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Beauty with it.

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My brothers and sisters, another Fortin point that I would like to share with you tonight today to reflect upon responsibility means to be honest with yourself.

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And to have a sense of obligations.

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You have to build that sense of obligations, that that is, I need to do that. I feel the responsibility, I feel the sense of obligations. But if you don't feel it, you never going to do it. You know, what? Somebody came to me and said, Jeff, I see you guys doing constructions, I would like to

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help. What are you guys doing? You basically building classes, you know, back there, what can I do?

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Somebody said, I can do maybe donate some money extra money to donate this week, or this month, somebody said, you know, what, if you need any help, let me know share sense of responsibility. Somebody said, you know, what, I feel that this area need help, and I can offer you I feel so that is I don't say that somebody else? No, that's me, I need to do that. That sense of obligation is upon me.

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It's an honor to power, it's elevate you.

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And also being honest with yourself, what exactly you can do. So you cannot take responsibility of something that you can't fulfill.

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And also to be honest with yourself, so don't say I can do that.

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While in fact, you are more than capable of doing that. So responsibility, if you reflect upon these two concepts are very much related to that concept at large. Number five, I found a responsible person is the one who has the ability to the following the ability to admit when they are when they made a mistake, or when they are wrong, responsible people it's it's easy for them to say you know what, I will take responsibility for the consequences of my actions. I'm wrong, I will admit it takes guts humility, to admit mistakes. Admitting we are wrong is carriage, not weakness.

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Anything that's one of this basic concept of being responsible.

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I found also, a responsible person is the person who's consistent with themselves and with others, hypocrites, they don't take responsibility, they run away from responsibility, we drop the ball all the time.

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And we are the opposite of Hubbard hypocrites.

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You know,

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being consistent also, what are the things that can attend by can give if you want to improve your ability to be responsible person, a start a routine and keep up with it.

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Those there's some people cannot have a routine because they cannot have responsibility every day in that day. And that time I'm going to commit to do this. It's very hard. And if you find how our religion structure is actually to give you this responsibility for five time daily prayers every day

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There are certain month every month you your year you basically do hedge Oh do you do what I sorry are you fast the amount of Ramadan

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also on time don't be late responsible people one of their character trait I found that they are on time of the person always late always be you know you know missing their deadlines you know work they always don't submit their work on time. You know paying bills late. They never do that those people who are like that, Pete That's a sign of not being a responsible person responsible person cares about these things.

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Get to work, the meet their deadlines, no procrastination. Procrastination is amazing thing. Not amazing.

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It's it's amazing how common it is.

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You know, that day I was telling my daughter let her daughter it's due tomorrow. She said You mean due tomorrow?

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I said no. It's due tomorrow, not due tomorrow. Okay, so some people are like, when it comes to procrastination centers, you know, it's bad. I'm guilty of that sometimes. You know, I remember my mother in law told me a long time ago, I wouldn't amount to anything. Because I procrastinate. I said to her just wait.

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And a serious note, procrastination is an enemy of being responsible. Because you have to you basically you learn how to do it.

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And also a person for responsible, responsible people, they don't let their emotions control them.

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Sometimes it's, I admit, it's very hard to control your emotions. But at least don't let them control you. Don't let you get in your way. stop you from fulfilling your responsibilities.

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You know, it's something common today. Why didn't you I don't feel good today. But even if you don't feel but you have a responsibility to do.

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I don't feel like going to school today. I don't feel like doing my homework. I don't feel like doing this. You know, that's that's something as growing unfortunately. That's can be very, very take you far away from being a responsible person. I I validate emotions. I understand that there is we go through different emotions ups and downs, but don't remember. You might not be able to control your emotions but don't let them control you and stop you from fulfilling fulfilling your responsibilities. Now let's fight Allah give us Sofia on this dunya Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Kulu Massimo Tomas total Hola. Hola. Como estas

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hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via by the Hobart

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how I don't have time for the next point. But the next point I promise that needs hotbar, which is when it comes to responsibilities, we have to talk we have to start things not start we have to be thinking seriously as individuals as family, as a community, as a nation, about the next generations. Yes, I see a great things in next generation. But also I see great threat.

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As a matter of fact, somebody wrote and said one of the greatest threats for the United States is actually the next generations.

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They are the biggest group ever exist in the history of America, but at millions

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of millions.

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And that generations as much as you people criticize, but I see a lot of head in it a lot of good in it, a lot of great things in it. But also there's a lot of things that it has to be looked at. And we have to be so careful how that Z generations just coming after and their generations and all these generations in between what kind of you know live and what kind of characteristic character they will have as they grow. This is something we should talk about more we should take care of our children. What kind of children what kind of generations we're going to have. Because that's the basically that what will ensure the contiguity of whatever great things that we enjoy that we have

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today. Many people complain about one of the biggest thing that we see at work at home, many of the divorces that I deal with many of the failure marriages that I see today, and number one reason I can tell you it is notice nobody wants to take a sense of responsibility

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Hey, he playing games all day he doesn't go to school. You know?

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It is it is scary.

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How it is today

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you know

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mean that people between the age of 1829 there is more people in the age between 18 to 29 live with their parents, then with a spouse.

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And the number now getting even old that's in 2012. Now I see some studies even to this thing to the age of 30s living with their parents.

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And it became a common thing, you know, has a room upstairs, as long as they make like $500 pay my phone, you know, and my lease car that said, I don't want to, you know, to be any getting any job.

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Do you know that, you know, there is a study was made and middle school girls, three times as many middle school girls want to grow up to be a personal assistant for a famous person, you know,

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then being a senator of United States.

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And four times, as many would pick assistant job overseer of a major corporation, United States among males.

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Matter of fact, 60% would cite that they were rather not to have a hard job over a job that is hard but required responsibilities 60% of people who are in their 20s Today

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it's a scary

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million's got so many, you know,

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participation trophies growing up.

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That a recent study showed that 40% believe they should be 40% believed that they should be promoted every two years regardless of performance.

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The report about

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nurse narcissists narcissistic ex

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narcissism, it is crazy numbers,

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people in their 20s. And for the generations that now end, they are baby devil, those who are in their 20s, they are three times higher than those who are in their 60s 58% more college students who score higher on a narcissism scale in 2009, then in the 80s.

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You know.

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And these, by the way are not only these numbers are not only in the rich kids, actually, it's interesting to know poor Millennials have even higher rates of narcissism and materialism, and technology addiction that those sort of rich kids lived in the suburbs.

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But as I said, that's, that's required a special help, I promise you.

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But we are facing a real challenge. And regarding the younger generations.

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Yes, I know the millions are of that baby of the children of the baby boomers, who are so well known or known as me generation who then produced to us, me, me me generations.

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Yeah, that's selfishness that obsessed with technology that, you know, no sons of responsibilities, or in the extreme individualism. It's amazing. They said that a baby boomer generation guy was told,

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what do we do with a lemon is it if somebody gave life gives you lemons make lemonade out of it. And next generation said, Oh, I'll take the I will make law I will take the lemon make eliminate, sell it, make a small business out of it than the business growth and put it online then I will be a millionaire. And millions when they were asked about I said who will give you a lemon anyway.

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Everybody lived for himself.

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You know, but again, I'm not I don't believe in criticizing a generation at all at all. But there is a challenge and there is a way to solve some of these problems. But we have to admit it, we have to face it, we have to know how to deal with it.

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And I hope Shala in the series of lectures and talks that we can touch some of these things that we we need to work on collectively as family especially invest in your children in your in your in the next generation coming that's so important to be something of concern, especially teaching them how to be responsible.

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May Allah Subhana Allah Islam, Allah knows Heather Riata knows her. Lena

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Hola como Villa no hum no as a YouTuber Xena Tila halacha Jana who data moto Deen only an NF era inertia Rana Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad y