Yasir Qadhi – Pearls From The Quran 13 – Ramadan 2017

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of tawak Geoff in the Bible is highlighted, as it is necessary for achieving spiritual and operational goals. The concept of "tawakLive is related to the Prophet system, which is the way in which we act based on our beliefs. It is also emphasized that practicing and memorizing the phrase "tawakela" will help us achieve our goals and avoid giving up on effort. Visiting the Bible is also emphasized as it is necessary for achieving goals and makes it easy for people to get a job and avoid promotion.
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spil Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali, he was so happy woman was my bird. And so surah Toba, verse 51. We read one of the most powerful verses in the Quran. In fact, it is one of my favorite verses of the Holy Quran. We all have our favorite verses. All verses are blessed and favorite, but some have a special status. And this verse is one that I encourage all of you to memorize as well because it is a verse that really brings a sense of peace and calmness at times of distress. It is a verse that deals with the Battle of the book, and the great difficulties that the companions were about to face. And it was a very difficult circumstance in the middle of the summer,

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they'd have to leave their agriculture that have to leave Medina when there was most needed travel 1000 miles in the heat, and they were going to meet they were wondering, they were scared to meet the Romans would be coming and Allah zoa just said to them, say, lend your sleep.

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Qatar Bala hula now, who am Alana y la la familia de Vaca minion, say nothing is going to happen to us, except what Allah has already decreed. Learn your sleep and in llama cuttable la Halina, who are molana Allah is our Mola, our protector, our caretaker Allah will take care of us, while Allah He failure to walk me known and in Allah let the believers put their tawakkol put their trust. This is such a beautiful verse, and it talks about the reality of the relationship between the servant and the Creator. And it talks about the very essential or on a concept of tawakkol of putting one's trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. And this verse gives us the primary benefit of tawakkol. When you

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have to work cool, the problems of the world will not affect you. When you have to work cool, no matter how difficult the circumstance no matter how powerful the storm outside, your heart will be at peace with itself. Why? Because you know nothing is going to happen. Unless he has willed it. And who is he? He is my Moeller. He is my protector. He is the one who has created me cares about me nourishes me. So why should I worry? Why should I fluster? Why should I be in grief? Whether it's a medical problem, whether it's a financial problem, whether it's a social problem, nothing is going to happen, unless Allah has wielded my worst enemies cannot affect me. unless Allah has willed it.

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No one has power over me. unless Allah azza wa jal has willed it, no financial issue is going to stress or burden me unless Allah has willed it. So why should I be worried about anyone else? Put my tawakkol in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this verse also explains to us what is tawakkol tawakkol is a psychological frame of mind to what cool is a spiritual, it is a theoretical a belief of the heart. It does not manifest in how you act, it doesn't change anything and what you do, it changes how you look at the world how you perceive the world. Now what will not change what you do to what cool will change how you feel, to what good is an internal aspect, the Sahaba still prepared for the

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March, they still sold what they needed, packed what they needed, they still wore their armor, they still march to battle, nothing changed, but Eliza just says Don't worry, nothing's gonna happen unless I have already willed it to happen. Learn you see Bana Illa marketable la Halina, and there is a beautiful Hadith that summarizes the reality of tawakkol our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a minute ago we have Buddha law him in a moment of bifolding higher. The strong believer is more beloved to Allah than the weak believer and the meaning of strong here is the one whose Eman is strong. But it also means the one who's better prepared in all aspects is better than the weak

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believer, but in all believers there is good at asylum and folk be eager to obtain what is a benefit to you? What's that in Billa and seek Allah's help to obtain it? What are charges and don't give up or don't be weak? What is this hadith got to do with tawakkol? Very simple. Our Prophet system is saying, When something will benefit you have a vision have a goal. It is either a million farrokh you need to get a job get your degree, you need to get higher up in your company, do the effort that you need to be eager for that which will benefit you is Helen be eager for that which will benefit you

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Then the process is to in Villa escalas, help raise your hands up, say, Oh Allah make it easy for me, then what attaches, don't give up. Don't be lazy, I just is laziness. Don't be lazy in getting to the goal, you need to put in the effort to get to the goal, you're not going to get a promotion sitting on your behind and doing nothing. You're not going to get a job without going to school without getting an education without getting the qualifications. So if you want to get that which will benefit you have it in sight, make dua to Allah and then do not be lazy, do not give up. But then what? Then the profitsystem said, if something happens that you didn't want to happen, if you

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don't get to the end, then do not blame. Do not say, Oh, if only I had done this, then I would have gotten it, but rather say Casa de la Hua Musha a file. So you try your best, then if you don't get it, to look good in Allah, Allah had not written it for you, it was not decreed It was not destined for you. So tell what cool does not change the effort we put in, it changes our perception, it does not change our actions, it changes our our understanding of reality, and this beautiful idea, brothers and sisters, we should memorize it and use it at times of distress because unfortunately, unfortunately, when we have weak tawakkol, then the troubles of this world we start to worry about

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them rather than putting our trust in Allah and Allah tells us women yet what can Allah law he, for who has boohoo? Whoever puts his work good in a law, a law is sufficient for him. Allah will take care of him and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us that there are witches in the Quran. When you are faced with a trial with the tribulation. If you say this word or this phrase, Allah will take care of you if you say it with a man, what is that phrase has spoon Allahu wa near Milwaukee. That is the phrase which Joaquin means. tawakkol Joaquin, the one whom I put my tawakkol in our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us it but on him said it when he was thrown into the

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fire and look at our love protected him. Ibrahim said it when he was thrown into the fire. And he simply said it has been a law who are near Milwaukee, when the whole army of Nebuchadnezzar the whole people around him had built that fire. And all Ibrahim said has Spooner La Jolla and Milwaukee and a lot change that fire into a beautiful garden for Abraham it has set up so brothers and sisters, the reality of what good is that it puts our hope in a law, our trust in a law nothing will happen unless he has decreed it. But that doesn't mean we are lazy final Hadith our Prophet of the Lord said himself. If you had worked cool in a law, the way that Allah deserves the way that Allah

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deserves, he would provide for you the way he provides for all of the birds. They leave their nest early in the morning on an empty stomach. No but no one knows where their grain is going to be. No one knows where they're going to be. And they come back each one of them with a full stomach. This beautiful Hadith tells us what does the work will mean. It doesn't mean you sit in the nest. It doesn't mean you just do nothing and say Allah will give know the birds leave early and they fly across to get to their grain, but they have to walk put in a law and Allah azza wa jal provides them from sources they did not expect. May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those who have to work all

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the way that he deserves was sent out more Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi elaborates on the Islamic principle of Tawakkul (reliance on Allah) as depicted in verse 51 of Surah At-Tawbah.  This verse deals with the Battle of Tabuk and the great difficulties faced by the companions RA. Allah SWT said to them: (to the effect) “Say, nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed. Allah is our Mawlana and in Allah let the believers place their trust.”  

This verse sheds ample light on the relation between the servant and the Creator. We also get the benefit of Tawakkul and we realise that no predicament and agony of this world is going to affect us unless Allaha has willed it. Tawakkul is an internal aspect and it changes the way we feel about problems around us or our perception.

We should put in efforts to get that which will benefit us, make dua to Allah and not to be lazy. If we do not get what we desire, we should place our Tawakkul in Allah and firmly believe that Allah Alone is sufficient for us and whatever happens in the future is by the Will of Allah.

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