Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #22 – The Weight of Your Character

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The physical dimensions of people and their characteristics, including small and small bodies, physical stature, and reciting the Quran, are discussed. The importance of the legal scale in people's perception of their bodies and the significance of the Jesus Christ scale in their mental calculations is emphasized. The horrors of the previous day's events, including the death of a man named Jesus by a storm, the loss of a woman named Y whom they call a "fit down" by being hit by a beast, and the loss of a man named Jesus by a storm are also highlighted. The importance of the prophets in these events and the need for character and faith to overcome these challenges is emphasized. Jesus Christ is being weighed by his weight scale and is being weighed by his weight scale, and a woman named Yama is seen walking on a bus and speaking about her weight scale on the Day of Judgment.
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Musa was a small man, Abu Lahab was a small man, not in the physical sense, just like those who are blind or not those who are physically blind, but there are people who have blind hearts. Those who are small people are not those who have small bodies. That's just the physical vessel. But there are people of no character. And people without character tend to overcompensate with all sorts of things, clothes of vanity, you know, braiding loud voices, and just utter obnoxiousness. Now, you have all these skills in this life. And if you look at these skills, they try to weigh things that a typical scale can't. So you have the muscle versus fat density, or whatever it is, that doesn't show

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up on a regular scale. But you know, what a worldly scale can't wait. It can't wait your character. Only Allah scales can do that.

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If you look at the love mystery, there'll be a lot of time on. The man is a giant in the steam, and that was true in his lifetime. And it's also true in his legacy. He's the first person to recite the Quran publicly. He's the one who the prophets lie. Some said if you want to hear the Quran, fresh and beautiful, like the way it was revealed, then listen to the recitation of this man. And it was he who would bring the Prophet slice on himself to weep when he would recite to him and if you open any book of Hadith, and you just see the name Abdullah without any last name, then you know it's talking about him because you know, he's the greatest of them all. Now you compare this man i

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beloved Mr. Little the a lot of time, to Abuja, Abuja Hill was huge and physical stature. He was likened to Omaha Pablo de Allah Tada and one size the difference is that almost all the Allah Tada and who was guided and and he would go on in life to sit at the feet of had been Massoud while Abuja would actually meet his death under the feet of him in material industry with all the a lot of time on who was known to be much shorter physically than any of the companions. And when he went out reciting sorts of Ramadan in public, which was the first time the Quran was read in public under very dangerous circumstances, he was almost killed. People stomped him and threw things at him. And

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the main culprit that was stomping him that day was none other than Abuja, the fit down of this OMA, now you fast forward, and it's the Battle of bed. And Allah subhanaw taala would have it so politically, that even Mr. Little the alota and who is climbing on top of this mountain of a tyrant being Abuja after Abuja Hill has been struck and he's laying there. He looks up, and he sees this man standing on his chest, and he can't believe that it's been Misu the one he used to oppress. So he says, Naka, Delta, beta Morita, consob and yarrowia Ilana, you have climbed a difficult mountain Oh tiny shuttered, but that was the victory of Allah. And the last thing that Abuja saw in this

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life, was in misery with all the low tide and who was standing on top of him saying victory belongs to Allah. Victory belongs to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and victory belongs to the believers. Now the Sahaba also had to learn this lesson about what makes a person mighty. And one time the prophets lie some was sitting with the companions and even Mr. Little the Allah Tada and he was picking a sea whack, and the wind actually blew him into the tree, and it exposed his legs and the Companions laughed. Now the prophets lie some could have nearly just chastise them for their laughter. But he said, What are you laughing at? They said the other Salah his legs are so small,

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and the prophets lie Selim said, those two legs, the Houma Escoto Phil, Misa and Yeoman CReality. Minh offered, those two legs are bigger on the day of judgment on the scale of good deeds than hurt. Can you imagine even Mr. Elrod the law outside and showing up on the day of judgment and his legs are actually the size of hurt in his knees. Because the Mason doesn't just weigh what you say. It also weighs you. And so you have this hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hula yet T Allah, Allah Aleem a Sameen Yama, Yama that on the day of judgment Allah brings forth this huge fat man on the Day of Judgment Fela Yes, you know and the lie Jana hubba Olga, and he's

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not worth in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala the wing of a mosquito fella no clean moolah home. Yo, melty Amity was not the prophets lie. Some don't recite it and we will give them no wait on the Day of Judgment. So where does that leave us?

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What are you in Allah site with your faith and with your character? The prophets lie Selim said man and shaitan espero filmi Zanni min personal Hello. Nothing on the Day of Judgment is going to be heavier on the skin

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Till then good character and character is to your deeds, what your sincerity is to your faith. It's the inner quality, it's who you really are in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala an idea of why we thought a little bit locked out and we're describing this moment where you were physically picked up and placed in the skill. He said men can Oba hero who are German Bellini he have a musician who Yeoman piano woman can about Lena who out of jam in LA he he stuck with me Zanu Yeoman piano, whoever is better on the outside than they are on the inside will have a light scale on the Day of Judgment. They're not going to weigh much, but whoever is even better on the inside than they are on

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the outside will have a heavy scale on that day. Remember how we said that the book records things that are otherwise intangible allies are just a selectable market demo what I thought oh McCullough Shane Astley now female movie, we will record everything, the footsteps, the effects, everything they left behind, is recorded with precision. In the same way, the scale of Allah waist things that are otherwise unwinnable, they're intangible, and that's mainly to His mercy and never out of cruelty. The profit slice that I'm set for example, whoever keeps a horse for the sake of Allah, Eman and YT Saba out of faith and Allah and believing in His promise, the prophesy Some said that

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horse it's eating, it's drinking, it's defecating and urinating all of that is going to be hassle not on your balance on your scale on the day of judgment, because Allah azza wa jal weighs all of that for his sake. And as symptomatically Allah Tada and who he narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever goes out in the Cause of Allah, na Saba homina, lobar, Miskin Yama, pm whatever touches him of dust will come forth as Musk on the Day of Judgment. So Allah subhanho To Allah weighs it all. And here we see that your words have been weighed, and now you are being weighed. What now of the book of deeds that you brought with you to be weighed alongside you.

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the bullet was enough for a wifey or Asia to roll we

From the beloved Companion Abdullah ibn Masud (ra) to the tyrant Abu Jahl, each person will weigh differently on the Day of Judgment—and not by physical weight or the weight of deeds. What’s your weight in the Sight of Allah?

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