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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi gives a lecture on some verses of Surah az-Zumar and acquaints us with the blessings of Islam.

“So is one whose breast Allah has expanded to [accept] Islam and he is upon a light from his Lord [like one whose heart rejects it]? Then woe to those whose hearts are hardened against the remembrance of Allah. Those are in manifest error.” Allah has sent down the best statement: a consistent Book wherein is reiteration. The skins shiver therefrom of those who fear their Lord; then their skins and their hearts relax at the remembrance of Allah. That is the guidance of Allah by which He guides whom He wills. And one whom Allah leaves astray – for him there is no guide.”

[Surat Az-Zumar, verses 22 & 23]

“Allah takes the souls at the time of their death, and those that do not die [He takes] during their sleep. Then He keeps those for which He has decreed death and releases the others for a specified term. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.”

[Surat Az-Zumar, verse 42]

“O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah . Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful. And return [in repentance] to your Lord and submit to Him before the punishment comes upon you; then you will not be helped.”

[Surat Az-Zumar, verses 53 & 54]

This verse is the most hopeful and optimistic verses in the entire Qur’an.

From the above verses, we can learn many aspects of our life:

  • Some of us have no love for Islam as our hearts have been hardened by the worldly pleasures and true Iman evades us.
  • The greatness of the Qur’an is explained in vivid detail.
  • The hearts of the believer tremble when they hear the Qur’an sometimes and sometimes as you read it , the heart finds comfort and peace.
  • We are made to be optimistic of the Mercy of Allah as He forgives all our sins. This can be achieved by turning in repentance towards Allah.
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Lao salatu salam ala rasulillah whether it he was like the woman who Allah, I'm about. So we finished reciting sudo to xumo today. And as we did in our last suit, I'm just going to highlight some of the more if you like, of course the whole Quran is beautiful and profound, some verses are more easier for us to benefit from immediately and there are more often quoted and unsuited to Zuma. Zuma, by the way is a middle makansutra and his primary theme is to talk about the blessings of Islam and the folly or the stupidity of idolatry. So it is a critique of the Quran and the paganism and it is a means of expressing the blessings of the one who accepts Islam and of the verses that we

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hear quite a lot in sort of the Zoomer that is quoted quite a lot is verse number 22 femen shadow Allahu sutra who did Islamic for who either nude me Robbie, give the example of the one whose heart Allah has opened to Islam. So Shara has to do it in Arabic We all know lm nostra Allah Casa de la and Shara has Southern literally means to open up the chest. But there is a metaphorical meaning here as well and that is to find ease and comfort. So in the Arabic language to say Shara has solid means you have found comfort and that's why I'm not sure I like a Sabra have we given you the peace of the soul and the mind this is what Shara has so that actually means that Shara has to do it in

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Arabic means he has found internal peace. So Allah says, Alpha Man shout out Allahu sodre who lil Islam. Give the example compare the two the Muslim and the idol worship or compare the two give the example of the one whose heart We have open to Islam, ie he has found peace in Islam. And this ayah tells us nothing will bring about spiritual peace other than Islam. Actual it's manana calm, actually feeling satisfied with life will only come through Islam, FM and sha Allah who sobre hulan Islamic for who are either nude in the rabbit. This is the one he has been blessed with the light from his Lord. Remember a few days ago I did an explanation of Allah who notice about what he

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without. And I said the primary meaning of note here is guidance here this ayah clearly also demonstrates this, give the example of the one whose heart We have opened to Islam. So he is the one that has the rule from his Lord Allah Who knows what he will write for Hulu. Remember Robin, the opposite of this is for a la casa de Hulu boohooman decorilla. So go to the one whose heart has become hard core sia t Hulu born from the remembrance of Allah, they are in manifest error. So we have two examples. The one who's hard to soft, the one whose heart has been open to Islam and the hearts being open to Islam is a motif of comfort of peace, the opposite, the one whose heart is

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hard, and the hardness of the heart means he has no happiness, no comfort, his own heart is grieving him. ie he doesn't have spiritual happiness. He's never happy. No matter what he has. His heart is always hard. He's nasty. He's mean he's stingy. Nothing is bringing him the softness, the sweetness that Islam will bring because he doesn't have Islam. So Allah says this is the one whoa to him. His heart is too hard, even from the remembrance of Allah and then Allah praises the Quran. Allah Who knows. Us and Hadith the Kitab mata shabbiha Allah has revealed the best of all speech. So the Quran is accidental Hadith, why? Because it is the speech of Allah Colombo law. So it is the best of all

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speech asset and add Kitab and Muhtar shabbiha. It is a book that complements with a shabby over here means it complements itself. There's no contradiction Kitab and Muta. shabbiha the book complements itself. Everything of the Quran adds for the same routine or the same motif, the same message mythos Ania botania. A number of meanings of them is people always recite it. So the Quran is always recited and there is no document in human history that is recited more than the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. Look at us now standing and reciting the Quran around the globe. Look at how many billions millions of people are reciting the book. The Quran is a document that it is in its

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own category when it comes to recitation. So it is masani it is being recited. Then Allah describes the believer who listens to the Quran, to OSHA, a room in Houdini of shoulder bone. Those whose hearts have fear of their Lord, their hearts tremble when they hear the Quran, but not just tremble, some metallic Judo and then their hearts find comfort. What Ooh, boom and their heart and their skins and their arts find comfort in a zicatela meaning as you read the Quran, you go through a wave of emotions. When you read the Quran, sometimes you tremble from the fear of Allah then your heart finds peace.

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And your heart finds comfort listening to the verses of Rama listening to the verses of Jenna, then when it comes to the verses of either you are terrified. So Allah says this is the essence of a man to go through this wave. Sometimes you're scared, sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're hopeful for the mercy of Allah. All of this is a sign of a man. So to feel these emotions of love, and fear, and hope, and these are the three emotions that all believers must have. And I've given many, many talks about this love, fear and hope these three emotions, they're all combined in this verse over here as well, that when you're listening to the Quran, you have alternative emotions.

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Sometimes you're terrified. You're scared and that's good, that's healthy, then you find comfort and peace. Then your heart says well find love in Allah subhana wa Tada. All of this is a part of Eman And Allah Subhana Allah subhana wa tada mentions this as a sign of a man. Later on in the surah. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions one of those famous verses that we quote, when he talks about death, allow him to enforce a hain mot her will that he Lampton with him Anamika, Allah is the one who holds on to the souls when they die, he is the one who causes the souls to come up, he holds on to the souls when they die. And he also holds on to the souls of those who sleep and don't die. And

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we talked about this quite a lot, as well as our process that I'm said, and no more a whole moat and no more a who

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sleep is the brother of death, because the both of them the same thing happens. And what is that the rule leaves the body, in death and in sleep, leaves the body and of course in sleep, it comes back in death, it doesn't come back. That's the only difference Otherwise, the both of them are the same in that so in this verse, Allah says, I am the one who takes your soul when you die, and who takes your soul when you go to sleep and don't die, because in both of them, the soul leaves the body and then Allah says the one whom we've decreed to die, the soul doesn't come back, the one who has more time for him sequela t Baba is

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the one who is destined to die, that soul never comes back. And that is why most of mankind dies in their sleep. Most of mankind dies in their sleep. And this is what Allah is saying. So when a person goes to sleep, if his death is decreed, I hold on to the soul. And if his death is not decreed, well, you will still Ohara Elijah masama he'll send the soul back until it's time comes. So this is also one of those verses that we always quote, and then Allah subhana wa tada mentions, verse number 53, so that the Zulu and this verse is called by many of the Tabby rune and early sedef. This verse is called the most optimistic verse in the whole or on our Raja tikki tabula, or I should say, the

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most hopeful verse in the whole Quran. So verse 53, of surah to Zuma is one of the most hopeful and optimistic verses and it translates as follows. Hola, Eva de la Dena Ashraful say and announce to my servants who have wronged themselves you've committed major sins you have done is throw off against your own body either unfussy him, Allah is speaking to them. La taco natu. Murat Mattila, do not give up hope. Do not despair. Do not feel pessimistic about the drama of a law in law. Hi yo fudo unova Jamia, Allah forgives all sins in the who who Allah for him He is the afore he is the Rahim and we have to keep this verse in mind, especially tonight and the rest of the 910 nights of the odd

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nights of Ramadan are the nights that were coming up in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. This is should be fourth format in our heads that all of our sins can be forgiven, but how and when the next ayah says what I need in Arabic as well as the Buddha who turn to your Lord and submit to Him. You want your sins forgiven. Allah has promised in the law yo food with vinoba Jamia? Some people have said that this verse came down because some of the aurash they wanted to embrace Islam. But some of the people wanted to embrace Islam, but they said we have done major crimes. We have committed murder. Some of them said we have killed our own daughters as they would do enjoy Leah, how can a

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lot ever forgive us? So Allah revealed this verse, that no matter what you have done, Allah will forgive your sins. Another early scholar, he said this verse came down for why she you know who why she was What crime did wash you do? Well like the crime that our own hearts are trembling to mention it. He was the one who assassinated the uncle of the Prophet system, the most beloved uncle Hamza, and it is said this is not sealed. I mean, this sorry, this is not a hadith it is mentioned in the books of the Sierra Sierra. This verse came down for why she that was she was saying, How can I ever forgive me? And Allah says, Don't worry, even that crime. If you turn to Allah and ask His

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forgiveness, Allah will forgive it. If you turn

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to him and submit yourself to Him. And then the surah ends talking about the Day of Judgment. And of course, these are very oft recited verses, many of the Imams and the Saudis. They recite these verses in the regular sort of water as well, that talks about the day of judgment and the prophets will come and the Shahada, the angels will come, the books will come, all of them will be brought out. And on that day, what will feel good enough? I mean, that's what will be my if I don't, everybody will get back what they have done. And then there are the two camps was he called Edina cafaro. And was he called Edina choco

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illa jannetty. Zuma, and the first one Elijah, Hannah Zuma, and from this word, Zuma, we get Suda. To Zuma. Zuma means in batches in groups, Sumo is batches and groups and the ending of the surah talks about the two batches in groups. The first of them was sikhala, Dena cafaro illa Johanna Matsumura, the people who have committed, Cofer will be brought in batches and groups to jahannam and had a deja vu have footie had Ababa. When they come to it, the doors will be flung open for them, and another color of foot, the hat ababwa, which only has the stronger connotation that the doors will be frank open, and the guardians of jahannam, the guardians of Jannah, because jahannam

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has angels in it jahannam has angels that are not going to be harmed by the fire they are protecting

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the gentleman from outside and punishing those inside the people that are or the angels that are guarding the gates of john, they will ask, didn't profits come to you? Didn't messengers come and warn you about this day, and multiple times in the Quran? The angels expressed their amazement How could you have ended up here? Didn't you hear about Islam? Didn't you hear about your Lord? Didn't the prophets come? Didn't the Koran be recited you multiple times? The angels cannot comprehend how arrogant man can be Why didn't you worship Allah, you wouldn't be here. Why didn't you obey his commands you wouldn't be here. So every time a batch comes the angels in their own inquisitiveness,

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because the angels are inquisitive. We know this when Allah created Adam, they asked questions now they're wondering, how did you end up here? Adam Yachty. Congresswoman comm didn't messengers come to you yet Luna alikum actor of the Komodo reciting the verses of your Lord to you and they said called rubella? Yes, they did come, but we didn't listen, we didn't obey. And this is why the punishment is upon us see that Hulu, Ababa Johanna Macaulay denorfia it will be set to them and to the doors of jahannam living there forever and what's an evil abode for the arrogant then the second group was co co lead in a taco Rubbermaid agenda tomorrow. Those who are righteous will be taken in

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batches to Jenna Hector ada waterfoot he had a boo boo ha when they come to it, and the doors are open. Now this is something every half of the knows the first of them has no Wow. The second of them has a wall right when the doors of jahannam had to either Joe her foot he had a Baba and then when it comes to Jana had to either Juha work with the head of wah wah. And this has led to a lot of discussion in the classical books of why the Wow, what does that one extra wow mean? And there are quite literally seven eight opinions. I can't go over all of them. But one of the opinions which is a one of the standard opinions is that the second one is what will hallelujah for those who know

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their Arabic grammar from high school back in those days when they studied Arabic grammar. What would halia means that, in essence, it means the people of Johanna will be brought to jahannam and the doors are shut.

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And so the doors will be shoved in their face to add to the humiliation to add to the suspense and the torture, and then it will be flung open and they will see the torture and then they will be told to go in. But the people of Jenna had to either Joe who have worked with he had ababwa the people of gender will come while while highly demanded and verbal genome of too high too low. The doors of gender will already be open for them. They don't have to wait. There's no suspense. They see it in the distance, the doors are open, so they're rushing forward and the doors have already been welcomed open for them. And that is the height of Khurram, the height of generosity that Allah will

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not cause the people of genda to wait the doors are already open for them and they will be told to go in and when they come in the angels will greet them Salam aleikum tribute to him for the whole holiday in peace be unto you tribute to him you have achieved success and happiness you have achieved comfort and purity. This is the life now leave it to him for the Hulu Happy Holidays and come into it to live forever and they will then say we'll call you and hamdulillah this the ending of resumo they will praise Allah subhana wa tada Alhamdulillah Allah de Sadako now why do we thank Allah His promise has proven true. What promise Jenna, the promise of gender his promise has proven

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true and he has given us this gender that we can move wherever we can.

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About well Mina mina jannetty Hi Sonia Shah, we can go in gender wherever we want for near Madrid alamuddin What a great reward for those who do good Ouattara mela ik and you will see the angels, the angels you will see them in gender and you will see the highest category of angels and those are have seen I mean holy cow she they will be flocking around the throne have been they will be called congregated around the throne of Allah subhana wa tada you said behind the behind the rock by him they will be constantly praising Allah subhana wa tada will obey obey the humble help and all will be decreed between them will kill Al Hamdulillah he Rabbil alameen and it will be said the angels

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will say the people of genda will say All Praise be to Allah the rub of the worlds and the mean so this is in summary some of the ayat of Surah resumo May Allah subhana wa tada save us from being of the Zoomer that go to janam May Allah make us of those Zoomer that go to Jenna and see the angels around the throne of Allah subhana wa Tada. And a brief reminder brothers and sisters today is the first of the odd nights today is the first of the odd nights the 21st of Ramadan and insha Allah, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would exert himself in these nights like he would not exert for the rest of the year, and it's only a few literally nights left. Next Wednesday is our Hutton

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and that is the 29th night so today is already Tuesday. Next Wednesday will be the the the the the hotel that we're going to have in the masjid, and that will be the 29th night yum and Margarita just a few days. So whatever you can do if you're able to come to our PM, we start at 215. And we have served as well over here. If you're not able to come, no problem. Don't feel that you have to come in three hours to two hours to the masjid. But do something at home, do something at home, whatever you can do whatever sleep you can sacrifice tonight and especially the odd nights, pray in your house, make dua in the middle of the night read Quran, do something extra for tonight and especially

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the rest of the ordinance of this month per chance insha Allah Allah we will be of those who are standing on later to the other was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.