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This video begins the series of discussions by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi on the topic of the Battle of Badr.

A particular incident being elucidated upon is the targeting of caravans and ample information is provided regarding the modus operandi that was decided by the Prophet ﷺ.

There is an incident regarding Sa'd ibn Mu'adh who was the leader of the Ansar and Umayyah ibn Khalaf (the owner of Bilal) in the times of Jahiliya. Listen intently to decipher the happenings then. How did the event of Sa’d RA attacking the caravan of the Quraysh come about in action?

Badr is the name of a man who dug up a well known as the well of Badr. the whole area around the well is called the plane of Badr which is in between Mecca and Madinah, Talha ibn Ubaydullah and Sa'ad ibn Zayd RA played significant roles in the Battle of Badr too. Badr was not meant to be a war but rather a confiscation where the Muslims would outnumber the 40 guards of the Quraysh caravans and the camels would be taken.

The Battle of Badr had 315 participants with some saying 313 or 317 of which around 83 were Muhajiroon, 62 were the Aws and 170 were the Khazraj.

Another topic that is touched base upon is that of the lack of participation of Hudhayfah ibn Yaman, and his father Yaman ibn Hakam. They wanted to participate in Badr keenly but a promise they made to the Quraysh prevented them from doing so. What was that promise? Delve deeper into this lecture to unearth the answers.

The lecture ends with a mention of the dream of Atika bint Abdul Muttalib, the full sister of Abdullah ibn Abu Talib and the full aunt of the Prophet ﷺ.


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