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The incidents that transpired in Mecca post the Battle of Badr make up this video by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi.

The soldiers who had returned back from Badr was Al Haysamaan al Kuzaee who informed the people of Quraysh of the death of their key members such as Ubtah, Shaybah, Abul Hakim, Umayyah ibn Khalaf. How did Allah get rid of the very last of the Quraysh, Abu Lahab?

What blessings have been conferred on the people who participated in the Battle of Badr? Numerous Hadith are known that illustrate this very aspect. Jibreel AS came down himself and asked the Prophet ﷺ, “How do you view those of Badr?” and the Prophet ﷺ said those who participated in Badr were “the best of us”.

Next in line for discussion is the the incident of Hatim ibn Abi Balta’a and his betrayal of trust of the Prophet ﷺ. Why did he do so? What is the Prophet ﷺ verdict on this? The Prophet ﷺ used Badr to raise the status of Hatim. How? Shaykh Yasir provides suitable answers.

What was the effect of the Battle of Badr?

  • The establishment of the Muslims as a separate entity.
  • Demoralization for the Quraysh.
  • Internal treachery within Madinah for the first time ever.

The final part of the video is a detailed analysis of the Tafseer of Surah Anfal which was revealed on the land of Badr quite literally.

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left off, the very last incident we talked about was, was what? Who could remind me?

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I went into this whole tangent of Indian Islam. How about a dynasty, right? And we are talking about how interesting and unique and strange it is that here is one person who actually caused the miscarriage to the grandson of the prophet SAW Selim. And yet Allah had written that his progeny would have great days and honor in Islam. And he was one of the founders actually is named after him to have bodies are named after this very person. How about that? He had an entire dynasty in what is now Pakistan for over 100 130 years or so. In any case, getting back to the story of budget. Now, we talked about the processes returned, we talked about the prisoners of war, what happened in Mecca.

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in Mecca, Eben Cassia narrates even Casio tells us some incidents that happened in Mecca. He tells us that the first of the soldiers to return back from brother the first of the poor, those who have turned their back and run away, right because the orange had broken up Helter Skelter. They had literally just fled for their lives, and then regrouped and then made their way back to MCC. And this is interesting, they didn't even have a plan B, they did not even have a plan B what's going to happen if we fail, they were so confident that they're gonna win. There's no plan of failure, what is going to happen, where should we regroup? And so they came back to Makkah in groups and batches.

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The very first person who came back was a Hey, Simon, who's Are you a handsome man? Oh, Jose has the mantle Jose. And when he entered MCI, they saw him in his statement and fashion you can imagine. There are no details, but you can imagine bloodied wounded, maybe his horses missing or something, but something was definitely amiss. And so they asked him What is the matter? And he answered in a dreary tone, that rutabaga has been killed. Robbie has been killed shaybah has been killed, I would have come has been killed or my wife has been killed. Zuma have been so it has been killed. In other words, he doesn't even know where to begin. Like it's complete disaster and he lists a who's who I

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will both Terry has been killed. Abu Jamal has been killed. Now this is as I said, it is unbelievable for them even for us when you really understand the victory of brother Willa it is just amazing how many people one after the other. And they were three times the strength of the Muslims and and and so he comes back and he kept on naming until finally, they said this guy has gone mad. He's must have gone crazy. It's not possible. He's listing everybody. You know that everybody who was in Makkah he's listing them. And when the news reached back to Safari, even omiya now this is the son of Romania Ben Hello. So find even Romania, the son of oma even holla. Right, when the news

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reached back to so for anybody omiya he was sitting with his back to the cabin, like inside the walls of the of the the cabin, I mean, basically inside the hedgerow. And he said, this is simply impossible. This man has gone crazy. Go ask him. Where is one meaning himself? Because he thought he's gone crazy. So once he hears a name that is supposed to be not killed, he's gonna say he's killed as well. Right? So he's saying, this guy's gone crazy. Go ask him. What is the head of soft one, even omega? And so one is sitting right there, that at a distance he's looking. So somebody goes to him and says, Oh, hi, Simon. And what happened to soften a bit over here? So this is a trick

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question, right? So he looks at him and he said, Stefan is sitting right over there. And I saw with my own eyes, how they killed his father and brother.

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So finally sitting right there, and I saw with my own eyes, I was there when they dragged his father and brother and they killed him in front of me. Right. And this made them realize that this is not a crazy person. This is the truth. And slowly but surely, the filters began to come back and it was a time of great grieving of Great Depression.

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And it was as if the biggest icing on the cake that was to occur, it was as if Allah azza wa jal had willed that he saves perhaps one of the best for the very last. And that is the death of Abu lahab de Bhatia abelia have been What up? The only senior person who was of the scum of Mecca really the worst of Makkah, was Abu lahab. Everybody else we I've said this so many times before, that those who had an ounce of decency many times they were the ones who were saved. And the best example of this is, is who I was Sophia. I was the best

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Example of this and many others as well. So hey, they've been out or others generally, they had some dignity, some decency for themselves. And what happened was Abu lahab he did not participate. Why did he not participate? Who can remind me? This goes back a few lessons, or what did you do to get out of participation Bula hub.

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He hired somebody to go in his place. He hired somebody to go in his place. And also, frankly, probably because he was the chief of the new Horsham they understood that it's a bit too awkward for him to go. So they didn't pressure him, unlike the pressure on me and others, they did not pressure him to go, because this really was against everything they stood for. That is your own mini tribe is coming and fighting against you. Now, when Abu lahab heard of this news, he could not believe this. And it is said he went into a type of depression. And he waited for the time of Abu sufian to come back. And he said, I'm going to ask Abu sufian directly, I don't believe any of these researchers.

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Maybe they ran away out of fear, Maybe something happened. I'm going to wait for my friend, Abu sufian. So

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while they were waiting, Abu sufian finally Abu sufian did return. And they met at the house of Abbas who was a prisoner of war. And I boss the uncle over the processor is a prisoner of war. And a bus Of course right now is tied up in literally tied up in Medina. And so our bus, his wife, and his servant are at home. And there are buses, brothers, of course, Abu lahab, right. Abu lahab is his older brother. So I will have his for some reason. Perhaps that was a bigger house. We don't know the reason he was there. And Abu sufian came over there to to inform him what happened. So whenever sofian came, Abuja has said, Sorry, I would not have said, I would not have said, Tell me face to

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face tell me exactly what happened. So

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Abu sufian told him that By Allah, as soon as we meaning our site, which we found was not there, obviously, but he's hearing the news. As soon as we met the Muslims.

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It was as if they overpowered us without us doing anything.

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It was beyond our power to fight them, that they took prisoners as they pleased, and they killed as they pleased.

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And despite all that happened, I cannot criticize my own side. I can't criticize the orange. Because by Allah I saw a group of men with white faces riding horses that were black and white, which is the epitome of Arabian horses, the stallions, right? So these were men that he thought they were men, obviously they're angels, riding horses that were black and white hovering between the heavens and earth. None of us could empower them, none of us could overpower them. So when he's telling this news, and he's dejected, he's sad. And Abu lahab is also depressed. The slave of an Ibis who was listening in and he was a slave, he's cooking the food, he's preparing their whatever, you know,

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whatever they're, he's preparing. He's not supposed to be listening anyway, and he's a slave. Even if he's listening. He's not supposed to comment. It's not his place to comment. But these are Muslims. And this is an important point here that now Allahu Allah talked about Ibis. Two weeks ago. It appears that Abbas was a nominal Muslim up until the Battle of butter that he had said he is a Muslim. But that real Eman had not entered until the one incident what is the one incident?

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his money?

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his money, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told him Where is his money, right? And he said, Well law he need a shadow, unlike a lot of pseudo law, that that was one very clear that now for sure. This person is the Prophet of Allah. So what this means is that his wife, his slave, they have embraced Islam from before. It is also said, By the way that his wife, woman father, she had embraced Islam, the Second Lady after Khadija does, she's a very early convert. And perhaps this explains, our bus had embraced kindness solely because of her. Right. And so he's kind of nominal. And then it takes a while for a man to enter his heart as it did, and the Battle of button after the

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Battle of butter, he is a Muslim, and he is sending reports to the profitsystem as he will do, and later on, right. So in the Battle of button, this is the turning point for him. His wife is a Muslim, and obviously we'll learn his slave is also a Muslim now, so his slave is listening in, and he hears all of this, and he's eager to find out what happened when he hears this he jumps up for joy. And he says he will lie. Those were the angels. He will lie Those were the angels helping the Muslims. Now it's pretty clear where his loyalty is, is pretty clear. He couldn't help himself that he's so happy that the Muslims one he jumped up and he basically said Oh,

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Welcome back, as the equivalent, you know, like he's so happy that the Muslims won. Now, Abu lahab, when he saw this slave commenting back to him, rejoicing at the defeat of the parish, he his anger, just basically he lost it. He lost his anger. And he jumped up, threw him to the ground, started beating him almost to death. And he's a slave, he can't really if he even if he wanted to defend, I mean, he's gonna have a worse ending later on, you know. And when his slave is being pummeled now omal father, the wife of a bus, she comes out, and she physically tries to stop a Bula hub from killing the slave. And he turns on her and he begins beating her up. Now, this is a man who's he's

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lost it right. He's basically all of that frustration. And she is now wounded. And so she responds back with the fierceness, the anger, the ferocity, she says. So, when they say it, meaning, the same meaning the Lord of the house, when they say it is gone, this is what you do to his household. Meaning what type of protector are you supposed to be our protector, your, you know, my brother in law, you're the chieftain. And when they say it goes away, this is what you do, you beat my his wife you beat, you almost kill the slave. And this made him feel so ashamed. He fled from the house in a state of humiliation and guilt. And he was afflicted with a type of disease, the books of the books

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of Sierra mentioned various diseases. But he was not seen basically after this. And he died a death out of sickness, we're not going to call it a natural death, he died as a result of misery as a result of whatever it is some say a type of worm came to him. But within a few days after this incident, he passed away, he died. And so a lot of xojo basically got rid of the very last of those evil batch of the kurush. And this last one was none other than the uncle of the process of them. A Buddha, even as half mentioned, that, once all of the once all of the people have a chorus returned, MK was enveloped with the Wailing noises of the women, you know how the women used to wail and the

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days of Jackie Lee, that all of Mecca began to will every household had somebody wailing. Remember the dream of Attica, all the way so many months back the dream of article we talked about it, right? Every house, a boulder came in, hit it. So this is now that reality. Every house was willing. And

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when Abu sufian heard all of this, he convened the gathering of the corporation. He said, for the first time in the history of the Arabs, he said, From now on, no woman shall will. Why?

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Because we don't want to cause any happiness to the Muslims, when they hear that all of Mecca is willing.

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Right? You see that the point here that we don't want any pleasure to be derived from our women willing. And so the decree came that it is not allowed for women to Well, this was the only time that yahudi Arabs did this. And it is said that is what the blend metallic was a distant uncle of the processor. He had lost all three of his sons at Bethel. And it is said he shall mentioned that one night he heard a woman wailing. So he became happy and he said, Go and ask her has the band been lifted, so that I can will over my son and he especially he loved his youngest, his name was Zuma, Zuma, Zuma, Zuma. That's what was one of the big names in the battle, a brother that died on the

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side of the crush. So he said, Go find out from that woman, perhaps the Wailing ban has been lifted, so that I can will over my son, Zuma, the servant went, came back and said, No, she's not willing over her. Loved One, she's willing over a lost camel, because you're allowed to wheel over

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anything other than butter. So she's wailing over the last candle. Even Kathy had mentioned here that this was a further means that allow us to punish them. Because they would derive much comfort in Wheeling over their dead. And it would make their pain more bearable. When everybody's willing in the household comes together and the women are all raising their voices and whatnot. This would bring them a sense of of comfort. Why? Because we're showing that we are making up for our loved one. We're showing our loss, our grief. So by showing our grief, this is bringing comfort to our hearts. Even Kathir says by Abu sufian preventing the Wailing Allah was using this to make their

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grief even more. They have to bottle up their grief. They're not even allowed to cry as they were used to crying.

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Now there's another interesting incident related to the Battle of butter

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which is mentioned in sunanda Timothy

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All of you know of it in a vague manner, but not many people associate it with this incident the bottle of butter, and that is that

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on the same day as the Battle of butter, many hundreds of miles away the Byzantine Romans and assassinate Persians were fighting

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many 1000s of miles away. And in a twist of fate that was unexpected Alaska that obviously in a twist of fate was completely unexpected. The Persians were viciously defeated.

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The Persians were defeated, despite the fact that the Romans were going down for a while, and the Persians were getting bigger and bigger. Right. And they had had a major war before this a few years ago, and Allah had revealed sort of the room The first is the flam MIMO Liberty room. Now, the suit of the room came down perhaps the seventh year of the hitch, or perhaps the sixth year sorry, not the original, the dour, the sixth or the seventh year of the Dow early on in Mecca, the middle of the Mexican stage, and the Roman power was going down was ebbing. And the Persian power is getting stronger and stronger. And so a lot of xojo told the Muslims and Islamic holy bottom Alif Lam Meem

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the Romans have been defeated meaning in this battle that already taken place.

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All the while home men by the holla be him c'est la buena February seen. This is one of the most explicit predictions in the Quran. Because it's clearly in the future. Only but the room is in the past the Romans have been defeated. This happened already. Then Allah says, but after this defeat wahoo member Allah be him after this defeat sayana llevan they will be the victors fee bill Gracie need in a few years.

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Lola Hill, Roman cavalry woman back to Allah belongs the ultimate control from the beginning to the end, while yo ma even yes for me no Nabina sorella. And on that day, the day that the Romans went over the Persians, the believers will be celebrating the victory of Allah. So there's two predictions. Number one, the Romans will win over the Persians. And number two on the very day that that is happening. The Muslims will Yeah, for whom will be rejoicing with the help of Allah subhana wa tada with the victory of Allah subhana wa Tada. Now,

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when the sort of the room came down, well, they have been cut off who's no longer alive now? Well, they have a height of one to aboubaker and he mocked him. And he said, Do you really think that the Romans will win the Persians after this vicious defeat after this humiliating defeat, and had we been alive as well, we would have sympathized politically that is impossible for this mighty nation. The Romans had a lot of internal conflict going on. The Persians had consolidated they had had a lot, a lot of victories. And it was just one victory after another, and a lot predicted something that was unbelievable. He said the Romans would be victorious over the Persians. So they said, Do

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you really think the builder is sinning, that the Romans will win over the Persians? And abubaker said yes, of course, I do. So obey said let us wager let us bet, let us see who's right. And this was of course, in the days of MCC, and there's no there's no how long you know, betting Firstly, secondly, you're not betting because you know the outcome, right. So, whatever you want to do, you cannot justify gambling from this from this incident. So, they set a wager they set an amount and

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obey said how many years? Because the Quran says the builder and builder it means in a few. So obey said how many years? So boubakeur said, six years, six years, six years past, and the Romans didn't when the Persians so boubakeur lost the bet. So he had to pay up all of the candles that he had promised he had to pay up. Now, Battle of button obey ties on the very same day as the battle. And we know this from non Muslim books of history. By the way, this is an interesting point here, that Islamic theater it coincides perfectly with Western events when you read them. And those people who doubt the preservation of sooner, those people who doubt have had been preserved or not, those

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people who doubt the Sierra has been preserved not every incidents we find we can link it to its equivalent. And this clearly shows us historically speaking that the Sierra has been preserved to a great extent. So we know for a fact that on the very same day as butter heraclius had launched a fierce offensive against holstebro. The second heraclius launched a fierce offensive against Cousteau the second and by the color of Allah, who throw the second two of his generals defected.

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Two of his major flanks, defected and one of his family members

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plotted against hospital to have overthrow him, you know how it goes with these royal families, right. And so right before the battle, it's as if his right hand was cut off hospitals. I mean, it's as if you know, internally there's things going on to have the generals with their entire flanks they're not fighting on his side. And therefore he suffered a resounding defeat on the exact same day as the Battle of brotherhood being fought outside of Medina 1000 something miles away in the in the lands of Horus and in the lands of Iran, modern Iran, the armies of Israel, the second had a very, very dismal if you like, defeat, and

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Allah azza wa jal predicted this so many years before and the Muslims did not even find out on the day of better

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because it's going to take two weeks for the news to reach them.

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And of course, by that time, it's too late Abubakar has lost the vet obey is already dead. And it is said there is a weakness in this regard, that when the process that I'm heard, he said, This Hadeeth is most likely weak but linguistically is right. He said, Why did you say six? builder it can mean up till nine which is true, linguistically. It's true. Why did you say six feet below a scene in a few years and the Arabic few, it goes from three to nine. So Obama took the middle, six to nine, it goes through saris three to nine he said six is the middle and it is said and most likely the height is Rupa. But linguistically it's right that the process of told him Why did you say six you should

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have said nine. And in fact it was in fact eight and a half years after the idea came down that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave them that victory, one or two final points and then inshallah we will show some slides and then to sort of unfold one or two final points about the Battle of butter.

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Firstly, the status of the people of butter. I've already mentioned gibreel came down himself and he asked the prophet SAW Selim that how do you view the people of butter and the process and responded we view them as the best of us. And so gibreel said, similarly, we view the angels who participated in butter as the best of us. So Allah sent Julio down to inform us the status of the people of butter, and in Sahiba hottie emammal Buhari has a whole book called The Book of the blessings of the people of butter, and full of it, and

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one of them is the Sahabi by the name of Hadassah, Eben Soraka he had died to Shaheed and it is said he was one of the first shades in the Battle of leather, and he was killed by a stray arrowed came out of nowhere and it and it killed him. And so how did his mother came from the unsought. And she said, Tell me about my son is he in genda. And the Prophet says, Adam said, That, my dear mother, my dear aunt, it is not agenda he is in he is in Jena and he is in many agendas, and he is in for those who either he's not just an agent, he is in many agendas and he is in a third of those either. And one of the main evidences or the one of the main things that is used to show the status of the

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people of butter is that very famous narration and incident of how to which we're going to go into much later on each other when we get there how to be a be belta, who, in the conquest of Makkah, he betrayed the trust of the prophets of the low Selim. By sending the information of the advent of the Muslims to the polish.

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The conquest of Mecca was a total surprise. The chorus were not expecting it, it was a total surprise. How to send a letter to the Polish warning them the Muslims are coming prepared. why he did it, what's the story we'll get there inshallah, when we get there, for now know that how Typ sent a letter to the orange. The process gibreel came and told him we also would not have known jubilees came and told him such and such a lady has the piece of paper on her belongings, go and search. So Ali and abass went and they brandish their swords, and they forced it out. It was in her hair. She undid her hair in the middle of her hair. She took the letter they open it up, it said

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from how to be able to to koresh beware, the Muslims are coming. That's basically treason. treachery. Right. And Omar Abdullah hottub is fuming he said Yasuda Allah give me the word Holocaust and this is the one that the times that actually fully justified fully justified, right? Give me the word and we'll just execute him and the process of called How to and he said How did Why did you do this? Why did you do this? And how to upset yada sutala I have no desire to love Kufa over Islam, you know me, I'm not going to love COVID of Islam, but all of you you have your your is your protection from other sources. As for me, I'm a nobody and my family is still and my belongings are

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still there. And I knew Allah would protect you. I know no harm is gonna come to you. something's gonna happen to save you. But by

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Given this letter, I hope that they would spare my family

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so he's worried about his family he's worried about you know, his his loved ones in operation maca that they might kill when they hear how they was coming. And his family is there. They're just going to kill his family. So he said that this caused me to, to do this letter that they might then save my family. So the process says saw the alcohol tip how to telling the truth that this was his reason that he had some

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weird understanding that okay, Allah is going to protect him, he's not going to actually get harmed. So, you know, let me just make sure my family is safe or more once again said Yasuda law, allow me to cut his head off. Some say for the first time he said it out of the fact that because he's going after the second time, okay, even if he's not going after, but this is treason. This is treachery. So let me kill it for a crime not for Crawford, you see the difference? Right? You can kill for nofap and go for you can kill for a crime. So the second time you say let me kill him for the crime. So the Prophet system rebuked Omar, and he said, Yeah, Omar, what are you Derek? How do you know?

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That Allah azza wa jal, perhaps he looked at the people of budder notice is coming out of so many years later, five years after, but he's saying this, six years after brother, he is saying How do you know? Perhaps Allah looked at the people of butter. And he said to them, air maluma * to him Do as you please, because you are forgiven.

00:26:28--> 00:27:05

Do as you please, because you have been forgiven. Right. So in other words, he used butter to protect health of his life. He used butter to raise the status of health, and therefore the Sahaba who participated at butter are considered to be of the elite of the Sahaba. And that is why many of our classical scholars including urban Hisham, Ibn Katia, they actually took the time, pages and pages to list every single Sahabi you participated in by the literally all 300 and something of them one by one, they're listing them, it's an abundance hacker in his yard. But isn't it because he has so many of the books of Sierra out of respect and honor who participated in the Battle of budget,

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and the final point for the battle. But what were some of the primary effects of the Battle of other Well, number one,

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it established beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Muslims have a political presence, a legitimate political entity, that they are a separate and independent state, and that the orange have to deal with them as a tangible reality. So all doubts that might have existed are now gone, that the Muslims are here to stay. Number two,

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it was the greatest demoralizing factor for the crush, that it can honestly be said, if you look at the Syrah that this was the single greatest shock in the entire serum. And everything else that happened is trivial compared to But why? Because you can say as you can see the conquest of Makkah, they already know the Muslims are presidents and a threat. At burden, they genuinely thought that they're going to eliminate them off the face of this earth. At better, there was no concept that the Muslims have any potential of victory. And not just that, but the list of those who were killed. The list of the Orisha were decimated was simply it's just a who's who of every single famous person. So

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the miraculous when those that had died, the humiliation of the prisoners of war, all of these factors, it was a huge demoralizing blow and every single defeat afterwards, it is as if it is simply just at the theater of what happened at butter. And the third primary effect of butter is that butter brought out for the first time internal treachery within Medina. And that is two fronts. Number one, that we're not alone. And number two, the hoody tribes that up until that point in time, there was no genuine animosity, maybe some sarcastic comments from some people but nothing that was clear cut after whether this was going to change. And after that a number of incidents happened that

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simply made things from bad to worse with regards to these two groups of people. And with this, we will not shallow to either show the slides that our dear

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brother Dr. Bashar has prepared last time he taught this class He told me to take a look at them and I saw this very actually very impressive Mashallah that he has done. He has a map of butter.

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We can turn that on, and then inshallah we'll do as much of sudo and file as we can. So those of you who don't have a Quran right now might be a good time to get a translation of the Quran

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or the Arabic If you want to go over the Arabic.

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So this is taken straight from Dr. Bashar has a PowerPoint and we just want to show the pictures here. You see the pictures here?

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Which one is?

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This one. Okay. So Oh, it's not going to show isn't it? Yeah.

00:30:58--> 00:31:41

Well, in any case, I mean to be honest, it's very self explanatory. So you see the caravan coming down from Syria. And the red is the caravan. You see the caravan coming down? Look at Where's Syria? Where's Medina and where is Makkah that made the whole point of the strategic location of Medina, no caravan could pass going up or down from Syria to Syria back from Syria, except that they're going to pass by the vicinity of Mecca. Sorry, Medina. And therefore, this is why the rich were very concerned and they kept on having to go to war with the Muslims. So there's the caravan of Abu sufian. He hears that the Muslims have left button. And so he makes his way closer to the shore,

00:31:41--> 00:32:04

which is basically towards young boy is what the city is now. That city over there now is young boy towards young boy, he makes his way towards the unborn. And he uses a route that is right next to the seashore to get away from the Muslim camp. Otherwise he would have passed through straight through but he would have passed through to get to Makkah and that is why the Muslims were on their way. There it is. Where did I Where did that come from?

00:32:05--> 00:32:07

Nope, that's not that's not for me.

00:32:09--> 00:32:12

But where is the remote? Mustafa has it Okay.

00:32:15--> 00:32:17

Yes, Mostafa it is working.

00:32:18--> 00:32:19

Yes, from there.

00:32:20--> 00:32:22

Mashallah. Okay.

00:32:24--> 00:32:25

We should use this in the hotbird.

00:32:27--> 00:33:05

Okay, let's see how we do the Scylla. Thank you. So we find, I'm going to take a while to get used to this. Okay, we find that the Muslims, I mean, so that the chorus would have come down, this is really weird. They would have come down from because I can't point towards there, right? Let me see. Okay, it's kind of working, they would have come down from butter all the way to Makkah. But instead, he turns basically towards young boy, to make his way towards Mecca. Now. And so basically, he escaped from the, from the Muslims in this manner. Now, the army from Mecca leaves, and they know exactly where to go, because they're going to meet the Muslims exactly at butter, which was the

00:33:05--> 00:33:10

route that Abu sufian would have come from had he gone the normal route. And

00:33:12--> 00:33:53

here is the plain of butter. This is the plain of butter from Google Maps. And right over there, right over there. This is this is the location of the wells. And they say, this is where those people were buried. This is where Abuja had, and all of them were thrown into the were thrown into the well, of course, these days, there is no well left, obviously, there is no water anymore, but I have visited the city. So there, this is the city up here, if you look very carefully, you will find a small, you know, it's like a little village. It's like just a few 100 people living there. And the main reason really is like a tourist place, people go there and they want to see the battle.

00:33:53--> 00:34:36

Otherwise, there's no commerce or anything of that over there. And so you just see the plains of weather, that's all that you can see. Now, notice here that this is a mountain. These are lava rocks, these are lava rocks as well. The Muslims will find the map has should have been expanded a little bit broader. The Muslims were camped in this area, and the kurush were camped in this area, as we will see here. This was this is the well known this is the Well, okay. And the Muslims came from this area, and the courage came from that area. So initially when the Muslims arrived that this was where they thought they should camp. But then the Prophet system was suggested by an herb and

00:34:36--> 00:35:00

reminded that why are you camping over here unless this is why we should camp at a front location so that the well is behind us. And we close the smaller wells, the smaller wells, we will block them up, right. So the major well was where the bodies were eventually buried. So the smaller wells were basically filled with sand. So the Quraysh had no water throughout that time except the water that they had from Makkah so because

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

of this, the Muslims then march forward, and they set up their camp but they got rid of all of the other wells as as they said, and then they set up their camp such that the well was within their distance. The night before the battle the rainfalls is Allah subhana wa tada mentions and we'll talk about that. And the forest then come on the 17th of Ramadan. And the Prophet says Adam sets up as we said before, the spears, the archers and the infantry, he sets them up in rows in ranks for the first time in Arabian history. And perhaps this was one of the tactics that Allah xojo used also to defeat Porsche because the Porsche were never used to military rose as we had said, they were not

00:35:41--> 00:36:27

used to this strategy. And then the courage sent their three to do mobilizer. And those three World War II, Chiba and Aruba, two brothers and a son. And the Prophet says Adam said sent ID and Aveda and Hamza, the three of them they fought or VEDA was mortally wounded. And eventually he Hamza and it had to come to his rescue, but he died after that. And then the Quran attacked the army, the police attacked the Muslims. And it was at this point in time that the Muslims began the offensive. And the Prophet system basically told them charge to meet agenda whose width is as broad as the heavens and the earth. So when the Muslims charged the aurash, they fled in their ranks, and they

00:36:27--> 00:37:09

turned around and they fled Helter Skelter. And they made their way back to Mecca. And as I said, one opinion has it that the process of intentionally left this open, there was only one escape route they could not have escaped from here, this way is back towards Medina, there's only one escape route. And he could have maybe sent a contingent one opinion has it that he purposely left the route escape route so that they could not fight to the death basically, and basically run away in cowardice, and then the Muslims continued forth. And they kept over here for three days to show the victory to show that they had won over the battle. And then we can get back to this inshallah and I

00:37:09--> 00:37:15

wanted to go over Sudafed and file so if all of you can have sorted and file opened up, which is of course the eighth suta of the Quran.

00:37:20--> 00:37:54

And pretty much the entire sutra is about the Battle of butter. And I purposely wanted to go over it. I don't know if we can finish all of it, I'm gonna have to go to super fast speed. So I forgive I asked her forgiveness for this. But I want you all to basically understand all of the points of the Battle of button and then see that pretty much every single major incident is alluded to Allah Subhana. Allah begins, by the way from the beginning, we learned therefore that Sudafed and finally came down on the plains of budget on the plains of butter, this is when in fact it was revealed. So literally, the Muslims are still kept.

00:37:55--> 00:38:37

All of this is going on, so it's fresh. So can you imagine their minds would know, so the references I mean, I have no doubt in my mind that there are many references and found that we won't ever know because they're gone now from memory. But the Muslims understood them. You understand? I'm saying that the memory is fresh and a lot of revealing of Sula perhaps there are many incidents that is indirectly alluded to and and we don't have the direct knowledge of them. But of course, we have a lot of indirect and a lot of specific stories. So let us begin. They asked you about unfold the war booty. Tell them that and fan belongs to Allah and His messenger. So fear Allah and amend that which

00:38:37--> 00:38:42

is between you and obey Allah and His Messenger if you aren't believers, in other words, stop fighting about money.

00:38:43--> 00:39:02

The Sahaba they weren't fighting, they were disagreeing we had mentioned this. Remember, some of them said, Remember the three camps right? Some said we were protecting the process of them. Some said we went out to charge Some said we were you know the second guard this and that. So Allah is saying, don't have these disagreements with us live with that of a nickel.

00:39:03--> 00:39:40

Forgive all of these not forgive Is that a good word but reconcile wellsley who that come together all of you and have Taqwa of Allah and obey Allah if you are truly believers. Verily the believers are those who when Allah is mentioned, their hearts become fearful. And when his if they're recited, the man goes up, and they put their trust in Allah, the ones who pray and who give their money. These are the true believers. They are the ones who have their ranks with a law and forgiveness and a noble provision. here Allah subhanho wa Taala is reminding them of the real goal. It's not this money, it's not unfiled it is a man in a law it is stuck what it is so Allah it is declared, and

00:39:40--> 00:39:59

Allah as auditor is saying you want to sign of a man. This is a sign of a man that when my name is mentioned, your heart should tremble. Right. And when my utter recited then your Eman goes up. This is the sign of believer of a believer now Allah mentions that come up a project or a book I'm in beta will help that it is just

00:40:00--> 00:40:26

If so Allah azza wa jal is now starting the incident of butter that your Lord caused you to leave your house, he brought you out of your houses for the truth, even though a group of the believers did not like this, what is the reference here? The reference here is when they discovered that it is the army instead of the caravan. When they discovered it is the army instead of the caravan. There was some hesitation.

00:40:27--> 00:41:00

And Allah subhana wa tada describes this, a group of them said, or the in the books of Syria is that a group of them said, O Messenger of Allah, were not prepared. Let's go back. We're not prepared. We don't have armor. And it was the LED was sadly been more odd. That was the, of course all of the the core. I mean, all of the modular, excuse me, the Mahajan, and the elite of the unsought some of the unsolved they were a bit shaky, like we're not ready for this, how are we going to fight them? So a lot of references those, and notice here, by the way, that Allah is criticizing, but at the same time, he describes them with what term

00:41:02--> 00:41:43

mean, and what we known as a high term. Allah didn't say Muslim, right? And therefore, this is a consolation to them. That Yes, they they made an error here, but they still have a man and a man is a praise. It's not Islam is not a praise. Islam is generic. Everybody has Islam. Iman is a higher praise human is the second level. And Allah says, the more mins they fell into this mistake, they didn't want it. They were arguing with you, you Gerudo COVID How's that? Let's go back here. rasulillah we'll get prepared, we'll get armor, you know, we can be prepared for them. Even after the truth was made clear to them, meaning you had told them that Allah had promised me victory. Even

00:41:43--> 00:42:25

after this they still find it found it hard. They were so terrified. So Allah describes their internal state of mind. There were so terrified. It was as if you were not you. It was as if they were about to be killed while they're looking at their executioner. So notice Allah subhana wa tada mentions that they were so terrified. Yet that terror did not negate their email. It's possible for the believer to be a little bit scared or very scared. They were terrified of death. And Allah azza wa jal says it was as if they are being dragged to their debts when they look at their executioner, but you had promised them victory would come and that's what Allah says in the next area. What do

00:42:25--> 00:42:35

you do como lo, Allah had already promised you now remember the first day of the Prophet system? I said, Allah has promised me victory no matter who we meet.

00:42:36--> 00:42:51

And when there was a bit of a doubt is that army is it is it the the caravan, the process of had announced to them, my Lord has promised me one of the two shall be mine. So the promise has been given. So Allah reminds them, what is the idol como la jolla.

00:42:53--> 00:43:40

That, remember, Allah had promised you one of the two would be yours, and you wanted the one that was less harmful that was not armed in the caravan to be yours. But Allah wanted to establish the truth with his words and to eliminate the caffeine. So you wanted the dunya and allow one to something else once again, this is not a criticism it is a lie. xojo is explaining that your short sightedness is different than my long term wisdom. You wanted the immediate Halima the caravan, Abu Abu sufian, and I had bigger plans in mind. Why Lu headcollar will help to only help and help go to the battle so that the truth can be made clear and the ballot can be destroyed. Even if the Sooners

00:43:40--> 00:44:19

do not like this. Remember, when you are asking your Lord for help? Is that still a thought or a backup? If this idea came down on the same day as better this is in the morning. And if it is the next day, this is the day before right? In the morning of whether the process of making the door. So this is fresh. Everybody remembers. Can you imagine the vivid memory of the process of raising his daughter making his daughter his upper garment falls down, a worker comes and puts his hand down. This is this reference now. Remember, you were the ones pleading for Allah subhanho wa Taala to help you. So I responded to you that I will help you with 1000 angels one after the other coming down.

00:44:19--> 00:44:23

And I only said this to you so that it will be good news. Well, now I know.

00:44:25--> 00:44:59

I didn't need to tell you you're going to win. But I told you to comfort you when he talked to my inner beholder. So you are comforted. You know that you're going to win and realize that victory is only from Allah and Allah is Aziz and Hakeem exalted and wise, remember as well. So Allah is reminding them of all of their favorites that just happened. Remember as well, when you were overcame with sleep with drowsiness as a blessing and a security from him. Right. So the night before when everybody is terrified. Well, we cannot sleep if we have an interview the next day. We cannot sleep

00:45:00--> 00:45:45

If we have an exam The next day, right? And they have a battle and they fell asleep. So Allah is saying, remember when I sent down to you sleep, and I sent down rain, when sleep overcame you and I sent rain upon you? Why do you call Hera combi to cleanse you spiritually and physically, spiritually was a cleansing. Even physically, it's refreshing to have a little bit of a drenching little bit of a bath, and what you thought and what you would have been completed on to get rid of the evils of shaitaan. And to make your feet steadfast to make the ground around you firm. If you hear a book it made it an American. Remember when your Lord told the angels that I am with you, so

00:45:45--> 00:46:14

strengthen those who believe habitual letting me know, happy to hear what even Ibis and others said that you complete what the believers are doing. Remember, we talked about this that every time a believer did something, the angel followed up, right? So the believer raised his whip without seeing his own whip, he hears a whip and he sees the effect of whip he didn't do anything. So this is the bat the bat means to affirm to make to strengthen so the Muslim started the angels finished.

00:46:15--> 00:46:57

So habitual Latina Amano So okay, if you didn't account for that Allah is speaking in the first person now. I am the one who is going to throw into the hearts of those who have rejected me. I am going to throw into their hearts fear foldable Falcon Anak now the command is to the angels, or some say to the believers and some say to both that go and strike the enemy at their neck and strike them good Lebanon, good Lebanon could mean the fingertips and it could mean that every joint that is because why is there such harsh harshness towards these people. They have opposed a lot in his messenger sha Allah wa Sula, and Shaka means to do everything you can to prevent, to do everything

00:46:57--> 00:47:45

you can to stop. So these people aren't just disbelievers. It's one thing to be a cafard. These are those who have wanted Islam to be destroyed. They have gone against Islam in every way possible. And whoever does this will find a lot to be Severe in punishment, that they come for the coup. Go ahead, taste this for what you have done. Radical means because of that further, oh, taste it because of your attitude because of your arrogance, tastes, the punishment of Allah And verily what is going to await you in the adverb of now will be even worse than this. Or you who believe when you meet those who disbelieve, advancing towards you, do not turn your back in flight for natural to human about

00:47:45--> 00:48:03

whoever turns his back on that day, unless there's a reason to do so. For example, he's joining another group, or it's a tactic of strategy, she has faced anger from Allah, and his refuge or his place of abode will be the fire of hell, and what evil destination, scholars say this ayah was abrogated by the end of the surah.

00:48:05--> 00:48:43

That in fact, it was never applicable. It was as if Allah azza wa jal told them in the beginning, that you never have an excuse to turn around, then the majority opinion, by the end of the same surah will come to it. Allah gave them an excuse, what is that excuse? If you are outnumbered, you may flee. If you're outnumbered, you may flee. And therefore it was as if Allah is saying this is the US of the basic ruling. And there are some commandments that have been abrogated, that were never implemented. There are some commandments in the Quran that have been abrogated, that we're never implemented. And the wisdom is very clear that when Allah says you have no excuse to turn

00:48:43--> 00:49:26

around, what impression do we get? Then Allah says, Well, if you're outnumbered 10 to one, which is what the Quran says, if you're outnumbered 10 to one, then you can turn around right? So clearly it says if you be being given the ideal, then you're given a consent concession that what an aloha moon okay the caffeine that that is so that you can hear, there is no English equivalent It is as if we say, so be it or this is the case that ECAM and Allah azza wa jal will weaken the plot of the caffeine. Verse number 19. In the Steph do into stuff to the reference here is to the brush. If you are asking a lot for a victory.

00:49:27--> 00:49:28

Verse number

00:49:30--> 00:50:00

Oh, did I skip something? Sorry? Sorry, I skipped something. I skipped 17 fine, I'm talking to him. Well, I can tell him that you did not kill them but Allah azza wa jal killed them. And you did not throw when you threw but it was Allah Who threw we explained this verse that at the beginning of the battle, the process of them took those pebbles and those stones and he threw it into the entire army. And the law says that one out of eight that is ramita were like in the law, that it wasn't you who was throwing when you threw but rather it was Allah Who threw and there's a

00:50:00--> 00:50:07

Beautiful point of other here that the Prophet says, a lot of firm that he did throw when my roommate is ramita

00:50:09--> 00:50:19

that the process of did throw is ramita. If Allah had said, Well, my ramita Well, I can no longer Rama, it would have been that you have no Will you are like a robot.

00:50:20--> 00:50:40

And this is not the belief of admission. I don't believe in Java. Java is called. Allah forces us to do we don't believe this. And it certainly is not Java. And neither is it the opposite, which is denying either as soon as in the middle. And this is an evidence that as sooner users Why? Because did the process of them throw? Yes.

00:50:42--> 00:51:22

And did he have the intention to throw was he called the thrower? Yes. So Allah is saying, well, Mara, Mater intervalometer Well, I can Allahu Rama, it wasn't you who threw when you threw, whether it was Allah Who threw so he did throw, but the effects of that throw a lot. So he was the one who caused it to go over all of the correlations. And so that he may test the believers or Bella can mean test and bulak can mean reward, that he may reward the believers with a good reward or he may test the believers with a good test and Verily Allah has sent me an item that is so an Allah will weaken the plot of the caffeine, verse number 19. Now, that if you crash into stuff to if you are

00:51:22--> 00:52:16

asking for victory, then your daughter has been responded to this is the drop of which Who? Abuja booja booja has made a dua It is said he made it twice once at the Kava before they left. And once while facing the army, and he said the same thing over law, whichever of the two of us has been more, has broken away more from the traditions of his fathers, and has done more against you know, the the the family bonds, right, then, which of us has done no sorry, which was what Yeah, which one of us has done more harm and broken more, then help the one against this, help those who are closer to the original religion of the algebra hemolysin help the ones who are closer to family ties

00:52:16--> 00:52:36

against the ones who have broken away. So the Eliza is saying, your daughter has been responded to in the roof of the jacuzzi, you wanted the victory for that one of the two that was closer, you got it. And that was against you. Were in 10 Tahoe but if you stop, it will be better for you.

00:52:37--> 00:53:20

We're entitled to if you come back, not owed we will come back. And all of your money and all of your power will not help you even if it is a lot because a lot is with the believers. Oh you who believe obey Allah and His messenger and do not turn away while you are hearing the orders. And do not be like those who say we have heard while they do not hear verily the worst of the living in the eyes of Allah are those who are deaf and dumb, who do not use their reason. And if Allah had known any good in them, he would have made them here. And if he had made them here, they would have still turned around rejecting you. Now the reference here is to those who that allows Origin The saying

00:53:21--> 00:53:42

that the the people who have been blessed with hearing and seeing and alcohol and intellect but don't use it. They are the worst of mankind, basically someone Bookman omean, for whom law, your general formula yochanan. Someone they have the capacity to speak and to hear and to see but they don't use it properly.

00:53:43--> 00:54:09

So Allah azza wa jal is saying, when you have blessed with Africa, and you don't use it, you are the worst in the eyes of Allah, when you have been blessed with eyes, but you don't use it to see the truth. Now, by the way, those people who say that the dead can hear remember the whole controversy, they use this ayah here because Allah is saying that whatever animal of a smile whom Samar if Allah knew there was good in them, he would cause them to hear, meaning.

00:54:11--> 00:54:53

A hearing that would guide them to a hearing that would benefit them. So those who say the dead can hear, they say, the verses that say the dead cannot hear our hearing of benefit and not to hearing of just faculty cognitive, and we go back to that discussion that we did. Oh you who believe respond and obey and hearken to the call of Allah and His Messenger, when they call you to that which will give you life and know that Allah comes between every man and his heart, and that you shall go back to him. So the call here is primarily the call for cotton. The call for fighting against the Cornish and, and generally speaking, qatal is death. Right? And Allah is saying, Come to the call that will

00:54:53--> 00:54:55

give you life

00:54:56--> 00:54:59

in this is the life of Islam. Think about it.

00:55:00--> 00:55:02

We would not be here today. If they hadn't done what they did then.

00:55:04--> 00:55:28

They were only 85 of the of the Mahajan, just 85 of the Mahajan, right. And the bravery that they displayed caused Islam to go worth it. So this is what Allah is saying that this is going to give you your real life. And know that Allah can come between a man and his heart, meaning what both meanings are here, number one, if your heart is weak, turn to Allah to strengthen it.

00:55:29--> 00:56:12

Number two, if you feel your heart to be strong, don't be diluted that it might not go astray turn to Allah for strength, right? That even between you and your own heart, Allah subhanho wa Taala can intervene. And that's why our processing will make dua to Allah Yama coliban, kulu kulu banner ad authority exhibit called Illumina at article, the one who moves the hearts back and forth, make my heart firm in your worship. So this is the meaning here that a lot comes between a man and his heart and fear a trial that will strike those who have not necessarily done any wrong amongst you. It's not just going to hit those who have done them and know that Allah azza wa jal is shady to The Club.

00:56:12--> 00:56:24

What is the reference here? Some say this is a reference to the future battles that don't be misguided. Don't be deceived into thinking that Hamas is all going to be easy, easy stretch from here.

00:56:26--> 00:57:09

Others say that the meaning here is that never feel that life will stop being tempted to full of full of temptations full of fitted, there are always going to be trials and tribulations, no matter how long that you live with the guru with quantum Pauline. And remember when you were few and oppressed in the land, fearing that people might get to hop off or communists. The hot puffer means to shoot you down one by one. The hut buffer means pluck, like one by one. And the meaning here is you don't have strength in Makkah, you could have been killed one by one. And so Allah is saying remember when you were few in number in Mecca, Muslim, a foreigner fill out you were oppressed in

00:57:09--> 00:57:47

the land, weaken the land, worrying that people would abduct you kill you one by one What happened? For our walk whom Allah gave you comfort Medina, why your documentary he helped you with his victories better? Was acuminata Yeah, but he gave you good things, the dates of Medina the waters of Medina, you don't have to worry now about the troubles that you had in Mecca so that you may thank Allah subhana wa tada Oh, you who believe do not betrayed the trust of Allah and the messenger or betray your own trust while you know the consequences and know that your properties and your children are trial and that Allah azza wa jal has a great reward. Some say this is in reference to

00:57:47--> 00:58:00

later incidents realized as well, by the way, that a lot of times Allah revealed Quran and then it was applied later on, that the exact meaning was not known. In any case, the meaning is generic, and it applies for every single incident.

00:58:01--> 00:58:09

Let's go to verse number 30. I don't think I can do every single verse. And remember, when those who disbelieve plotted against you, this is on the night of the hedgerow.

00:58:10--> 00:58:49

So a lot of xojo recalls back what happened on the night of the digital, which was around a year and a half before this incident. Remember when they plotted against you to either jail you that used to come is tie you up? Because one of the remember, do you remember the story of the plotting where the kurush lock themselves up, they made sure everybody knew everybody else in the room. And then shaytaan came to him in the form of a tribal leader from Nigeria. And he said that I have an idea. So initially, they said, we'll we'll lock him up and she thought that that's not going to work. They said, we'll exile him. She said that's not going to work. Then they said, What's your opinion? So he

00:58:49--> 00:59:23

said, we have to kill. This is that reference here that they said they will exile you or they're going to kill you or they're going to tie you up. And William Karuna William Corolla they plotted an implant and Allah will also plan and Allah is the best of planners and remember as well when they said that when they heard our verses, they said, God send me I know enough. We've heard we've heard enough. loaner shoulda coulda Mr. hodda. If I wanted to, I could say the same thing as the Quran. Verily, these are a se stories of the ancient legends. Who's Who said this?

00:59:25--> 00:59:26

Who said this?

00:59:28--> 00:59:59

Another liberal Hadith. And who was the one one of the two that was executed? So Allah is referencing him now. Right? And now we don't know exactly, but it is not too unreasonable to assume this ayah came down while another was still a prisoner of war. Right. And now he is being mocked at the highest level that Allah azza wa jal is quoting him directly. Remember when you said this, now what and then

01:00:00--> 01:00:43

Next, it also applies to another what it's called. And this is also another remember when they said that Oh Allah, if this should be the truth and Canada will have come in India for under Elena hayata Minister Emma, why don't you send a rain of rocks to destroy us, or we deny the either been an M, or send us a punishment, this was the punishment. This was the punishment. So Allah is reminding another through the Quran, remember what you said, Here it is. You see the point now, right this is exactly what another is saying. And now Now, there is nobody why in this era that says this, but I am guessing that the purpose of these verses is so that another hears them, we don't know maybe it

01:00:43--> 01:01:14

came right after another was executed, but then what will be the purpose, so allow them it would make sense, these verses came down. And remember the unfair the spoils were being decided on the battlefield. Another was executed by the way after they left the battlefield. On the way back to Medina, another was executed he was not thrown into the the well he was was executed on the way back. So it makes complete sense that these verses would have been read to another or he would have heard these verses and then he is executed. When Makana Lalu Isaiah humo enta Fie him.

01:01:16--> 01:01:18

But how could Allah punish them while you're amongst them?

01:01:19--> 01:01:54

In other words, now that is being told, did you think that while the processing was in Mecca, this would happen? It has to wait until he's in Medina which is now right. Did you think when the process was in muck, that a punishment will come? How could he punish it? How could he punish you when the profit is amongst you? Well, am I kind of lonely? I don't want him Why am I kind of lahoma diva home? Well home yourself You don't? How can Allah punish them? When your stuff we don't hear? There's like seven eight opinions. I think the strongest opinion Allah knows best when there are still some amongst them who shall embrace Islam and be forgiven?

01:01:55--> 01:02:09

How can Allah punish them right now? Because still most of moko would embrace, right? So yourself, you don't hear means they will ask Allah for forgiveness, right? One opinion is that yourself who knows at this point in time, which I find a little bit

01:02:10--> 01:02:47

I don't agree this winter, but there are many interpretations. And then Allah is saying, but why shouldn't he punish them, it makes sense for Allah to punish them after all that they have done. They have stopped people from going too much to the harem, and they are not even qualified to be in charge of it. Verily, only then would tahune have the right to be in charge of it. And then Allah marks their prayer at the at the Gabba will not kind of solid during the beta in mo can was the The only thing they do around the carrabba is to whistle and clap This is their sada to whistle and clap mocha and what does the mocha is to so and does the is to clap their hands. And so Allah is saying

01:02:47--> 01:03:32

what type of Salah is this, that you are whistling and clapping your hands? Well, Microsoft number cantos the federal colada quantum tech forum, so taste the punishment for what you have done. Indeed, those who disbelieve they spend of their money in order to stop people from coming to the way of Allah. This is the Porush when they heard about Sofia's caravan is being attacked, they all came together, and they donated the biggest monies that they ever had the ever donated for an army. This is a reference to this fundraiser that took place in Makkah for the Battle of butter. So Allah is saying, first a uniform coda, they will spend it, then it will be a source of regret, and then

01:03:32--> 01:04:15

they will lose in the end, they will be the ones who lose. And then those who have disbelieved they will enter into jahannam so that Allah will separate the wicked from the good, and place the evil people one on top of the other into the fire of hell. Those are the real losers. Say to those who have disbelieved. If you stop in yenta, who you will find lahoma Allah will forgive you what has happened in the past, what he will do, but if they come back to fight you, then they have the examples of those nations that have gone by. So Allah is telling the kurush look to history. Look to those before you stop now you'll be forgiven, continue, look at add some more than four out and see

01:04:15--> 01:04:59

where they are now. We'll call it to whom continue to do qatal against them, until there is no fit to know the meaning of fitna if an Ibis said I'll fit no to here should fit into here is worshiping other than Allah continue to fight them until there is no idolatry and the religion is completely to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if they stop, then Allah subhana wa Taala is aware of what they do. And if they turn away, they know that Allah is your protector and what a great protector. He is. Verse number 41, is the verse of one fifth goes to Allah and His messenger. We talked about four fifths goes to the army, one fifth goes to the state.

01:05:00--> 01:05:41

And there's a lot of fifth here, which is not the point over here, verse number 42. Remember when you were on the near side of the valley, meaning the one towards Medina, and they were on the farther side, the kurush. And the caravan was in a lower position towards Jamboard. So Allah describes the Battle of brother over here. And if the two of you had agreed for a battle, you would never have been able to make the appointment, something would have happened, meaning, neither of you really would have done this. If you had planned it, it wouldn't have worked out. But Allah azza wa jal did it without your planning. Allah has already accomplished it, so that a matter already

01:05:41--> 01:06:18

decreed would take place so that those who perish would perish upon evidence, and those who live would live upon evidence, meaning those who die they have seen the reality, those who live they have seen the reality, and a lot is Sameer and Arlene, remember, when a law showed you in your dream that there were so few in number, this was the dream that the process of saw on the night of butter on the morning of better it is said that he just went to sleep for a little bit of time, when he woke up, he was happy. And he said I saw them and they are very few in number. And Allah is saying, if he had shown you, as many as they were, the believers would have lost coverage, and they would have

01:06:19--> 01:06:58

disputed amongst themselves. But Allah saved them from this calamity. And remember when he showed you when you actually met, that they were so few in your eyes? So verse number 43, is for a dream, verse number 44, is the actual battlefield in the dream that he showed you a few in number in the actual battlefield when you met each other. From this, we learned and there are some a thought that when the Sahaba saw the orange for the first time, they were shocked at how few they were. And one of them said, Do you think there are 70 even though there were 1000? And the other responded? No, I estimate them to be 100. This isn't

01:06:59--> 01:07:40

a thought on it. And we're done with thought on that one of the Sahaba said, Do you think they're 70? And he goes No, I think they're 100 even though there were 1000. So Allah is saying, I showed them so few in number in order that you not fall into chaos into despair. Oh, you who believe if you encounter accompany meaning from the from the enemy, then stand firm and remember Allah subhana wa tada so that you can be successful in the hood, but that I gave about Vica I mentioned this idea that one of the ways to overcome fear is the court of law. One of the ways to gain a lot of victory is the court of law and obey Allah and His messenger and do not fight amongst one another. Nor do

01:07:40--> 01:07:49

you should you lose courage, otherwise your strength will leave you. So internal fighting amongst Muslims is a sign of defeat,

01:07:50--> 01:08:26

while at another roof artificially watered every room. And notice in the Battle of Allah mentions the cause of their defeat as exactly that as action. Exactly the same verb is used in butter. Allah says wala tena zero. So you want in Ohio so that everyone knows will come to Allah says, What's an acetone Phil amor. And you argued with one another. And that was the cause of defeat, right? So Muslims fighting one another is one of the biggest causes of defeat. And historically This is so true. Where do we even begin with examples

01:08:27--> 01:09:06

and obey Allah and His message? Sorry, number 47 Do not be like those who left their houses arrogantly and incidently insolently wanting to be seen of people and preventing people from the way of Allah and Allah is well aware of what they do. This is the Quran. Allah is describing their arrogance and their COVID they were flaunting like peacocks, their chests, Allah is saying both are unworthy, and thus, they thought that they're going to win. So Allah says, Don't be like them. And then he mentioned the story of Soraka in magic or not Soraka but it is in the in the form of Soraka right not Soraka it is in the form of Soraka. Remember, when shaytaan made their deeds pleasing to

01:09:06--> 01:09:48

them, and said this is shaytaan in the form of Soraka no one can overcome you today from the people and I will protect you meaning the kin The kena will not detect the kurush This is the protection here, right. But when the two armies saw one another nacoss are either activated, which is a very powerful expression Arabic there is no English equivalent, but basically he turned his back put his tail between his you know behind that he fled that's what neck Assad activate he means right and he turned around and he said I have nothing to do with you lot in the buddy Omen in the aroma later on. I see what you do not see what did you see the angels in the hall for law.

01:09:50--> 01:09:55

I am fearful of a lot and a lot is shady to the club, Severe in punishment.

01:09:56--> 01:09:59

And I think we need to move a little bit faster because we're going

01:10:00--> 01:10:22

Allah mentions fit out and this is fitting that he mentioned fit out over here, because it was at this point in time that the fit out of the oma had just been killed. Okay, so Allah mentions fit out, because Abuja had just been killed. And he mentioned him twice, that Allah says, This isn't the first time I'm killing a fit on the ground before had been killed. And now I wish I had as well had been killed.

01:10:24--> 01:10:54

Let's move on to 5058. What am I to have, I'm the commonest candidate, if I'm be that Mr. Silva and olaleye, herbal whitening, if you have reason to fear betrayal, then and this, the reason I'm doing this is not related to whether it's related to the later brother. And it's also related to us here, in our situation, that Allah is saying, once you have a treaty with the Porsche, then you're worried they're gonna break the treaty. There is a reference here to the conquest of Makkah. Because that's what the process of did

01:10:55--> 01:10:59

that he told them that the treaty is no longer valid.

01:11:00--> 01:11:05

So you're never allowed to break the treaty by surprise.

01:11:06--> 01:11:48

A Muslim must honor his word, even in the times of war. If you feel that the Quraysh or others are going to break the treaty first, then you need to publicly announce the treaty before you do anything. So you tell them treaty over then you can do whatever you want. But you cannot surprise them from the delay. Throw it back to them either. So both of you are now forewarned. You both are on the same boat. Verily, Allah does not love traitors. A Muslim is never a traitor, even in war. And this is a very important point. These guys are now the islamophobes are now you know, barking all the time about Turkey and all of this, you know, ridiculous stuff. Like it's so explicit here.

01:11:49--> 01:12:25

Yes, it is true that deception is sometimes allowed in war. But deception is not treason. There's a big difference. What is deception? deception means you go right, and eventually you're going to come back in the left, right? deception means that you use double meaning words, there, you know, there's no promise there's no treaty, there's no code, there's no contract is just that you have a tactic of war. But treason means you make a promise, you swear an oath and you break it. This is never allowed in any circumstance. And the law is very explicit over here.

01:12:26--> 01:13:09

And then verse 60, Allah says, prepare against them. Whatever you're able to have power of power, and of horses, that you may inflict fear into the enemies of Allah and your enemies and others whom you do not know. But Allah knows In other words, there are people you don't know them to be enemies, but Allah knows what they think of you and when they see your power, you will terrify them as well. There's a wisdom in you showing your strength and whatever you give in the way of Allah Allah will return it back to you and you will not be wronged our prophets Allah Sanam interpreted this verse and he said, Allah in the water or Rami Allah in the water out Ronnie, that verily who wa that Allah

01:13:09--> 01:13:33

talks about here is in archery. The who were that Allah is talking about here is archery, and that in the COVID, Army, a lot of water around me. So he said, the main homework for his time was archery. And if they inclined towards peace, then you as well inclined towards peace, and put your trust in Allah. Verily, Allah is semi an alum. This is a very important verse.

01:13:35--> 01:13:38

The Apostle in Islam is not war.

01:13:39--> 01:14:19

The reason that we go to war is the takuna calima to law here earlier. And if the enemy is not preventing us from this, and they're willing to have peace, then Allah is saying what ingenico does sell me fajita. Holla if they want to lay their arms and have peace, you as well lay down your arms and have peace. And this is what the person did today be. Right, this is exactly what it is today via. So by the way, a lot of the Islamic political science is now being told in butter that the Muslims are becoming a real political entity. So allies laying out some of the foundations that will happen later on. But if they want to deceive you, then a law is sufficient, Allah will take care of

01:14:19--> 01:14:46

you. He is the one who has protected you and supported you With his help and with the believers. And now this is a beautiful verse that all of you know what Alpha Beta Glucan verse 63, Allah is the one who has combined all of your hearts. If you were to have given all of this world you could not have brought to their hearts together. Rather it was a law who brought it together. He is Isaiah zone. Hakeem. Once again, unity is a cause of victory.

01:14:47--> 01:14:59

disunity is a cause of defeat. Or you who believe a lot is sufficient for you. And for whoever follows you of the believers. Whoever follows you Allah is sufficient for him or you have a profit

01:15:00--> 01:15:06

urge the believers to battle. Now here is where these rulings are given of turning around and not turning around.

01:15:08--> 01:15:42

If there are 20, who are strong amongst your patient amongst you, they should overcome 200 and if there are 100, they shall overcome 1000 amongst you, so 20 to 201 100 to 1000 that is one to 10 basically, a ratio of one to 10 then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and a half of Allah one come, now, what is going on here, some scholars say that Allah azza wa jal

01:15:44--> 01:15:48

is saying if the ratio is one to 10, you will win.

01:15:49--> 01:15:55

Think about that one to 10. Therefore, you have no excuse to turn and flee.

01:15:57--> 01:16:40

If the ratio is more than one to 10, sorry, less than one to 10, one to 21 to 30, then you may flee because remember in the beginning of us had never flee. Now, in this verse, the ratio one to 10 is given in the next verse, and an awful lot Lancome, Allah has made it easy for you. Now Allah has made it easy for you, because he knows you are weak. So if there are 100, strong amongst juice steady, they will defeat 200. And if there are 1000, they will defeat 2000. The ratio goes down to what? One to two now very big difference, right? So the majority of men that have are on this, that if the Muslim army is half the army of the non Muslims, then they're not allowed to flee. That's a

01:16:40--> 01:17:32

pretty imagined panel. But Allah promises that if you have 100, you will overcome 200 if you have 1000, that we think OLED wasn't the previous one, right? 100 versus 1000 Alyssa is gonna happen. Then Allah says, Allah knows you have a weakness. So he has made a doubt one to two, then we get to the issue of the prisoners of war. 67. Mark can either be in makanda is the Arabic phrase for it is not befitting. It's not appropriate. It's not appropriate for any prophet that he have prisoners of war. Until youth in a film out of means establish His power. Until he shows his dominion and dominion is shown by by establishing political power by execution by many things is shown how to use

01:17:32--> 01:18:11

cleanup in order to reduce the out of the dunya you wanted some of the out of the dunya the commodities of this world, but Allah wants the era. Now the Muslims by and large, they also wanted the ransom because it brought them a lot of money. 4000 did hums was a lot of money that's like a fortune. And it wiped out the savings of most of the aurash that's why even Abu sufian said, I've lost one son You think I'm gonna lost the you know so much of this. Do you think I'm gonna lose my money as well? Let him stay there. Right? I wish the fan said this, that he did not because literally it would make him bankrupt. And I bust down to the last penny the process took rizona

01:18:11--> 01:18:49

remember? He said I don't have any money. So he said no, you have this this this. He took everything from him. Right? So it was a very large sum for them. So they wanted this and Allah says you wanted this but Allah azza wa jal wanted something else. Were it not for a keytab min Allah, what is this keytab min a law? There's a number of interpretations. The first interpretation is, were it not for the fact that Allah had already decreed you would do this. So it's harder. That's the first edition. The second interpretation guitar been a law here means that we're it not for the fact that a law had decreed that anybody who does something without knowledge will be forgiven, and you didn't have

01:18:49--> 01:19:33

knowledge. So this is one interpretation. A third interpretation is that get aluminium over here means where it not for the fact that a lot has allowed for your own prisoners of war and war booty which he never allowed for anybody else, then you would have been punished. So there's a number of interpretations here. But the point being some decree from a law prevented this punishment now that this decree has come go ahead and kurumi mohiniyattam hydantoin eva, go ahead and eat of this vanilla war booty the prisoners of war money, as it is all lawful and Allah is before and Rahim O Prophet, say to those who are prisoners of war amongst you, and this is primarily to our bus, a bus

01:19:33--> 01:19:59

used to swear by Allah Wa La he this ayah came down for me, even though of course, it's more than him but primarily it's people like him, right? And I bus used to say, well, la had this ayah Allah revealed for my sake, that say to those who are prisoners of war, if Allah knows in your hearts any good, meaning you will be Muslim, then he shall give you better than what has been taken away. Meaning your Islam is better than all of this money.

01:20:00--> 01:20:09

Allah will forgive you. And Allah is of a photo of Rahim. And it wasn't just Islam. I bust said, I wish I had more money that he took because everything he gave I got 10 times more back.

01:20:10--> 01:20:49

Right, this Ibis himself is saying, I wish I had more that he could have taken, because I got 10 times more back. But if those prisoners want to betray you, then they have already betrayed a law. And a law has given you power over them for a minimum means they tried to trick you, they tried to kill you, they couldn't win, then they're not going to win again. And a lot is Allium and I came. And by the way, we're going to come to the fact one or two of the prisoners of war, they betrayed their trusts, they made promises, they're not going to fight again, that they did this, but then when they went back they fought against some of them were executed. And that's prediction here is

01:20:49--> 01:21:05

being predicted. Don't worry, you will catch them, and you will have power over them. If they betray you, you will catch them you will have power over them in the Battle of orphans. We're going to meet a few prisoners, one prisoner in particular, he betrayed his trust. And this is being a reference to that.

01:21:07--> 01:21:59

Now, the ending of the Surah Now, by the way, so after the Battle of butter, the commandments came down. Every last Muslim in Makkah, has to emigrate to Medina. Every last Muslim in Makkah, has to immigrate to Medina, no excuse you're not allowed to remain. So Allah says that those who believe and they immigrate and they fight in with their money and their lives in the way of Allah. This is the this is the Maha judo. And those who help out these are the unsolved one na Soto, that's where I'll use the verb na Soto. This is the unsought right. So enter the nominal Waheguru these are the Mahajan, Valentina our nazzaro these are the the onsala will not talk about oh Leah about these two

01:21:59--> 01:22:45

they are the helpers one of the other one levena Manuel m u hajimeru. Those who believed but did not immigrate This is the Muslims in Mecca. mala coming at him in shape. You have no what I what are you here? There's a number of interpretations, one of them means you have nothing to do with them. But that's a little bit harsh. Another is you don't have any responsibilities towards them. Because one of the meanings of what would I just like Woody what is the what is somebody who takes charge of the Guardian molecule Meanwhile, if you have no guardians ship, you don't have to protect them in a new hydro, except if they had to hydrogen until they make hydro. So the Muslims remaining in Makkah, you

01:22:45--> 01:22:46

have no

01:22:47--> 01:22:53

legal obligation to protect them. Morocco Meanwhile, it mentioned Hector you

01:22:54--> 01:22:59

were in a sponsor who confided in, but if they beg you to help

01:23:00--> 01:23:22

for the common nossal then go ahead and help them Illa Allah Coleman beynac combinar who mythique except if it be against people that you have a treaty with. Now this ayah is especially important in the modern political world that we live in. There are many Muslims who are begging us for help.

01:23:23--> 01:23:27

And we help them as much as we can we do our all the time unconditionally.

01:23:29--> 01:23:53

Other types of help, physical help, and financial help, we need to see our political situation. Allah very clearly says when it's done so to confer datafied, a common nostru Illa Allah Coleman, Banda camino mythique. If you have a covenant with a group, and they're asking you to help against those who you have a covenant with, then you're forgiven.

01:23:54--> 01:23:57

I think it's very clear from this ayah

01:23:58--> 01:24:11

what we are referring to, because while I it's a very deep topic here, and I have spoken about this more explicit in other places, but now is not the time to go into this tangent here, that there is an obligation to help all oppressed Muslims.

01:24:12--> 01:24:29

Without any conditions we we help them with do we help them by spreading their plight by advertising their issues, we do this all the time. But in terms of physically helping, and in terms of financially helping, we need to look at our own situation as well.

01:24:30--> 01:25:00

And this is very clear that there is an excuse for political reasons. It doesn't affect the bonds of brotherhood, because notice Allah subhana wa tada says, that they are that what it is done, so confident they are your brothers in faith. 15 find a common law. So go ahead and help Illa Allah Coleman Bina, Kobe namita, unless there is a treaty between the two of you and Allah is aware of what you do, and as for those who have disbelieved. They help one another. If you

01:25:00--> 01:25:12

Do not do so. Meaning if you don't ally with the other believers, then there will be much fitna and oppression in this world. In other words, Allah is saying, others will unite against you.

01:25:13--> 01:25:50

If you don't unite as well, then there will be much fitna and facade on the earth. This is what the point of the verses, others might have their differences, but they're all unite against you. This is the reality. They might have their differences, but they will unite against you. If you don't unite amongst yourselves in that, Allah who means unite against yourself amongst yourself. They'll be much fitter and facade in the earth, and those who have believed and those who have immigrated, and those who have fought in the way of Allah, and those who gave shelter and aid waha, Julian unsought, these are the real believers for them is the forgiveness and the noble provision, and those who believed

01:25:50--> 01:26:39

after meaning the immigration and immigrated, what are the Umberto so after the, the hedgerow, after the hijra of the of the Maha Joon, if they believe so this applies to our times this applies after the Battle of oil, it applies in every single stage after the initial stage. And by the way, so we talked about this many times in early Islam was Sabbath on a one on your time of embracing Islam gave you your rank in Islam. And this verse also references this point, the earlier you embraced Islam, the higher up you are in Islam, and the later we embraced, the lower you are. And then Allah says, We're all on our homi Bhabha, whom Allah about and the ties of blood, these are stronger in

01:26:39--> 01:26:50

the book of Allah. It is said, this is one interpretation, that this verse, an old, the condition of the Treaty of Medina,

01:26:51--> 01:27:32

in which the Maharaja and the Ansel would inherit from one another, do you remember this clause? Right? The the more aha that took place, right. One of the conditions was they will inherit when this verse came down, this, an old that clause, that families are closer when it comes to inheritance, well over half the battle over their victory lap. Verily, Allah is aware of all things. We did a very brief scene of Sudan and, and pretty much every single verse is related, sort of, excuse me, and every single verse is related to the Battle of better insha Allah to add the next Wednesday, after after how many lessons have been added? I think seven lessons are better. We will

01:27:32--> 01:27:51

now begin the interim between weather and oil. And then we have probably around maybe 10 lessons of words because we're Whoa, there's a lot of lessons and victories and lessons as well. And was it a victory or not? that's also an entire lesson. inshallah with the other will continue next Wednesday. We don't have time for q&a. Is there any announcements to be made?