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In America, salatu salam, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah he was having

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to remind myself and knew about a very important element in life

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which is the cyst which is the issue of location.

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How do we locate ourselves

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in therapy last night, we had the items

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do not fear them fear me.

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The Allah said, Do not fear them, fear me,

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the meaning of the eye.

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What is this year?

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It's a very important year to understand and a very important fear to keep in mind because this is what drives us in life

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and drives us eventually to either a destination which is good, or a destination which is better.

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And inshallah tomorrow we'll talk about the companions of that wrote the destiny.

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I want to you to recall the time when I wish I

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was given the job of

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proclaiming Islam.

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When Allah subhanaw taala ordered him to proclaim Islam.

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And Allah said, One those who are closest to you,

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a Shia tackle, a carabin. Allah tested under a shirataki Kirby.

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Let's go and warn those who are closest to you.

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And the Wizard of Oz have seldom stood on the hill of Safa.

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And he called out wires

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and people gathered and he conveyed his message straight without mincing any words, without being diplomatic, without sugarcoating without anything. He said, worship Allah and leave what you are doing. Otherwise you will be in the hellfire.

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People like to always quote as an hour Catalano as a person who was who did not have any diplomacy and who never was diplomatic. And he said it like it is so nice Allah Salam was 10 times more direct the number macatawa.

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The problem is we don't read the zeros. We don't know this.

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See the read the letters of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to the king of the time. What was the letter to kisara? What was the letter to the mucosa of Egypt? What was the letter to heraclius? The King of the Eastern Roman Empire of the Byzantium direct four lines, five lines. That's it.

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If you do this, it is good for you. If you don't do this, then you are in the Hellfire not mincing of words, no mincing of words. No sugarcoating nothing.

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Now, if you think about it, in terms of our within quotes, what we consider to be greater wisdom today. Right? We are more concerned about what the world thinks of what we say. And we are less concerned about what Allah subhanaw taala thinks about what we say. And that's the reason why I use this term of hatia.

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Allah, do not fear them, they are me.

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But this is the fear which drives us who is with me and who is against me. And seriously, if you look at it, if you read the Sierra of rasuna salam, except Allah, Allah, maybe in the last year of his life,

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maybe in the 23rd year of risala.

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his supporters may have and even that, I don't know an exact count, but his supporters may have outnumbered his detractors and critics.

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But for 22 years out of 23 years, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam had always had more critics than people who supported him. huge number of his critics outnumbered his supporters. his critics were always more powerful than his supporters. The critics were also always wealthier, who had more money. And

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the issue is not that the issue is that the supervisor SLM was not bothered about either his critics or his supporters. Let us get very clear about this. As soon as the restaurant did not say what he had to say to please a worker know, a worker who happened to be pleased with what you were saying, but nevertheless, Elam was not saying it to please either a worker or

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he was saying it to please. The rub of a worker

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and his own Robin, my revenue

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jell O Allah

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and that is the reality of life

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we have to pick and choose and please understand very clearly does not mean that opinion is not important open it is important. The question is whose opinion

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whose opinion,

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opinion is important?

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Well, you can even say that even public opinion is important, but Paul's opinion

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and my criterion for myself is very simple. My criterion is that when I am lying dead,

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and there are people praying myself to janazah who do I want this?

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Very simple grasp of

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who do I want to read my Salah to janazah

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somebody who's obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala maybe is not so cool in the world.

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Right is maybe not one of the cats.

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Who cares?

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Who gets on the other hand, you might have a lot of cats.

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Or you want a cat to read your Serato journal. Think about it. Seriously, Seriously? Seriously? Who do you want to read your Salah, told Jana? Somebody who's connected with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And the world thinks that what kind of an idiot is uh, you know,

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he doesn't drink he doesn't dance. He doesn't do this. He doesn't do that doesn't go to the discord. And he thinks movies are bad, he thinks this.

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So this is the world opinion about most people who are connected to Allah.

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But on the when you are lying dead, ask yourself this question. Who do you want?

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Your disc jockey from the disco to read your Serato? Jana?

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The very fact on the screen who's dancing?

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Or do you want somebody who's connected with Allah?

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And that is the issue. The issue is this. Who do you want to read your Salah to Jana

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and I find is a very good way of clearing my mind. I'm generally never in very great doubt in these cases anyway, Alhamdulillah

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I don't have to clear my mind too much. But I'm saying if I ever needed

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I use this to clear my mind very, very quickly about you know, whose popularity is important, popularity is important in the sense that if somebody who will respect somebody whose knowledge you respect somebody whose actions you respect somebody who you respect, because of his understanding of the deen, if that person is unhappy with you, that person tells you you know, this thing which you are doing is not right, then you should be concerned,

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you should be very concerned because then if if that person who you respect has a reason to criticize you, then you should be very concerned

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with the rest of the world.

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The rest of the world is ship.

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The rest of the world is cheap.

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Makes no difference. One way or the other, they don't pay your salary.

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They will not stand behind you. The minute you take a stand which is unpopular.

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They are nice to have and then when the green is good, take one stand which is unpopular and turn around look, not one will be there.

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Why do you care about them?

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What does it matter, let them say what they want.

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makes absolutely no difference one way or the other. And the key in this is if you don't want to be hurt by the criticism. Don't look for the praise.

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If you do not want to be hurt by the criticism don't look for praise. If you are concerned about praise, then when the pressure drops, you will feel it or if the critic comes up hurt so the secret of

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protecting yourself from the pain of being criticized is what don't look for the press.

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If it comes, I'm not being tankless to Allah subhanaw taala by saying this, but whether it comes or it doesn't come it is equally useless.

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does not make any difference. If you are on the headlines of the newspaper or if you are on the headlines or a TV screen or if you are on the on the cover of Time Magazine, so was Ariel Sharon.

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A big deal.

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If you get the Nobel Peace Prize, so did x, y, z.

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There is nothing whatsoever, which is worth running behind in this world. The only thing which is worth running behind is the pleasure of Allah Allah, Allah and river

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I remind myself venue that whether or not you and I got it, we will know when we see molekule mode.

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Let's not fool ourselves, let us not fool ourselves in the whole world and his wife stands up and says share our big is the biggest and the greatest ally in the world and we love him makes no difference whatsoever.

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You can be speaking to a million people at a time makes no difference whatsoever. Is that an indication that allies please you know what that is indication of I always say this popularity is an indicator that your class is in danger.

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That's the only indicator nothing else. If you are nobody sitting in a corner somewhere, nobody cares. So you don't have popularity or classes in jlsf because you know, nobody cares to who you are and why I hate popularity. I do not like to be anywhere.

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But if Allah subhanaw taala makes you popular, make Toba and make 10 times top and a million times though but do not ever seek popularity because popularity is the biggest

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thief of his last.

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So whether Allah is pleased with me or not, when will I know? When the Mullah Chaka Khan

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when molekule mouth is there, and at that time, what the rest of the world thinks makes no difference.

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Makes no difference. I will refer to the Alon who died alone.

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Alone, nobody there.

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Only his wife

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in the desert.

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And as he was dying, his wife said what will happen? There's no one here

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above the river. He said you make some food,

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repairs on food.

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Here's what

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she said there is not even you are alone. I how do I What do I do? How will I you know, do your touchscreen and so on and so forth. You're telling me he said make food.

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Allah will said

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he said What do you mean? He said because I heard there is a law he was I was sitting in Madras.

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He said that one of you will die alone. And Allah will send people to do his burial.

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And he said off that modulus, I am the only one living today. He said everyone else's right. So he said that has this refers to me.

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What was the popularity rating of the referee?

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Nobody liked him. Nobody but nobody liked him.

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Everyone thought is too tough and is too hard and is to this and do that and so on and so on to end the end of the day. He was he's blue outside way outside Manila.

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And he left to us yet a group of people came

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and he was still alive. His wife made food. She was waiting outside the group of people came. They said What is happening here? Why are you alone? He said, My husband is dying. He said, he said they said this Have you ever stolen? He said yes.

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They came the whole people. All those people came, they met him.

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And he said they said can we make and we get covered for you because there was no nothing they were not even covered. He said the one who has not taken anything from the government can give me cover nobody else. Anyone who has accepted any position from the government. He's not talking about Haram. He is not talking about her. I was talking about halaal who was the government was Magna fondo Delano Halliburton muslimin. What corruption do you think was happening? What haram do you think was happening at the time nothing.

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He said the one who has taken who does not get hair has not taken anything from the government. And there was one young man in that whole casilla who gave the cloth for his car and I was a reefer he was the girl on

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one of the battery and one of the some of the Sahaba is one of the

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one of the first people to accept Islam on who's our the entire tribe have we far accepted Islam because they accepted Islam the entire tribe of Islam as accepted Islam, two major tribes accepted Islam on this one man.

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And he died alone in the desert.

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Losing popularity makes a difference.

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Losing popularity makes a difference.

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Yes, last is what matters. And that as I said, we will know not from how many times we are mentioned not from how many people clap and not from our people. Show us respect or disrespect. You will know when the Mullah echo come.

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And at that time, may Allah make it make this for us. Insha Allah if when

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The Metallica come and if that situation is like what Allah subhanaw taala said,

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Mr. Malaika, Allah subhanho wa Taala has no agenda de la de quantum Toronto, nano Alia Okun, Phil had the dunia Warfield, Akira

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evolve of this happens for us insha Allah, then Allah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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then we are saved.

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But until that moment

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there is no guarantee

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there is no guarantee for anybody.

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And that is why I remind myself when you the thing to do is get your criteria right.

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If you have the right criteria for decision making, you will always make the right decisions. And what is the criterion? Do not fear anyone if you are a law

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I didn't make the criterion. Allah made the criterion. So to Baccarat Vidya. Allah subhanaw taala said very clearly do not fear them here we rock shoni

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and that is what I remind myself when you do May Allah Subhana Allah make it easy for us to keep this clear in our minds, that there is no one on the face of the planet who was was pleasing. the only one who's pleasing who was worth pleasing is Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if ever we have to make a choice, let us choose Allah over everybody else. And remember, no matter which position you take, there will be a bunch of people who will support you. And there will be a bunch of people who will oppose you irrespective no matter people oppose as soon as an asylum as I said most of his life, his critics always outnumber the people who are with him, What difference does it make?

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What difference does it make, so let us not get distracted by all of that. We focus only on one thing, which is the pleasure of Allah, Allah, Allah and this whole month or other that is what we are being given practice of doing. Focus on Allah. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this easy for us, to fill our hearts and our minds and our souls with his nor and to make sure and to protect us from ourselves more than anything else, and to protect us from all those who seek to lead us here and there in ways and paths which are displeasing to Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was savage main Baraka Tikka