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Medical Haman hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. All early he was so happy to remind

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the sisters, welcome back today part four of the story of Musa alayhis salam.

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So we left off last week where the magician's fell down in frustration and they converted to Islam and they believed in Musa alayhis salam and her own his brother. They believed in their message from Allah. Quran he got very angry

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and so that people don't get

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to believe in Musa and heroin. For around immediately made a conspiracy. He said amen to level Cobla on Earth and welcome. You believed in him before I gave him permission. In the hula Kabiru Coleman levy ILM Okoma. Sahara. He is that big one of yours the master of yours, the man behind it all meaning Musa, he's talking about Musa he is the one who taught you magic. In other words, you put in people's heads as Oh, they they went and made a plot against Pharaoh behind his back. And this was a trick between Musa and heroine and the magicians to work against Pharaoh to take his power obviously in Pharaoh is lying and is just making conspiracy so people don't follow him. For our knew that Musa

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SLM was in law truth, but that is the case of the people of authority and tyranny, not only authority, those who are in authority and are oppressors. This is what they do. They keep wiggling around, wiggling around so they don't lose their power and don't change what they do of their oppression. So Allah subhanaw taala comes in so long as there are people who are standing up to the truth and relying on Allah Subhan Allah to Allah, Allah brings a change eventually. And he makes those who are weak and oppressed, to replace those who had authority and power beforehand. It takes time, but in time it happens. And Allah does not let a single act of goodness go away. He doesn't

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forget anything. So let's read on in this interesting story. Now what happens after the magician's bowed down for our own, torture them? First, by crucifying them, he, he put them like the way the crosses, crucifixion, on the trees. This was before Jesus Christ before asylees Salah was done with Musa they used to always crucify people, and they thought were criminals. And this is a mechanism of extreme torture. So he put these these magicians of his on the trees and made them into a cross nailed their hands and nailed their feet. And he started to cut off their limbs, so they can detest and denounce the religion of Musa alayhis, Salam and heroin, but instead they only persisted and

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said, you can only torture us in this world, do whatever you will, we will never turn away from the truth once we know it and have found it. And the hardest thing for a person to live in is knowing the truth and working against it. You will always be miserable that way and these magicians chose to just upright di FISA Videla in this course, telling the truth. And as we said last week, the Hadith the process, and then which is in Bukhari and Muslim, the highest form of jihad is to say, a truthful word in front of a tyrant ruler.

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Now for our own is afraid of the magician's influencing the rest of Egypt. He's gonna lose his power and his kingdom. And so were his courtiers and his VCRs and his helpers, and the people in high rank, they wanted to keep their position. So he turns it around again from now he uses threats, and he uses torture. And

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turns to his own people and says, What are we going to do about this? Are you going to accept that?

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Allah subhanaw taala replies to us and tells us in the Quran what happens next.

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So what happened if you saw a miracle like that before your eyes from a person who tells you I am a messenger and a prophet if Mohammed Salah Salem was not the last messenger you would believe him?

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But Allah says Pheno M and N E Musa in lead RIA to miracle me.

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None of the leaves in Musa even after seeing that miracle, only a small portion believed.

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Who is it? Who were from his own offspring from his own progeny? Sorry. So from the children of Israel,

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only some of them pronounced that they had believed. The rest of them keep that a secret they believe

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But they kept it as sacred. And as for the people of the Pharaoh, the Egyptians, none of them really believed. And the ones who believed kept it a secret. Why? Because Allah says

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that only a bunch of the people of the children of Israel pronounced their Islam and others they kept it a secret highlight how often men frown because they were afraid of Pharaoh what he's going to do to them while men are in him and all they're

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the people that high ranking people, the soldiers around and the high ranking people around Pharaoh we're gonna torture them.

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We're interferon Allah I didn't feel they were in love with me and Mr. Levine, surely frown he is just too much of a tyrant on Earth. There was no one that came like him before and he is among those who just waste and corrupt too much like his as they say at high school now as newer They said your two extra four hours just to extra too much more than any time that had ever existed.

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Allah says in the Quran is totally out of

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well call mela woman call me for Ramona at other Musa work Alma holy UFC to fill out way. adata Kawa, Ali haddock, the people around Pharaoh who supported him and worked with him, including his right hand, man hand, man, they said to Moses, are you just going to let Pharaoh go free like this while he corrupts this land, and makes people go off the gods that you worship and your law. So enticing him because now it's a nationalistic thing. We're not going to lose our land to these pathetic children of Israel, they call them.

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And so for one set, sand color, so no Cocteau, Abner? No, we shall kill their sons, we're going to continue to kill their sons now even more than before, why not stay in our home, and we shall leave their babies, girls alone. We're in full home car here on and we shall be victorious above them. Why did he say we shall be victorious above them. He's trying to put in his people's minds that

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since you believe me that we are on the right. And I'm going to be your leader, I tell you that the proof of me being on the right. And the proof of you being you know, choosing me as your proper leader, you will be the above authority over them, you'll be victorious. And that's how many people who don't fear Allah subhanaw taala don't have wisdom think they think that if they if, for example, if I can beat you, in any competition or challenge,

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right, that really means a lot to everyone. And I'm going to be on the stage and I'm going to be looked at by others. As this is a you know who's going to follow me and who's not, then I will use my victory as if it is proof that I am on the right. Sometimes you get into a fight with someone or an argument, or you get into a debate.

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And somehow people might clap for the person who was more eloquent in his words. And they say, well, we give him or her the greater marks for their debate. But really, that doesn't mean anything. Just because it looks like you've won doesn't mean that you are on the right. Someone may be less eloquent than you or may not be able to speak as good as you right? Sometimes we think that if we don't like someone, we hate someone or when there's a dispute between us and someone or that we're jealous of someone even or anything like that. What happens because of hate. We feel that if we get more wealth if we get more success in life, right? We think there you go, God is showing you that I

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am better than you because if I wasn't on the right path, God would not make me successful. This isn't the way humans think in the feeble mind. Sometimes you might have a hatred towards someone or a fight with someone. And what happens is that you find a fault in them. Let's say you found out something about them in secret. And you go ah, I'm gonna expose that person because Allah showed me their fault. They showed me how bad they are. So now I can expose them and I think it's a victory as if Allah is on your side giving you a victory. How do you know maybe Allah is testing you only for you to fail again and again and again while you thought you were on the right path and there was one

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area in the Quran which ALLAH he shivers me every time I read it Allah says in surah gohealth coil Helen Luna Bo combined of Serena Amarna say do you want me to inform you of those who are the biggest losers while they are acting and striving and working? So you're doing you're not sitting down lazy but you're doing a lot of things right? But they are the biggest losers who is there possible that can put all the effort and work and not sit down lazy yet they are the biggest losers? Who cannot possibly be Allah says and Levine Ebola Johann Phil hieratic. Dunya welcome Yes, I wanna I don't know when you have seen or not. So now, they are the ones who were who thought that they are

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doing right

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In this life, but while their pathway was lost, when when we say they thought it doesn't mean that they're sincere, it just means that they were led astray by their desires or by fame or by Fortune, or by whatever it may be.

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Right? You receive what you work for. Some people do their work, only to show off only for fame only for Fortune only for some kind of reward. But yeah, to show off your good deeds, Allah Subhana Allah says, These are the biggest losers. They work hard and they work hard, but they've lost their way completely. The intentions are all wrong. They're the biggest losers on the day of judgment. And sometimes people say, Oh, because Allah showed me I was victorious. That means I'm on the right path. So the people of Musa started saying to Musa this Khan, who was in I'm in cabello, and Min cobbly and Tatiana women bad imagine the children of Israel, the people of Moses themselves, and the

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Prophet came to them. They said to him some hurtful words. They said, We were harmed before you arrived before you came here we were being harmed in a pharaoh was torturing us and enslaving us and killing our children. And after you arrived, we're still being harmed. He's still killing our children and torturing us. It's like it never goes away.

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So what did Musa Hassan reply he said, Rob bukem

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as our caller has become a human, DECA auto, welcome, be patient. Soon, Allah subhanaw taala will destroy your own enemy, where's the Khalifa command who will make you above them and replace them in the land? Fill out a date for young lord okay for that I'm alone. And then Allah will watch

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how you continue in your work. So you see this is a hint to the children of Israel saying yes, right now you're being oppressed. But when Allah gives you a victory, because you are oppressed, and you get the power and authority, Allah is then going to continue to watch you as he watched those before you as well. And he will see how you take care of power and authority afterwards. Subhanallah as if Allah is telling us about the future today. The Jews of the bene Israel Eid, the Zionists, they are doing exactly the same thing to the Palestinians and the Muslims and Muslims, even the Christians, Palestinians, to the Palestinians, the same as the story of what Pharaoh did to the children of

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Israel themselves, the same as what Hitler did to the Jews. The Zionists are doing the same as him to the Palestinians, or very similar.

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So this is Subhanallah what Allah subhanaw taala said from the beginning.

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And Musa alayhis salam told them don't you should rely on Allah and you know, be with Allah. And so then they said the stuff that Allah they repented to Allah and they became better people. And then they said the following phrase, or according to rob Benner letter Johanna fitna and Lin levena Cafaro, a beautiful verse he says, they said, Oh Allah, that make us a child. For those who oppress don't make us a trial. For those who oppress and this has two meanings, listen carefully. The first one means Oh Allah, do not punish us on the hands of our enemies. If we're in the wrong, don't let the enemies punish us. Don't make our punishment be on their hands, even if we are on the right Oh,

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Allah, don't let them continue to torture us because the second meaning is, do not make them victorious over us, and then they'll say, you see, because we're on the truth. We were given victory over you. So suffer, God is making us suffer on our hands. Subhanallah This is not new. It's always been through history till today. You know ever heard of the Mongols, the ancient Mongols before they had converted to Islam. They did I don't think there is in the history there has never been a more bloodshed and catastrophe and destruction and almost the wiping off of the entire Muslim Ummah. All of it in history. Then the scourge of the scourge of the of the of the Mongols, the Mongols scourge.

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When the Mongols took over, they started to destroy it. They didn't even take over, they just start to destroy everybody, even the Christians, the Crusaders feed them and instead they united with them, and the Crusaders, the Mongols, before they converted, they said to the Muslims every time they destroyed the land. I mean, what did the Mongols do? They even destroyed our largest library in the world has ever known in Iraq. They filled the night they filled the river the Tigris River with its ink was black, from the ink of the that they had written the books with. And the streets were filled with the blood of the victims of people come they killed. The mumbles is to say to the

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people, we know what you are suffering. And if it wasn't that you must have disobeyed God in some way and you are on the wrong god.

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don't have sent us to punish you, on his behalf. That's what they used to say. So it's not a victory to say think that just because your power over someone that you must be a man of God, or that you're on the right, you may be the oppressor.

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So what was kind of a dire that? He tells us then

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some people keep the Islam in secret.

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And here now, Farhan goes back to his palaces and brings his courtiers and his VCRs and his soldiers and his people, and he does a huge announcement.

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And he says, Do you know any other gods but me? They said, We know no other gods. But you know, they didn't say because they believe that they said it because it became nationalistic. It's their pride and their race. She was either higher on coffee. Well, let's see, Oh, beautiful.

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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

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So then Pharaoh said, What are you going to do? They said, We will never follow more sir, and how to and they all said, no matter what he does to us, and no matter what signs He comes to us, we will never believe in him.

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So then,

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some things happened.

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In the next few weeks, after the magician's had fell, and fallen,

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Allah Subhana Allah started to reveal

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for some of the people that convert to Islam and secrets started to show themselves. The first one

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was the hairdresser of Pharaoh's daughter. Pharaoh had a daughter, who had a hairdresser who looked after her hair and beauty.

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And this hadith is authentic. It is narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas

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and it is narrated by Imam Ahmed in his Musnad and Barani. And no Habana al Hakim, this hadith by the sisters about slotland Maharaja, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when I went up into the heavens in slotland, Mirage and Gibreel Ali salaam was with me I'm just paraphrasing the whole Hadith

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I smelt a beautiful fragrance in the gardens up in the heavens somewhere. And I asked Gibreel alayhi salam What is this beautiful fragrance? And she really said to me, that is the hairdresser of the daughter of Farah.

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And she realized and Tollcross Assam her story. He said when she was combing and brushing the hair of Pharaoh's daughter,

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the comb or the brush fell on the floor.

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And the hairdresser instinctively, automatically said,

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What did she say?

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She said Bismillah in the Name of Allah, in the name of Allah.

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And this shows us that a believer who's always got liquor on their mouth, in the day, in the night, in the evening, when you go to bed when you wake up. When you get into your car, when you get dressed when you eat when you're about to do anything new. It is from the Sunnah, that a Muslim says what Bismillah in the Name of Allah, so Allah gave you resistance and to be grateful for whatever you didn't always remember that Allah subhanaw taala is there with you, and He is the one to be grateful to for whatever you do.

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So if you get your tongue Ustrzyki

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then the only thing that would stop you from the girl is you consciously forcing yourself not to say anything.

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The hairdresser was afraid of Iran from torturing her. And she had children as well three or four children. So consciously she was not saying words of liquor in front of anyone. But when the brush fell on the floor, she was startled, somewhat, and she accidentally said Bismillah. Why? Because her heart and her mind is used to it.

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My advice to your brothers and sisters, get your tongues used to vicar of Allah. Not swear words, not lies, not backbiting. Not wasteful talk, not a whole bunch of pop music and rap music and r&b. Yes, and I don't know what. Because when you get used your tongue used to certain things. Most likely if you don't stop and return back to Allah and change things, most likely you're going to die with those last words. Yes.

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If you go to sleep, and the last thing that you are listening to is something that displeases allah and You sleep on it. Allah called Sleep death. It's mine or death. It's like death.

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So if every night I'm going to sleep like that my subconscious mind will automatically rehearse these words. And this is what comes on my mouth. I remember a friend of mine picking up his son. He's tracking his car and a wheel hit the curb. And he says a stuffed robot. I said, you haven't done a sin by hitting the curb? And he didn't realize actually. And then he said to me, no, a long time ago, I got my tongue used to that when I'm shocked, scared, startled, surprised. I automatically say something that I'm most pleased with, like the stuff that Allah Subhanallah Alhamdulillah.

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What do other people say, majority of people for their words that start with an S or an F. And imagine that, God forbid, when you're in shock, and let's say I'm just, this is just an example, you're crossing the road. And somehow, God forbid, something's about to run you over. And you get shocked.

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Right or scared. Your tongue will say what you normally are used to hear that you'll scream or you'll say something bad, or you'll say something or Lowe's is pleased. That's how much you're the zikr can become an automatic response from you. So anyway, back to the hairdresser of the daughter of Pharaoh. The brush fell, she accidentally automatically said, Bismillah. Now the hit the Pharaoh's daughter, she knows what Bismillah means. monism is the name of God. Everybody believed in a god. So she asked her

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Bismillah. Allah, You mean my dad?

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My father, Pharaoh? And that's when the hairdresser couldn't hide it anymore? She said, led by Rob bouquet, were a

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no, no, no, Allah, your Lord, and the Lord of your father.

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She meant to keep it as a secret between her. But the daughter looks at her and says, I can't hide this from my dad. I thought Oh, beautiful. Should I tell him? She didn't ask you. If I could tell him to give a kid her permission. She's basically telling her that I'm gonna have to tell him. I'm going to ask you but passively aggressively, I'm going to tell him.

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So should I tell him?

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It's like, are you going to

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repent? Are you going to say, sorry? Are you going to change that word? Are you going to stick to it?

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She said, go ahead and tell him. So she gave him she thought I can't keep hiding this forever. She went and told her father. And immediately her father brought this woman in front of all the people.

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And he ordered for a huge pot, big pot that can fit four or five minute to boil with oil.

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And then he brought her children before her eyes, and she had a suckling baby with her.

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And he said, If you do not denounce what you said, I will kill your children and you

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and she said, I cannot denounce what I believe. But if you are going to kill my children and me, I only have one request. bury our bones together in one grave, please. And she said, lucky that I will give you that. I don't know why Pharaoh said that. But he said it as in the Hadith. And so he started to burn drop her children one by one into the hot boiling oil until they reached her baby that was suckling.

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And when she looked at her baby from a motherly instinct, of course, she started to

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what she started to

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pull back she started to step back trying she was about to give in. When suddenly Allah made her baby speak and the baby said

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the baby said yeah, oh man. Oh my mum. If the honey go forward for in either but dunya one Amin either been

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the torture of this world is easier than the torture of the hereafter.

00:23:56--> 00:24:00

Fuck the hermit she went forward and she also died with her baby.

00:24:02--> 00:24:25

And Abdullah had been our best so the Alon who says four babies spoke in the cradle. He said no Maryam Alayhis Salam Jesus, son of Mary. He has one baby in history that spoke when he was suckling child baby, while saw him was your age. There's a story about a man called your age. A baby's spoken his time you can look it up as your age. I'm not going to go through the whole story. We'll share who to use so

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there was a witness of use of

00:24:30--> 00:24:39

I'm not sure if she was to find a salon or another use of also you can read about up work no matter she thought if Natalie Sherman, and the daughter of the hairdresser of the daughter of Ferrara.

00:24:41--> 00:24:45

My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, who was witnessing this torture,

00:24:47--> 00:24:57

there was a woman another woman. So now we got another woman second woman who was witnessing this torture, and she was also a Muslim in secret afraid of Pharaoh

00:24:58--> 00:25:00

when she witnessed this woman's story

00:25:00--> 00:25:14

Infant whose resilience and perseverance she could not hold herself except be motivated and declare her Islam openly. She said, I also believe in one God that there is no other Allah the Lord of Moses and Pharaoh.

00:25:15--> 00:25:57

Who was she, the wife of Pharaoh himself. Her name was asked he had been to Musa him, probably Allah Allah. Rasool Allah Azza wa sallam said the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim. He said, Many men have reached the perfection in character, and for women also reached it leaders of the world. They are Mariamman it Metro Emraan the mother of mood of Jesus Christ Mary Alia Sarah, to Khadija to been to Hawaii late Alicia with Alana, the wife of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem number three Fatima as the Internet to Mohammed Salah Salah fortina.

00:25:59--> 00:26:06

The Rose who is the daughter of Mohammed Salah Salem and lastly, as yet been to Musa Asya, the daughter of Musa

00:26:08--> 00:26:42

ser Elena salaam, converted when Frauen heard about his own family converting his own wife who could not hold himself obviously his pride and his arrogance and His Kingdom and His authority was much more important than his own wife. He ordered immediately for the closest of his courtiers in his palace to grab her. He told her desist, stop, and she would refuse. He said, I will torture you. She said, torture me do whatever you want. I'm no better than the hairdresser of our of your daughter, and I'm no better than the magicians, and I'm certainly no better than Moses and heroin, I believe in paradise.

00:26:43--> 00:27:14

So he took her now the way he tortured her is not mentioned in Hadith or Quran. But they are in the Israelite traditions, which as we said, the process and them said, if an Israeli tradition appears to you that does not appear in the Quran, and Sunnah and Islam, then do not confirm it or deny it. It could be true, but it looks like it was true in some way because a lot of firms in the Quran that she was tortured by her husband from by fair, and Allah doesn't even call him her husband. It just says, by Pharaoh, the tyrant in sort of the Dehaene.

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He took her and tied her on a big plank of wood or rock, tied her arms and her legs. And then they began to whip her and hit her. Some of these relatives say that they brought a boulder a big rock on top of a high ladder or a high place, and they threw it threw it onto her body. So as they were torturing her, and her blood was bleeding, and her bones were breaking, and her flesh was ripping apart.

00:27:45--> 00:27:47

She made the following block.

00:27:48--> 00:27:50

She said, Oh, my Lord,

00:27:53--> 00:27:55

built for me a house next to you.

00:27:59--> 00:28:03

She said, Oh, my Lord built for me a house next to you.

00:28:05--> 00:28:11

And then she said, Phil, and Jana, and in paradise, so what does she want first?

00:28:14--> 00:28:18

Being the neighbor of Allah being next to him or paradise first.

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She wants to hola first. So she said Rob beep Neely are in the cafe eatin your neighbor is more important than the house. It doesn't matter how beautiful the house is even when you want to buy a house. Who do you look at first? The neighbors no matter how beautiful it is that correct? Oh my lord built for me a house next to you

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in Jana and saved me from Pharaoh

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and he's helped us and their oppression and saved me from their torture

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in one Hadith of the process, and I'm I forgot where it was but it is authentic insha Allah next week, I'll bring it that asiyah saw her place in Jana. This is also you'll find the intercede Bianca fee for the verse that appears in sort of the hurry. It's a well known thing by the manifest serum that Allah showed her her palace in Ghana, where it's gonna be, and that made her at ease even while Pharaoh was torturing her. What did she do? She began to smile under torture.

00:29:25--> 00:29:31

Why? Because she saw her place in Paradise, and suddenly she couldn't feel any more pain mentally.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions his story in the Quran is sorted to him.

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Although the long method Naveen

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and Allah has given the example of the wife of Pharaoh. What are the long methylene

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let's be Benini

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Yeah Ian Duncan Great. Fina Jen Jeanne Oh my lord built for me a house with you close to you in Jana and save me on a genie Mia theater on window on any one a genie Mina nail combo meal Vani mean, oh Allah save me from Pharaoh and his actions and save me from the people who are the oppressors.

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So Asya is a very important woman, and an emblem not only to women, and the role model also to men of all time, my brothers and sisters in Islam. And so, the story continues, Pharaoh did not desist, he killed his hairdresser of his daughter, he killed his wife, and I leave her cellar. And now he turns to anyone who pronounces or declares Islam.

00:30:55--> 00:31:35

It says in sort of your scene, and then anonymous man, his name is not important because Allah doesn't look at your names, or your color or your family, or your lineage, or your wealth or your and so on. He looks at your actions and merits you based on your actions and your intentions to things always remember them brothers, sisters, your action should be righteous and good, and your intentions have to be correct. So a man comes running from a far distance called a Tomita. Be almost Serena my people follow the messengers. And in another verse, he says, You know what, do not be lie these prophets did not belies these messengers.

00:31:36--> 00:31:37

And this man says,

00:31:39--> 00:31:50

If you know he's tries to convince the people to follow knows that and head on but they refuse reject, and Pharaoh kills him as well. So as you can see, he started the killing spree on anyone who pronounces the support of Musa and

00:31:51--> 00:32:16

then Musa comes to frown and says, You have gone too far. I've already shown you two signs, my staff turning into a python snake, by the will of Allah, you rejected my hand because my hand turning white because Musa was very dark skinned, very African looking, he placed his hand take it out, and it was, it was like a white man's hand, even better, with no blemishes with nothing.

00:32:17--> 00:32:56

He said, second sign, he refused it. Now come the signs from my Lord. And he asked Allah said, Oh, my Lord Pharaoh and his people have gone beyond the bounds. And they have seen their decorations on wealth and all these things. Please, oh Allah do not let them see guidance. Normally, you shouldn't ask Allah to not guide someone. But in extreme cases, and this is only for a prophet to say some people will deserve this guidance did not deserve the guidance anymore and fair on his people. The code is that we're helping him did not deserve the guidance. And he said bury them and take them away. Do not let them see guidance until they see the torture until they see the torture. This is a

00:32:56--> 00:33:35

no Quran hatha yoga with either and only until they see the painful torture. Why until they see the painful torture. Though I know Matt have some that up that there are three situations where Toba repentance and converting to Islam or turning back to Allah can never be accepted. Number one, when the sun rises from the West, number two, that's towards the end of time signs the last hour number two, when the soul reaches that gargling point, stuck on Goggle when you're dying, the soul reaches Yeah, no more repentance. And number three, and this doesn't apply to us, but to the people of the prophets and the messengers, when the punishment has come upon them. And they try to repent when the

00:33:35--> 00:34:06

punishment is happening when the torture is happening. But this also goes for us as well, for somebody who knows the truth and says, Oh Allah, you know, I'm going to do harm, I'm going to do harm, I'm going to do harm, and afterwards, I'm going to repent, it doesn't work that way. You cannot plan a plot and then say, I'll repent even though Allah may still accept the person's repentance, a personal applause, but some plans and plots may die that way and your intention to repent one day will not be accepted. So my brother sisters, nine signs were brought to Pharaoh and I'll say them quickly before the other

00:34:08--> 00:34:17

they were there the the hand turning white, the staff turning into a snake. Then Allah says in the Quran, and we sent upon them

00:34:18--> 00:34:32

up to fan, the flood, the Nile river flooded, flooded and they couldn't grow anything they couldn't go along with their lives. Then Fran said, Moses asked your Lord, to take away this torture.

00:34:33--> 00:34:44

Because if I do what you release the children of Israel, he says yes, Allah Allah Musa Salah, the flood goes away for hours slowly returns to his torture.

00:34:45--> 00:34:49

Then Allah sent frogs.

00:34:50--> 00:34:57

I'm not saying him in order. I'm not saying them in order, but I'm just saying what I can remember now. So then Allah said the frogs

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

the frogs

00:35:01--> 00:35:36

So everywhere they went, they utensils, their homes, their beds, their crops everywhere with frogs. Now you might be thinking frogs. That's cute. No, but when frogs are in everything, eating everything everywhere, they contaminate, they spread diseases, they spread germs everywhere they went like we're talking about millions of frog frogs in a city. Then, for our said, let's get rid of this, and I will let the children of Israel go, it happened and Pharaoh returned back to his torture. So you can see that this was actually happening over years, actually, not only just days, right? And then Allah sent sin in Sydney means drought and famine.

00:35:37--> 00:36:15

No more food. The cattle and everything went skinning and they couldn't. They didn't have food to eat on so they lacked meat. They like fruits, they're like vegetation to eat. Then it was released and Pharaoh stuck to his word, then Allah subhanaw taala would not let the trees the fruit trees and the crops grow. They'll only get one seed, or one apple or one pair, nothing. Whatever grew in Egypt at that time. Then it was released and still fairy dust insisted. Then there was lice, nits lice lice that appears in the head. It started growing through all their children's hair through all their head. And whenever they went to sleep whenever they woke up people scratching their people

00:36:15--> 00:36:42

losing their hair. It increased so badly for months, until Ferraro said Moses, get rid of it. Now let go of the children of Israel more sudden did the same. Allah released it then and then Allah sent upon him. Locusts, Jara locusts. You know what Jarrah does locusts when they fly across crops, and if you've seen it on the internet, they destroy everything. The farmers worst nightmare. It's over. It's bankruptcy. It's death.

00:36:43--> 00:37:21

Until France said please let it go. And I will never said please actually release it and I will release the children of Israel. Musa Salam did. So still it didn't happen. And finally the last sign blood, the Nile River turned into blood, nobody could use it anymore. In an Israelite tradition, it says that when the child when when a person who was an Israelite came to get water from the Nile, it was normal water. And when the Egyptians wanted to take that water, he was blood. So they would ask the Israelites to fetch water for them, maybe it'll stay as water. So these rods will get as normal water. And as soon as the Egyptian took it, they found blood. They couldn't use it. And finally it

00:37:21--> 00:37:42

was released as well. And this time Pharaoh said, Okay, I'll release the children of Israel after nine signs. Pharaoh then released the children of Israel from their slavery. However, he didn't release them to let them go. He released them so they can run towards the dead, the Red Sea because they wanted to cross it to Palestine.

00:37:43--> 00:37:58

And he made a plan that once they reached the Red Sea, he's going to follow them with his soldiers and kill them all at once. He's going to absolutely what ethnic cleansing wipe away of the entire race of the children of Israel

00:38:00--> 00:38:13

just like a bliss takes everyone to hell with him. Then you know the story. Allah says Tada, hyung Farah on will be joining we're digging for our own chased after them with his soldiers. And when Musa reached the Red Sea,

00:38:14--> 00:38:44

we said to him, Do not be afraid. And the children of Israel said to fit Musa for our people are about to reach us. What's this promise that you made us? It shows from the verse of the children of Israel actually impatient people, and always objecting always objecting, always objective, not all of them. And then Allah says that the half don't be afraid, hit with the ocean, the sea with your stick, he hit the sea with a stick, this is in the Quran, by the way, and the sea split, behold two big mountains on each side.

00:38:46--> 00:38:47

And we said, go through it.

00:38:49--> 00:39:23

And so more sir head on and let people went through it. When they reached the end of it, Musa Frauen had built you know, I don't know what he built like railways for the carriages and everything to cross over. So that's why it took them time. By the time the children of Israel all had crossed, maybe 600,000 of them. All the Pharaoh Pharaoh and all of his soldiers and all of his ranking on every all his power and all his utilities and all his weapons, and and including their Xena, their decorations, their treasures, their gold artifacts, most of it went in with them.

00:39:24--> 00:39:35

And as soon as the last of them went in, who was very Allah subhanaw taala ordered the ocean or the sea to close in on them for the sheer hominid movement and Yemeni Maharshi Allah says and so the

00:39:37--> 00:39:39

the sea killed them all.

00:39:41--> 00:39:52

That is when Pharaoh started to gargle with the water. And at that point, he knew that it was going to die and there's no way out. He said the following word. Carla.

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

Meant to be the man to be lady M and it to be he been with us right here. I now believe in what the children have is

00:40:00--> 00:40:09

Row believed and he also said another verse, I believe that there is no God except the God of the children of Israel. But then Allah replies

00:40:12--> 00:40:34

walk out the oscillator, Min club and even the way it sounds is like it's a sarcasm. Now, now you want to return when you had already decided before that you were going to rebel like this there's no rebellion more than what Pharaoh rebelled. And Allah actually did not accept his repentance.

00:40:35--> 00:41:08

He said Now when the torture has come to light and I'll finish it with this is your Grenada is Salam. In this hadith is in Tirmidhi by even our best and that is Hadith Hassan Sohei. By al Burnie. He says, When Pharaoh drowned in the sea, he said amen to I believe that there is no God except that God of the of the Israelites should be said to Mohamed Salah Sam says, Yeah, Mohammed Ferrara Atrani What on earth was Amin had in battery for those who who Fifi Maha feta and to the rica who are Rama.

00:41:10--> 00:41:49

He says if only you could see me on Mohammed Salah Salem. When Pharaoh was drowning i took mud from the bottom of the sea and shoved it down his throat fearing that he will say let ilaha illallah and other Hadith say let alone in this hadith, fearing that Allah's mercy may reach him Subhanallah this has got a lot of shadow. It's got a lot of commentary on it. But insha Allah I will leave it till next week. We'll start from here and we'll talk about what happens to the children of Israel after the splitting of the sea. Thank you for listening. It's now a short time was on the line there been a Muhammad while earlier he was Sofia Jermaine was salam ala kumara