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The incidents that transpired in Mecca post the Battle of Badr make up this video by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi.

The soldiers who had returned back from Badr was Al Haysamaan al Kuzaee who informed the people of Quraysh of the death of their key members such as Ubtah, Shaybah, Abul Hakim, Umayyah ibn Khalaf. How did Allah get rid of the very last of the Quraysh, Abu Lahab?

What blessings have been conferred on the people who participated in the Battle of Badr? Numerous Hadith are known that illustrate this very aspect. Jibreel AS came down himself and asked the Prophet ﷺ, "How do you view those of Badr?" and the Prophet ﷺ said those who participated in Badr were "the best of us".

Next in line for discussion is the the incident of Hatim ibn Abi Balta'a and his betrayal of trust of the Prophet ﷺ. Why did he do so? What is the Prophet ﷺ verdict on this? The Prophet ﷺ used Badr to raise the status of Hatim. How? Shaykh Yasir provides suitable answers.

What was the effect of the Battle of Badr?

  • The establishment of the Muslims as a separate entity.
  • Demoralization for the Quraysh.
  • Internal treachery within Madinah for the first time ever.

The final part of the video is a detailed analysis of the Tafseer of Surah Anfal which was revealed on the land of Badr quite literally.

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