Tafseer of Surah Maryam #10 – Warn them of the day of regret

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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim what in Allah has not been one of bukem foreign Buddhu who had us all to stop the flow of data fell, booming but you need him for when you know little levena Cathar movie Masha Hedy, Yeoman Alim sort of Allah will Aleem, we concluded, verse 35, in which Allah subhanahu wa taala impressed upon us. His greatness his grandiose, his might is authority is power. His sovereignty is our Kaaba and Moran when He decrees a matter for in nama yaku hula hoop going for your cool Allah subhanahu wa taala ordains it to happen and it occurs, the poet said, in a levy and teta Rojo whom in Albury Yun miski nuber Nomi skini. The person you're seeking for help or the

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person you reaching out to from the creation, He is dependent, and the one above him is dependent. The only being that is self sufficient and independent is Allah which in the language of the Quran we refer to as Summit. If you open up the Arabic dictionary, you will discover that Sarmad doesn't only mean independent and self sufficient, but it also conveys the meaning that the entire creation is dependent on Allah. Verse statistics were in Allah Hara B or a book on Ferragudo. Handouts lira to Mr. Team. And Verily Allah is my Lord and your Lord. And this message the messenger SallAllahu wasallam is addressing the people of Makkah, the disbelievers the Mushrikeen, Allah subhanho wa

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Taala is saying to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as expounded in the opinion of biannual Quran, we're in Allah Verily, Allah Robbie is my Lord whare boom and Allah is your Lord Farah boo hoo. So in the team of the kalam of Tawheed, in the completion of the discussion of mono theism, starting from how Satan at Insightly his Salam himself impressed the oneness and the dough heat of Allah subhanho wa Taala we're in Allah Hara be whare book on Ferragudo verily, Allah is my Lord and He is your Lord Buddha who worship him harder than Syrah to muster theme. This is the straight path. This is the correct path. This is the correct understanding this is the correct understanding what

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either Lushy or whom mo Jun Gullu le da will learn more when you're swinging Allahu Deen. Allah refers to an incident about that had happened to the people of Makkah when they were on a vessel on a boat and then they were envelope by storms in the water. Were either rushing mo John and when they are envelope by a wave, Gov Lulu li like a cover and a canopy which overwhelms them overlaps them don't I will allow him all your Slean Allahu Deen. Then they call out to Allah making religion exclusive to him. We're either must second Maduro Phil Buhari one Min De Runa Illa iya yes in Surah Bani Israel Allah subhanho wa Taala says that were either Masako Maduro Phil battery, when you

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gripped by turbulence in the center of the ocean. One lamented rune a lava meant that the rune you forget about your deities and gods and isms that you worship in ER, but you know, it is only Allah that can rescue you, fella manager come in and battery arrived home. But when Allah takes you to land and Allah takes you to shore, then you turn your back waka nettle in San Luca for Rob, and if I were to loosely translate this, this has been the pattern of man, this has been the nature of man, it's ongoing in his arrogance. How does Serato Mr team so even your supplication in crisis is a proof that you will also know in the heart of hearts though hate is the correct way. That is why

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when you are in difficulty when you are in a situation when it is life threatening. Then why is it that you only call out to Allah subhanho wa Taala because you know what certainty only Allah can help you have to muster team this is the straight path.

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Furthermore, in verse 37, Allah subhanahu wa taala says FAAC della file will mean that you knew him for when you know little living in a Kefar room in measure had the young woman out

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The fact elephant has up. However, despite the clear statement, the groups began to dispute amongst themselves. Right. So the matter was clearly explained the matter was clearly explained that doe hate the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and explaining the Article of Faith etc. Despite it being clear, transparent, vivid manifest yet unfortunately fact LFL offers up AKSARBEN in the plural of Haysbert, people still differ, it still argued, some referred to certain prophets as the son of Allah some elevated them to the position of serenity and made them you know, objects of worship for when you know little levena Kefar Roman machete Yeoman Aleem will be to the disbelievers on the

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occasion of a momentous day. And that is the Day of Qiyamah machete Yeoman Are we in a great day where they will witness the Tolman so weigh in on in Arabic appears in the Quran in many places where you don't could either mean Welby to them, or where you learn could also refer to a pet in hell. Where you lonely let in a Cafaro what will be to those who disbelieve me machete young woman Arnim from the from that moment where they will witness a severe day for Eva naughty Rafi now poor for either naughty Ruffin, or for Danica young man, even young woman I see on the Day when the Trumpet will be blown. And what did the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say?

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How can I how can I enjoy and indulge in the things of this world? When it's Rafeal Alayhis Salam has has extended an attentive ear awaiting the signal to blow the trumpet and he is in the position ready to execute the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala so Allah says for either nuclear fin pool when the Trumpet will be blown further Lika Yo Ma EV yo Munna I see, that day will be a rather difficult day and I will carefully read the Euro yesI and then Allah subhanho wa Taala further iterated, it surely will not be an easy day for the disbeliever

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and we know the effect the catastrophic ripple effects of the blowing into the trumpet will bring the entire world to smithereens. The Mountains will move like clouds tomorrow Romeros haha they will be moving like like like clouds as Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mentioned in the Quran Yoma Tibet Daniel out of the viral already was Samoa to WAPA rasool Allah Hill waka Delta hora. So verse 37, Allah says I have conveyed everything absolutely clear. But that's how humans are people have still argued still debated and still disputed in the truth clear categoric explicit, transparently explaining the position and the role of say Ethernet Lisa Alayhis Salam and the importance of the

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article of the head, but for them there will be grave consequences. Mesh Mashhad the Yeoman Aleem a severe Dave and then in verse 38, Allah subhanho wa Taala says us may be him while others Slayer yo may do Nana Latina Lottie Munna Leona for your bilan him will be in a smear in Arabic grammar, we would say it is a fairly dark job, how well they will hear and see on that day when they come to us. However, the oppressors are in open error today a smear about him saying it is a failure.

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But it is in the meaning of that job. That job is astonishment. Meaning that today when you tell the disbeliever or you tell the man who denies the Yama regarding Yamuna, I cannot see the Yama now there's no reality to it. It's unheard of you just assuming it. There's no basis. There's no proof. You can't support it. You can't convince me. Okay, no problem. So using that today, you cannot see the punishment. You cannot hear the punishment. You cannot visualize the punishment. But on the day of the Yama Allah says *a Schaffner uncle Rita, we will remove the veil that has blocked and obscured your view for balsa rockin Yoma Hadid. Today, your gains will be very bright and you'll see

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everything you'll see everything. How often a parent tells a child something or a teacher tells a student and the child or the student resist this. And as life unfolds, and things move on. And then you realize the wisdom of your father or the wisdom of your parent or your teacher. And you say that you were accurate and so you were correct. And we'll start you were profound in what you said, Well, in this world, if you breathe in, you still have a chance to atone to compensate for your arm, but

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Remember once you have appeared before Allah subhanho wa Taala it is too late as me I beat him whatever So on that day they will see it clearly. What are L Mejuri moon and now what are L module the moon and NA and the criminal will see Hellfire for burn no a for a canoe and Hulu RT Rouhani and they will know with certainty that they are going to fall in it well I'm big do anhand must refer and there's simply no form of a version from that torment that awaits them may Allah subhanaw taala protect us May Allah protect us like any Valley moon and Leo I'm lacking in Bali Moon as in Arabic grammar we will say if he Commodores law, his mouth, Let me lock in the home alone like in a valley

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moon. So in common, you know understood Arabic you would say that average li commonly a pronoun would occur Yeah, so Allah subhanaw taala spoke about these people. And they after you would say but these people but these people, however Allah didn't say these people Allah said the oppressors and the reason of bringing the Isml via here mo they are Vermeer bringing a clear now in place of a pronoun is to impress the wicked practice is to impress the wicked practice. For example, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in US hi in the chapter of God, that

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I'm harassing us Halibel Cathy one Rotimi can omit Yachty na Jabba so Allah speaks about the people of the cave. And they after when Allah elucidates and elaborates Allah didn't say if a wo l Gaffey, Allah said is a well 52 l Gaffey. It will fit here to in Al canfin. Allah brings in a clear noun in place of a pronoun that can be hunted, under whom current or fifth year can be hunted Allah and know whom gun will fit the LI Abdullah Allah camellia talebi him lil happy fi worked in fi worked in yesterday Luna fee below we went live because he mentioned by the scholars have said the reason why Allah explicitly mentioned youth was to impress the point that these people these youth dedicated

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their prime and the youth, which ordinarily common youth would waste away and they would indulge in frivolous actions and in futile pursuits etc. But Allah highlighted is a well fit here. Likewise, yeah, Allah didn't say Lakin know whom Allah said lucky Neva the moon to impress how evil Gollum is well Arthur Kanu in Aladdin Avila move at a masa kimono and do not incline towards the oppressor leaves you are gripped by the torment more * Rahim Allah was performing prayer. Someone recited this verse, He collapsed when he can consciousness people asked him what was the reason for your collapse? He said the hands have been recovered enough volume if again for big volume. If this is

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the warning sounded by the Quran for someone who inclines towards oppression then what about the oppressor himself? Like in a valley Munna Leo Murphy Valerie Mubin. However, the oppressors today are in a manifest error.

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Again, I share with you an amazing incident that I read in the writings of Hakimullah OMA, so the that does believe the deviant individual is in error today. But his his mistake has not been exposed. So people don't realize he's in error. He doesn't realize and he gives an analogy which he had experienced in his time where he had boarded a train in India and he was traveling and the train was going in a particular direction. And another person a fellow passenger were also boarded the train, assuming that the train was going in the opposite direction, occupied his cabin. He was sitting there looking out of the window and joined the view chit chatting with people. Now

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Hakimullah uma Rahim Allah says this person was sitting in the wrong train in the wrong cabin from the word go, but he was unaware as the train continued moving is looking his enjoying when finally the train arrived at the platform, and it was now time for the passengers to disembark. That is the time this person discovered UPS I'm in the wrong train. And I was in a in an error from the beginning of my journey. Likewise, he says the person disobeying Allah does believing in Allah might be sitting supposedly comfortable in his position, but he is in the wrong cabin is in the wrong direction, when his eyes will close, and he will appeal before Allah and it will be the platform of

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Africa and then he will stand and see and witness and observe, he will realize that he was in the wrong direction. But alas, it will

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will be too late. And hence the Quran speaks about the regrets of the disbelievers in which they will ask Allah to return them to this world. But alas, that is far fetched in the heart Kelly Mattoon, who are called Aloha, that is lip service. They do not mean it because they had the opportunity and they did not avail of it. Furthermore, in verse 39, Allah subhanho wa Taala says the Romeo Malhotra

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if Golding won't feel love letting

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me know and warn them of the day of remorse. Yes, my brother my sister, you talk of a day of happiness you talk of Independence Day you talk of celebration day you talk of parent day you talk of this day you talk of the Yama has been defined by Allah as the day of regret the day of remorse. So Allah has referred to and labeled TIAMO with many names in the Quran. Young men in January the day of assembly, yo Metalab on the Day of Victory and defeat young men and Ziva the fast approaching day young Mandela the day where they will be mutual meeting your will met and the day where there will be many slogans being called out when Anna does horrible nasty as horrible Jana when other as

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horrible Jannetty as harbor Nury when nada as horrible as Rafi Rajala different people yo McDonald screaming, yelling calling out and one name of the AMA is young male hustlers a day of regret, and many people will ever regret in fact, we learn from the Hadith that even the dwellers of Jannah will regret and they will regret the time not spent in the obedience of Allah. So if the winning side has regrets, can the words of any language encapsulate aptly the extent of the regret of the losers? If those that are winning, though that are in paradise are lamenting or I wish I did better? I wish I exerted myself more, but unless it is too late, in temporary will often in it is mentioned amongst

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those that will have severe regret is a scholar and May Allah guide May Allah protect and it gives me a Shiva is a person who advise people and he would inspire people and people would take to his advice, but he himself did not practice upon it. So others would be less skewed from hell because of practicing on the advice that he gave. And because he did not practice on it, I'm afraid he will be held into hell. Was it not Fidel Vinaya Rahim Allah who said Bala vana Enel face a coterminal Enel fisica terminal Rama woman Hamlet in LA Quran ubaidah ob him yo medidata Yama Bella Rana I read this interview will Adan Bella vana and Nilfisk Pertamina la rama woman Hamlet de la Quran yobit that

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will be him yo melty Yama, that on the day of the Yama reckoning, retribution will commence with the wicked scholar and the wicked Hafiz of the Quran. It I love me as in the early morning feta caliber who then was seeing irata Who Dylan wa colocar who Personen for Bashir will and Allah Allah Who Nicoma you sir will be Miss Lydia habla del Wattana Imam Shafi Rahim Allah said, if the acquisition of Islamic sciences did not mold and groom you to nobility to piety to morality to virtue, then be rest assured, you are not acquiring the knowledge of Deen, but rather you have been gripped in an affliction which Allah has unleashed upon you scary indeed, and one scholar said,

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either jealously, nice for Kanwar Rivendell enough sake, when you are addressing a congregation and in assembly, then address yourself while you're running into tomorrow Houma headache, and do not deceive yourself by the multitudes of people that assemble to listen to your discourse for in the home your RT Bonaga hayrack Walla Walla T Boone, Arla battling because they observe your external and they pass judgment on what you have uttered, while Allah will analyze your internal one their own human history that they have regret. And another person who's regrets will be intense is a man who hoards his wealth, he leaves behind a handsome amount of money, his heirs inherit the money,

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spend the money in the path of Allah and earn paradise for themselves. Well let the Jama or houfy nod and the men who toil and labored for that money because of how they need he goes to hell. Can you imagine the regret of this person to say my son inherited my money, spent it and went to paradise? I toil I labored and it was my sweat and I'm going to hell yes, because you you used to hold that wealth, may Allah protect us. So one of the names of the Yama is the day of regret my brother, you don't want to

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have regrets. You don't want to have regrets. Settle your matters in this world, my brother, settle your matters in this world, my sister, if you did not balance your score with someone, the currency of Africa is Amahl. So if you've offended him, violated him insulted him, he is not going to ask you for $1 or a pound or a dinar. He's going to ask you for your Salah and he was like ah, and that's the hadith of Sahih Muslim we can discuss it at another instance. So you will have to pay back for your shortcomings through your actions and what a costly affair that is. What a costly affair. That is one thing from yo Malhotra and warn them on the Day of warn them against the day of remorse. We

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ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to grant us the ability to address our issues resolve our matters, so that when we appear before the Almighty, we do not have any regrets mean your bill Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Adjumani will Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen