Hamza Yusuf – Ramadan Farwell Sermon

Hamza Yusuf
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hamdulillah Allah Subhana Allah and stop guru who? When I wrote the letterman show Rory fusino and say the marina

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manual del ferihegy Allah wa Salatu was Salam

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rasulillah Mohammed

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II woman Wada?

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Alinea como si como si necesita para la serie will Alinea in support. Lawrenceville, Emery equally

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under the law.

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Today is the last Jumeirah of Ramadan. This was a time historically, Muslims were actually saddened. And now people, unfortunately there's a lot of people can't wait for the month to end. And this is not a good sign. People want to go by calendars and have everything fixed and accorded according to their plans. And not necessarily according to

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the way Allah subhanho wa Taala has arranged things, though Islam is having a difficult time in the modern world. Because it's a religion based on nature. It's based on fitrah. It's based on just human beings living in communities and taking care of one another. It's not based on a nine to five world where everything becomes regulated and regimented. And so Ramadan is one of those times when it becomes really clear how difficult our religion

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is in the face of the modern world, because so many people historically, Muslims took Ramadan, and it was a time everything slowed down. But people don't let you slow down. And so people really have a difficult time during Ramadan, because they have to go and do all the same things that they're doing normally. Whereas in the traditional Muslim world, things slow down, even now we know in many Muslim countries, things slow down, and people say, oh, production is down, everything's down. That's a good thing.

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Because it's reminding people that this is not about dunya. The prophets Allah is certain people used to when they first saw the moon of Ramadan, they shouted for joy and you could read Titus burckhardt. He was an eyewitness in fez. When he said everybody on all the rooftops of the houses would get up to look for the moon. And when they saw the moon of Ramadan, he said one by one as the people saw it, he said, shouts came up, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, all over until the whole city on the top of these rules was saying Allahu Akbar. And then when the end of Ramadan came, people cry.

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The prophets Allah I sent him Jabir ibn Abdullah was with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam once, and it was Juma. He said the hotter adara su de la hee, hee hee Juma attainment, Ramadan, I came into the profits company and the last Juma of Ramadan, and the prophets. Allah Isom said, Yeah, Jabba This is one of the great people of the answer. He said, Yeah, Jabar.

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It's the last Friday of Ramadan for dare who say goodbye to Ramadan, we'll call and say,

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Allahu Allah Jalla. Who had a heavy means Yamuna. Yeah, don't let this be the last time we get to fast Ramadan

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we'll see Yamuna

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for ingenico for Gianni mahoma water to Johnny mahama. But if you decree that this is my last Ramadan,

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then make me amongst those that you show mercy to and don't meet make me amongst those who are deprived of your mercy.

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And then he said if you say this, he said, from an Allah hada Varvara the FDIC has named whoever says this, he will get one of two beautiful things. He will get to fast next Ramadan or Allah will forgive him his sins, if he takes him during that year

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Let see john who here on

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Mills, Yamuna, Yahoo Allahumma, LeSage and who Cyril Addy, Musa Yamuna, Yahoo for India alto for Gianni more Holman, wala Rama.

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The blessing of Ramadan, amongst many of its blessings

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is that this oma

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goes back to recitation of Quran to our Quran. But one of the things about the Quran, in our in Arabic means to follow. So it's not just reading the Quran

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yet to Duna keytab Allah, they follow the book of Allah.

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Right? They follow the book Oh, that's what tilba

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tilba means one after another but also means a follow.

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we're supposed to follow the book of Allah. All of the calamities that have a thick afflicted this oma have come from abandoning the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala taarak to fecal ambrane medicine tomasik tumby Hema, lentil below badie

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the two things I left you the two weighty things I left you, if you cling to them, you won't go astray after me keytab a law where eternity The Book of Allah and then my relatives and in a rewire Kitab That's the sound is in a rewire Kitab Allah will soon attend obeah he will keytab aloha suniti The Book of Allah in my way,

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the Book of Allah and my way, his way is the Quran. Can a Hulu or an Isaiah when she was asked how was the prophets character? She said can Hulu Allah Quran? His character was the Quran. So his way his Sunnah is the Quran. And now our oma has deviated from this book and the prophets Eliza mystica. He complained to his Lord para rasuluh in omya takanohana Parana Majora, my own man has abandoned this Quran

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because it's not enough to recite the haruf one of the things about the early community is that they actually not very many of them, memorize the Quran, or the abubaker ribbon at Arby's said it was rare to find a scholar and received that memorize the Quran, because Sahaba did not memorize the Quran without applying it. It took Sahaba several years to do Bukhara because they would do the is and then they would apply them and until they applied them, they wouldn't do anything else. Because they didn't want to bring on a tribulation, they didn't want the book to curse them when they read it. And this is one of the things in our tradition, that's rotten in the Quran, we're Iranian and

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oh, somebody is reciting the Quran. And the Quran is cursing him because the Quran says that there's curses on the liars. So he's a liar, the book is cursing him. There's curses on the oppressor, if he's an oppressor, the Quran is cursing him.

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If he's cheating in his transactions, we have Muslims that are so upright in all of these outward things of Islam. And then in their transactions, there's, there's, that's why the son of said, if you want to see a man, don't be fooled by a long beard, or a short rope, throw a dinar in front of him and see how he acts. If you want to see people see them in their Mama, that's how they behave. But all of the calamities that have come how many tribulations on this planet could have been resolved by its ability?

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How many,

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just by its viability here.

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How many calamities could have been avoided? If people would just hold on it? wakulla nasya hasna. Speak beautifully to people, the province allies and when when one of the Jews said Sam at a con hasha one of the Jews said, Sam alikum like they some of the people in Medina that the munaf own and they would say things. That's why the Quran says well,

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you'll know them by what's what's the context of what's the subtext of what they're saying. So he said, instead of saying set out, or they would say see them, you know, like, see them as a big rock, you know, so instead of saying saddam, they'd say, see them or Sam.

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So when when they said that Isaiah was with them, she got angry, because she was she was out to be a hero. She had the hero for the prophesizing she got angry, and she started saying, you know, and Sam and you and Lana to lawn, the proposal I sent him said, Don't Don't do that. Don't do that. Didn't you hear me I said what? He said, used to Java, use the Java EE what I used to joke with a home that Allah answers my prayer, he doesn't answer their prayers. And he's in a law, European Malaya.

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Allah will give with gentleness what he will never give with harshness. He'll give with mercy what he'll never give with cruelty.

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Allies or a fee. You know, everybody now is clamoring for justice. As far as I can tell, that's

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We're getting

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when you ask for yourself you ask for mercy but when you look at others you ask for justice lay on your belly as he may your hips clean up see you don't truly believe until you love for others what you love for yourself. So if you want mercy for yourself and you want justice for everybody else, you're obviously not loving for your brother what you want for yourself because you haven't completed your email let you know leduc movie man who had become the man of somebody is not complete until you want for others what you want result? Nobody on out of that novia latest car. What do people say? alemannic? I didn't address Adra Allah, you're just you love justice. So be just with

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me. Is anybody saying that unedited? No, because the other

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one, Oh Allah, you forgive, you love to forgive, so forgive me. So that's what you're asking for yourself, but everybody else, allow your thinking as to him. lay out a nice to him, give him what he deserves. That is what is that?

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Allah is trying to teach us. If you want God to be merciful with you, if you want him to be forgiving with you, you have to be merciful with others. You have to forgive others. If you want to be if you want justice with everybody. That's why they said that in Medina, nobody wanted justice because there was love.

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He says where there's love, there's no need for justice, because everybody forgives.

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But now everybody wants to justice. And I'm not saying justice is not important. And I'm not saying Allah subhana wa

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COVID-19 would Sn. Right? Allah commands to justice. Right? Nobody's going to deny that Allah commands justice. And each of us should be just but when somebody is not just with us, what does he command to?

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What does he command to? Right? That's the question. You should be just with everybody. But don't expect justice from other people.

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That's the nature of dunya. You should be just

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right, is a high compliment Takoma wiradjuri in Nevada Morricone. Allah commands you, if you judge if you judge be just

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once a manatee Allah Allah. Right. And to add to the amenity area when I come to being an SEO,

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to to fulfill your oath with others give your amanat to others. The problem was called El Amin.

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He was the most just of people, but he was the most Merciful of people. He was just with others in the way he treated them. He gave everybody their due, but he didn't expect his due. And that's why How many times do we see the problems I sent him? Somebody grabs his cloak until you could see the effects on his neck. So a lot is said and and and what does he does he demand key sauce? Does he demand retribution? lex talionis No, he forgave the man. And the problem was constantly doing this when the Jew came and insulted him and Omar wanted to kill him. The province I said he said Omar you scared this man. He said go pay him and give him an increase this like emotional compensation.

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Right? He said give him more than he's do because you scared him

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That was our province Elias Ramadan his shadow Saba. Where's the patients in our own man now where's a bit look at people out there how crazy they are now all these people have lost their minds. And this is one of the signs the prophet SAW light is that um said Many a day I sat amongst the signs of that as our he said call the interacts will go people lose their minds. The modern world is driving a lot of people mad just driving is an insane

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it's an insane thing to do driving at 70 miles per hour in these massive cars one person two provinces that are capable Why don't share that one rider is a chef on so we've got all these beauties a shell thing that's what the prophet I think he called them beauty shell thing. And one of the proofs is that chip on sits between sun and shade.

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That's called the Tata to share pan. He sits half in Sun half in shade. That's why is my crew to do that with to sit. But in the car, you're sitting there half of your body's in Sun, the other halves in shade.

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And then it's polluting the planet. All these things the cars one of the worst invention people love cars. They don't want to give up cars, these people collect cars.

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I'll be the first one get rid of this car. It kills 50,000 people just in this country and that's a war every year let alone all the poor animals like what did they do to deserve that they're just trying to get across the street

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and they get killed is the plan

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We're on it's gone mad but these are the times that we're in these are the time and you have to know the time you live in. And and Marie and you cannot even visa man, he, a man should know the time that he's in. You should know the time that you're in. And even though we don't expect I don't expect we should, we'll let you know him and Abby, Robbie mushfiq on those people that they're, they're aware of the idea of a law that it can come anytime and we should we the end of time, the Sahaba felt like it was going to happen anytime. But we know that there's a lot that will happen because nobody's left that says law on the planet. So there's still a lot of people that say Allah,

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but if you look at the signs now in the Muslim world, and look at this addition, put fear and trepidation in our hearts because these things can come here. Don't think they can't come here. And that's why we should be in a state of gratitude. We should be in a state of of gratitude with Allah subhana wa Tada. Even about eating one of the things about Ramadan put gratitude. Yeah, you heard Latina M and o kuromon. fi Betty Marisa kanakam wash Kuru lillahi income Tamiya hota goon

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oh you believe eat from the good things that Allah has given you. And show gratitude to Allah subhana wa tada if you're sincerely worshiping Allah alone, show gratitude to Allah subhana wa Tada. The prophets lie Selim said God is content that a man eats food and thanks him for it, that this content could overshadow eat and drink.

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Eat and drink. Allah subhana wa tada permitted these things but be grateful. Be grateful we should be in a state of gratitude because there's so much complaining on this planet. We've got a species now. everybody complains. And the Muslims traditionally did not complain about things they they were worried about complaining.

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We have to get back to the book of Allah subhana wa Adana, but especially the Allah of the book of Allah. The Quran has many things. The Quran tells us of what went before the Quran tells us what's coming after so we know the end of of all of this we know what happens but it with an agenda vertical groups in * and a groups in paradise. That's the end of the story. You want to know how this scenario ends? That's it.

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But the Quran has we're in Nicola Anna, who the canal de What's his hudak can hollowcore Quran and the Quran is not an easy book. It takes time. You have to sit with the Quran of Rita De Bruyne er for Anna Amato kuruman Aqua Roja Aphrodite de Bruner para para CanAm in India at least learner what should the VFD drive and khedira

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the Quran is is a book that takes time in the hula for an Karim siki tabun maknoon lame su inomata Harun? I mean, there's an outward meaning of that, but the Quran has the heroin robot been what had done? Well, not law, it's the Quran is has many meanings. But so the outward meaning that you should be in a state of bajada. But the inward meaning if you're not in a spiritual state of the hora, you don't have access to the meanings of this book.

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That will be maraca and do I swear by the positions of the stars, it's also the positions of the is is a miracle of the Quran, where desires had been placed. Great manifests you don't have written about this, Mr. McCarty, in the ninth century wrote an entire book showing how every single verse is positioned to create a complete structure of the Quran. He wrote a volumes on that subject alone.

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But people don't study the Quran. They don't study Arabic language, let alone the Quran because you can access the Quran without the Arabic language even though the meanings are available to people that Agim have always had access to the meanings of foreign is one of the beauties of our religion is that even though you don't have access to Arabic, you have access to the meanings. And that's why the atom, their great obsession was the Syrah

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the non Arabs, they knew more about the Prophet than the Arabs did.

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Because that was their access. They couldn't read the Quran, but they could read the living Koran.

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They might not be able to read the book as it was revealed but they could reveal read the book as it lived. Somewhere it was it was seldom.

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So this is one of the great gifts to this oma is the book and the prophets. Allah is not just the book. Allah could have sent down the book, just giving it to people sent down the book, and then you work it out, but he didn't.

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He sent a teacher in number two more alima I was sent as a teacher. I was sent to Adam amines to imprint in you the

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So we have to go back to the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. The Book of Allah is not difficult dietary restrictions not difficult in the Mahabharata and Aiko and Mater with Dima

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Mr. maryk took that idea. That's the basic prohibitions are all in that is

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very simple the other ones he saw as my crew.

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But the point is there there's all the dietary in that one verse.

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Right. And then kulu Helena Paiva eat halaal and good food, eat good food. Look for us Kappa look for the purest food like unsorted calf he says find the purest food. eat good food.

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coonawarra wala 234 it's all there. One of the Coptic doctors when you heard that verse, He said mataranka ubu cache and the jelly news. Your prophet didn't leave anything for Galen.

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Because most illnesses come from the stomach.

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And so that the verse says eat and drink but not to access be moderate in your drink, while letting either anthropo lamb userinfo What am yocto yocto yocto are cannabinoid Attica kurama economics you want your economics it's there in the Quran. When you spend, don't be thrifty and don't be spendthrift.

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Be between the two be moderate, get what you need. Maybe a little bit extra, but don't be extravagant. The economics is there.

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Why do the homeless man or woman rebuttal?

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military defense of a nation is there. Be prepared because it's a political world. Be prepared. Everything is in the Quran. It says if I lost puppy, I mean, even

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if I lost a herd of camels, I could find it in the book of Allah. Is this hyperbole, but his point is that everything is there. And the province a lot is that um, said towards the end of time, he's many Heidi's about it. And we have to learn these Hadees because these are times that people become confused. And our Prophet told us about these times so that we wouldn't get confused. People in Syria. There are a lot of people are confused. What is this mean? I thought, isn't it? No, Alan Hawk, your ADA, God, that alpha to omega t already Ha. We're in a Hera saoc boom benevolent chedid.

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The best part of my oma was in the early part, because he was there. And the closer to him, the better it is. But he said but the last part of my own mode would have great difficulties. He had us want to convey meaning or over him. He is covetous of us, solicitors for our affairs. He's concerned about us about our man. He don't lose your Eman

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because of what you see this dunya will confuse you use will have a movie higher on the one who has normal intelligence becomes confused by it. And then the atheist come the atheist has always been there. They've always been there. And they never said anything different than what they're saying today.

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And the Muslims, we survived the collapse of Andrews. We had women who were teaching Quran, their tongues were cut out for teaching the Quran in the Spanish Inquisition. We survived the Mongol invasion. A million people estimated they were killed just in some of the major cities. This the streets ran with blood libraries were burnt. Imagine how those people what they were thinking when they saw them, you know what they were thinking? How the minzu Bina? And that's the difference between them and us. They were thinking this is our wrong actions. We left the book of our law. And so we get the punishment in the junior why during the addable Amati freedonia. The adab of my alma

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is in this world.

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It's in this world, in Omaha to Machu mahoma. My own man has mercy on it that adabas in this dunya. So when you're looking around seeing you look at what's happened to our oma

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the highest

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corruption rates in Muslim countries, the oppression of our women, they're being oppressed.

00:24:30 --> 00:24:32

They're being oppressed in our countries.

00:24:33 --> 00:24:43

The mistreatment of children. We look at the schools the way they're treated in schools, these dictatorial teachers and then they wonder why they have dictatorial rulers over them.

00:24:46 --> 00:24:58

And the corruption in the marketplace, the cheating the lying. And one of the things that Muslims traditionally if you are a foreigner, they will always give you a better price, because they saw it as dalla

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You're a foreigner they'll cheat you if you don't know the price of the market. And that's why in the books of FIFA, they say, the Bharani the person from outside if he if he finds that the man cheated him if he asked him Is this the price of the soup, and then he finds down the road that the price is not he can take it back. It's one of the few instances where you can return a good that you purchase according to the books have fit.

00:25:23 --> 00:25:30

And then the highest download searches, * searches coming from Muslim countries. This

00:25:31 --> 00:25:38

total degradation of women Well, what's happened where the people that honored women lie you can carry wherever you

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Nobody honors women, except honorable people, is our own man.

00:25:47 --> 00:25:54

So we have to go back to the book of Allah, you most of the people in here, I mean, I'm going to assume all of them has an alarm.

00:25:55 --> 00:26:27

You're good people, you're here because it's Juma is the last year of Ramadan, you know, but we have to look collectively at our own. So I'm not talking about I'm just talking about collectively so that we can understand what's happening and why it's happening. We have to understand this thing because you will lose your email. The prophets Allah I sent him said that towards the end of time he said Vania Dasa fits on a capella Muslim. You spell Harry movie Ha, ha, Iran. There's one he said Qatar, Qatar Lillian Muslim.

00:26:28 --> 00:26:36

You spit her Raja Romo Amina, volume c kathira. Volume c original kathira, William C. Mu Mina

00:26:38 --> 00:26:50

UMC Rajan momina will use a catheter that he will wake up in the morning a believer by the end of the day he'll be a disbeliever he'll go to sleep a believer by the time he wakes up he's a disbeliever

00:26:51 --> 00:26:52

and then he said

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Alka mo roofie hydro mineral mashi mittman

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via hydro Menaka him while mophie hydro min and mashi when mashi fee. Are you gonna say the one sitting is better than the one set in the rewire the one lying down and what budget the one lying down? So the Stiller you are in that time, the better off you are. It's not a time of movement. It's a time of stillness because everybody's crazy.

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And then at the end of the day if he said so. So up to you. Casio can break your bow strings what reboots you will come back ijarah and break the swords. Will Kuhn kahini have been a Adam and be like the best of the two sons of Adam happened. What did he say? limbus aka the currituck turini Marina de bas opinia de la Kodiak touriga India have a lot of an anime if you raise your hand to kill me. I'm not raising my hand to kill you because I fear a lot of the lord of the world he's saying be like that son, Imam and Buhari in his Tafseer of that ayah he said the first Shetty I was non violence. It was a prohibition

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to party Runa oh you can't you Donna Odin under the new pattern wanna be unknown honeymoon?

00:28:18 --> 00:28:25

permission was granted for those to fight permission is so rough sir. It's not azima the azima is Earth man even

00:28:27 --> 00:28:32

with Maddie but I found took their azima because he was a uhland as me.

00:28:33 --> 00:28:42

He said I'm not going to raise my hand if you raise your hand to kill me. I'm not gonna raise my hand to kill you. And he died. Shaheed

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in Ramadan fasting and he was told he saw in a dream, you're going to break your fast with us. Iceman

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Hello, I come up.

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But that's what the prophets I said and said this why because the Prophet was not a violent person, nor did he seek war. Let them manually do he said don't desire to meet an enemy. But if you have to be brave In other words, if it's forced upon you, as I had eaten or Buhari

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if it's forced about now we've got these young people all they want to do is go out and fight

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this is a sickness in people's hearts.

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So this this is this is our religion. Why because the Prophet use violence to defend himself and to establish a community but when there's nothing going to be established when there's no point for the violence, then what's the alternative?

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Lamp assault is a nice opportunity if you raise your hand to kill me I'm not gonna raise my hand you're kidding why cuz isn't realistic. There's no benefit. And I'm not saying if somebody comes into your house if they try to harm you, self defenses are right but in fitna, don't join any side because there's no sides to join.

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No sighs to join there's no right side, just Muslims killing Muslims,

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the province Eliasson himself who died on an acid What? Bah bah bah. Slowly the disease of civilizations will creep up upon you slowly dubbed by a dead boy. It just crawls. It's creeping. What are they envy and hatred, enmity, envy, and emnity. These are diseases of the heart. Right? And then he said, Can I tell you something that he said length for the agenda Hata to help you won't enter Paradise. Do you love one another? We are commanded to love one another. We should love one another into my mom, you know, and

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we're brothers of different mothers. We are brothers and sisters. We have different skin colors, that signs of God's magnificence and his greatness. We have different tongues as signs of his greatness. But we're from new ad we have the same father and mother

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and are not told us to love one another. And the prophets I Sam said, you will not enter into you love one another. He said Can I tell you something that if you do it, you will love one another as to set on Danakil. spread peace. spread peace. To spread peace be a peacemaker is a Hotmail, Yahoo, Juniper Osama

00:31:25 --> 00:31:28

just spread peace don't get in altercations with people peace

00:31:29 --> 00:31:47

alone in the asylum. That's the purpose to teach you tequila. What do you say when you're fasting and somebody's trying to create a problem? I'm fasting. right but that's a madrasa. akuto Cody Hello istockphoto Bollywood assuming the stock photo in the hopper for him

00:31:52 --> 00:32:21

this is the the last few months so we have possibly a few more days of Ramadan for those who go by I'm not going to condemn anybody going by calculation. You know, we prefer the seeing the moon and that was the dominant position throughout the history of Islam but you know people everybody is a difficult time is a trying time. So we're not going to make it a source of enmity or fighting people make their Etihad and male accept all of us.

00:32:22 --> 00:33:03

But for those of us who are going to see is possibly a few more days of Ramadan. But when the Ramadan you're fasting is more unknown. It's it's suspended until you pay zakat and filter. So just as a reminder on the eat, you should pay. I think it's around the masjid here $10 is that Yeah, so the Hanafi madhhab ceramah from Allah Hanafi madhhab permits paying monetary. The other ones they give grain or dates or some stable of the sun that you pay for each one member of your family that you're responsible for. So you if you have five kids in your house, and your wife and yourself so you've got 70

00:33:05 --> 00:33:46

you've got $70 around so but that's important to remember that the cotton filter because it's a time to remember the poor people that's the purpose of it is Ramadan. One of the most important things of Ramadan is to recognize other people are suffering. So that's important. And finally, Elena Viki tabula shala Melba Spano Tata give us the ability to continue reciting the Quran like we recited in Ramadan, now you're going to deal with Shell pain, because you know that some of them definitely got locked up. right because you started doing things you weren't able to do the rest of the year. So you know, the reality of that Heidi, right? But but the, they're gonna be back. Alright, but Allah

00:33:46 --> 00:34:04

and Muhammad Shaolin give us strength to fight them. Yeah. At home data, so May Allah subhana wa Tada. It's a problem in along with apartman LCM and our pm Anna, Donna Teixeira, yo hamara honey allama jan jan Khurana akumina momento,

00:34:05 --> 00:34:15

Allah Allah for Jana wanna see me equally McCann allama fortune upon Innova VENA he could Lima Kenya Allah Allah zhaan howdy dunya Allah, Allah

00:34:17 --> 00:34:22

subhana wa alojamento food and water him and we're killing him on a lot of food

00:34:24 --> 00:34:26

along the journey Minoru Taka ramadan

00:34:27 --> 00:34:28


00:34:30 --> 00:34:44

ramadan Allah America Korea carbon Amina na Allah Hama t genetical abrar yahama Rahimi Alanna field Warhammer significally McCann Allahumma en la rue de la Morocco Lumia

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

sciton Allah wa had been a Sufi in a Llama Llama zielen meshech at Vayner one NFL alija Allah, Allah Xin Hadid Mashallah llama watch so for for Homer Elif Dana pulu me Allah, Allah Allah mbq Italia

00:35:00 --> 00:35:00


00:35:02 --> 00:35:07

Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

00:35:09 --> 00:35:25

Allah Allah. May Allah Muhammad Musa and ethically McCann, Allah, Athena Nebraska along the top of the minha Allah Allah Muhammad Shahada in the inner city penal Shahada was added in along with the unhappy

00:35:26 --> 00:35:27

men who have an

00:35:29 --> 00:35:48

identity hi Allah. Allah Allah home for massages and as equally McCann minute Akita woman in red one alone Maya Allah in Caribbean Anna Maria urban fish fee alone can have been in ASEAN ASEAN for Jan who culpa Allah, Allahu

00:35:51 --> 00:35:51


00:35:52 --> 00:36:06

Karim have been eating alone and hadn't been interviewed Kareem Urbanus eating along the geography of alumina, along the geography sukeena along with geography aquamarina Alina, Alina Yama, Allah,

00:36:07 --> 00:36:50

Karim Allah Urbanus, Idina allometry, Macmillan, Elena Yama, PMP animal your animal testing, mu testimonia, Allah Allah Allah Dino is been holding his Shetty Yama along that hidden agenda mad abroad Allah alone for Warhammer to see me along the Sunday was suddenly Mubarak alesina Mohammed inika koto Kota can How can allow America to use saloon and maybe you've heard the nominal sun no and he was selling with the steamer, Alamo city honors in Mohammed Ali was like you send them to steamer Allahumma Barack fi horror cinema demon but as he along Barack fi machineable Jenna was they agenda will it be to Allah Allah?

00:36:52 --> 00:36:59

Allah Allah, whatever in whatever in whatever in sending Elijah Medina or Hama rahimian along from the sun

00:37:00 --> 00:37:04

but in hermana Mahavira to an sefa one is in a

00:37:05 --> 00:37:09

karate to help Amina Mohammed Lama Machito Chi

00:37:11 --> 00:37:12

Minh, along with Jan.

00:37:13 --> 00:37:15

Elaine min min shahina

00:37:18 --> 00:37:27

shahina yo Aloma Giada inhibitor kita hammer amin Allah, the Quran admin Khomeini senior Allah, Allah more suddenly we'll send them a lot to kind of see them

00:37:29 --> 00:37:31

to see him and so how not to become a better as a Thomas

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf delivers the final sermon (Jumat-al-Widah Khutbah) in Ramadan 2017 at the MCC in Pleasanton, California on June 23, 2017.

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