Ramadan 2014 – Tafsir Surah Al-Fatiha – 17

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Episode Notes

In this episode of the Tafsir of Surat al-Fatihah, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi discusses :

  • The understanding that the verse Sirat Al-Ladhina ‘An`amta `Alayhim proves the Khilafah of Abu Bakr RA.
  • The paths that lead to Allah.
  • The concept of Hidaya (Guidance).
  • The reasoning behind a Muslim asking for Hidaya while he has already been guided to the truth.
  • The different levels of Hidayah.



AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the theory that hesitation is a result of confusion and misogyny, with the use of "verbal" language in relation to hedaya. They stress the importance of healthy eating, reciting the Fatiha in the holy month, and avoiding selfish behavior when making hedaya offers. The speakers also emphasize the need for guidance for everyone, including the title "verbal" in the Quran, and discuss the importance of being in certain categories of people, such as those who have been blessed by Islam.
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Hello, Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was ibH Marina Marburg, we were talking about diverse enough sir Ratan was the theme and we mentioned that the word set out in and of itself implies a very clear, a very level a very large path. And what this implies My dear brothers and sisters, is that there are a lot of people on this path, Allah Subhana, which Allah is reminding us that you are not the first Muslim, you are not the only Muslim. There are many people before you and along with you. And after you that will come on the Surat, also, the word set out, as we said implies straightness, and this also implies that there is only

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one set off to Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is the standard belief of really all religions up until modernity. In our times, unfortunately, there's a new ideology, and that is all paths lead to God. And this is it's the fancy word for this is perennialism. In other words, the claim is all religions lead to God. And no matter what you are, it is legitimate. From our perspective, there's only one theology that is correct. And that is the religion of Islam in Diener, in the law of Islam, the only religion acceptable to Allah is Islam. So there's one set autonomous theme, and that is why whenever Allah talks about the truth, it is in the singular. And when he talks about false hood, it

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is in the plural. Allah azza wa jal says that Allah will guide you to the news singular from the vumat plural, there are many varoma there's one rule, Allah azza wa jal says don't follow the Soobin. But come to the Sabine don't follow the wrong paths come to the correct path. So the correct path is in the singular, and this is demonstrated by the word slave out and the fact that even the word Surat does not occur in the Quran, in the plural, and falsehood the evil parts are mentioned in the plural, Voldemort is in the plural, the subrule that are wrong is in the plural, and our Prophet sallallahu. Either he was setting them in that famous Hadith, he drew a straight line. And he said

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how the Serato la Hill muster team, this is the straight set off of Allah subhana wa Tada. Then he drew lines coming from this. So this is a diagram he's giving a schematic interpretation of what is said often will stop him on the sand with the stick, he's drawing it and he drew paths outside of this line. And he said these are the paths of misguidance. So how many paths have misguidance many how many paths of guidance one, and this is demonstrated in the word Surat, also the word Surat, it implies as we said that the path is clear. It's not obscure. It's not difficult, it is crystal clear. And therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, we Muslims have a very beautiful belief. And

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that is and it comes in handy to mention this when we're giving the power to non Muslims. We believe that anybody who wants to find the slots will be able to find it, ie anybody who wants to know the truth we'll find the truth. The truth is not obscure. Allah did not hide the truth in in quizzes and in convoluted language and difficult logic. The truth is crystal clear the Surat is massive it's one it's clear you're not gonna get lost if you want to find this at all the throat is right there in the middle. So we believe that anybody who wants to know the truth any non Muslim if you are sincere or non Muslim, we say to him, if you are sincere, then you will find the slot because there's only

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one slot that is crystal clear. Now, here we have a question and that is that

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we are reading faster as Muslims most of us in fact, the slaughter fighters resided 99.99% Muslim and we already have hidayah we already are guided. So why somebody will say Am I asking for hedaya when I'm already a Muslim, we are saying he did not salata most of them and as Muslims, we believe we are on the serum. So why are we asking for hidayah while we are upon a diet, this is a question that some people can say and the response to this is very simple. Hey Daya guidance is not like a light switch which is either on or off. If you know mathematics is not binary, zero or one, no hedaya is multiple levels. hedaya has many different data sets. And no matter how much hedaya you

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have, you can always gain more a Daya what is the evidence for this, the Quran is very clear that Allah Subhana which Allah says while the DA DA DA DA DA DA home houden those who are guided we guided them even more Zelda from budan Allah says about the people of

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gave the young men in the home fits yet when a man obey Him, then what does the law say? Was it in our home Oda? There were a group of young men they believed in their Lord. So we bless them was in our home, we gave them more hedaya. So they had a man, yet Allah gave them more dire. And so when we say hello to Mr. Team, even if we have some Hidayat, we always want to mourn the dire there is no end to the amount of the dire so much so that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he is the one that has the most dire integers he would make dua to Allah Allahu Allah De Lima Tirupathi Jimenez Oh Allah give me Hidayat make me guided amongst all of the issues that mankind differ about.

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I want to have a diet. So our resources are seldom who doesn't just have the diet. He is the Hardy. He is the one who gives his diet by the permission of Allah. Still, he's asking for more hedaya So do you understand? Nobody can say, Oh, I have some Hidayat. Why am I asking for more? Even a Rasulullah Salim. And he is not just the one who's moated. He is Hardy. And hardy means the one who's giving a diet. He is giving him a diet? Yes. He's asking a lot for more a diet. So every one of us says he didn't stir autonomous stop him. And we also said that the plural here is Dina we mentioned this yesterday that the plural and I want to reiterate today's we mentioned I want to

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reiterate here another benefit that we recite the Fatiha in the singular. I am one and I say if Dena Allah didn't reveal a Dini even though I am reciting why, for multiple reasons, first and foremost, so that the connection with the oma is reinforced so that you realize all Muslim that you are not alone. You have a large group of fraternity you have a polity, you have a group that you must be interested in, and they must be interested in you. So Oh Muslim, do not be selfish when you make dua make to offer everyone. Don't just make up for yourself is the dinner we want hidayah for all not just for you, not just for me, not just for my children, the Muslim cares about the other Muslims.

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The Muslim has a connection and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Whoever makes the offer another an angel will say amin and may you get it as well. So when we say da da our Nia isn't just selfish me myself and I our Nia is Allah guide the oma Oh Allah guide all of mankind. We want guidance for everybody because our religion is not just about selfishness, our religion as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that none of you believes until you care for your brother what you care for yourself. So if the No sir often was the theme, what is this? What is this thought the final verses will explain and we'll start explanation today and tomorrow inshallah we'll finish

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this series of verses, then we'll go back and summarize some issues about social factor What is this is the no Serato stuff in Serato levena Anam de la him. This is the Serato of those whom you have shown your favors to Serato Latina and I'm telling him now, what is the favorite what is the Nirvana in Arabic and Nima is every good blessing that makes you happy. Every thing that makes you happy is the Niermann. Now isn't everything that is happiness coming from a law, as the law says in the Quran, one big company Mateen firmino law, every blessing you have is from Allah. And Allah says in the Quran, if you were to count the near misses of Allah, you would not be able to count them. So

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every human being has been blessed with near miss, if you think about it, even the calf here has some blessings from Allah, his existence, his food, his sustenance, the world around him. So when we are saying, Oh Allah guide us to the path of those whom You have blessed, there must be something more than the blessings of this world, because even the coffered has the blessings of this world. So what is referred to in Nima and amta. What is the reference here? The Quran tells us the ultimate nimba is the name of Islam. What is one of the final verses revealed as a yoma, a command to the convener come what it's meant to come. Near Mati what led to the coma Islam Medina, the ultimate

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nerima is the name of Islam. So when we say is not serata Muslim, serrato Latina and I'm telling him what do we mean? Oh, a lot of those whom You have blessed with submission to you IE with Islam. So this is the an amateur Allah him and another verse in the Quran clarifies Who are those people? And I'm telling him, Allah says, and how do we get to that stage woman youth a la hora Sula, una cama de una Anam Allahu Allah, him, those who obey Allah and His messenger. Those will be the people whom Allah has favored. Who are they, and Nabina was the Athena was Shahada. It was solid. Hey,

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four categories of an untidy him in the Quran number one, the prophets number two, the deacon number three, the Shahada, the martyrs and number four, the solder hain. These are the four categories as per the Quran, who are those whom You have blessed, number one, the prophets. Number two, the the Siddiq, number three, the martyrs. Number four, the righteous people, all of these by testimony of the Quran are those who are an untidy him. So when we make dua, we want to be in that category. We want to be with the prophets physically, we try to be amongst us, in our own lifestyle, we go out to Allah to die the death of a sheep, we want to be of the solder hain and these are the people whom

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Allah Subhana which Allah has conferred blessings upon. And by the way, very interesting point here among recruiting of Rosie, the famous professor in the scholar from from he was from what is now a Weinstein from Herat, Mr. rodino Razi, he has a very massive seal. and in it he actually says, this verse, unbelievably, if you think about it, but yet, he does it. This verse proves that laughable because of the,

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you know, the standard doctrine of Westerners, Sunni Muslims, we respect the Sahaba we considered obaku to be legitimate. Other groups believe otherwise, for Canadian or Ozzie, he said it they know Serato most of them said also Lydian and Angela him, he says this ayah is an evidence that aboubaker Sudhir is a righteous man who deserves to be the Khalifa. And how did he derive this because by testimony of the Quran, who are those whom Allah has blessed, and Urbina was the and who was the one whom the messenger himself called us to dip aboubaker we know from the Sierra Abu Bakar was called Abu Bakar acidic by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So he said that Abu Bakar is of the

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people on the Serato stopping abubaker is over the Allahu taala is of those people. And therefore it is our Eman and belief that we affirm, the DMCA, the the sorry, the, the civil, if you like of a worker, that he is the the one who allows the widget appointed as the legislator as the person in charge after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So from this verse, He even derived something that proves if you like, as soon as doctrine, one final point also of theology, and that is, Allah says, an untidy him, the one that you have blessed IE with Islam, and therefore, any blessing of Islam, any blessing that we have, it is from Allah, not from me and you, and we believe this. And

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this is called an Arabic Potter. How does anything happen? Allah, Allah has willed that I'm a Muslim and you're a Muslim, Nothing happens without other. Allah says in the Quran, the Bedouins considered that they've done you a favor by accepting Islam, Yamuna, daikon assalamu know Allah says in the Quran, tell the Bedouins you have not done me a favor by accepting Islam. Allah has done you a favor by guiding you to a man. So under it him Why are we Muslim? Alhamdulillah Allah guided us it's not because I am good and you are good that I deserve it. No, Allah gave it to us. So we are thankful and unto Allah him You have blessed not the one I earned it and you earn it. Look at the story of

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the two gardens. The war ensued a tilaka the man says, This is mine. I earned it and Allah showed him who earned the garden How did he get the garden know any blessing that you have? It is from Allah one day culminated in fermina law every nightmare you have, it is from Allah subhana wa tada therefore the ultimate nirma of Islam It is also from a law and therefore serrato Latina an under Allah him inshallah tomorrow we will conclude the sutra and talk about the two categories that we don't want to be with. What's that and why they come to law.