Hussain Kamani – Ramadan Reflections – Day 1

Hussain Kamani
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the value of life and the book Somewhere, which tells the story of a woman who lost everything and was unable to reach her goals. They stress the importance of avoiding distractions and setting goals to achieve goals. The speaker gives advice on how to avoid distractions and set appropriate goals to avoid wasting time and stay consistent, emphasizing the importance of avoiding distractions and setting a schedule to achieve goals.
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You're listening to ramadaan reflections been with the same company. This summer multicuisine will be teaching the Hadid intensive, students will study the different methods of compilation and preservation of ahaadeeth. The major role female scholars have played in Hadeeth preservation, the biography of famous Hadid narrators as well as different collections and excerpts from famous heavy texts like steel body. For more information visit Hadeeth

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Hema kondalilla

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Allahu Akbar,

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author William BIA bond early last year was

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one of the realities of life

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is that when something is available in abundance, its value goes down. Anytime you have something easily accessible or an abundance, the value of that commodity of that thing will go down. This is why you'll find youth not valuing their parents, because they're so used to having their parents with them. Their parents are there every morning every evening, providing for them whether the day goes good or bad. But the moment their parents leave their life, the value for their parents increases because they realize now it's gone. And this is the reality of every bounty we have in our life. When it's little or restricted limited. We evaluate abundance when we have it. We have no

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value for it at all. That's what one of my teachers used to say. An intelligent person is someone who knows how to value a bounty while you actually have it. Most people all they know is how to regret once it's gone. So in relation to this principle of life, Allah subhanho wa Taala says something very beautiful in the Quran regarding the month of Ramadan. Allah subhanho wa Taala says a Yama margu that limited counted few days. This is what the month of Ramadan actually is a tremendous bounty, which is limited. Those who understand its value while it remains will achieve and accomplish those who forget to understand its value or miss out on understanding its true essence.

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When the month of Ramadan passes by all they will have is regret and that regret will truly manifests itself as a loss of power and without a tells us in Surah minimoon on the Day of Judgment hasta la dokumen mode or build your own lolly Armando Saleh and FEMA Tara to color in Cali Martin Hua ilaha

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illa Yomi buffoon a loss of kindness of without a set until death comes.

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when death comes when when a person dies, he will stand in front of Allah and the Day of Judgment. And because of all of those special moments, you and I let pass by that person will stand in front of a lion say that have been as your own Oh Allah send me back to the world. Send me back to the road, like only Amazon so I can see is that romane so I can capture that moment again, female to that which I didn't do while I was alive that which I let pass by. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says that when you say this to Allah on the Day of Judgment, give me one more chance. I messed up a law says my response will be kind of not what it's gonna mean. Never not No, never. There is no way at

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all that's happening. And then Allah says in the heart, Kalamata Hua Chi, Doha, this statement that we will make, although let me go back to the road, he said, He will definitely make that statement. Because that's the nature of the human being. We let these valuable moments pass by and then later on, we regret. We look back at the scholars of the past and see how they valued their time, allow me to tell me that I was imprisoned. And when he was imprisoned, he entered into a prison where they were criminals. There were hybrid routers there, the schools, they were thugs there. And he utilized that moment of being in the prison, who think of utilizing the moment of being in the prison, and he

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enters into the prison and he starts working with these people. By the time he exits the prison. The people in this prison are all with the hedges. They're all praying, 200 solar. These are all people that are now pious. Oh, Leah and friends of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Mr.

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Medina, he is traveling. And while he's traveling, he utilizes his time while traveling. What does he do? He writes two books that today until today, you won't find a book on spirituality that will miss the referencing of these two books. His brother and his brother in law. He wrote these two books while he was actually in the middle of a journey. Along with the law, he was also in prison. And while he was in prison, he wrote one of the most extensive one of the most expansive hanafy books ever written. He writes the mobile suit, which is 30 volumes 30 of volumes of content this man prepares while he's in the prison. We're not in prisons. Most of us are not traveling right now. We

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have time available to us.

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The question is, will we seize it or not? Will we make this form of on a change in Vermont? Will we use this form of on to achieve goals that we've always wanted to, there are those people in the community who achieve, there are those who let time pass by, and their whole life passes by, they just keep saying, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll go to the gym tomorrow, I'll work tomorrow, I'll fix my relationship with my wife tomorrow, I'll be better to my kids tomorrow. They keep talking about tomorrow, but they don't they're not interested in today. There's a famous scholar by the name of Dino costumi mohalla data. He was once passing by a group of young people. And the young

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men were just playing and wasting their time. He said when he went, he went to those youth and said to them, I give my time, every minute of every moment of it for a good cause for worshiping Allah for this Deen. And here you are wasting your time. He said, Only if time was something I could buy, I would buy all of your time for you right now because you're completely wasting it. But unfortunately, time is something that can never be bought. Those of us who use it, we look at those who are wasting it and we cry. That's why every parent has the same story to say to their kids. You're wasting it you're wasting it, you're wasting it. I did what you did, I wasted my time. Listen

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to me, I don't want you to waste your time. And similarly, think of me as someone standing before you today. And I say this in a little Justin a little joke as well. I've come to you from the future. And I stand before you here today to warn you that every one of us is that last when it comes to time because the Quran tells us that what else in the in the inside of the vehicle. And only those of us will be successful, who utilize and captured this moment right now.

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hustle and bustle you don't have a whole lot without I said you are time.

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Your existence. This is all time he says with every moment that passes by a piece of view is lost. Think of a phone being lost with every moment in a index finger being lost with every hour as the hours passed by as that sad clock.

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it diminishes in front of us as it minimizes as time passes a piece of us running away. And that piece is one that'll never return back again. So utilize and capture your time. What can we do with our Yvonne for quick suggestions. The first thing set appropriate realistic goals that you can achieve in Ramadan. If someone tells me that in this Ramadan at the beginning of Ramadan, I set my goals that I'm going to fast and I'm going to pray myself that I won't miss a single Salah in the masjid or I won't miss a single select period. I'm going to give myself the proper attention meaning with a proper soon and then the last thing with proper will do if you say that's your goal and you

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accomplish that 100 Allah give yourself appropriate and soft and proper, proper goals. I'm making the goal this Ramadan. I'm not going to pretend just today because that's very difficult for me this Ramadan I'm just going to read quarters inshallah, or I'm going to read one just inshallah, I'm going to learn to build a relationship with the Quran. Give yourself goals. Don't wake up tomorrow morning without a goal because if you wake up tomorrow morning without written goals, you Ramadan will be wasted. Mark my words I've come to you from the future. So write your goals down, set your goals. The second thing, if you want to accomplish your goals, you have to remove distractions.

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While distractions remain, you will always fail to achieve your goal. And this is why parents keep telling their kids stop being distracted. Stop being distracted, because as long as you're distracted, you can't accomplish your goals. What are your distractions and I'm alone. That's what you actually need to fast from. Some of you probably don't eat and drink a bunch anyway and you're not married so you don't have intimate intimacy a part of your life. So you're fasting isn't necessarily from eating and drinking. You need to find out what is a distraction for you. Maybe for you with your Facebook for someone who might be their whatsapp group for someone who might be

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Snapchat or Instagram. What do you need to fast from Netflix Hulu? What is it out there that distracts you get rid of your distractions? Number Three Actually, I'm number two one more thing I'll drop while we're at it. Most of us are still distracted by the political unrest that is constantly developing. We are addicted to it like heroin addicts addicts. We're constantly sniffing politics and getting our mind high and enjoying the this the drama that it brings to us. How about we fast from politics for the next 30 days? How about we say for the next 30 days, I'm not interested. I'm just going to step back what concerns me and my community. I'm ready. But if this is

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general politics, the drama is going to continue the soap opera is going to go on and trust me. The comedians are going to continue on with their skips the world's gonna move on. Fast from what distracts you. The third thing, set a schedule. Once you've set your goals to put them into place, you have to have a solid schedule. When do you want to read on when can you read the Quran? One year ago last year I was in Africa. And when I was in Africa, I saw a very beautiful practice the people in the community that I was in, they will all come for us or salon and then they would remain in the machine from us or salon until Monday live and no one was

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Leave the most it would not provide a thought everyone would bring their own if thought and won the battle because they would go to the corner of the machine or sit outside the masjid. The families would get together, the women, the kids, all of them would get together, and they would have their thoughts together. It was such a beautiful scene, the whole community understood and prioritize reading the Quran, they all stayed until they thought they made law they really put on give yourself a schedule. Don't try to reflect on all through the day, because that may not be something that you can sustain. Try to find a time and I encourage everyone if you try to come to the mercy that Nasir

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saw every day, and stay into motherhood, that's the perfect window for you come back from work, if you need to nap a little bit, get a little nap and get a little rested, come to the machine at 630 sharp, and within an hour and a half you will hear the other inshallah when I was used for motive. And you can build in your they could build in your while building your reputation, building your reading of the CETA build in the reading of the Quran. Whatever you have in mind, you can put it all in there. And that will be a perfect spot for you set proper schedules. And the last thing I want to say, once you've set your goal, you removed your distractions, you've set your schedule. The last

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thing is be consistent. Don't swap your schedule around demands was only 190 it says the first sign of an inconsistent person is that they swap their schedule around. If they're supposed to be reading put on after after what will shaytan say to them first. He won't say skip it. He'll tell them today. Let's do it after rehearsal.

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And then the next day Shawn's gonna say to them, let's do it after your song. And then one day he'll say we'll do it after a shot so long, and they keep flip flopping and before you know what what happens is gone. Everyone's here for throw a prayer Mark my words two days from now she was gonna say to you, Hey, man, there's a dinner going on. And there's an emotion that's even closer. Let's go there. And you go to them, as soon as you break consistency. Once what happens right after that is you bring consistency again. And then you break it again and again. And you remain as an inconsistent person. Build your consistency. And with that, I close off this haka to remind us all

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the value of time. Now the glass clock is full Ramadan just started. We're still not even through our first but all week prayer, there's so much more we can accomplish. But it only will happen if we understand the value of time and we utilize it while we still have it in front of us. We pray that Allah subhana wa tada gives us the field to seize the moment to utilize the moment and to be proud over this moment. On the day of judgment was said a lot a lot. I say that I'm humbled that I want to live

Seizing Ramadan

A new series for Ramadan 2017 “Ramadan Reflections” with Mufti Hussain Kamani,
These short talks serve as great reminders on not only how to maximize benefit of Ramadan, but also on how to rectify one’s character and day-to-day lifestyle.

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