Mohammad Elshinawy – Quranic Seerah #12 udaybiyah – A Tranquil Turning Point

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © -- The speaker discusses the history and actions of the Proph sallavi alayhi wa sallam during the 50-year war against Muslims, including his messages and actions. The conflict between the United States and Iran is causing chaos among the Muslim community, leading to deaths and chaos among others. The speaker also touches on the legalization of Islam and the use of fat as a way to symbolize pleasure.
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After Allah azza wa jal gave victory to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam embedded in the second year, and then again in a hurt in the third year,

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not repeating and then

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Allah azza wa jal humiliated the disbelievers that Eliza in the 50 year and sent them back. They were not able to invade Medina and overrun it. At that point, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and now zoom wala Zona from now on we will attack them, they will no longer attack us.

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And you will see from today's events and the events we will discuss on Thursday and beyond that this was not saved in the spirit of a lust for vengeance. That wasn't it. This was actually the most correct and dignified and selfless thing to do. Because how many wars need to be fought how many people need to die, they won't stop. And so he continued to send out squads after them salAllahu alayhi wasallam to check them and keep them on their heels so they could no longer wreak havoc in the region. And in fact, it was successful and Quraysh never six successfully mobilized a contending force against the Muslims after Eliza.

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And about a year. And so after Eliza, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sees in a vision that him and the Muslims have returned to Mecca and are making Tawaf around the Kaaba.

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And he gets instructions from Allah to march to Mecca.

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And so the Muslims put on their a haram they don't go out in battle gear they put on their haram their sanctimonious clothes like you do for hajj and umrah and they marched to Mecca.

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Once they get to the outskirts of Mecca mind you this is like a 10 to 14 day journey.

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They stop at a place called who they be and Mecca begins to send out messages and envoys stop right there.

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How dare you come to start a war in Mecca and they clarify we're not coming for war look at us. We're just coming to make Amara. And they said absolutely not. We will fight down to the last man you will never be allowed into Mecca. And they kept sending envoys erworben was rude and well. They didn't know ARCA. And then ultimately, so hated number. And it was very tense for a few days hostile. And he's the remaining with the province setting for days talking to him. I'm telling you back off and so on and so forth. Go back and the Muslims, of course, I'm not going back

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until even Ottawa says to him, this is actually what he said, Forgive me for the term. He doesn't owe Mohammed, look around you. They're nothing but a bunch of L bash mean a bunch of punks that as soon as the fight starts, you know, you can't handle Quraysh we're going to we're going to annihilate you guys. And so the Sahaba were getting extremely provoked. And he was trying to keep the peace because he did not want war. He didn't want it. And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I know that orangish Khan and and GitHub has been worn out by war, they can't handle war. This is their poker face, basically, as we say nowadays, they're just trying to basically call the bluff,

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And so

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they kept sending person after person until finally they send so Haledon who eventually becomes Muslim late into the Prophet's life, and they salatu salam, and when the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam sees him, he says Salah unbroken, your affair has become easy, because his name is Sohail. So he says from Sahel, he took an optimistic Omen from a good omen from the name of the next negotiator. Now sort of they're getting flexible, they're starting to fold and they sit and they say, Okay, fine. Let's write a treaty if you really guys want to make Armada fine, okay, we're gonna make a treaty, it's gonna be on our terms, not your terms.

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You're not gonna make comrades rule number one. You're gonna come back next year to make the ombre because we will not let Arabia say you pressed us, you bullied us into getting your way. So that's rule number one. Rule number two, there will be peace between us. You won't attack us anymore. Notice for 10 years there's going to be peace. Neither us nor our allies will attack you or your allies. 20 years of peace. Number three.

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If anyone wants to leave Matt can come to you in Medina to become Muslim. You can't accept him, you got to send him back to Mecca.

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And if anyone wants to leave Medina

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You know, to leave Islam and come to us in Makkah, you gotta let them come.

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The double standards, right? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, let's write it up. So be it.

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And as they agree on this, of course, Ramadan flips out, but may Allah be pleased with him. He was enraged. How could this happen? How could you let and he actually slipped and questioned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? He said, Yeah rasool Allah. Aren't we on the truth? Look at the question. Aren't we on the truth? He said, Yes, they are. Aren't they on falsehood? He said yes. He said, Aren't our dead in paradise like let's fight? Aren't they're dead in the fire? Then why are we giving the short end of getting the short end of the stick here?

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Didn't you say we were even just repeat the good stuff on? Didn't you say that we were going to make ombre Didn't you say we're going to the Gabba? He says, Did I tell you it was going to happen this year or

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you see the Prophet works on the Allah's orders. He said go to the gallery go to the Gabba. I was not promised this year.

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So did I say this year? He said no you didn't. He said, then you will go to the cabin. And you will make time off around it. I am the messenger of Allah. And he will give me victory. And I will not disobey Him meaning these are instructions from Allah. It's not just my strategizing here, not just my brainstorming, not my discretion.

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And so Omar from his rage almost didn't hear him and he went and repeated the same question to Abacha. Are we on the truth? Aren't they on falsehood? Aren't are that in the food and Paradise aren't there that in the in the fire? Why are we Why don't we throw down? Why aren't we fighting here? What's the issue? And as they're finalizing the treaty?

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What happens is the son of Suhaila Ahmed Qureshi Is Ambassador negotiator shows up dragging his chains behind him through the desert he had become Muslim. And so his dad so Hain had locked him up at home. He shows up

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and so so Hey, so angry, says to the Prophet SAW Salem, you send my son back. That's the first person I'm going to ask you about in this deal.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is saying, We didn't sign it yet. Like technically there hasn't officially started yet. He said, There is no deal unless he comes back.

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And so the Prophet SAW Selim says, Jesus holy, just like just let me have him please. Appealing to him pleading with him just let me have them. Absolutely not.

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And so the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam says A deal's a deal.

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And he allows to hate him the hammer to take his son back. And Obama Khattab walks him out and he says, Listen, man, be strong. I know the pagans are a bunch of dogs, but you can handle them, and so on and so forth. And he eventually goes back and runs away from his father at that point and catches up with some other Muslims that were sort of like stateless, like people will see it. Essentially, that is the incident developer they be the Prophet SAW, Selim tells everyone take off your cramps, take them off.

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Nobody moves. Nobody listens. Out of his frustration, he enters his house sallallahu alayhi wasallam and tells his wife Alma selama, or the Allahu Allah, what's wrong with these people not listening to their Prophet. She said, you want them to listen to you shave your head, change your clothes, because that's what it was. They were so heartbroken. They were hoping some idea or Hadith would come down to sort of overturn this. They were hoping it wasn't final final.

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But when they he came out, listen to the advice came out having removed his ihraam they all started breaking down in tears crying, the narrator says they almost slaughtered each other while they're shaped like they almost cut into each other as they were shaving each other's heads from just how into their, into their crying they were and sort of fats came down about this.

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And I'll just read to you the last area or part of it of suitable fat because it depicts this picture I always feel the pain of the Sahaba in the last day of total fat. When Allah azza wa jal says Mohammad Rasool Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, well Lavina ma who and these great companions that are with him, as she that are alpha they are mighty with the disbelievers meaning those who are at war with them obviously, meaning you guys are not cowards like Allah's consoling them right? They are tough people she there are Alan kuffaar Ruhama obey Nahum they have so much mercy for each other, like Abu Jandal the son of so hate and all of

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this Rahama will be in our home. Tara home Rocha and Sujatha look at them how they you always find them bowing and prostrating? Yeah, bits of Hoonah frog lemon Allah He wanted one and they're so sincere. Their hearts yearn for Allah's pleasure and his bounty. You could see it in their faces the effects of the superfoods they make. And so this idea comes down with layer after layer of praise.

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and consolation to the sahaba. And they did make that on one of the following year, by the way. And so that is the incident of and who they be. As for the proofs of Prophethood I mean, there's so many and they're so obvious. Look at the humility of the Prophet SAW Salem, in our society that despised women and considered them all ignorant. He listens to almost selama regarding a decision that affects no ego, no pride, right? 1400 people, he took her advice and it was excellent advice, right? You look at the Prophet sallallahu I'm seeing the vision and promising it will come true in Omar's life and the very next year it comes through, and so on and so forth. sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa

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sallam, the final point regarding

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Teskey or the purification of our souls, because this is possibly literal culture. And this is a night of repentance for all of us. We should be, you know, looking for the reasons to beseech Allah for His mercy and showing our regretful side. Should you always be regretful for your mistakes? You see, because Omar, he says, After this whole long incident, for Amyl to Lee Valley, Kelly, OMA Malin, I did work for the rest of my life to make up for that my objection on that day, the Treaty of are they be a day, I work? I gave out money and I freed slaves, and I prayed and I fasted for that one day. So how long should you regret your mistakes? Because you find some scholars saying,

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you know, don't think about your mistakes and just move forward in the path of Allah when you you know, commit to this deal. And other scholars say no regret your mistakes, because that will hire you know the strength of your Toba and make it more potent and more likely to be forgiven. This is not a disagreement, you have to check yourself. What is more productive for me? Right? Some people if they remember their mistakes, they lose hope and ever being a good person. We spoke about this a little bit. And other people when they forget their mistakes, they go right back to them. So you have to have self awareness, you have to understand that Allah doesn't want you to confess your

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mistake or beat yourself up to death about it. But if it is fruitful for you to say, whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm just starting to get on the right foot. What am I sort of getting lazy for or getting prideful for or otherwise, then remember it because Omar was productive because of the memory. If you will not be then you invoke the other concept you'll invoke the other value which is hoping Allah and knowing that he loves to forgive and isn't harmed by our sins, and loves to conceal and forbids you from even exposing yourself, right? So others just leave it between me and you and I'll forgive it for you. And nethermost Elba as he said, So Salem, you simply regretting it for me? Not

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because you missed out on any aspect of this world for me. You're good, it's cleared. How great is our Lord and may we be of the purest believers in Him and His beautiful names and attributes? Subhan Allah homie Hambrick shadow Allah, Allah, Allah and Africana to boo like Zack Allah Clara.

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