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Episode Notes

In this episode of the Tafsir of Surat al-Fatihah, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi elaborates on the following:

  • Comprehending the very essence of our worship -servitude to Allah SWT.
  • The Hadith regarding Ihsan – the intense,humble and genuine worship of a servant of Allah such that he is fully aware of his presence before Allah as though he is seeing Him. 
  • The meaning of Ibadah – worship.
  • The meaning of the phrase – Isti’anah – seeking or pleading for Allah’s help.
  • The 3 motivational factors of worship – Love, hope, fear
  • The prime requisites for our worship to be accepted by Allah.



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smilla Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali was ibH marine about we said in our last quarter or ear canal Buddha canister in that aisle after praising Allah subhana wa Tada. We then take that in that knowledge and we translate it into action. Our religion is based upon both knowledge and action in an AMA. It's not enough merely to praise the law, you have to show that action. What is that action? You alone our law do we worship? And we said that by taking the pronoun and putting it before the verb, we give an emphasis to allow you our law. And we exclusively say we're worshipping Allah alone, you alone are we going to worship and you

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alone are the one whose help is sought in today's quarter. We will talk a little bit more about this ayah and will likely we have to be very brief here. The fact of the matter is that this is especially out of the whole of Surah Fatiha is perhaps the one that we can spend the longest time on a very famous scholar of Islam Ibn Al Qaeda mo low to Allah. He wrote a three volume book called madatha Jew Sadiq in vain monazite iya Khanna Buddha canister in and this book is a three volume commentary on er Kanagawa er canister in it is an entire I have it at home many of the brothers have it. It's 800 900 pages of a commentary of simply er cannot go to Dr. Khanna Stein and he talks about

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the levels of other types of rebar the the chart of rebar the modality jus Sadek, in bainer Menagerie, Iraq and Afghanistan. What does it mean to worship a lot? What does it mean to seek his health? The whole three volumes is merely a Tafseer of this one short if Iraq and Afghanistan unfortunately we don't have the time many of us don't have the patience to go into all of this. So we have to summarize today's short quarter of what is Riba and what is Tiana iaca nabooda We are going to start in as for the term Riba linguistically, Abba means to show humility to to show subservience to other than means to be humble in front of and therefore the Arabs before the coming

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of Islam. The word avid and more outnumbered, generally applied to a well used alley, a passageway 30. Robin, authorial that is, that shows a bother means what a passageway that is trampled on by the feet, it's well used. There can be no arrogance in a passageway in an alley that people's feet are trampling on, this is what ABA actually meant. And then the word Riba was then used to indicate servitude. So we all know the word ABS also means a slave. Because what is a slave a slave is someone who shows humility to the master. Then with the coming of Islam, the term Riba primarily indicates the worship of Allah servitude to Allah subhana wa Taala. So the essence of very bad is

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showing humility showing in Arabic holder in case our rule you humble yourself in front of Allah. So the opposite of Riba is arrogance. And that was the sin of a beliefs. Think about really what is a belief? What did he do? He refused other was terrible. Allah said he rejected and he was arrogant for condominial caffine. When Allah said do such that he said, No, I'm not going to that attitude of rejecting that attitude of thinking, I am better of having this self of kibble. This is the quintessential definition of gopher, and there are other types of gopher as well. But this is the worst copper and the opposite of gopher is of course Islam. And what does Islam means submission?

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The meaning of Islam is submission the linguistic meaning, Islam means submission and other The event also means to humble yourself and therefore Islam and Riba go hand in hand er cannot put you alone during worship and in Islam. Riba occurs when the perfection of love and fear are combined in the heart with the same being with the same entity. I repeat, Riba occurs when you have love and fear for the same being, generally speaking, you love your kids, you're scared of the police. The two don't generally combined together. The one that you love is somebody that you show your ex and you show your love to the one that you fear. Think of a tyrannical government. Think of anybody that

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you're scared of a tyrant avoiding an unjust person. Generally, you don't love the one whom you fear. Now one of the brothers might say that I'm loving my wife, but I'm scared of her too, right?

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I'm not pointing any fingers at any particular brother. But some brothers might have expressed such sentiments. So they say, is this a bother? We say no. When we say fear, we're not talking about the fear of displeasure. The type of fear we're talking about is the fear of an all powerful being to take charge of you the fear that you are completely helpless. And again, think of the fear you might have for a tyrant the fear that you might have for an unjust person who's powerful, that type of fear of helplessness, let's say you rarely combine it with love think about it right? yet with Allah subhana wa tada that love and that fear is combined. You love the one that you're also scared of you

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love Allah, but you're terrified of his anger. And that is the combination of a budget that is only found in a loss of Hannah horchata er cannot now a bada has two conditions, and three motivational factors. As for the three motivational factors, we've done them over and over again, you should all know them, what are they

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love, fear and hope we've done this over and over again. So, these are the three motivational factors the psychological factors, what are the two conditions of a body, the two conditions of a body of any action to be a bother, number one, it is done for the sake of a lot of loss. And number two, it is done, conforming or adhering to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. So the two conditions are very bad. Number one, it must be done for Allah if it is not done for a law, it is a type of ship. If it is not done for a law, it becomes a type of ship. Number two, it must be in conformity with the Sharia with the sooner of Allah's Messenger. And these two conditions, the proof

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for them is in every single page of the Quran. In fact, it's in our Shahada, a Chateau de la ilaha illallah

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wa shadow under Muhammad Rasulullah, which means I'm going to take this one man as my role model, I will not do anything unless he has approved of it. So following the shedding of the processes of them, wanting to please Allah. This is what a budget is all about. Therefore, if somebody has one of the two conditions, but not the other, they fallen into an error. I cannot invent an action of worship, nor can I modify the religion that our Profit System came with. He told us to pray five prayers to praise the Lord for Raka Muslim three record to say the first two recognition loudly and the first two official loudly and all four of her silently This is our *ty if somebody comes

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along and says oh, I'm going to change this. No, he has rejected the Sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu Sallam he has innovated and that is something that is not accepted in our religion, or ibadat, or rituals of worship must be in conformity with the student of the Prophet system. And that's outer, as for inner, it must be done for the sake of Allah. Now, a very interesting point about our religion. This is the rituals of worship for the zeca, Hajj, Soma, Ramadan, we follow the shediac to the letter, if Allah says, do this, do it. Allah says do tawaf in this direction will do it in this direction. Allah says do Aside from this, too, there will do it, no questions asked.

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However, this is the interesting point of our Sharia. How about those actions that are not rituals of worship? That are the rituals of being a human eating, drinking, going to work having a profession going to sleep? These are not of they're a bar that in and of themselves, and how do you know what is in a bar? What is not an other common sense, if an action is done by large groups of different religions, this is not an a bother, whereas different action is only done by one sector, one religious understanding this is ritual. So in English, we say ritual worship, and then the daily routine, what is your job? How do you go to work? What do you wear, these are things that are not

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pure about that. What is the interesting thing about our shediac in our shediac, every single daily routine, every mundane chore, every action that we do, has the potential to be converted into andreeva. You can get the reward of praying and fasting and charity by doing what every human being does, eating and drinking and sleeping and even being intimate with your spouse as the Heidi says anything that a human does, that is Helen course it must be had anything that a human does that is Helen, you have the potential to convert it into a matter that is praised by Allah subhana wa Tada. And that requires only one condition not to and that condition is a clause or sincerity IE you do it

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for the sake of Allah. Now I want to take a step back and reiterate, it's a very important point. I hope you understand this. Our routine throughout the day can be divided into two number one rituals of worship and

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You know, what's your ritual, you do it because you're a Muslim prayer, fasting zakka going for Hajj. These are rituals, you do them as a Muslim. These rituals, they have two conditions in class and conformity to sadhana clearly, number two, the second category of actions that what you do because you're human, you go to sleep, you get married, you go to work, you dress in a certain code, you go shopping and buy milk for the kids and whatnot. These routines in our religion have the potential to get a free upgrade to first class to a bug, free upgrade. What do you need? You just have to intend with that act that Oh, Allah, I'm doing this to please you, our Prophet system, the

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famous Hadith, although we should know this Hadith, that the unsought and the Mahajan were trying to compete with one another, and the unsought had more money. And then we had you don't, they said, Yasser Allah, we cannot compete with the ensemble, because they pray the same amount as we do. And they fast the same amount as we do. And they will earn the same amount as we do. But they have money, and we don't have money. So they feed the poor, and they give sadaqa more than we can give sadaqa. So what did our Prophet system say? Don't you know that pouring your bucket of water into your neighbor's bucket is sort of smiling in the face of your brother is sort of feeding your

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family, his father. In other words, going to the grocery store with the grocery list, purchasing your daily groceries, his father, and then he gave the most bizarre anchor example, being intimate romantic with your wife, or sadhaka. And the reason for all of this is what that when you do something that is helpful. And your intention is for example, let's give the intention of going to the grocery store, your intention becomes our law. You have blessed me with a family, and it is my obligation to take care of the family. So I am spending of my money to take care of my obligation. And you do the exact same routine, as everybody in the grocery store is doing, go through and check

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down the list. All of a sudden, your action is rewarded by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Why? Because you thought of a lot. And this goes back to the famous hadith of gibreel, that there's three levels of worship is now a man and a son. You know, this famous Hadith, how and what is the definition of a son, that you worship a lot as though you see him? You're always thinking of Allah. And nobody can worship Allah by praying 24 hours a day, nobody can worship a lot by fasting every day of the year, you can't because it's too fast every day of the year and the process of getting fast. Every day of the year, there comes a max of worship in terms of rituals, I repeat, there comes a max, you max out

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on the rituals. Most of us have far way to go before we do that, but there is a max Yes, our processing didn't spend 24 hours a day and saw that did he or process and went to sleep at night, didn't he? He didn't pray the whole night and except in these 10 nights, otherwise, the rest of the year he slept, he married he had children. So how do you get to that level of when you become conscious of your daily routine, you're a doctor, you're an engineer, you're a computer programmer, whatever you're doing, there's a link with a mental link with a lot of a lot. I'm doing this to earn

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to earn permissible wealth so that I can take care of my body take care of my children, the famous hadith of modern and modern fantasy. That was what he loved that he had a guest Some say that Solomon Some say there's another companion and his guests wanted to pray to him over and over again. And while I'd said not now let's go to sleep no later on at night, until finally when the last six or the last fifth of the night, one hour or two more had stood up and he prayed to God, then he explained that will law he I expect a lot to reward me for my sleep just as much as he rewards me for my time. Now, all of us sleep every night Mashallah. It's about a cola, right? Very few of us

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are able to breathe. Do we expect a lot to reward us for our sleep? No. But when you get to the level of wise, yes. Why? Because when Why are they been jumper is going to sleep, his intention is all along I have a body You have blessed me with this body needs to rest to worship you need to be well rested, to take care of myself to worship you. So I'm going to sleep to rest my body to be a good person of worship to be one of your one of your true worshipers. Now, if you have this philosophy of life, what happens? Every single element of your day, every routine, and I was giving a lecture once and one of the sisters said even when I changed my child's diapers, I said well

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lucky. This is the essence of the birth of a mother. Allah has blessed you with this human being. Allah has blessed you with the greatest gift and you are in charge of taking care of this gift. So yes, when you change that child's diapers, if you're conscious of Allah, that Oh Allah, I am the mother. You have blessed me with this child. I'm taking care of this child because it is my duty in your eyes. So Subhana Allah

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Even this mundane action will become an action of worship. And this is the beauty of our religion. He Yakubu quickly what yuckiness time is necessary means we ask your help of a law and it's the honor is a type of Riba asking help is a type of Riba. Our law helped me to be good or law give me good risk. Allah helped me to do this or not cure me of my sickness. This is a type of Astana and is Tiana is a type of a bother. So why then did Allah separate the two for many reasons of them is that the most important type of a burden is to ask Allah azza wa jal, the most important our Profit System said that the most noble act of worship is the most noble act of worship is da and our Lord

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said we'll call the rock buku Rooney a statue welcome in the legend is that bureau nanavati say,

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Allah said, Make dua to me, I will answer you. Whoever is too arrogant to worship Me shall enter jahannam make to our whoever too arrogant to worship. So do our has been equated to worship, make dua Don't be too arrogant in worship. So drunk is the most important about it is really the quintessential link between the man and the Creator. And I've given many talks and written book about draft You can read more about that. But the linkage between a burden is data is also in this way, that a bad could also be purely ritual. And it's the and it could be for this world as well. That even in our worldly chores, becoming a doctor, having a family curing ourselves of sickness,

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this is a bad prayer and rituals is the other even in our daily routine. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to help us in all that we do. One final point somebody will say, economically, we are going to stay in You alone are the one that we worship. Clearly. We don't worship anybody besides a lot of jell o Tada, how about iaca stain? You are the only one whom we asked for help. We ask others for help. If we have something heavy, can you help me lift these bags? Right? Every person gets help. Can you give me a lift? Can you give me a ride? Can you give me a loan and we humans need help? We are a society that we rely on one another. Yet Allah says what yuck and a stain. And here we go back

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to what does his piano really mean? We set a bar that means humility and humbleness. What is the key factor is Deanna Tavakoli tawakkol Trust in a law and what cool is a frame of mind not an action. So when we say you're gonna stain, we are affirming a frame of mind a relationship that is internal, not external. In other words, when I go to the doctor and get his medical help, when I get a loan from a friend, when my boss pays me at the end of the month, this is worldly esteana but my heart is attached with a law. I know that Allah is using the doctors knowledge to cure me that Allah is using my company to give me my this, that Allah is using my friend to give me my loan that I want. So the

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heart is attached to a law and the mediums or the methods or there was sealer in Arabic or many, but the Muslim the moment realizes that the mediums the mechanisms, it is all from Allah subhana wa tada we say Mr. Dibble as the one who brings the cause to us. So the cause in this case, the doctor is not the cure. A law is the cure, but Allah will use the cause to get give the medicine right, Allah will use the boss to give you your risk, but your heart is attached to Allah and that is what you're going to stay in means it does not mean that it's haram to ask somebody for help. You may ask people for help Allah commands you what to do the same word is going to say what to

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get the help of one another and cooperate with one another to help each other in good so it's not how long to ask your friend to lift the groceries. This isn't *. But your heart you realize Allah is the one who in the end is helping not anybody else. So you're gonna do what you're gonna say. And the final point the most important asking of help is guidance. And that will be the next verse that we will do tomorrow. Insha Allah tada was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.