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A talk outlining the concept of Tawbah and its conditions, delivered by Sheikh Muiz Bukhary after Taraweeh at Al-Taqwa Masjid, Blantyre, Malawi.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa ala Shafi Gambia even mursaleen a beginner Habibi, no karate ioannina Mohammed, Abdullah Allahu Allah Allah He was hobby he after two sadati bottom with asleep in my bed for the fall along with about a quarter if you for any disease that to be let him in a shipowner regime, but to go in a law he Jamie and I you help me known and I'll come to flipo and

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all praise and thanks to Almighty Allah subhana wa Jalla we asked him the Lord of all words, the Exalted to Chava his choices to blessings and salutations upon our final messenger, our beloved Prophet Muhammad salla Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam, his family members, his companions and all those who tread upon his birth with utmost sincerity until the day of

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my dear respected elders, brothers and sisters in Islam, given that we are in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, and also given that we know through the teachings of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam that the night of power Laila two quarter, there is a high possibility for it to fall on one of the odd nights and we are seated in one of the odd nights so there is a high possibility that tonight can be Laila to record them. In the few minutes that I have with you all I would like to touch on a very important concept, a concept known as doba and its conditions in Charlottetown. doba is something that needs to be part and parcel of our day to day lives. It is not only reserved for the

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month of Ramadan, it is not only reserved for the last 10 nights of Ramadan, it is not only something reserved for the sinners, it is something that needs to be part and parcel of every believers life on a daily basis, as Allah says in the ayah that I read at the beginning were to boo in Allah He Jeremy and

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turn to Allah all of you to boo in Toba. You help me noon. all believers, Laila come to flown, so that you become from the victorious and successful ones. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from the victorious and successful ones. I mean,

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so Toba, the meaning of Toba is to turn back the Euro in the Arabic language which means that to turn back, turn back where to turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala to turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now there are a few very important conditions attached to the concept of Toba. In other words, if you want your tober to be accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala you need to fulfill these conditions. condition number one, as highlighted and taught to us by the scholars is another must saw you need to have true regret. You need to feel this guilt inside you. You need to feel this regret Oh, you know what, I have wronged myself. I have scindia Allah I have turned away from you.

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Yeah, Allah I have drifted away from you. Yeah, Allah, I have turned away from the Quran. I have indulged in sin I have done wrong. I have committed this sin I have committed that sin I have done wrong. Yeah, Allah you need to feel this regret. You need to feel this guilt deep within truly another methodic. That is condition number one, condition number two, lF Allah, you need to come out of the same. There is no point in you sitting in the sin and then crying unto Allah that Allah should forgive you. There is no point in you being in Zina and crying out to Allah to forgive you. There is no point in you being in haram and crying out to Allah for Allah to forgive you. There's no

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point you must come out. You must make attempts to come out of that sin if you are true and sincere in your tober lip color coming out.

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The third condition and as a sodic again, firm determination in your heart that you're not going to go back into that sin. Now this night we all wept as Mashallah the mom was making dua, we were crying, so there was nothing that's why tears were flowing, there was regret there was guilt. Now we need to work towards coming out of the sins that we are in each one of each and every one of us. If we were to touch our hearts, we know of the sins that we are in.

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Islam is not a Deen. Unlike in other religions where you have to come to the house of worship and confess to the preacher, you don't have to come and confess to us You don't have to come and confess to the Imam saying O'Shea or Imam or Mufti I have committed this sin no in other religions like for example in Christianity, you have to go to the church. You have to confess to the father of your sins in Islam you only confess to Allah. Allah I did this yeah Allah forgive me you confess to Allah, you don't you don't confess to any of the creation of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah

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So you need to have a determination that you're not going to go back into that sin because there is no point tomorrow now, the 28th where we go back into all of the sins that we were committing, there's no point your Toba needs to be sincere and firm when you're not going to go back into those sins. And my dear brothers in Islam, brothers and sisters, the other condition is that this Toba needs to happen before two things. One, before the sun rises from the west to do a shems mineral mothership. I think you are all familiar. You are all aware that the sun rising from the west is one of the Ashoka sacral Cobra, one of the major signs of the day of the AMA. One day you will witness

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this sign and it is going to be a great phenomenon, a great sign and on that day, after witnessing the sign we will all want to turn to Allah but the dose of Toba will be slammed shut May Allah save us on so our thoburn needs to happen before that, and it needs to happen. That is on a on a general scale. On a personal scale your Toba needs to be needs to happen before mallacoota mode comes and stands in front of you before the time known as a lot of other in the Arabic language before your soul reaches its collarbones. When molekule mouth comes. Think of it this way.

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One day, you're going to be walking down the street. One day you might be in Salah May Allah give us all postnl hottie Mama, Allah give us good endings. I mean, one day you could be in your office, you could be driving, you could be in your bedroom, Allah forbid you could be in the toilet May Allah save us from bad endings, I mean, and then suddenly you will notice someone standing next to you. Perhaps it was in your bedroom, perhaps it was in your office, perhaps you are driving and you wonder who is this and you will ask this person, man and who are you and that individual will introduce himself an ml of hormones, I am the angel of death and I have come to take your soil.

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Now we will weep. They will cry, we will beg we will plead we will even try to cry tears of blood. Please give me some time. I want to give all of my wealth away in sadaqa in charity. I want to be in Salah I want to read the Quran I want to be in sudo please give me a little time. Medical most will come at the appointed time and not a single second will be given. In other words he won't come delayed nor will he come soon he will come at the precise and appointed time and your soul will be extracted. Now when Malakal mode comes and stands in front of you the whales will be lifted and you will see everything now and now you will realize you will cry out your Allah forgive me yeah Allah I

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have sinned. I turned to you in Toba. Now the Toba will not be accepted because your soul has reached the collarbones. So your Toba needs to happen before that. And lastly, many brothers and sisters in Islam

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if you have wronged see you have something known as Coco cola and Coca Cola about the rights of Allah, the rights of the slaves of Allah. If you have wronged the rights of a light is between you and Allah and Allah, you read in the Quran in

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me, Indeed Allah is the most forgiving, the most must have ALLAH is forgiving. Allah is Forgiving, Allah is Forgiving, loving forgive you, you know of the men, authentic hadith of the man who did what killed 99 people Allahu Akbar 99 individuals, just imagine 99 individuals, and now he feels like you know what I owe to turn over a new leaf. He goes to preach. And he asks him, Look, I have killed 99 individuals, but I want to turn over a new leaf. Do you think God will forgive me? The man was astounded. He looks at him and says you have killed 99 individuals. There is no forgiveness for you. How can you be forgiven? This murder, the serial killer, it gets so angry, he kills that man as

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well. rounding the total up to now 100 century 100 he's killed 100 people now. But still he feels I want to turn over a new leaf I want to mend my ways. Now he goes to a person of knowledge. And he asks him he tells the man the story, does it look you know what? I kill 99 people and then I killed another individual. Now I have 100 on my list. Do you think God will forgive me? Now this man was intelligent. He thought to himself if I tell him No, he'll kill me next.

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You know so he tells him of course. How can I judge you? How am I to judge you? Allah who are hired Hakeem and he is the best of judges. Look, don't go around confessing I'll tell you what, if you are sincere, leave this land. This land is a land of sin for you. If you are sincere and if you want to seek the forgiveness of Allah go away. There is another land where there are righteous people go by them and seek the forgiveness of Allah and it is in the hands of Allah Allah may forgive you. This man

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With sincere, he leaves the land look at the conditions number one regret another he fulfilled it number two la Cala, he was coming out of it he was coming out of that land, analyze them he had firm determination, you know what I want to turn over a new leaf as he was setting out on the journey, desktops,

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molecule mode comes and now you know molecule mode does not come alone. He has a team he has other angels that accompany him. So now we have the angels of Rama and the angels of Isaiah all come down at once. And now there is a dispute. The angels of Rama say this man has set out on a journey to seek the forgiveness of Allah we need to take his soul. The angels have either they say no, this man has committed so many sins we need to take his soul there is a dispute. Allah sends an angel to mediate between the groups. And this angel says, You know what, let me offer you a solution. Why don't you measure the land if he is closer to the land of sin than let the angels have adapted his

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soul? If he is closer to the land of Toba? Then let the angels of Russia take his soul. They measure the land. Lo and behold, they find the man closer to the land of Toba. The angels of Rama swiftly take his soul and go scholars explain in this regard. They comment in this regard. This man had just begun his journey. So there is a high probability he must have been closer to the land of sin. But Allah in His infinite mercy out of his sheer mercy, his aurasma he rolled up the land and made the men closer to the land of Rama to forgive him.

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This is the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala one more story and I will conclude

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in a Kodama Rama hula mentions in one of his books.

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During the time of the bend, we saw it once there was famine there was a drought, severe drought no rain.

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masala salat wa salam gathers his people and they go out to press Allah to this this car to seek for a

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massage that was Salam is raising his hands and is crying out unto Allah He has children with him he has everybody basically all of the venomous royal crying out brother Yeah, Allah let it rain Yeah, Allah. masala that was lame is crying, crying, crying fervently but not a drop of rain, dry drought. And then it was revealed that to moussaka, salam, O Moses yamasa.

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It is not going to rain, because there is an individual amidst the crowd. This individual has this obeyed me, he has been singing for 40 years because of him, no rain will fall.

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And this is why we have to be careful in terms of our sins. You know, when we do sins, Allah strips away the Baraka from Allah and Allah tests the people of the land and then even the innocent people are tested. So then musasa to Islam is disturbed, he immediately announced to the crowd, all my people, there is a man in the crowd, who has wronged was angered Allah for 40 years. And I have been told that until this man leaves the crowd, no rain will fall. So please, whoever it is leave the gathering.

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I think about it in a gathering like this if the announcement were to be made, and now the guilty one is in the crowd, he's now sweating profusely. Oh, yeah. And he knows I'm the one I have been, you know wrong in love and how am I to get up and leave everybody is going to see me he feels so many emotions now a turmoil of emotions. And you know what he does? He puts His head inside his cloak. And then there is a sincere to our being made a man who wronged Allah for 40 years he cries audya Allah say the Illa Allah

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you covered me for 40 years yeah, Allah. forgive me of my sins. Yeah. Ally turn to you in sincere Toba Allah forgive me, Allah forgive me Allah forgive me Allah. It started to thunder, lightning and rain started to pour

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musala to ceramiche shocked, says yeah, Allah, you told me that it will not rain until this man leaves the gathering and no one left the gathering and now it's raining. Yeah Allah. And then Allah informs Musa alayhis salam O Musa. Now it is raining because of the same individual. Why he did not rain earlier.

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The same individual it didn't rain earlier now because of him. It is raining Yeah, I find it difficult to understand. Please help me to understand. And then Allah informs musala that was from I have forgiven this individual. Now masala to Islam Christ Sonia, Allah. Allah, I want to meet this fortunate individual I want to meet this blessed individual. Allah subhanho wa Taala informs masala so that was in EMEA Moosa

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for 40 years, he wronged me and he was sinning and I covered him up and I did not expose him.

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And now that he has been forgiven and become mean Alia Illa from my friends do you think I will expose him yeah Moosa, I have covered him up I have covered you.

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Look at the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the mercy My dear brothers in Islam. As I conclude, I remind you all in regards to a bad dog. If you have wronged the slaves of Allah, then you have to go and seek that individuals forgiveness. If you have robbed from an individual if you have cheated an individual, if you have back bitten about an individual, if you have dishonored an individual, sometimes they go to certain gatherings and we say, you know what this person he is so and so you know, his business dealings, all bad, he has this extramarital affair he is in Xena he is in this season that we dishonor an individual. If you have infringed the honor of an individual if

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you have wronged an individual, then the forgiveness of Allah is latched on to that and you will have to go and seek the forgiveness of that individual. Therefore be extremely careful that you don't wrong another person. Wrong another question Allah is the most forgiving but sometimes human beings are not forgiving. Allah is forgiving. Human beings are not forgiving. And if they don't get you in this world, they will wait to get you on the day of karma when everybody will be NFC NFC NFC. Yo my afebrile Marco Mina, he will only he will be he was okay but he will when he will run away from your brother You will run away from your father, you will run away from your mother You will

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run away from your beloved wife, your children, that is the day.

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So let us fear that day. Let us prepare for that day. Let us be sincere in our tober with that I conclude I ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to forgive all of our sins to help us to turn to to help us to turn to Him in sincere Toba. May Allah azzawajal forgive all of our sins, may he accept our good deeds. May he help us to finish this month of Ramadan in a beautiful way. And may He bless us to attain many more Ramadan in the future. May Allah protect Islam and protect the Muslim moon around the globe. May Allah azzawajal let peace prevail. May Allah subhanho wa Taala unite us as the aroma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and just as how he unitrust here in this beautiful Mr. Du

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Bois Masjid may unite us in the gardens of genda may unite us and may He bless us to drink at the house at the fountain through the placid hands of Mohammed salvaterra Beavis ram Wiley. I mean I mean Waka anila hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa ala for the valuable gift of your attention as well as your time Mr. Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh