Ebrahim Bham – Social Life Of Our Nabi (SAW)

Ebrahim Bham
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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah

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Almighty Allah kita kita kitabi hula Sharia

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Amato Villa

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Rocky, Nakata Canada comfy rasulillah

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Santa Monica

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was a Corolla kathira

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respected, respected elders and brothers Alhamdulillah we are in the month of review

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and inshallah we will just keep it at that

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end in the month of review our we also know that Allah subhanaw taala is deemed it appropriate that in this month our beloved nivia Karim Saleh Ali he was Salim was both born

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and his demise took place in this month.

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We also know that to speak about maybe aquariums or Allahu alayhi wa sallam and to speak about any aspect of nebia Karim Salam

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is Mubarak and blesses and does not need any date or time for us to speak about him. We can end we can and we should be praising and speaking about. Let me uh Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam at all times.

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In every occasion, and whenever we speak, they would be blessings. But today we are speaking about Nivea cream sauce along the way. Allah had said that Allah has made his life A perfect example. La katakana confy Rasulullah Hassan Hassan Yes, our beloved Nivea creams, Allahu alayhi wa sallam is great, and we can never do justice with regard to narrating his greatness. When Allah subhanho wa Taala himself said, What if

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we have elevated your status and your remembrance and your praise? Then what can you do with regard to his greatness? And can never be expected to speak about how big the Himalaya or the Everest mountain is? Or the moth can never be expected? To say how bright the sun is. Then how is it for you and I to speak about the greatness of Libya Kareem sauce just as a m cannot speak about how big the Everest trees are the most cannot say how bright the sun is. We cannot speak about the greatness of our beloved Libya Kareem saw Sonam as his his view the old power that said beautifully said it. Mustafa Mustafa tierra madho Santa Maria busman he does. Many he do call him madness. He left cuyana

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he put Sacco he took soco

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you're your praise is beyond me. The heart does not have the capacity.

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The tongue does not have the vocabulary to be able to speak equivalent to your greatness. Suffice to say, there is no one like you. There is no one like you. There is secara Kuru Johanna is Amina Hua, as

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we speak about in your greatness has reverberated both in heaven and earth, and there is no one like you, there is no one like you. However, we always bear in mind that we never ever shroud nebia cream sauce in such a mystery that we fail to take benefit from him. Remember this. While he is great, we never ever shroud his life in such a mystery that we don't take that after all Allah had said I have made you a perfect example and a perfect example for what for you to limit your life. That is why Allah subhanho wa Taala has made me a

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human being.

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I share See I share the aspect of humanity with you. I'm a human being the way you are a human being

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Doesn't mean that we are equal in terms of rank, obviously doesn't mean that someone has given this beautiful example. You see, they say, Diamond, essentially and intrinsically is a carbon charcoal that you use in the price also carbon. But can you ever in your right sense, equate a diamond with a charcoal? Can you ever do so Mohammedan buchon with a circle bashary Mohammedan yaku to witness who can carry me forward said Muhammad is a butcher. But he's not like a human being like you and I in terms of his rank and status Mohammedan yoghourt whatnot. So can you say Ruby and Emerald is also stones, and the stone that you get outside on the pavement is also a stone, but can you compare the

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two in terms of status and ranking material worth or any aspect? That is a reality. But of course, as I said,

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life is a perfect life to follow. Today I want to speak to you about the aspect of the life of Nivea cream sauce in terms of his interaction with people, how Allahu alayhi wa sallam interacted with people. It's a very great lesson for us today, my dear respect of others. Today, you and I, we regard team to be making the budget which undoubtedly is a very important part of deal. I always say this, for those who undermine me but never do so. Yes, many times people say he reads namaaz he reads Salah, he performs Salah, but then he he does people down. Right? They tend to undermine Salat by that he is enough emphasis upon both salah and upon honesty and Upon doing people good and upon

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social relationships in our deed without undermining any aspect. Hmm Maybe occurrence awesome capoeira. syndigate nomina, hamara Navona he's gonna be a drama Hollywood salon.

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de forma Taka

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okay sindicato data,

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data, how Moscow para

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photoscape metallic Hama please indicate

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one of the aspects that may be a current source and there is one letter says, Hello Can you fill

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in indeed, if the earth was inhabited by angels love would have sent an angel as a prophet. But since the earth is inhabited by human beings, Allah has sent a human being

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now one aspect is how nahi sauce intact I'm going to give you certain examples quotations and incidents occur in the source limb gave every person whom he dealt with he gave him importance

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may occur in South America

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40 of

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the country of Egypt one day came to be occurring saucer, Yasser Allah Who is the most beloved in your eyes, who is most closest towards you? And maybe occurrence awesome. had to say because one rewired said that he saw himself as our

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most beloved to me is my wife Ayesha. Today we won't say that we will feel ashamed. Now my friends will rip me if I have to say that my wife is my closest juluca hula

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is under the petticoat government. Maria Teresa awesome says most beloved to me is Ayesha amongst males.

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And then he asked who next? Then he said Alma. Then

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he continued, and Ammar said I felt a shame of asking that I might come right down the list. But Allah say the reason why am I even asked us was every person who came into contact with nebeker himself. He felt nebbia cream sauce and treated him such the most important. The most closest to the bakery sauces was me.

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Every person thought I am the closest to the bakery Mr. Oliver. So that is why maybe a cream salsa never used to avert his gaze from anyone when he met him until that person averted his gaze. So Panama Abu Laila raviolo Tran, one day Kim's gonna be aquariums, Allah Allah He was alone. And it was the darkness of the night, no electricity, very little lights in

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my head, one of his grandsons upon his stomach and playing around with him when the grandson

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passed water and urinated.

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And Abu Laila said, I saw the drops of urine trickling down upon the stomach of nebbia. Kareem says, I ran to try and do something. And maybe a Kareem saw Sam said, leave my grandson alone. Don't harm him. Don't shout him.

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Maybe cream sauce, pizza, Bishop kurata or

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Unless you want to pick yoga, or look at it the way Costa

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Rica Mira navassa tukuche motto, don't tell my grandson everything, his greatness. It looked how he dealt with people

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dealt with people according to the status. According to them he gave each and every one the appropriate treatment. He dealt with people who will regard it to be the simple, the poor people look at our Nivea cream sauce and dealt with him our Mr. Cooper, Joe Harris

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or Joe McCarthy, McCarthy, una casa Sita Cepacia, nebia cream sauce from Dell to the people who are regarded to be poor, simple, appropriately, those who are influential Muslim Delta then oppose appropriately. They used to be a person by the name of za have been Haram. He used to come from the desert to Madina munawwara when he used to come from the desert, near Kareem sauce, and I'm used to saying,

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to save za here is my desert, my village, and I in his city. Now we all know and maybe nowadays is not so much but previously, people used to get certain things you only get in the village, you don't get to the city, and the city things have certain things you don't get in the village. So nobody's asked me so says is my village and the city. So everything you get in the village in the desert, he used to bring me salsa, and when he used to go, let me occur himself sort of used to give him things you get from the city, you don't get in the desert or in the village. One day he came, and he was in the marketplaces of Madina munawwara and he was selling us goods that he brought from the village.

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And as he was selling them via cream sauce live gave him a lot of love for him.

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He saw some saw him selling goods via cream sauce that came from the back and blindfolded. He caught his eyes with his own hands and said, who will sell who will buy this person from me? Who will buy this person from me? Initially, he tried to recall himself free but when he realizes

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he brought his back closer to the cream sauce for them to benefit from the body of Nivea cream sauce. And then when he realizes that he saw serum, he said Yasser Allah who's gonna buy me, I am worthless. Maratha quick came at me, he

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said Zaire Allah He in the law, he said because he didn't well law he in the eyes of Allah, you are not worthless. You are very valuable. Nivea cream sauce alum, dealt with people who are people from the village in that way. Then there were times when influential people came to Medina, and even Hashem was from Bonita. And he was a very prominent person. His father was hacking Tai Chi was known for his generosity, right? There's so many incidents I will speak but I've got limited time so one to keep myself to the lessons we learn. So Hatem time came to his sister became a Muslim, and that also a very amazing incident, while she was taken captive in one of the battles, so she was sitting

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in the in the gathering and she was sitting in a courtyard, maybe a cream sauce and so a woman without a scarf without a head covering. So let me add cream sauce from Turkey shawl and tola Sahaba go and give this head covering to the woman who is sitting without the headcovering maybe a consortium couldn't be a non Muslim woman without the headcovering Today our sisters as such, we find that they still our sisters, but many times they are without headcovering If only they could realize how nebia cream salsa used to feel. And nevertheless when we add cream sauce, Adam saw him in that particular way, gave the headcovering afterwards because of a influential She was the

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daughter of hatin Thai people said, go and speak to the VA claims Allahu Allahu wa sallam that Nivea cream sauce from my show us mercy. So she said, I'm the daughter of Hatem Thai, like maybe a cream sauce and said, I heard much about the generous of generosity of your father. Your father was very generous, right? And go because of the generosity of your father, I have freed you, the Father, see the Prophet of Allah recognized good qualities in other people. Even if you were non Muslims. Your father was a very generous person go because of your father's generosity, I freed you. She said, Yes. I can be freed No. What about my people? Let me according to them said you are the daughter of

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your father. You are just as generous. Go I freed you because of your father. I freed your people because of you. She goes and tell her brother What are you doing going follow the prophet or formatting law and in that particular way, he comes to Medina

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He comes to Manila, people say, your happiness come at even happiness come at Manhattan, influential person, someone who was known with regard to his

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happiness come so people knew him to be someone who was very influential. So he came in

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he was seven, came, and he found he took USB inhotim. And it took him from imagenet. He is walking with Him now towards the house, when Adam inhotim is walking towards the house, then

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you know.

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So let me ask them to carry Manhattan walking towards with him and towards the house. And when he was walking with Him towards the house, and even had him said, I was trying to think who is

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easier King is your messenger of Allah. When I saw two things happening, I saw one person coming to me a cream sauce and a man or woman and complaining about poverty. One person came and complained with regard to the roads not being safe. So maybe a cream salesman took him in his room and gave him a cushion. And when he gave him a cushion, it was only one cushion, or even at him said you take the cushion. Let me solve that. You might guess you take it. And then they'll be a cream sauce from ask him. Which religion do you belong to? He said, Christianity said tell me which set of Christianity so he made mention of the set. Let me start from set in the set is the teaching of that not so and

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so and so and you are not following that. It's like a non Muslim meeting us and said, you follow the Hanafi School of faith. And this is what the Hanafi School of physics says. So that's how Lamia crimps Aslam knew about him and with regard to his teaching, and then the resource them told him Addy. Addy, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that this man is your messenger is your key. You are thinking that his followers are poor. You are thinking that his followers are complaining about lack of safety on the roads. And he listened to what I am saying listen to what I was saying. Time will come and a woman because of Islamic law and Islamic justice will travel from

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Iraq to Medina and no one will harm her because of the safety. And Addy you think that Muslims are poor time Allah will give the Muslim such wealth that the Persian empires wealth will be in the hands of the Muslim and even happy what Persian Empire the time the superpower of the time that we saw some said yes. And awatea time will come when a Muslim man will go out to the mosque to give charity and there will be no one to take his charity because everyone will be prosperous and even happy was to say he became a Muslim. He will say I saw the two great tidings of Nebojsa Salaam coming through and waiting for the third one to come through. I saw that time and a woman used to go

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from Iraq to Medina, the one used to hammer I saw the Persian Empire falling at the hands of a Muslim. And now I'm waiting for the time when a Muslim will get out and go out to the masjid. Nobody will take his charity, which happened in the time of Omar Abdulaziz.

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This is how Muslim dealt with people within the VA consortium looked at the mistakes of people with a finger of compassion and not with a finger of accusation the way you and I do today. There was a young Sahabi his name was Abu Cora.

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Cora was an amazing

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amazing young Sammy was full of enthusiasm. So when he used to come to the masjid, and sometimes you know, we also see it happening amongst us when Abu Bakar comes and it's that he's about to go it's about to go now for a force for salah and the man is about to make a ruku so in his enthusiasm he makes his call he makes his beer from far and then he runs towards the self to get the ruku right many times our we also do it our children also do it sometimes elders also doing you know you making him from your and you're running to get the ruku while you're still looking like that, you know reminds me of my one who said we used to jokingly say you know when we used to do any chapter and we

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used to ask a question and that question used to be something that was later on in the same chapter than he used to say Why are you asking this question the array into three style you will say the crossbeam a pajama yasutaka the swimming pool is David Crosby who take advantage of passing code from here. So he is doing the same thing. So someone

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does this. You know what, let me

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let me start some calling my boo boo cara, May Allah increase your enthusiasm,

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our vokra May Allah increase

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You enthusiasts, but next time Don't do like that.

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Huh I will increase rent to CSM. But next time Don't do like that there was one person who used to who used to drink alcohol in the time of nebia Crenshaw cinema, whenever Kareem Salah who Allah He was cinema heard about it, according to the Islamic law, he has been punished. He has been less. So the need for forms is a deterrent that people must not be drunk in the public space. So as he was being rushed, someone said

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that may Allah destroy you may or not disgrace you. So when he when he saw some hurt this, let me occur in Somalia said How dare you say like that. He has love for life. And a lot while he was alone, don't help shaytan against your brother, and in one rewire, don't increase

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the the adherence of shaytan.

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Don't go in and say that Allah does grace him. Don't add, don't make shaytan don't don't help Satan against him don't increase the adherence. Yes, he committed the wrong. The wrong is such, but the wrong is wrong. But the newer of a man still remains in a person despite the summit of transgression.

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You can take away the need of a person a man because of the darkness of his transgression, the lore of a man is greater than the darkness of his transgression. Today, you and I we like to increase the inmates of shaytan. And we like to increase the wage of shaytan. So what we do, we tell this man is like this, we just label people so we add them into the camp of shaytan. Joseph said don't increase the rank of cheetah.

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This is how nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam dealt with people. There are so many different situations that we can speak. But this is the some of the examples that Hollywood film has taught us. You know, there was this most beautiful example of Japanese Abdullah Abdullah was a young person. So how do you speak with a young person you speak to him about marriage, etc. So one of the expedition

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so the jabiru was lagging behind. So nobody saw swim came behind and said Jamie, What is wrong? My camel is very weak.

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My camel is very weak. jasola Let me Shazam said put your camel down, put the camera down, read something, let it lift up. jabiru The Ultra moody after his camel started meeting the face of everyone as it made the face of everyone that asked him Java. You are young. Did you get married? Yes, sir. So I got married. But who did you get married? I got married to a woman who was previously married. She was a little bit mature in age advanced age. chubbier. When did you get married to someone who has advanced in age you are young you should have got married to someone young you would have enjoyed your life. You would have enjoyed your marriage. Younger people you would have gotten

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married someone younger. jasola my father passed away in the bedroom. He left me with seven sisters. I couldn't get married to someone young who would have looked after my seven sisters. Let me sauce them congratulated on his maturity. Then on the way back maybe

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telling him Jabir, although you are newly married, although it's an advanced age woman She must be so happy to see you. Right She must be so happy to see you. She will she will put out the cushions in in welcoming you. And Jasmine says

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I have no cushions in my house. Maybe a cream sauce from realize Jagger is poor informatie so that we are cream sauce I'm sad jabil sell me your camel jasola How much would you buy it for one gallon jar? Yasuda Don't joke with me one gram is very less. Let me set up the price until he came to 40 dinner 40 Durham's

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Alright, I will sell you the camel eurosla for 40 grams, but allow me to go till Madina munawwara then you can take the camera okay. When they come to Madina, munawwara Allah, Allah, He

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tells Bilal Oprah is a 40. Durham's code and give it to Java and click the cable and give it back to Java. Give him the camel give him the 40 dirhams. Let me tell him sauceman wanted to help him but help him with honor and dignity. If only we can learn these aspects when we interact with people, because when law has a major respect for others, when we see our interaction with people, it is lagging very far behind from the example that we saw some head in terms of his interaction with people, we are not given a topic of understanding in economics, but as we have guessed, inshallah we will tell the guests to come come forward inshallah. Abdul Majeed arconic comes from Africa, Africa

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is from Burma. And Burma is a place where we all know today's great amount of persecution. This last week I will make a mention with regard to what's happening in Burma. We asked to each and every one brothers to lift up their hands in Dwyer that Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for the oppressed people over in Ghana.

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in Burma, insha Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala relieve them from the oppression that they are facing. Allah tala elevate the status Allah Allah give them the necessary qualities that will attract Allah Allah. And Allah as mercy. inshallah, let me just very quickly say that December the first which was yesterday, is World AIDS Day. Now, many times you and I, when we speak about AIDS, we feel that this is not a Muslim disease, it's only a disease which affects other people. That's not the effect upon the Muslims. And it is true that many of the major reasons and the major causes many of the major causes that are the main reasons for being infected by HIV AIDS are those that

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Islam has prohibited.

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The majority of that are those in which Islam has prohibited However, having said that, let us also bear in mind that this is not we cannot say it is not a Muslim disease, there are people who get affected, infected in different ways, not necessarily related to behavioral or life choices. And also sometimes there is a gulf between religious teachings and our practice. So let us never ever take the condescending view with regard to that this does not affect Muslims. Remember one thing, a stigma is not the way to deal with it. And issue does not disappear because of our reluctance to deal with it. An issue does not disappear because of our reluctance to deal with it. And in this,

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there is an importance for us to be educated with regard to it, and also to adhere to the Sharif commands, which insha Allah has, in many ways that I won't say always because people can be infected through the means of blood transfusion etc. And we should never have a look down upon a person because of that. But of course, was his day which was a day that is, you know, commemorated in the world with regard to it. Of course, the major reasons that causes this has been prohibited in our Sharia and we should adhere to it, but also part and parcel of that we should educate ourselves with regard to it, we should not be afraid to discuss it, not stigmatize it. And in this particular

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regard, inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala will keep all of us away from the behaviors that are the main reasons that lead to it and also keep us away inshallah, from this disease.

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