Ask Musleh – How to keep the spirit of Ramadan year round? #1

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters and welcome back to ask Muslim in sha Allah today we want to talk about something really interesting and that is Ramadan all year round. Obviously this doesn't literally mean that Ramadan is happening all year round. But what we want to focus on is the spirituality of Ramadan. And one of the greatest lessons that we got in the month of Ramadan is the fact that we can take some of those lessons, meaning consistency in the prayer, praying on time, the fasting, the quarter, and the Dora the forgiveness, all of those little things that you were doing in the month of Ramadan, what it's supposed to do, and this is why some

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scholars they call the month of Ramadan, the month of metal, so it's like the month of school, everybody, all of us, we go back to school, we re educate ourselves, we uplift our spirits. And we come back and we take those things that we got from Ramadan for the rest of the year. So the quarter end, Korean should still be a part of your life regardless whether it's Ramadan or not. But one of the key essence of Ramadan is that it reintroduces us to the core and we start reading it more we love it more we study it more, that frame of mind has to continue. And what that does for you is that starts to connect all the pieces of the puzzle back together once again in your life, you start

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finding time for poor and no matter how busy you are, no matter how much responsibilities you have, you'll find yourself that you'll want to have the core and as a part of your day, each and every single moment you have the opportunity to do so. So try to make sure that you're always thinking about when is the next time you're going to recite Quran. So let me give you a small tip reciting for an hour or two hours just before salam, it almost guarantees in sha Allah almost guarantees that you'll pray your Salah on time, because what you're doing is just you're basically feeding your Amen. And you'll be on this like spiritual high. And before you know it, you'll have like 1015

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minutes before losada you'll find yourself that you're so keen on praying on time. Before you know it. You've got the whole family praying on time before you know that you end up going to the masjid and then you get to pray with the gemera so all of these little things start to click in together that's what what I'm hold on did for you started clicking pieces of the puzzle in your life back together. Another thing that you should be doing is of course, Dora and Dora should be a part of your life regardless whether we have Ramadan or not make Dora every single day a part of your life every single moment or whatever you can whether you're walking, sitting standing, Eliza Jill says

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what either Salah kariba whenever he asks of me, and Allah doesn't mention when how or what circumstance so try to do that as much as you can. We're going to continue this topic in sha Allah in the future may Allah azza wa jal continued to keep us consistent with salamati Kumara to LA he will work out to

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