Money Is Their God

Mufti Menk


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So all I am saying today, and this address is extremely important is brothers and sisters. Yes. They may be a conspiracy theory, it might have started by this person and that person, it might have been started for political or financial reasons, whatever it may be, that's not my field, I have to look at what is on the ground today, no matter who started it. When the bushfires started in Australia, they could blame anyone, but it became a catastrophe for humanity, not just for Australia,

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who started in and who didn't is a topic for those who who enjoy that all who want to look into it. But as for you and I, what's of importance for us is to save lives to ensure we don't give the wrong advice. And we don't blackmail people using religion. How can you? So if authorities were to tell you listen, you have to adopt the following than my brothers and sisters, no matter what type of a conspiracy may be, wherever it might have come from, you have to take heed. People are not foolish. I sit down I look at those who worshiped money all their lives. In some countries. They have had to shut down their economies for a moment. Do you think they would really do that if it wasn't such a

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serious matter? for them? That was their God.

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For us, we believe in Allah. Nobody is saying stop your Salah, increase your Salah, increase your tilava seek the forgiveness of Allah. Allah wants us to cry to him at a time like this allow us to turn to him. Allah wants us to be at pain.

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It is not a joke when Makkah and Medina have had to take such stringent measures. So Han Allah, I've been reading very, very deeply because it's a matter that concerns us and our congregations and the Muslim oma and humanity at large.