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Virtually all praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek His help, and we seek his aid and we seek his refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Indeed whomever ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada guides, no one can miss guide, and whomever Allah chooses to misguide, no one can guide him back to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of our worship other than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and bear witness to testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the final worshiper and the final messenger and the most perfect human being who has ever walked on the face of this earth. As to what

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follows My dear brothers and sisters in Islam realize that Allah subhanahu wa taala has encouraged us and commanded us to be conscious of him to have Taqwa of him. Allah says in the Quran, yeah, you are Latina, Amanita Allah haka, Ducati he Walter Mouton, Illa, one two Muslim on all you who believe have Taqwa of Allah be conscious of Allah, and do not die except as a state of submitting yourself to Him. Do your brothers and sisters as we all know, the month of Ramadan is a few days away. And this month, has been called by many of our historians, by many of our chronic colors, the month of victory and the month of struggle. And that is because it is truly amazing to look back in our

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history and to realize that pretty much every single or I should say most of the major conquests that have taken place in our Ummah, the greatest conquests that have ever taken place in our own month. They occur predominantly primarily in the month of Ramadan. In other words, statistically speaking, one would think that one out of every 12 conquests should take place in Ramadan, because Ramadan is one month of the year. But when you look at Islamic history, you find that the greatest battles and the most decisive victories that the Ummah needed, sometimes at the most crucial points of his history, they all occurred in this month of Ramadan. And this is not a coincidence brothers

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and sisters, because this is the month of victory. This is the month of Allah's blessings. This is the month when genders doors are open Jahannam doors are closed. This is the month when the angels are sent out and the shayateen are chained up. This is the month where an individual Muslims conquer their own problems, their own sins. So why shouldn't the OMA collectively conquer its own problems and have its own victories in this month. And this is what we see collectively throughout our Islamic century. And the fact of the matter. When I sat down to write this whole book, I thought there will be five or six I can mention, but to Allah He the conquests continued to be more and more

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and more and I realized that I will have to choose out of more than a dozen conquests more than a dozen decisive battles that took place in this month of Ramadan, I will have to choose because of time constraints. So in today's hutzpah, I will mention six of the most important and the most decisive battles that took place in this month so that in sha Allah Who to Allah, we can take benefit, we can gain some some advantage, we can be optimistic that just like the own MK gained its victory throughout all of these battles in this holy month. So to in sha Allah to Allah, we can be victorious in our own personal battles, we can be victorious against our own internal enemies, just

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like the OMA was victorious over its external memories. So six battles, decisive battles, all of them took place in Ramadan, and by the way, not a coincidence, most of them took place in the final days of Ramadan Wallahi it is truly mind boggling. When you look at it. Most of these battles they took place in the Final Nights and the final days of Ramadan, which are the holiest time of the year. And once again, it is no coincidence at all. These are the blessed days of the year. These are the days when Allah's blessings come down on this earth. These are the days or the nights of those last tonight when the angels fill up the entire world. And it is the Knights upon a little other

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occurs. So why is it strange? Why is it something that is bizarre that in those 10 knights, the greatest victories the OMA has ever seen will take place. The first of the six is the first decisive battle of Islam and it is a battle that all of us are familiar with. And it is the battle of butter which took place the very first Ramadan after the Hijrah the very first month of Ramadan after the hijra, and this is the second

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Rama, Ramadan, the second to ah on the 17th of Ramadan in the second year of the hijra, we all know the story that a small group of Muslims barely 300 and number were expecting a caravan to pass by. So they were not prepared. They weren't wearing armor. This was a raid on a caravan. It was not an army expedition and raids and expeditions are two different things. And the Muslims were prepared to come in take the caravan of Abu Sufian and then bring it back to Medina and caravans are not guarded caravans do not have armies. Caravans do not have horses. Caravans do not have armors and weaponry. We all know the story. Abu Soufiane heard what happened he changed his route he sent for an army

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from Makkah, so 1000 soldiers from the Kurdish march forward 1000 armed men, with hundreds of camels, hundreds of horses, with military equipment, hundreds of suits of armor, and the Muslims were now wondering what to do. Should we proceed Should we go back and the prophets Assam gave that passionate speech that we all know and the Sahaba were all riled up and decided Ben wild said Ya rasool Allah, go forth for by Allah even if you take us into the ocean, we will go behind you. And this bottle of butter, the decisive victory that Allah calls yo Mel for con, the day that truth one over falsehood, it took place on the 17th of Ramadan. On this day, the icons of Kufa one after the

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other routes by Abner Robbia Shava Abner Robbia

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what he wrote about Abuja had passed away right after this as well. Abdullah had passed away in Makkah, all of these OMA had been heard of every single major icon of gopher was either killed or died right after the Battle of Budden, and the Muslims barely had a scrape, barely two or three people died and the Quraysh had 73 prisoners of war taken to Medina this day of foregone Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds the believers that on this day, Allah had promised you you would be victorious over one of the two groups either the caravan or the army, and you wanted the caravan because that was easier for you. But Allah subhana wa Taala had wanted something greater than that.

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You have Allah who will help kabhi Kalamata him so that the truth can be manifest over falsehood, this day of Ramadan, 17th of Ramadan was the first victory for the Muslims. And not coincidentally, it occurred smack in the middle of the month. And the lesson we learned from that victory for us this Ramadan, the lesson we learned is that you know what, we might not be fully prepared. We might not be fully prepared for that month. How many of us now are trepidation wondering how am I going to fast but just like the Muslims were not prepared for brother, but when brother came, they stood up for the challenge. One brother occurred they put their trust in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah gave them that victory, even if we feel unprepared for Ramadan, and many of us are spiritually and perhaps even physically unprepared right now, even if we feel unprepared, put our trust in Allah and Allah azza wa jal will cause us to be victorious in this month. The second of the six battles we will mention is the conquest of Makkah, which is the final major battle in the life of the prophet system, the beginning and the end, they both took place in Ramadan, the conquest of Mecca in the eighth year of the hijra, when our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the 23rd of Ramadan, the very beginning of the last 10 Nights, there are a date the odd

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night on the 23rd of Ramadan. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam marched into Mecca at the head of an army of 10,000. And the conquest of Makkah took place without any bloodshed, and the conquest of Makkah signaled the eventual conquest of the entire Arabian Peninsula. The conquest of Makkah, took place after so many years of struggle, 20 years of torture, 20 years of persecution, the death and the loss of so many loved ones Khadija Hamza Sadie been more as Zaid, ze this, the adopted son of the process and Kotova adopted son, all of these people have had to give their blood they have lost their lives, so many battles have taken place. But after 20 years of hardship, the victory

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comes in the final days of Ramadan. And the lesson that we learned brothers and sisters, is that patience always succeeds in the end, that no matter how long the struggle, no matter how difficult the journey, in the end, righteousness and Taqwa pays off when Akeeba too little McLaughlin the end result will be for those who have Taqwa. The third battle that we will mention is the battle of underdose. The Battle of underdose that took place

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Under the famous commander thought of urban Ziad, on the 28th of Ramadan in the year 93 hijra, corresponding to July of 711, and a few weeks ago, we gave detailed classes on under Lawson two weeks ago. I myself was also in underdose and we visited some of these very sites. Father, Ibn Ziad was a young general 19 years old, and he landed on the Jebel party of Gibraltar with barely a few 1000 men and he laid out the land and he sent for help from Musab the new Sade and Musa recite the governor sent him a few 1000 at max, he had 12,000 men and thought it had been Ziad face to the king of Spain, the king of the Visigoths by the name of King Roderick King Roderick of the Visigoths of

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Spain, a tyrannical ruler who had a massive army some Muslim books say up to 100,000 non Muslim books a 40,000. Whatever the case 12,000 For the Muslims 40 to 100,000 on the other side, and tada, cabins yards forces are landing from the ocean. And the forces of the Franks and the visie. Gods are on home turf. They're arrested, they're the ones with the military equipment. And in a decisive battle or I should say series of battles that lasted eight days from the 20th of Ramadan to the 28th of Ramadan. In a days the Muslim forces continuously bombarded King Rodricks settlements outside of the land of now. That is now kotoba Cordova, and eventually the Muslims want a resounding victory so

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that they celebrated Eid in that year as the victory over the Visigothic kingdom. And this victory opened the door for the conquest of half of Europe. As we all know, the Muslims reached 100 miles outside of Paris. Literally in the year 756. The Muslims conquered all the way up, they conquered half of the conquered all of Spain, other than a small strip in the top, they conquered half of France, and they made their way outside of the gates of Paris, and this is New Year 756. Then they were beaten back and they had under Lucia southern Spain for 750 years until the fall of Granada in 1492. But the decisive battle that opened the way for European Islam, for Islam to flourish in a

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land of Europeans were the people were Europeans. And the language was Arabic, even though the civilization was was European was the land of under those and its decisive victory took place once again, in the final days of the month of Ramadan. In the year 93 Hijra. Barely a year later, we get to our fourth battle barely a year later. And those were the good old days. Those were the glory days. One battle being fought here. The other battle being fought there one conquest after another in the year 94 Hegira. Another decisive battle takes place in the final days of the month of Ramadan, once again the month of Ramadan, but it is on the other side of the world, not on the

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European side. This is the battle that took place under Mohammed ibn Qasim from the tribe of Turkey and thought if and it is taking place in the province of Sindh, in the land of India had judge had been used to have had sent Mohammed bin Qasim to battle one of the kings that had hijacked Muslim ships and he had molested the women on the ship and he had done things to the Muslims. Hijab had been used so sent a small army under the leadership of a relative of his and that is Mohammed ibn awesome. And Mohammed Al Qasim, another young man in his 20s Mohammed bin Qasim came with barely a few 1000 troops and Indian cavalry and Indian swards and Indian horsemen were feared throughout the

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medieval world and in my Sierra classes I mentioned even Indian swords are mentioned by the prophets of salaam as being of the best swords of the time. Indian warriors were feared at that time in place. Mohammed bin Osem came with barely a few 1000 men and he fought the king the raja he was called Raja Raja Dahir of a land a province, which is now in modern Sindh. And he faced Raja here and the Raja had of course, typical Indian style. He had 1000s of troops, hundreds of elephants, and the Muslims had not faced elephants in India, but through tactics through Power of Allah azza wa jal through the mudra and blessings of Allah. Mohammed had been awesome fought a decisive battle in

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Ramadan of 94 Hijra and he destroyed the troops of of Raja had King died and he killed King die here. And this opened up and paved the way for the establishment of a small Principality of Muslims in what is currently sinned outside of Karachi to the current the modern country of Pakistan. A small if you like Sultan, it began from the Muslims from the time of the Sahaba and this was the land of Moulton, and the land of Macron and

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In the land of Sindh, and there was a dynasty we talked about this in my previous classes, the Habad dynasty that flourished their Muslim kings that flourished in Muslim if you'd like India for hundreds of years, until other Islamic civilizations came more than US Navy and others, but this Islamic civilization began in the time of the sahaba. And what opened the doors was the decisive battle that took place in Ramadan of the year 94 Hijra. And that place where the Muslims established their land where the Muslims established a sultanate. That place has remained a Muslim land up until modernity and the modern nation state of Pakistan. Of course, it includes this territory that goes

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back to that very time and Pakistanis pride themselves on inshallah This is a halal pride that Pakistan is the only nation state in modernity that was founded with the name of Islam and through the explicit purpose of protecting Muslims. And we can take pride in the fact that during the time of the Sahaba, Mohammed bin Qasim opened up a land that is currently sitting inside the domains of Pakistan. It is literally 100 miles outside of Karachi, and the remnants of the cities that were established the remnants of Milan and Macron, which were, by the way, magnificent civilizations, the architecture, they had so many technological advancements that the other Indians were marveling at

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the remnants of those civilizations to this day exist. All of this began in the month of Ramadan in 94 Hijra. The fifth of our six battles to remind us of the blessings of this month is of course, perhaps the single most important battle that ever took place after the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is a battle that every Muslim should know every Muslim should be aware of, especially in light of current political circumstances. And that is the famous battle of hit clean that took place in the year 583 Hijra corresponding to September 11 87. See, and of course, the Battle of hit clean is the famous battle where the greatest general after holiday

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vanilla did and that is Salahuddin Allah UB reconquered. Our city of Jerusalem from the invading crusaders after it had been left after it had been in Frankish hands in European hands for over 93 years. And the battle of hit theme was a final assault that Salahuddin a UB had been planning for many, many years. And the battle of heathland took place once again, in the final days of Ramadan in the year 583. Ah, in fact, on the final day of the battle, the soldiers spent most of the night praying tarawih and tahajjud. Most of the night they were praying tarawih and tahajjud, asking Allah for victory, because they realized that without dua, without dua, nothing would happen without Allah

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being on their side. There was no point in all of the army and the weapons that they had. And so it was in the final days of Ramadan, that Salahuddin Allah UB won over the the Frankish kingdoms, and he entered the city of Jerusalem. And as we all know, when the Christians had entered Jerusalem 90 years ago, they slaughtered every single man, woman and child and the streets of Jerusalem were flowing with Muslim blood. We all know once Salahuddin entered the city, the Christians were trembling thinking, just sleep that Salahuddin should do as they did unto them, as you do unto others there shall be done unto you An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, this is the law of

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humanity. They believe Salahuddin would do the same thing to them, and they were trembling and begging for their lives and the king was on his knees begging for his life. And Salahuddin gave that famous response that the prophets of Allah who either he was seldom taught us when he conquered Makkah to forgive and to turn the other cheek. Go for your free today. So Salahuddin Allah UB did not do as the Christians had done when they conquered Jerusalem, and he guaranteed safe passage to every single person because you know, mobs get angry troops get angry. He had troops stationing to protect the Christians from the angry mobs, Muslim mobs from the angry troops that nobody is going

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to harm them. And he let every single man woman and child the same people that have been fighting the Muslims, even the soldiers were forgiven and this act of magnanimity, magnanimity won the hearts of Europe. So to this day, Saladin is a hero, even amongst the non Muslims, because of this act of generosity, once again, it took place when did it take place in the holy month of Ramadan, look at all of these conquest, conquest in the East conquest in the West conquest in the heart of Islam, and all of them are taking place in the month of Ramadan. And it shall Allah from this we gain that the greatest moments of our life, our own personal victories should be during this month that just like

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the Omer conquered his external foes,

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No matter how big they were, no matter how diverse they were, we as Muslims can conquer our internal foes, we can conquer our personal vices and sins, no matter how diverse they are, no matter how great they might seem, and the final conquest that we'll mention, and once again, I reiterate the fact of the matter. In my quick research for this cookbook, I found over a dozen significant conquests, and I don't have time to go over all of them. So I chose around half of them for this cookbook. So I don't think this is an exhaustive list. The final conquest that we will mention is the battle of Angel Lutz in the year 658 hijra, corresponding to September 1260, and not a

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coincidence look at all of these dates, the 25th of Ramadan in the year 658 Hijra. Look at all of these battles the last 10 days of Ramadan when the OMA is being blessing, what is the battle of Angel route and what will make you understand what is the battle of Angel route? Well, Allah He brothers and sisters, the greatest calamity that the OMA has ever faced after the death of the Prophet system, political calamity was the invasion of Ganges Khan, Genghis Khan, the invasion of the Mongols. This was the greatest political tragedy that has ever happened. And I have said before that it is in fact even worse than what happened in World War One and the Sykes picot agreement and

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the breaking up of the OMA. The Mongol invasion was even worse than what happened 100 years ago, and the Mongol invasion and again, time is limited and the time is almost up already. In the Mongol invasion, Ganga is Han started off from Mongolia. He united his tribes and he started fighting westward, and what is west of Mongolia, some are and so he entered somewhere and himself and he stomped into the masjid and he desecrated the masjid. And he told the Muslims and this is literally recorded in the books of history, that I am your God's punishment on you because you have abandoned your religion. This is Ganga is Khan in the masjid of somebody hung on the member and he told the

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Muslims, you didn't act according to your faith. And the story is long because they had cheated him. They had been rude and crude. They had killed one of his emissaries, and this is under Slavic and it's not even allowed according to the laws of the land they had stolen and cheated from Genghis Khan. Otherwise he would never have invaded, so he invaded them and he destroyed one of the mightiest civilization somebody on Bukhara, Tashkent. And he said to them, because you are not faithful to your God, Your God has sent me to punish you. And he said this in the masjid of summer con, but that was just the beginning. his children and his grandchildren after him for the next 100

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years. They ransacked and ravaged the Muslim land from Afghanistan onto Iran on to Iraq in 1256. They surrounded Baghdad, the capital of the Abbas at Empire and after a long siege and a ruse and a tactic that they use. They then conquered Baghdad and one of the greatest massacres in human history before World War One World War Two when I told me bombs were invented, one of the greatest massacres of human history is the rape of Baghdad in 1256. When Ganga is Hans grandson, hula Kohan this has his grandson, his grandson, destroyed the city of Baghdad, the greatest city of humanity at that time, got rid of over a million books, and it has said over a million human beings were massacred

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one head after another chopped off until finally and the Abasa Cleophas. Watching this until finally the last man to die was the Abbas Al Khalifa and his own families. But that wasn't the end of it. That was the beginning of the end as well. They continued marching westward on to Damascus, onto Syria onto Philistine and they made their way all the way to Egypt. Pause here think from Mongolia to Egypt. This is the Mongol invasion, and they have ravaged and ransacked the entire Muslim world. Muslim historians at the time, literally thought this is the AMA. They thought This is Julian Matt Jude. They thought the sun is gonna rise tomorrow from the west that's it. They could not imagine a

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future. And Allah subhana wa Taala blessed a small dynasty that was hitherto unknown. Nobody had heard of them called the mum Luke's they were ruling over a small area of Egypt and Allah bless the mum looks to stand up against a group of people whom the Muslim supernaturally superstitions it believed they weren't even human. Muslims began to believe that the Mongols were not human beings. They're young, Jewish and Jewish, because not a single civilization, the Christians because they invaded Europe as well. The Muslims nobody had defeated the Mongols yet. The Muslim general stood up and that famous general of course, Weber's was one of them, and that was was another and these were,

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of course Mamluks they weren't they were Muslims from a Turkish civilization, but of course they were proud Muslims. They stood up against one of the generals of hurrah Kohan and they fought him in the plains of Angel loot. It is

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said this is where Goliath himself basically fought against David and Goliath took place over there. So it's called the angel with and Allah knows best. So they stood up in that small Principality of Angel route. And they, for the first time in the history of the Mongols inflicted a decisive blow on the Mongol army. And once again this took place 25th of Ramadan in the year 658 hijra, and they never recovered after that this invasion was such a shock to the Mongols that they stopped their conquest and they seceded back, and in fact, their rulers that they had put in Syria and in other places amazingly, and this can only come from Allah subhanho wa taala, the very descendants of

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Ganges Han eventually converted to Islam. And they started the Ohana dynasty and they started the Mughals of India, all of these the Mughals or the Mongols from the same bloodline. So the very descendants of Genghis Khan, they tried to conquer Islam, Islam ended up conquering them and they became rulers for Islam. But the decisive battle that began the turn was the Battle of iron Giroud. Once again in the month of Ramadan, the point being brothers and sisters, these are six decisive battles. Every one of them was a turning point for the OMA, every one of them was a major battle that quite literally changed the course of history. And it is not a coincidence that every one of

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them took place in the month of Ramadan. And therefore brothers and sisters, as we are about to enter this month, let us ask ourselves, if the Amma can be so victorious, how about just me and you? Surely we can do so much more? If the OMA has been blessed to such a level, they can stop the Mongols they can read conquer Jerusalem, they can unite all of Arabia, if the OMA can be blessed with so much then surely me and you insha Allah to Allah, our goals are so much lower. Our goals are so much more modest. I just want to be a better person. I want to be a better Muslim. I want my sins to be forgiven in sha Allah Who to Allah, we too can conquer our personal vices in our personal

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faults just like the previous civilizations were blessed so much in this month, May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us life to reach this month and to be forgiven in this month. BarakAllahu li configured on the other hand, whenever any what yeah, come be my fee him and it was declared Hakeem of automata Simone was stuffed with aloha the melody welcome what is certainly Mr. Magoo, the manifesto flew in the halls of Fudo Rahim.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Hill wa had an aha Samad Allah de la mia did Willem youlet welcome your Kula hookah phone I had what do I do? Can I have the brothers please move forward we are already packed in the back. One final piece of advice and reminder to myself in all of you and inshallah of course the next few weeks in the month of Ramadan our goodbyes will all be about Ramadan inshallah to Allah and Moti is pretending to Ramadan. One final advice brothers and sisters is that our Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam gave us three ways to be forgiven in this month. Whoever fasts Ramadan, believing in Allah and expecting Allah to reward him shall have all of his sins forgiven.

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Number one, Inshallah, we will all do that all of us will faster out the days. Number two, whoever prays the nights of Ramadan, believing in Allah and expecting Allah to reward him, all of his sins will be forgiven. And number three who ever praised on the night of Laila to other also his sins will be forgiven. I want to remind myself, myself and all of you. Let us not trivialize number two, at Hamdulillah. Pretty much the OMA fasts in the month of Ramadan. And I mentioned this statistic before Gallup poll, which is one of the most prestigious polls in the world did a survey of religious rites of religious festivals and activities of all the world's religions. And they asked

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which is the most practiced aspect of any religion? Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Number One On The List by far there was no number two in the same ballpark. Number one, by far was the fast of Ramadan, I forgot now is that over 75 80% of the Muslim ummah, fast the month of Ramadan Alhamdulillah. That's a beautiful sign, a beautiful thing. We should be happy at it. Let's not make fun of those Muslims that only become religious in Ramadan. The fact that they become religious in Ramadan is a sign of Eman and we should welcome that. And hamdulillah but my encouragement to you right now is not just the fast, there is another mechanism. There is Plan B we have plan A that's

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fasting, there is a plan B we should all make sure we try it and that is to pray the nights of Ramadan. And I encourage myself and all of you if we're able to pray in the masjid Alhamdulillah that's great. It's excellent. The spirituality the ambience, the feeling the recitation in Sheldon MIT we have a quartet a religious lecture every single day and this year we will concentrate on the names of Allah subhana wa Tada and here at our masjid and of course we encourage you to go to although the misogyny

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Our Masjid we advertise it as family friendly taraweeh we have a policy begin at 10 and finish on weekdays at 1115. We understand like the night is late, we don't want everybody to stay too late. So we have family friendly children have their babysitting by 1115 on weekdays we inshallah promise you as much as we can, we will be done so that we can we can have an early night and our Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Whoever prays with the Imam until the Imam finishes, Allah will bless him as if he prayed the whole night. So we will play pray an hour and a half and inshallah we hope that Allah rewards us for the whole night. But if you are not able to come to the masjid, then still pray

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at home and that is completely fine and you will get the reward and you will get the pleasure of having prayed every single night. So if you're not able to pray at the masjid then pray at home and you may hold the Quran in this because it's nothing Salah tarawih has nothing Salah it's not wajib you cannot hold the Quran and afford sada but in the Tarawih prayer, you can hold a copy of the Quran and you may read from the Quran if you want. And these days you have the iPhone and the eye tablets and whatnot, you can use that as well. Or if you want to just recite the short sutras but the point is pray those apricot and then the three Witter as the minimum do this every single night

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for the entire month make this my goal that along with fasting I will pray every single night bit why? Because you want to obtain the blessings that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever stands the night and prayer every single night than all of his deeds will be forgiven. May Allah subhana wa Tada cause our fastings to be blessed it may Allah subhana wa Taala facilitate these difficult days of fasting may Allah subhana wa Taala provide us the nourishment and allow us to conquer our thirst in the summer months. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the suburb to overcome the difficulties of Ramadan May Allah subhana with Allah bless us to accept our fasts May

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Allah subhana wa Taala allow all of us to stand the nights of Ramadan in pm and in tahajjud and in total we may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow all of us to finish at least one recitation of the Quran cover to cover May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our good deeds in this month. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless each and every one of us to be charitable to be extra charitable in this month. May Allah subhanho wa Taala cleanse our hearts forgive our sins exalt our ranks and save us from the fire of help in this blessed month. Everybody Allah and Allah to Allah Amara can be everyone better be he be enough so within Nabi Malika como se with her let her become a you have known him and Ginny

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he will ensue for call me and call it an anima in Allah How am I that Ekata who you saw Luna other Nebby Yeah, you heard Athena Amman or Sol Lu Allah He was selling him with a steamer Allahumma salli wa sallam whereby they called Abdic or Sudha Mohammed in WA the he was a big Marine, everybody Allah in Allah to Allah Buddha will they will assign a waiter orba while Yun hylafax che will Moon carry well belly, your Illumina Allah consider karoun Oh the Corolla had other you may have come wash Kuru he has come what are the Corolla? heeta Allah Akbar Wa Optimus Allah