People Exempted From Fasting

Yasir Qadhi


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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi divulges explicitly on the category of people who are exempted from fasting:

  • Woman in her Haidh (menses) and Nifas (post childbirth)
  • Men and women who are sick and travelling
  • Elderly men and women
  • Women who are pregnant and women who are breastfeeding


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The speakers discuss sickness during travel and advise against leaving fast and drinking fluid. They also suggest seeking help for sick individuals and seek guidance on what sickness is. They stress the importance of fasting for medical conditions and caution against leaving the fast. Additionally, they suggest seeking help for sick individuals and seek advice from a doctor.

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Who does not fast, who does not fast who has a legitimate excuse for not fasting, there are four categories of those who are excused from the fasting. The first and the most common one is the woman in her monthly cycle or after she delivers and she is leading in that portion than the fast months. So the woman in her health and her menses and the woman in her and the fast this such a lady obviously does not fast, and she makes it up later on. Now, my dear sisters in Islam do not play around with the idea of a law, many sisters are lazy. When their menses finished, they think they can delay the fast simply by not performing the hustle by by delaying the the the full ritual

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ablution Allah azza wa jal knows when your menses finished and you know as well. And when your menses finish the very next day, you must begin your fast in fact, if your menses finished even five minutes before the budget at the time of M sack, and you know the sign, which is the whiteness discharge, if your menses finished five minutes before the end of budget, then legally even if you do not take the hustle, you must first that day. So keep this point in mind and monitor the end of the month. You all know your your cycles, you all know your routines towards the end of the month monitor and realize that if it finishes wake up the day that you think it's going to finish wake up

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before budget to make sure that in fact it has finished or not finished, because if it has finished, then that day is obligatory on you. And it is not allowed to play games with the *ty of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is the first category. The second category are men and women who are sick and traveling. And this category, it is permissible for you too fast, it is permissible for you to leave the fast it's up to you. But the better thing to do is that if fasting is a hardship, then you should not fast if fasting complicates your medical problem if fasting is a hardship during travel, and you know best travel is relative for some of us traveling is an hour and a half drive in the air

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conditioned car. In such a case maybe don't break the fast if you don't want to. Sometimes traveling involves a 15 hour journey across the globe, in which case fasting will be a big problem, you know best and our Prophet says that I've said it is not righteousness too fast while traveling. Meaning if it's difficult to fast, Allah will not reward you if you're causing hardship when you are fasting during travel, you decide if it's a piece of cake if it's easy, then go ahead and fast. Also in terms of sickness, what constitutes a legitimate sickness, the response is common sense will tell you you don't need to go to a doctor or even an alum. Common Sense will tell you if you have a

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little bruise or cut on your finger that's not going to cause you to not fast but if you have a high fever subpanel you need your liquids you need to drink all day long. You need this you need that a high fever definitely is an excuse for leaving the fast and then making it up on a later day. You know use your better judgment what sickness is such that it will complicate the fast if I if I continue fasting and there are there might be some gray areas here and there. You're not quite sure so go ahead and attempt in the morning to fast if you feel you're getting a more strong headache or this or that your your your sickness is being complicated, then break the fast and Allah azza wa jal

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is Forgiving and Merciful. Also, there are gray areas of certain medical issues such as diabetes and others. I cannot give you a blanket fight to go to a Muslim doctor. And why do I say Muslim doctor because a Muslim will understand the obligation of fasting not that we don't trust a non Muslim doctor. But a non Muslim does not understand how important fasting is a Muslim doctor will understand how important fasting is. So if you're diabetic, or if you have a chronic illness in this regard, go to a Muslim reputable doctor so that the Muslim doctor can weigh between, you know, in your case, if you have a heavy meal with these in these ingredients, and then you break your fast at

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the appropriate time, inshallah It's okay. So the Muslim doctor can tell you this as because the Muslim doctor has experienced that fasting and he knows the obligation of fasting. So if there are areas such as diabetes, such as other things of this nature, then go seek counsel with a health professional who understands the obligations of fasting. This is the second category sickness and traveler. The third category of those who don't have too fast are those who are permanently sick, or those who are too elderly and weak to fast, permanently six severe case of diabetes, severe case of diabetes, he cannot remain without food for five hours, let's say hello. So Alicia has not come to

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kill people or to make life difficult for such a person. Somebody who is very old, 78 years old, he cannot he doesn't have it inhibit too fast. For such a person. The fasting is forgiven, and he will have to give a video which is feeding one person one meal per day that he doesn't fast and the average video

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In America is between eight to $10. If you want to be safe, give 10. If you give $8 a day, no problem, and you have to give, according to the land you're living in, don't calculate video based upon Pakistan or Bangladesh, calculate video based upon America, because you're living here, you may send it to Pakistan or Bangladesh, but it has to be $8 a day, not eight rupees a day because you're living in this land. So you fit the as calculated according to this. And this is the third category, the final category, and then we conclude our first hood. But the final category is the category that's a bit of a laugh over, and that is women who are pregnant and women who are feeding children.

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This category is where many women show laxity. The fact of the matter is an average healthy young lady who is pregnant or who is feeding, should not really have an excuse to break the fast. However, if the doctor says or if she herself feels fainting or whatnot, then yes, we understand and so the *ty I will allow her to break the fast nonetheless, an average young healthy lady who is pregnant or who is feeding a child, generally speaking, should not just jump to the conclusion, I don't have to fast because the fasting generally speaking should not harm her situation. Nonetheless, lectures seek the advice of her own professional counselor and also, again, let's encourage a Muslim doctor

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who understands the importance of fasting. If the doctor feels and if she as well feels that fasting will not be possible, then she may avoid the fast but she will have to make up the days that she has missed. She cannot give money because her ruling is the ruling of the one who was sick or traveling. That is she will overcome the sickness you will come back to a regular state and she will don't have to fast all of the days and Indeed Allah Subhana Allah knows best