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In this episode of the Tafsir of Surat al-Fatihah, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi helps us comprehend the profound meaning of the phrase – “Rabbi Al-`Alamin”.

  • We gather information as to how perfect all of the creation of Allah is, how everything that surrounds us is in perfect harmony without any hitch. 
  • Allah SWT is the Owner, the One who is obeyed and the One who Sustains all that exists.


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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in while he was a big marine.

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So we were still discussing the first eye of sorts of Fatah al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. And we had explained in the previous three lessons that Alhambra means we are praising a law because of a perfection in Allah subhanho wa Taala. We are praising unconditionally not because of anything Allah has done, but because of how perfect Allah is. All praise unconditionally and exclusively, every type of praise without putting any condition belongs to Allah and only to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now Alhamdulillah he or have been either mean, the phrase rubbish either mean, it is, in fact, a description of Allah azza wa jal. So the phrase that hamdulillah is complete in and of itself, and

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that is why we say it and hamdulillah we don't need a reason to praise Allah, Allah is worthy of being praised, just like anything, even after you m says that the hearts have been created to appreciate beauty, the hearts have been created to appreciate beauty, and we see this in the world around us. If we see anything that's amazing. If we look up in the heavens, and we see all of those stars, if we look at a sunset, if we look at any of the miracles of Allah, we feel a sense of what or grandeur or Majesty The hearts have been created to appreciate the ayah to the beauty of Allah subhana wa Tada. So how much more so should the hearts appreciate the beauty of Allah himself? So

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Alhamdulillah we don't need a reason to praise a lot. But there are those people whose hearts have been a little bit covered up or sealed a little bit harder. They need a reason they need something, why should I praise Allah? So you want to reason he is Rob belied, I mean, he is horrible admin. So out of all of the names out of all of the descriptions, Allah subhana wa tada said, Allah is worthy of being praised, not just because He is Allah, He worthy of worship, but because he is horrible admin, and we explained what is Rob and Rob, we said, has three primary meanings, the owner, and the one who is obeyed, and the one who sustains and by the way, all of these three meanings, it goes

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back to complete control, because the one who controls you, the one who owns you, automatically, you must obey Him, and the one who owns you, the one who is in charge of you, automatically he will be in charge of taking care of you. So the meaning of Rob really is the one who is in charge of So Allah is the ROB of what of the other mean, the ROB of the Academy. Now what is Adam? Adam? Adam is the plural of Adam, what is Ireland? scholars have different one opinion is that Ireland is the world of the angels and the men and the jinn. So Rob, will Allah mean the Lord of the angels and the men and the jinn. So the Adam, according to this opinion, are those beings that have intellect, this

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is one opinion. So Rob bull alameen, Allah is the Lord of mankind, and the Lord of the jinn. And the Lord of the angels. This is a one opinion, however, the stronger opinion and in fact, the correct opinion is that Adam is every species of creation that has a rule that has the soul. So an atom is every species, what does either mean either means an entire species and entire creation that has a spirit in it. So the birds are one item. In fact, not even the birds, every species of birds is an atom, and every species of insects is an atom, and every species of cattle is an atom, and man is one atom, and Jin is another atom, and the Metallica is another atom. So Allah is saying, I am the

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robe of all of these different species, these different creations. So an atom is an entire creation that is unique. This is an atom, every unique creation with a rule. Now, what does this exclude this excludes the creations without a ruler, such as what

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rocks and mountains and stars and whatnot. Now, Allah azza wa jal is also the robe of those entities is that not the right is the rub of the monocot He is the hub of everything. So why then did Allah specify I am the rub of the enemy when he could have said Rob bull mahalo cots, Robin mo judex. He could have said anything, but he specified I am the rub of those species that have spirit that have soul and every species that has a soul has some level of intellect, by the way, right? every species that has a ruler, it has some level of intellect, no doubt the highest level of in

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intellects are the angels and the men and jinn. But every being an animal knows when it's in danger, right? The ant communicates with other ants it needs some intellect. So an Adam is every species as we said, that has a soul and some intellect. Why did Allah subhana wa tada specify he is not bonarda mean? Because this category of beings that can think and that have a rule is the most noble and the most powerful. And praise comes when Allah says, I am the rub of these intelligent of these sentient of these ruler beings, this is where the praise will come. As for the non spiritual creations of Allah, ie the mountains and whatnot, these creations the animals are in fact in charge of them.

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Allah says in the Quran waha Kala comes out of the journey, I mean, Allah has created everything in the world for you. So we as men take advantage of the rivers, the streams, the vegetations, we plant the crops, we can cause an impact in the nature around us to whatever Allah has given us. So by saying that Allah is the rub of men and jinn and all of these animals, in fact, all of the other creation is automatically included. Because we know that we can cause an impact in the inanimate objects around us and where will praise come? Praise will come when Allah says that the most powerful of the creation, I am their master, praise will not come by saying the weakest of the

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creation I am their master. No, we are the most powerful of the creation around us. We are the most knowledgeable we have the most intellect. So when Allah is saying he is our Rob, so automatically everything lesser than us is included in that Rob will also realize that this Irabu mean implies many things First and foremost, that there are many species and there is but one, Rob there's only one thing that's unique and that is Rob, everything else is not unique. This is implied in an amulet I haven't been I mean, you oh man are not unique. You are a part of an atom. There are billions of other humans you are not unique, every creature of rebored every cattle, every animal, it is not

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unique. It has millions and billions of similar creation. But Allah is unique, there is one Rob and there's plenty of Adam and within each item. So an atom is not just one man an atom is a species a creation. So within this you are not alone. You have plenty of equivalents, you have plenty of similar creatures. So by saying Rob would Allah mean we automatically imply from this that's a law is a head Samad unique and wide and all of the creation is not 100 wide. All of the creation has something similar to him. It is only Allah lemmya Kula who Khufu. And by saying Rob Bula Domine. Also, we have over here by saying global admin, that Allah subhana wa tada is mentioning that he is

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the one robe that takes charge of every single species, even in their relationship with each other. Now think about this. We as humans, as every species, we interact primarily with our own kind. But the fact of the matter is that nature around us, every species interacts with another species. We study when we are in grade school, middle school, we study the ecological system, we study the balance in nature, simple example, in the savannas in the jungles of Africa, there must be a specific ratio of the predator and the hunted animal of lions and zebras, there must be a particular ratio, Allah is saying, I am the rub of these Adam and how they deal with one another, not just the

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rub of each species, I am the rod of the species as they deal with one another. So within Rob bull and amine, you have a system and Allah is saying, I am in charge of the system, that there are so many elements, so many pieces of the puzzle. So Allah is saying there are so many pieces of the puzzle, but there must be one who is in charge of all of that. So within Rabbul aalameen, we also have synthesis and harmony. And Allah mentions in the Quran, that if there were more than one God, then the creation around you would have gone sour would have gone faster, there would be fighting chaos that would you would not be able to sustain yourselves, but we look around us and everything

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takes care of itself. And what we call nature, what we call nature, nature takes care of itself, everything Of course, Allah has created it that way. Everything takes care of itself. And one of the things I always like to illustrate on look at this notion of recycling. Look at this notion of recycling. What must we recycle that which we have perverted from nature, nature itself does not need recycling. Think about

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It anything that nature produces anything that is produced naturally, you don't need to recycle it's taken care of. We are the ones we pervert we corrupt we take plastic, we take glass, we we synthesize we do that's the problem. That's what throws in a problem. a spanner in the works. As for nature itself, what we call nature, the creation of a law. That's something that every single element is in perfect harmony. And Allah says in the Quran, so that's about it. Look at the creation, examine the creation, do you find a flaw? Do you find a break? Do you find the crevice, submerge a bus or a couple of things, go ahead and continue examining, you shall not find a single

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flaw in the perfect harmony of the creation, your eyes will become tired, but you won't find a problem. So by saying Rob will either mean automatically it is implied in this one phrase that Allah subhana wa tada has taken care, not just of the atom itself, he takes care of man, he takes care of animals, he takes care of birds, as Allah says in the Quran, that every single creature, its sustenance is upon Allah subhana wa tada in that Allah it is mom and dad button, there's not a single creature, except that Allah will take care of its sustenance. So he is the author of every item. But this verse is going beyond that, not just the atom, but the relationship between the

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items, the relationship between the species, there is one rub that has synthesized all of that. So Allah is worthy of being praised. because number one, He is Allah, we don't need any other reason. He is the one who is worthy of worship. And then number two, if you needed a reason, then our Lord is the master, the creator, the Sustainer, the nourisher, the one who is obeyed, not just a one creation, but every creation that exists, he is the one that takes care of that species. And he takes care of the species in his relationship with other species. So the phrase al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil. alameen can be translated as we praise Allah with every praise. That is a unique and

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unconditional praise of praise that He is worthy of, because He is worthy of being worshipped this hamdulillah and of course, because he is the master, and the Sustainer, and the Lord of every single creation, and every single single species besides Him, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen one brief point because we're going very slowly Unfortunately, the sooner we only have 12 days left, and I need to finish the sooner before this month. I need to just quickly mention our commander Rahim because we already done this before. So just to reiterate, we have already discussed our Rahmani Raheem, two weeks ago, and we talked about what is the difference between Rahman and Rahim? Why does

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Allah repeat it? We already said man under him go back to the the first week we said our man is the one who has mercy is characterized by Mercy or Rahim is the one who shows mercy and we talked about the differences. Now the question is anybody who recites the Fatiha would already have set a Rahmani Raheem? Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Then he says Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil alameen. Then immediately, again, alright, Monterrey why we're not going to explain our mantra. Hey, we've done that. The explanation here right now is why the repetition response, the phrase Rob could indicate a master who you are scared of who is harsh. Who is in charge. Whenever you hear authority, when you ever

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hear power, the human instinct is to feel scared of that. You know, if you're driving quickly, the the cop goes by you what happens? You feel scared, like, Oh my god, did you see me or not? Right? It's human nature to fear power. It's human nature. It's ingrained in us. So Allah is saying, Yes, I am Arab. But I am not a harsh Rob. I am not to suffer alone, unjust or an evil Rob, I am not a Rob who is characterized by harshness, no, my primary characteristic that you should know who I am, my ultimate characteristic is that of mercy. I am merciful, and I show mercy. I am a merciful Rob. So in order to re emphasize because rulers, Masters, Kings presidents, they're either good or they're

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bad. They're either beloved by the people or they're hated by the people. They're either just unfair and merciful, or they're cruel and mean and, and, and evil. And Allah is saying, No, I am Arab. But the primary characteristic that I want you to know about my robia my lordship over all of you is that I am a merciful Rob and I am Merciful By nature, and I am merciful in my actions. So after we praise a lot, then we remind ourselves, he is our ultimate Rob, we then come down and remind ourselves our robe is not an evil. He's not too harsh. He's not an unjust drug. Our Rob is a Roman and a Rahim but then the tomorrow we're going to get into molecule Medina. We also remind ourselves

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Yes, there could be also

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Potential punishment for those who deserve it. So this idea perfectly balances the emotions. The emotions are perfectly being balanced between love and fear and hope and that will be the topic inshallah. Tomorrow was set on one day