Alexandria was, this was the the capital of learning in the world at the time, the the largest library was in Alexandria. And this was the seat of so many Roman theologians and bishops and, and people of learning. And of course, Alexandria is now a part of Egypt. So all of this was literally handed to the Muslims by Allah subhana wa, Tada. It's not something that can be imagined by us, we take it for granted. How many of us with 4000 people that's it conquered the entire strip of Northern Africa? It is truly, I mean, it's a miracle on any sense of human

00:52:46--> 00:53:03

experience. So the Sahaba sorry, the moon Afrikaner mocking this, right. And for those who don't have a man, you understand why they're mocking we have the man, they don't have the money to like he is telling us, we're gonna conquer Rome and Persia, how is that going to happen? And another one of them says something even worse, and he says that,

00:53:04--> 00:53:26

look at these people around us, they recite the Koran, but they are stuck with the law, cowardly and fat in their bellies stuff with a lot of holes in it. But they said something very crude about the Sahaba. And this is all lies, of course, but they were mocking the Sahaba around them. And so, one of the Sahaba overheard this bantering going on and

00:53:27--> 00:53:39

he said, cuz epta do a lie. You're lying or enemy of a lot. Well, and I will tell the process of exactly about this statement of Kufa, how dare you say this. So he was at the back of the army. So he began galloping,

00:53:40--> 00:54:21

to get to the front of the army to tell the process that um, that there are people that are saying this, and by the time he got to the Profit System, the profit center was already in Ye, that you could see, his eyes were down. And there was this aura that the Sahaba knew what was happening. So when he rushed to tell the process of them, the Mona Phil got terrified. And the Mona began galloping on his camel behind the Sahabi to try to make up some excuse before the Sahaba got there. So can you imagine the scene, the both of them are galloping on their camels, and the Prophet system is in the front of the army, and the water is coming down. And

00:54:22--> 00:54:58

before the man could get the Sahabi could get to the prophet SAW Selim, and explain to him the way he finished, and the profitsystem began reciting what Allah had revealed. Yeah, hello Romana, Hakuna and tunas Allah Allah him surah tune to know boom back be Murphy. Hello, OBEY Him that the munafo cone are terrified that Allah will reveal something that will expose what is in their heart. So he's reciting the tilava and the people that are running are not hearing what the process is because they're rushing to get there. The munaf jumps off the camel because he wants to show

00:55:00--> 00:55:22

Morse and he wants to be humble instead of coming on the camel and he comes running to the Prophet system and he thinks the Sahaba has told already and so he blurts out what he's gonna say. And as he blurts out, what he's gonna say, the prophet system is reciting the Quran. And the Quran quotes him before he even speaks.

00:55:23--> 00:55:28

Well, la had the most amazing scene, right? While in salt.

00:55:29--> 00:55:30

Lake colonna

00:55:31--> 00:55:32

of is up.

00:55:34--> 00:56:26

What an insult home la coruna in kuna, Now hold on a lab. If you were to ask them why they are saying this, they would say we're only laughing and having a good time. just just just a joke out of sort of La Avila where it was really cool quantum test, as you can say, Are you laughing and joking about Allah and His Messenger, you have nothing better to do than make jokes about a law. This is what you do. Law title. So the man this is a beautiful story will lie. It's an amazing story that the man is running to the profit center. And he is saying Yasuda law in America Nana hold Warner lab. And as he's saying this, right? The Profit System is saying if you were to ask them, they would

00:56:26--> 00:56:56

say in America No, no hold on a lab. And without even looking at the man and the process of goes on. And Allah is saying this isn't the Quran sudo tober verse 66. You can read it up, look it up. In fact, we will look it up next week in sha Allah, look it up and we'll look it up again. That Allah says lotta Taro, don't give me your excuses. Lotta Taro or the cat photos tomb. Bader, Mr. Nicol, you have committed Kufa after your email.

00:56:57--> 00:57:43

And the Sahabi said, I saw this Manasa running behind the camel because he's on the camel. And then now the guys on his foot running behind the camel of the process of him holding on to the stirrup. Now the camel is a tall animal and to hold on to this job, and he's being dragged by the camel. And the profit system would not even look at him. And he was just keep on repeating law title called the kafala to embarrass the monocle. Don't give me your excuses in the Quran, or in the Koran. Don't give me your excuses. You have committed koepfer. After your Eman And this is a very, very important lesson an incident that is extremely pertinent to the world that we live in that my dear brothers

00:57:43--> 00:58:24

and sisters we believe in something called decency and sanctity. We believe in something called holy. Yes, certain things are off limits of jokes. Yes. Contrary to many of the people who think that you can make fun of Allah and His messenger or make fun of their profits and their God. We say no, no. In fact, the Quran says very clearly to not make fun of their false gods. This is a verse in the Quran. We don't even believe in their gods Don't make fun of their gods. Because what's the point? Allah says you're gonna make fun of their gods, they're gonna go back and make fun of Allah Subhan Allah, what did you gain? So in our shadia? In fact, it is how long to make fun of the

00:58:24--> 00:59:15

sacredness of the the sanctity of even a god we don't even believe in. Yes, you may argue academically. Yes, you may say, How can this be a god or whatnot, but to mock or ridicule, which is sarcasm? No, you cannot do that. If that's a false god, how about to Allah and His messenger. And therefore, one of the actions that automatically are considered to be nullifying of one's Islam is to make fun of Alan His Messenger. It is impossible for a heart of a man to ridicule Allah and His messenger. Well, I mean, even to think about it our skin tingles. Isn't that thick is this is a man. This is a man, even the thought of ridiculing and putting down the process of the hotel set up in

00:59:15--> 00:59:31

LA. It's not possible. And therefore, those people in our times who are unstoppable, doing this, really it is impossible that they have a man and if they want to be forgiven, they have to re accept Islam.

00:59:32--> 01:00:00

In other words, you are not a Muslim. You might as well worship an idol. If you make fun of a lion is messenger, you are not a Muslim. And if you want to be forgiven, you need to re embrace Islam and say the Candyman Shahada over again and start with a new clean slate. And this is especially important because unfortunately, many of our young second generation you know, children being raised here, where there is no concept of sanctity. There is no concept of the

01:00:00--> 01:00:37

red line that you do not go beyond that you find many of our, you know, kids they think it's okay to crack a joke sofala demeaning to Allah and His messenger that how often do we have to teach them this? Now obviously if their children, we teach them and we say no, this is not what is to be done. Rather, this incident clearly proves Allah is saying law to do, don't give me any excuse for the follow from this literally other cat photo and by the monocle. And it's very explicit here that yes, you might have had a man. But when you make fun of Allah and His Messenger, and you say his stuff for the law, that they have fat bellies, and they have the, and it goes on, I don't want to mention

01:00:37--> 01:01:12

everything. But you get the point here, when you make fun of a lion is messenger, the prophet system and they say, how can you predict, you know, Syria in Rome, so you're doubting, and You're mocking you're laughing? It is even said that they were smacking each other. You know, when you get into a funny mood, you're, you're smacking and laughing. So they're joking. How can you tell us we're going to get Persia and Rome, that type of attitude. So you're making fun of the process in a in this manner that it did, don't give me any excuse. So a lot of xojo explicitly says in the Quran, to make fun of the religion of Islam to make fun of alone. His Messenger is something that cannot come from

01:01:12--> 01:01:23

the heart that has a man in a lush pineapple Tada. And therefore, a few final points that will conclude a shallow data, one of the most bizarre plots of them will not feel

01:01:24--> 01:01:46

occurred after these incidents when, you know, they made fun of Allah and His messenger. They did all of this one of the most bizarre plots of the entire theater. And unfortunately, we don't have that much details. We literally just have one or two narrations and abundance, how can we study than others is that some of them it is set around 14 of them actually attempted to assassinate the Prophet. So I said

01:01:47--> 01:02:16

they actually attempted to assassinate him. And it seems to be this was a spur of the moment thing that they tried, and it wasn't successful. And they just then went on their way. What happened was that the process that I'm in when they were traveling at night, so obviously there's a lot of people, he seemed to have separated. And he went on top of a valley or on top of a cliff, if you like. And so his Campbell, along with two or three of the Sahaba was on a precipice on a dangerous location. So

01:02:17--> 01:02:55

I might have been Yasser was there and they fought, even though the man was there. And so they narrate that. In the middle of the night, on one of the nights we saw around 1415. bandits with their faces covered, we didn't recognize them, they came, and they charged the camel of the profits alongside them. And our modern or they didn't know what's going on. They're protecting or whatnot. And the process of them, took some evasive maneuvers and went down quickly into the valley. And so they fled away. So the President said, Do you know who they were to Mr. Ebony acid? And he said, No, I did not recognize they were their faces were covered. So he said, they were over the moon, I feel

01:02:55--> 01:03:35

alone. They want to to throw me off the edge of the cliff trying to push the camel basically into a precarious situation. If you fall down, then at that stage, you're not going to survive. And so the process was the one whom Allah and Allah protected him in this manner, that he recognized what is going on, but they It was not known who were these particular people. So apparently not no punishment was given. And it was just moved on. Most of the Sahaba did not hear of this event, it was happened very quickly. And this is a very bizarre event, to be honest. And I wish there was more information but we only have just brief narrations in the Sierra about this. And then the Prophet

01:03:35--> 01:03:45

system returns back after we don't know exactly how long but probably around 50 to 60 days. He's coming back to Medina, two to three months, maybe even three months he was gone.

01:03:48--> 01:04:41

And here is where inside Bahati we learned that one of the Sahaba said, I was one of the children who ran outside to Sydney to Wada to welcome the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam this hadith in Bukhari, I was one of the children he remembers this as a child. I forgot his name. Malcolm, I think was his name. I was one of the children who ran outside. And we welcome Tim from 72 Wada and saniya todo de, I have said saniya was a mound or a hill. That's what athenia means. finia is a mound, just an uprising and what that is good by Wada and sunny Utah, Nevada was the hill that was located the north of Medina where the travelers would walk with their families.

01:04:42--> 01:04:59

for an hour and a half or so hour or so, when they got to Sania to Nevada. That's where they would embrace and say goodbye and then wait on the top of the hill and see the travelers go away. Right. That's funny. Yeah, total water, the mountain of goodbye or

01:05:00--> 01:05:09

The Mount of goodbye. And inside Wahhabi we only hear we learned that they want to throw in, they have these

01:05:10--> 01:05:11


01:05:12--> 01:05:41

And they have these. Not Shema and they have these book of miracles that I did I didn't know before. And if they happen is the Latin also known hackers were stuck. We learn that the Sahaba the women and the children and the people all went outside singing, but I'll bet through Eileen means any yawata wotja shokuhou. Elena, Madame de la dee da. So this famous poem, it is reported in LA hottie and just FYI.

01:05:43--> 01:06:02

When I was doing my theater lessons in Medina, this would have been 1997. So how many years ago was that 1997 17 years ago? So the paper that I wrote for that class was a discussion of the Hadeeth narrations of Alberto Elena, where do we get this point from? So I did a

01:06:03--> 01:06:23

research about where all of these narrations found, and like most of the Sierra, like most of the Sierra, there are, you know, missing links and whatnot. But there's not a problem because as we said, most of the Sierra, it doesn't have the same rigorous authenticity as the Hadith. And so it is reported in by Houthi and and hack him and others that this was the poem and

01:06:24--> 01:06:45

I have said this before, the biggest misconception that Muslims have is that this poem was said when the process of came to Medina as hedger, and this is completely wrong for multiple reasons. The simplest one of them is thaneeya, todo de is up north, and the process of came from Oba which is south.

01:06:46--> 01:06:51

And it is therefore not possible that they're saying by

01:06:53--> 01:06:55

any means any yada, yada. And he's coming from Makkah.

01:06:57--> 01:07:20

Right, it's not possible, the sun has come up to us from the sunny yada, yada, which means he's coming from up north. Okay, so, this poem was said, at the incident of evoke, not at the hijra, as it is commonly commonly misunderstood. And also another reason is that when the process of emigrated most of the city was not Muslim yet,

01:07:21--> 01:07:47

whereas into book 100%, of the city is Muslim, big difference between the two. So when he comes back after the book, then the whole city comes out. And that is when the woman and children and and people were singing about Alberto Elena, and then the process and returned to his message that he prayed to God. And almost immediately, he began accepting the delegations of the of the

01:07:48--> 01:08:00

the people who stayed behind including cab and we talked about that story there. Now, very quickly, we conclude inshallah, tada, what is really the primary benefit of the entire incident of

01:08:01--> 01:08:14

trouble tabuk Allahu Allah. And as I said, this is really one of the big mysteries, why did the process of go to book we actually do not know? And it really seems the only answer is Allah told him as a test and trial,

01:08:15--> 01:08:56

there doesn't seem to have been an immediate threat. There doesn't seem to have been anything that is tangible. It was Allah told him and this makes sense, because in the suta, Toba is very clear. In funeral if I was to go ahead and fight, oh, people, what is the matter with you, when Allah says go, you don't. So Allah commanded them. And so the test was for them to see if they did it or not, perhaps and this is the wisdom here to prepare them for the death of the process of them, and then the immediate conquest that would have to come right after. And the first conquest was same direction. So Allahu Allah, it is as if there are being led by the prophet system, to the very place

01:08:56--> 01:09:35

and the very land, that within a year, they're going to be going back up there. And they're going to be facing now the real enemy. And that is the Byzantine Empire. Right? And they're going to eventually conquer, beloved, the Sherman That's why, at the book, he tells them after my death, you will conquer bait to democritus. Right? So the, the context of that Hadith is not in the Medina, in the in the city city, the context is the book, and he's telling them that after my death, you're gonna have to count six things right after my death, make sure you have fluctuated democritus. So Allah who are them, what appears to be the most obvious wisdom, our process is about to pass away in

01:09:35--> 01:10:00

a year or a year and a half. He's about to leave. This is the final expedition. There is no war. Why, when this is the final expedition, because this was the most difficult expedition, merely to participate in, just to go at this point in time, leave the crops leave everything and give up all of that and go one month's journey. If you can do that, then the fighting is actually easier. It's easier to

01:10:00--> 01:10:39

Do the guitar then actually go up and, and come back down and give up your harvest and everything. So it was a test from Allah and the Sahaba passed the test, and therefore, what the main point was to open up northern Arabia. Now one can say that the presence of the process of solidified some of the tribes, which is true, but I don't see this as being the primary reason, aloha Island, it doesn't make sense. The small tribes have 500 people having a peace treaty, it doesn't make sense to bring 20,000 people up there for something as small as that a lot of what then is the wisdom, the Wisdom is what's going to happen in a year and a half, when larger armies are going to go up north

01:10:39--> 01:11:20

follow the same path. And this time, there will actually be Payton, this was the preparation, the process of them literally led them by the hand. And the next time they had to do it on their own. And that was the beginning of the conquest of Islam. And Allah knows best. It was as if he's telling them concentrate on be that the Sham on Friday, beta mock this. And that is exactly what happened. Because on his deathbed, when he is about to die in two or three days, what does he do in a week? What does he do? He prepares the army of Osama bin Zayed to go up north. So his mind was on already be that a sham. And that is why we have to book and we have Sam Evans aid. And that is why the very

01:11:20--> 01:11:55

first land that was in fact conquered was beloved to Sham in the reign of Abu Bakar. And the first day of the federal government. Well, you'll have to align with that we pretty much finished up the Battle of two book in shallow data. Next Wednesday, please all of you bring a Koran and your translation. And we will go over maybe not even the whole because it's too long. We'll live but I'll just choose some verses from suta Toba and I have done this as you know for better and for oceans and for zap. But for doba I mean, sorry for tabuk we have a long Surah

01:11:56--> 01:12:41

Surah Toba is literally like a juice and a half. You know, it's a huge amount. We cannot cope with the whole surah for better there's like 510 verses for oil. There's like 15 for Azov, there's like a page for the book, we cannot too much. But even if we can do every I just want to illustrate very quickly so that inshallah Why am I doing this by the way, two reasons. Firstly, to make the sila into a Quranic reality. We all too often disconnect to the Quran from the Sierra. And then secondly, to obtain the horseshoe when we listen to those verses, to know that this is what is being referred to, and to have this the memories of the Sierra as were entered are we as our moms are reciting.

01:12:41--> 01:12:52

This is a beautiful way to have your horseshoe and the Sala and Sharla. With that we will conclude for today, and next week inshallah, we'll take all the questions for the Battle of the book zharkova, located on Somalia,