Yasir Qadhi – Pearls From Surah Yusuf – Part 3

Yasir Qadhi
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you know hamdulillah hinomoto Monastery no one is still full of 102 Villa Himanshu Rory and fusina woman say Dr. Marina Maria de la hufa mobila woman you little fella ha de Allah wa shadow Allah illallah wa de la sharika who are shadow under Mohammed abu allah Zulu, on my back. So in our last head of car, we mentioned the dream of use of Allah His solemn, and the fact that his father understood immediately that this was a dream of importance and significance, and that Yusuf would rise much higher than his brothers. And he realized immediately that his brothers would wish to harm him because of that jealousy. So he told him, don't tell your brother in and keep it secret. And

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don't tell anybody about this dream.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala then says, What can valic and this is how, and this is how your Lord has chosen you, and has taught you the interpretation of dreams, so that he may perfect his blessings upon you, and upon the family of Yahoo. Just as he perfected his blessings upon your father's before you, upon your two fathers before you, Abraham and his half, verily your Lord is all knowing and all wise. So Allah says, and this is how this means one of two things when I say what can I lick it can be one of two things. Either this meaning this dream, through this dream, Allah will protect you and Allah will choose you, or Allah is saying, through this protection of you not telling the others

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your dream, because what is the ayah? Before the ayah before this says to the Father says to you, so don't tell your dream. So Allah is saying through this work, dyadic because you didn't tell your dream. As we said last week, if you had told the dream to his brothers, then much worse would have happened. He didn't tell the dream and so much less happen. They still try to do much harm. Imagine if he told the dream, what would the heartbeat So Allah is saying what can radically change the bigger book and this is how meaning through you not telling the dream, your Lord will judge the big HDTV means to choose each day that means to sift through and get the best. So Allah is saying that

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we will choose you yesterday got a book number one, number two, we will your limo committee will teach you the interpretation of dreams. And number three, perfect our blessings on you as he perfect and upon the founder of Yaakov as he perfected it upon your two fathers Abraham and his half. So three things are mentioned each diba which means to choose. Number two is teaching dreams. And number three, perfecting the blessings of Allah upon you. What are these blessings that Allah is the widget is perfecting upon use of? Well, number one, the greatest blessing right now is Prophethood. We will protect you and give you these blessings number one of prophethood number two of being the

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most noble of all human beings in one sense, and that is the sense of lineage as we know

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Two weeks ago, the most noble of all people in terms of lineage, his use of Allah, his Salah number three, we will choose you above the rest. Allah chose use of by making him the one whom his brothers turned to for help, even though he was the one whom the brothers abandoned and threw into the pit. So even though his brothers abandoned him, Allah chose use of and made the brothers forced the brothers to come back to use of When did they come back to you. So when he was the Minister of Finance, when he was a minister of grain, when he was the Minister of Agriculture, so at that point in time, the brothers of use are forced to come back. And no doubt, as the profitsystem said, that

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the upper hand is better than the lower hand, so use have had the upper hand because he was giving and his brothers had the lower hand, also of the ways that Yousuf was chosen, Allah mentions as your Liberal government as we did it, he is teaching you the interpretation of dreams. And as we said last week, the interpretation of dreams is not a science that can be taught man to man. And this ayah proves it. Allah is the one who teaches this science directly. And in fact, it can be said that this is one of the very few sciences that cannot be taught. Because we as Sunni Muslims, we believe that all sciences of Islam can be taught from person to person through books, and this is the

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difference between us and some of the mystical groups of Islam. Some of these mystical groups, they say that you cannot teach any science and all sciences are directly from Allah subhana wa Tada. And so they make fun of people studying fifth and Hadeeth, intimacy, this is backward, this is knowledge of the books, and we have they say, the knowledge of the heart. And this is something that generally speaking, I could get academic Islam, Sunni Islam looks down upon, because we are a structured religion, we are a religion of science, we are a religion of academics. And that is why the first is, but there are a few sciences that yes, we agree, there are a few sciences we agree that they

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cannot be taught by men. And of these is the science of the dream interpretation. And this shows us that Allah is saying, I will teach you how to interpret dreams. And this is why I said those books that you find the encyclopedias, you find your dream interpretation. By and large, these are fabricated, these are just money making things. The fact of the matter is dream interpretation is something that Allah blesses his chosen servants with. And the scholars say that the more righteous a person is, the more likelihood he has to learn this science from Allah. And this is proven in many verses in the Quran. of them is one of the last verses of Surah Baqarah where Allah subhana wa tada

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says, taco la elimu como la have Taqwa of Allah and Allah will teach you when we have taco taco la where you are limo como la. have Taqwa Allah will give you so when we have Taqwa of Allah, this will be given to us. What else was has Allah blessed Yusuf with because Allah is saying, I will bless you and choose you above others? Well, one thing we all know Yousuf was blessed with beauty and looks. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Yusuf and his mother have been given half of all beauty. And another version it says use of has been given half of all beauty. And the point of this hadith is that it is as if all of the beauty of mankind was split into two. Half of it was divided by the

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hundreds of billions of human beings. And one half of it was given just to use of or just to use it and his mother. And this really shows us how handsome use of was also of the fulfillment of Allah's blessings say they've been God said, and this individual is the most famous student of Ibn Ibis say they've been Jubail said, When Allah is saying he will fulfill His blessings, he said, of the perfection of blessings is that use of shall energen because Allah will never fulfill blessings until the person enters into agenda or else the blessings are not fulfilled, they're not finished. So when Allah is saying, will you Tim won't matter who so he's saying you cannot have it's mamoun

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Nirvana, you cannot have the completion of Nirvana without going to gender. So in this verse automatically Yousuf is given the good tidings or the beshara of entering gender. Now, Allah says,

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that Allah that Allah will choose you, and teach you the interpretation of dreams, and perfect his blessings upon you and upon the family of yaku upon you and upon the family of Yaqoob. Now Yusuf is from from the family of Yaqoob users from the children of Yaqoob. But Allah is showing the special status that Yusuf has, that use of it is as if he himself is one and all the rest are put together also one, all the rest of them do not equal the blessings of use of so use of has a separate category. And that is because we know in the Quran, that alley aku

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The family of Yaqoob they also called the bat, and the spout work, also prophets. So these brothers when we're going to talk about, we're also prophets. Now the question arises, how can these brothers be prophets and they're going to do the crime that they're going to do. And the response is that the scholars agree that when this incident occurred, they had not yet been made profits, they were going to make a profit later on. So when this incident occurs, there are still young and they have not become profits, but eventually they will become profits. How do we know this? Because Allah subhana wa tada says, that say we believe in Allah and what has been revealed to us what has revealed to you

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to Abraham to his marriage is half to Yahoo, and the US about who are the spouse, these are their spouse, these are the about the sons of Yahoo. And so Allah is saying, I will choose all of you and fulfill my blessings upon you, and upon the alley aku. Just like I did it to your two fathers of awaken makapuu Ibrahima what is happening, so Allah subhana wa Jalla mentions that just like I fulfilled my favors to Ibrahim and his half, what are the favorites of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, this is worthy of a few hours lecture only from the Quran. We know so many things and what is from Allah alone knows. The Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam was the father of all nations and he was the father

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of all future profits. The Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam was the first Hollywood LA and he was one of only two laws. The second being our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihe was send them the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam was saved from the fire in this world and of course, he shall be saved from from the fire in the next the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam was blessed with Prophethood when there were no other Muslims on this whole earth, and his children after him, all of the profits came from his progeny after him his health and he sent them he was saved from Allah subhana wa tada from the from the thereby from the slaughter, and he was saved by sending around a sacrificial lamb and Allah

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subhanho wa Taala made him and his progeny a great nation, and that is the nation of the Arabs. And in fact, there were more than one nation coming from his house, because for example, the nabela Yun from his married excuse me, from my aid, because for example, we have in the, the Nepal to use the nabateans as well, they are descendants of Israel, even though they are not descendants of Arabs, the Arabs are a separate category than the anabella Yun. So Ibrahim alayhis salaam was chosen that all future great nations came from his house and from his my, the two sons of Ibrahim. Now Allah says we will perfect my favorites upon you as we perfected it upon Ibrahim and his help. In this

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there is an illusion and a shadow that if a father is righteous, the children generally speaking shall also share in that righteousness. And the end. This is from the wording that look, Abraham I gave him favours is hot, I gave him favorites, do you think I will deny you the favors? And this shows us that one of the best ways to guarantee that your children are righteous after you is you'll be righteous yourself. You'll be righteous yourself. And this is proven not just in this verse, but in many other verses most significantly is sort of the story of the of the of the wall, right where Hitler and moose are passed by the wall, and the wall is broken. And Heather builds the wall, and

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the people will route to them. So Moses says, Why did you build this wall when they were so rude to you? What was the purpose of this? So Hitler says at the end of the story, he says this wall, it's in a land belonging to two orphans, and their father was a righteous man.

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So these two orphans are babies. Now, if the wall collapsed and the treasure underneath it was known, the villagers would take it, but I built the wall so it will last 1520 years these kids will grow up, then when they rebuild the wall, they will find the treasure. So what will happen they will get their treasure that their father initially was the one who bought it and started there. The point being the righteous father blesses the children in this world. And the next and in this verse, we also get the illusion that Abraham and his half are so great, do you think Yaqoob and use have are not going to be great. So father to son and mother to daughter, generally speaking, this is how

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religiosity and this is how Allah favors are past dinner. Of course, this is a general rule. And there are hundreds of exceptions millions exception, but we as Muslims understand that one of the best ways to guarantee our children are good after us is by us being good and us being good Muslims.

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Also over here, Allah subhana wa tada concludes this verse by saying that your Lord is Allie moon Hakeem, your Lord is Allium and Hakeem Allah uses two names and Adam and Al Hakim. Aladdin Of course, you all know what it means.

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It means the one who knows everything. And Hakeem It has two meanings to it. The first meaning comes from Hickman, which means the all wise. And the second meaning comes from hokum which means judgment. So Allah is the one who is all wise and Allah is the one who judges. Why does a lot and this verse with Adam and Hakeem, it is as if Allah is saying, I know what I'm doing. And I'm doing everything with the wisdom. Whatever is gonna happen to you realize I am Hakeem, I have a divine plan. Don't give up. Don't think that I'm doing things randomly haphazardly. I know the past, and I know the future. I have saved your father. Your grandfather is half from being slaughtered. And I

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saved your great grandfather Ibrahim from the fire and I shall save you as well from the world. I am Eileen. And I am Hakeem in that I put them through trials and tribulations and they became what they became. So I will put you through trials and tribulations and you will become who you will become. And so Allah is saying that I know what I'm doing, put your trust in me and know that everything I do is done for a wisdom. Now as a side note here, Allah subhana wa tada calls Ibrahim and his how the father of Yaqoob why they awaken now, his father, he doesn't call them Jed, because Jed means grandfather, right, he calls them father. And from this some of the scholars have fifth cabdriver.

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This is a side note, not related to either or, or to see some of the scholars of filk have derived that the grandfather takes the place of the father when the father is not alive.

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Now this is generally true in issues of becoming wealthy or etc, etc. Some scholars have even said that the grandfather takes the place of the Father in inheritance when the father is not there. And this is a longer chapter of the book. We're not related directly to this. But the point being this verse is one of the evidences used, because a law calls the grandfather he calls him a father, while an awakened, Ibrahima was held. And so the scholars say that when a person dies, and he has brothers and sisters, and a father that's First they say the father by unanimous consensus, if the father is alive, the brothers and sisters will not inherit because the father gets the money. So the father

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blocks the brothers and sisters. Now there is no doubt that comes What if the father is dead, but the father's father is alive, the grandfather is alive. Does he also block the brothers and sisters, the majority of scholars, including Abu hanifa have been Tamia. I shouldn't say majority, there's maybe 5050 split. Some of the scholars said the grandfather does a block again we're getting into inheritance. The point being, they use this verse one of the evidences that Allah calls Ibrahim and is how the father of use of even though he's not the father, they are not the father. They are the grandfather's.

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Allah subhana wa tada then says Lakota can be used for what is what he told Lisa Ilene Lakota can indeed Verily, there is in use of and his brother in meaning in the story of use of and his brother and there are x and Ira we already talked about what I am is already mentioned before this, the meaning of AI is a sign is a lesson is a miracle to ponder over for those who ask. Now, in some places in the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada says that there are lessons for those who think in other places, Allah says there are lessons for those who reflect and other places Allah says there are lessons for those who use their alcohol in this ayah one of the only places in the Quran Allah says

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there is for those who ask Allah to listen in him. Now, number of points to come here. What is the meaning of ayah in this context? And why did Allah restricted to those who asked rather than in other verses, that is the only Yaki Don't call me a trafficker on the komiya Quran in this ayah Allah says Ayatollah Khomeini, the ayatollah Salim? Well, an ayah, we said is an indication. scholars say that this story is an indication of three things primarily, number one, the indication of the power and the son of Allah subhana wa Taala. Number two, the indication of the truth of the messenger. And number three, the indication of the lessons and morals within the story of use of so

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let's talk about each one of these briefly. Number one, the sooner Allah azza wa jal, and I are about who Allah is and how he deals with his servants, and from this we learned that Allah is Ever watching the servants, and that in the end, victory is always given to the righteous and sincere. This is the idea that the right the righteous shall always inherit. The righteous shall always be the victor. And of course, the reason why the sutra was revealed was a constellation for our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that just like right now you are being ridiculed.

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and humiliated, just like you have been thrown into the world of ignominy by your nation, so to use of words before, but when asked give it to them what the end result is for those who have done. The surah is also an ayah for the truthfulness of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we already mentioned the story of the hood. That's the kurush asked the hood give us a trick question that nobody would know except a prophet. So the hood said, Nobody knows the story of us, except us. They were in a land we kept on mentioning this before, they were in a land that does not have books, they were in a land that does not have an encyclopedia. They were in a land who are not the children

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of yaku that they know the story of your coven and use, they were for the children of Israel. They have nothing to do with this branch. So they are who'd said, none of you guys knows this story. Only we know it because we are the chosen people. Go ask your Prophet, if he knows the story of use of. So Allah says, In this story, there is an ayah that this prophet is a true prophet.

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This is a true prophet because you wouldn't know this joy otherwise. And as Allah says in another verse makuta, Mo Antara como como publicada. You didn't know this story, you or your people before you. None of you knew this story. As Allah says in the Quran, woman Quinta, * bill hobby. avena lm Osama you are not standing on the western side of Buddhist center. When we spoke with Musa you were not standing with you were not in the room when Zachary and the people were arguing who would take care of Maria, you were there? How did you know this? Once again, all of these stories have nothing to do with the Arabs. You need to understand the Arabs had no knowledge of this these

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stories. Why? Because it's not their people. It's not the Jews. It's nothing to do with them. They're uneducated, illiterate, they don't have books they don't have Madras says this is not of their. So when we now read these stories, for us, we know the Old Testament New Testament has it. The Arabs of the time, they never had the Old Testament New Testament. And this is one of those stories. And this is an idea that our Prophet system is truthful. The third ayah we said is the lessons we learned from the story itself. And of course, that is the whole point of view that we're doing, what are the lessons we derive. So Allah is saying in the story of use of and his brothers,

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you have many lessons many is, what are these ayat, the rest of the of the, of the Tafseer we're doing will derive these ayah. So we said there's three types of ayat in this story, number one, the sunan and the powers of Allah. Number two, the truthfulness of a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Number three, the lessons and morals from the story of use of which is what we're talking about throughout these halaqaat. Here Allah is saying these are for those who ask. Now,

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asking is the least. indication of inquisitiveness is the lowest level of being inquisitive, thinking and contemplating and yet the fucker and Yaki are higher levels. Because you ask the one who thinks you ask the one who knows. And in most verses Allah says in these are at four people who think for people who ponder in this, Allah is saying, and these are a ayat for those who ask, and that's the lowest level. The meaning here is, these ideas are so clear. You don't need to be a grandiose, magnificent scholar, you don't need to be a high powered intellectual, you don't need to be a Komiyama, you don't yet have a guru, all you got to do is turn to the surah and ask what are

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the miracles? What are the science? How can I benefit, and that is why every one of us when we read through the use of it just appeals to us, we learn so much, even if we don't know Arabic, we read the translation, how much we benefit from this surah Allah is saying, Yeah, to listen in, all you have to do is turn to the student, just ask. And of course, no doubt, the more you ask, the more you will learn and know and of course in this there is an indication that asking is of benefit you should ask, asking is of benefit, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself commanded us to ask, and the Quran is full of Yes, aluna aka they asked you about this. They asked you about

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that. And our profit system in one Hadith in Sahih. Muslim he said Saloni Saloni asked me asked me I will answer you. And in one Hadith, a man came. The The story goes that the Prophet that the promises have sent an expedition out, two of us went to a fight. And it was in the middle of the desert night, very cold. And one of the men became injured in the war. And he woke up one of those nights and he was in a state of Geneva. So the people were wondering is he's in a state of Georgia, but he has an injury on his head. should he do hosel or not?

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Should you do hosel or not? One of them said I think he must do so. I don't see an excuse.

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For him, they didn't have any knowledge. And they're just thinking as we find so common. I think Islam says this, and I think Islam says that. So this man says, I think he should do so. So the man did also but his wound was in his head and it was not fully healed. And so the cold killed him.

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When they came back, and they inform the prophets of Sodom, he became so angry. And he said,

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why didn't they ask when they were ignorant?

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Verily, they killed him, may Allah curse them.

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They killed him by their ignorance, may Allah curse them Cthulhu katella, whom Allah, Allah in amercia, Li Yi a su al. Verily the cure to ignorance is su al is asking, the cure to ignorance is asking. So asking Ayah to Lisa ileen asking is something that is generally speaking, encouraged, generally speaking. And of course, of course, I have to point out here, sometimes asking is discouraged in Islam, and that is when the asking becomes the Caliph, when it becomes too much detail. When you're going beyond what you need to know. Asking, generally speaking, is praiseworthy, and this verse shows it, but sometimes, Allah says in the Quran, let alone a Shinto delicata sukham,

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don't ask about things that will cause you harm or grief. And there are examples given in the seal or in the the thought of the Sahaba or something about this, and that certain students have knowledge. Now, this is more common amongst students of knowledge, or amongst people who don't have much knowledge when they ask about that, which doesn't concern them. And they go into too much beyond what what is the verdict on those groups of Muslims? What What is the verdict on this and that when they themselves don't know the basics of fake or too hot or something? This shows that there's two others going too much. And once one of the students of Arusha would come, and she would,

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and he would ask a lot of questions of this obscure nature, this mind new shape, so he said, Oh, my nephew, have you perfected your Salah?

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Have you prayed your 200 regularly? Have you done your a bother the way they should be done? So the man began giving 101 excuses as we all give. So then he said, then don't increase Allah's evidences against you by asking about these things. Don't increase these my new Shea knowledge. And then Allah will ask you even more about why you didn't practice what you knew. Don't increase all of this. So asking, generally speaking is praiseworthy, but sometimes it becomes negative. So allies origin is saying that anybody who is eager to derive benefit from the story of use of and approaches the story of use of will be able to do so is totally silent, how much more so when we study this with

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contemplation with the book, and that's the point if you're a PSA you will benefit How about if you're to double if you're tackling a Quran, you will benefit even more and that is inshallah The goal of this series of classes we will go into a lot of detail is all new. When they said remember when they said Remember we said that if means recall or remember is how you narrate a story in Arabic In English it doesn't we don't have this in English. So therefore, for the English reader, the word is doesn't really make sense. Remember when remember when we don't have this narrative. In English we start a story once upon a time and that's it, we go to the end of the story, but in

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Arabic is how they narrate a story. And so in the Quran, you always find the word is what is what is the order book what is what is so the issue here is simply remember or recall and it is one of the ways that the arrows would tell their stories is called when they said they meaning of course, the brothers law you sue for a whole law use of the lamb here. The use of the extra lamb is for Turkey, their emphasis, it is as if they're saying this is an undeniable fact, we know this to be real. There is no dispute, indeed within English, or there's no question that you sue for what uh, who and his brother. Now they were all his brothers, but of course by unanimous consensus what they're

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talking about his full brother, his full brother, as we said two weeks ago, use of it his senate only had one full brother from their mother. And that full brother, his name was Vinnie. I mean, some say that Yeah, mean is the Hebrew for you mean, which is power. So he's the son of the basically Binyamin doesn't mean son here, but it means the one of power rule you mean so the one of power, others say yeah, mean here is pain. And because his mother died in childbirth and in pain, so he's called basically the one who was born in pain or in anguish been yameen. And this is binyomin is the of course the Hebrew and Arabic for Benjamin. Benjamin is the English version. There was no

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junk in ancient ancient Aramaic all of the just sound that we now have. There is no Jesus It was a sow, or aane, or Isa in in Arabic, and so in Aramaic, the Jesus came from Latin and Greek and other and other languages. So Binyamin and Yusuf work the

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ones who are of one mother, and they were younger than the other brothers, Binyamin was still a newborn baby who was not even talking at this stage. And use of as we said was most callers he was around seven to 1010 years old. In other words, a young child when they said use of and his brother indeed, without any denial without any without any doubt about this low use of water, who have boo Isla abena Minh are more beloved to our father than all of us will not notice. And we are rosboroughs but here means there is Saba, which means a gang or a group. And the meaning of a gang or a group is not a gang, meaning a negative gang. But we are large in number. And there are just

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two. So they were 10. And so they're saying we're 10 were bad. And those are only two of them. And not only that, but we are older than them. And we are more useful to our fathers because we're older and we take care of his needs, and we irrigate and take out the sheep and do everything. What can you serve? Do what can his baby brother do? What is the problem with this? What is the problem with our father, they used to have either been Amina will not notice but we are the majority and we are older and we are stronger. How can he love use of and his brother in a banner left field boy Lally mubin, in Urbana Luffy, once again in law, his emphasis, surely there is no doubt that our father

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has made a plain mistake, a grievous error, banana mubin clear error. Now, remember, Yaqoob is a prophet, and to consider a prophet to be bilall is a type of Cofer. But these people, the sons, were not saying that their father is bilall in right in righteousness and Islam, they were saying he is misguided in something of this world. Had they considered their father to be misguided overall, they are not Muslim anymore, to consider a prophet to be bilall. Overall, they are not Muslim. So the scholars interpreted this phrase. And they said, the brothers are saying that their father is mistaken in this one issue of this world.

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And not to do with the religion. Now, immediately, we see that the brothers are not to the level of use of or else they wouldn't be speaking like this, we already see that use of and his brothers are not at the same level, because they're thinking about something Yusef is not thinking about, and they're getting angry about something Yusef is not thinking about. So the use of is not at the level of these brothers, these brothers are inherently less righteous than us. And so automatically, we see, the father is loving the more righteous of the children, just by this statement of theirs, or else they wouldn't be jealous, had they truly been righteous, they would have ignored this and

00:32:59 --> 00:33:48

overlook this, but they are not as righteous. And so the Father loves the more righteous of the children and that his use of more than the others. Also notice that they are saying our Father loves and love is an emotion. Love is an emotion, and they know that he loves you serve by the tenderness by how he looks at him. They cannot accuse the father of giving use of more than the other children. And this is the point here, because in our shediac, we are obligated to be equal with our children, we cannot prefer one child over another in material blessings. As for the hearts, then this is not in our control. But when it comes to material blessing, physical blessing, all children must be

00:33:48 --> 00:34:29

equal. Once a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, O Messenger of Allah. I want you to bear witness that I am giving this son of mine, one of my servants as a gift. So the Prophet system said, Do you have other children? He said, Yes. So I said, Did you give all of them the same gift? He said, No. The Prophet system said, Don't you wish that all of your children love you? The same? Another version treat you the same give you the same bid? He said, of course. So he said, then don't do this. Don't give one child a gift that you're not going to give to the other child and fear Allah and be fair amongst your children. It took a lot how what do you do Bina Ola

00:34:29 --> 00:34:59

had eaten Bukhari and Muslim you hear a lot and be equal amongst your children. Don't give one child to give that you don't give to the other children. So the point here the brothers have you have Jaco are the brothers of use of could not say our Father gives use of more because that would be unfair. All they could say our Father loves use of warm and loving is an emotion of the heart and the emotions of the heart. Allah does not call you to task for them. Allah does not call you to task for them. You cannot be blamed for loving one more than the other

00:35:00 --> 00:35:22

They simply know this by the gentleness by the mercy by the look in his eyes, not by the physical gifts. Verily our Father is in plain error, awkward to use, kill use of our Torah who who are done or throw him to some land out about here is Nikita because it means some land we don't care about it. Right? Some land, unknown land, we don't want unaware This is

00:35:23 --> 00:36:06

open to the use of our Torah who Oregon Yeah, Lula, come watch or be come, you're, the face of your father will become Holly will become solely dedicated to you yahuda can watch you or become you're the face of your father will be dedicated only to you. What's your kuno membaca de Omen silent him and after this become righteous people become good people. So the extent of their jealousy is so much it's burning them so much that they reached the level of why don't we kill you. So let's kill you. So remember, they're talking about this one user is not there. And as for his brother, Binyamin, he is too young, he is still a baby at this time. And we talked about the dangers of

00:36:06 --> 00:36:47

jealousy, and the Prophet system telling us that beware of jealousy. Because jealousy consumes good deeds, like a fire eats of twigs, beware of jealousy. And we learned from this that jealousy drives people insane. Jealousy makes them do things that it's absolutely ridiculous. And what is really sad here, they were jealous for something noble, not for something evil, because you can be jealous for something evil. But what were they jealous for? They were jealous for their father's love. They were jealous for their father's love. And that's something that is generally speaking a good thing. You want your father to love you. So even a jealousy for something good can lead you to do something

00:36:47 --> 00:37:34

evil. It's not just jealousy for wealth, or fame, or power, jealousy for something positive can drive you insane. And they said, Let's kill use of what another one said let's throw him or exiled him, basically kidnap him and take him to a faraway land, unknown land, let's just go and throw him somewhere away. What a cool new man bad omen sila hain. And after that become righteous people. Now, this is an interesting phrase here, let's do the deed. And then let's be better after it. Let's do the worst of all evils, and that is killing. And after we murder, we can be good people. Now these thoughts come to us from shavon. And it is so common that we find them that when we think of

00:37:34 --> 00:38:14

something bad shaitaan says to us, okay, let's just make it up afterwards. You're not the first person chiffon is deluding in this manner. You're not the first one who is thinking of bad thoughts. And then you think let's make it up afterwards. We can see from this story, that this is an age old tactic of shavon he dangles the bait. And then he says, Don't worry, eat it. And then afterwards, you can live good lives, you're not the first one to do so. And as we shall see, sins lead to other sins, they thought we'll do one dig, then that's it, end of story. They didn't realize once they do one day, then they need to lie. They need to swear upon the lie. And then they need to build upon

00:38:14 --> 00:38:48

the lie. And then they have to do even more things after that and cover that up and do this undo that. They don't realize that sins lead to more sins, and evil leads to more evil. There is no way that when you do a deed up, that's it's going to be the end of the story. This is the tactic of shaitaan. And Allah azza wa jal warns us about this to the story of use of Now, some of the commentators of the Quran. They mentioned here that these brothers were still young, they hadn't reached puberty.

00:38:49 --> 00:39:30

And they say that because they're trying to get out of the problem of knowing that these people are prophets of Allah. We know that they were prophets of Allah eventually correct. So the question is, how can prophets of Allah do this? Some people said some of the minority they said, they did this when they were pre puberty. So 1112 pre puberty. And so as we know, when you do a sin or a crime, pre puberty, six years old, five years old, 10 years old, a lot does not write it for you in your job, because you haven't developed the mind yet. You're not vocal enough, yet. Others refuted this. And they said, No. The brothers have uses for adults. And this verse shows it, what's good and bad

00:39:30 --> 00:39:35

is almost solid hate. Because had they still been children? They're not thinking in this manner.

00:39:36 --> 00:40:00

The first group refuted them again. And they said hold on a sec, the brothers asked for use of and they said what we're going to go take him to do what? Now lab? We're going to go play and do adults play. So we're having a debate here where the brothers of use of kids or adults, this is the debate amongst classical scholars, right. So we said a minority said they were still doing

00:40:00 --> 00:40:39

Children. So they're going back and forth, they say look they're going to play. The response from the majority is, well, it is allowed for people to play more back, they can go racing, they can do this in an audition, the process not played. There's nothing wrong with playing, if it's a mobile or an allowed playing. And also and this is what really proves the point completely at the end of the story. They say, oh, our Father forgive us, we made a grievous mistake. All we are Ernesto Freelander in akuna, Hartley in had they been children, they would not have made a heartbeat nor their father about to ask forgiveness for them. Because in our city, a child is not vocal left. So

00:40:39 --> 00:40:42

quite clearly, they are adults. Now,

00:40:44 --> 00:40:58

another interesting point here. So we said that religious leader motivation was let's just do the deed and then we'll do something good. Allah will forgive us in terms of this dunya, what was their motivation? their motivation was if we get rid of use of what's going to happen.

00:41:00 --> 00:41:01

What was their motivation in this dunya?

00:41:03 --> 00:41:07

The Father's attention. Now, did this even come true?

00:41:08 --> 00:41:47

by getting rid of use of did they get their father's attention? No, they lost both things. Both of their goals were not met both of their goals. The first goal was call us one mistake that said, we'll be fine after that. That didn't happen. Because one mistake led to another one mistake led to another problem. Another problem. The second goal was this dunya let's get rid of use of our father we'll forget about use of and then we will become number one. What happens the father turns away from them, literally, the Quran says he turned away from them. And there is a metaphorical meaning when we'll get to that verse, we'll talk about it right now well, and whom he turned away from them.

00:41:47 --> 00:41:51

So their goal would

00:41:52 --> 00:42:07

what they did actually defeated their goal rather than ated. It had used to have been there, the father would have loved the other children to a reasonable level, by depriving him of use of the Father turned away from them completely.

00:42:08 --> 00:42:12

And this shows us, you cannot get the * out through the heroin.

00:42:14 --> 00:42:54

You cannot get the * out through the heroin. You cannot get blessings by turning away from the commandments of Allah, you want happiness, you want richness, you want this and that you will not get it by doing the head on these people want is something I love, not just Helen, Willa. It's human nature. It's one of the most desired goals of every man that his father loves him, his father's proud of him, right? This is human Fedora, right Muslim or non Muslim. And they wanted this noble goal that our Father will love us. But the way that they approached it was through the heroine. And from this, we learn, you will never ever get the Hillel and the blessings of Allah through the

00:42:54 --> 00:43:35

harem, rather, by turning to the house from the very goal that you seek will be lifted up from you, the very gold that you seek, you will not get it. And they wanted two things, both of them were lifted from them. And at the end of the story, that are in the middle of the story, the father is so grieved, he glows goes blind, and all he can do all the young SFR either use of or build the Dinah human or prison. And his he keeps on saying Woe to me, where his use of how much I missed useful. And he goes blind because of use of and the brothers are so irritated. They say When will you stop mentioning use of otaku use? When are you going to stop mentioning use of the brothers wanted him to

00:43:35 --> 00:44:14

stop mentioning user by killing use of what happens? He never stopped mentioning use of the mentioning of use of increases in the absence of usage. And this really shows us that this is the promise of Allah is true. And the promise of shaitaan is false. Now some scholars say and this is a deep point which I love Adam, Allah low item, this is an interesting point. No doubt this is a deception of shape on that when they wanted to do this. They said okay, we'll be good afterwards. No doubt this is a depth deception of straight line. And no doubt any time we think of an evil deed, and then we think, okay, let's just do it, and then we'll make up for it. This is shavon whispering

00:44:14 --> 00:44:23

to us. But some scholars have said that at least this attitude is better than the one who doesn't even think of Toba at all.

00:44:24 --> 00:44:52

At least this attitude is better. Because in the end of the day, these were children of a prophet. And the end of the day, these were not completely giants. Yes, they did a major sin, but their father did raise them to be good Muslims. And so and this is a point requires a little bit of thought, but I guess overall it is worthy of attention. And that is that having regret even before you do the act is better than having no regret at all.

00:44:53 --> 00:44:59

And this also shows us that Allah's mercy is so vast

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

These brothers, they were plotting a dastardly deed and they said, Allah will forgive us. And in the end, Allah did forgive them. That's a powerful message. powerful message that even though their attitude was so flippant, it's so unbecoming of a Muslim. I'll do a bad deal. I'll kill you. So I'll be good after that. One would imagine. And imagine if somebody does something like this to you, I'm gonna steal his money, but he's good. He'll forgive me. How angry would you be when you heard that? Right? Allah is telling us this is how they thought. Allah is telling us this was their frame of mind. despite that fact, eventually, Allah did forgive them. And that really shows what who are

00:45:42 --> 00:46:30

hammer rahimian that Allah is the most forgiving, and the Most Merciful. Allah call Illumina whom one amongst them said, let's have to do use, don't kill use, what Allah who who feels I have to be, but throw him into the vibe of a well, vibe here means the recesses, the crevices or the bottom from hype, you don't see it from the some of the deep nooks and crannies of the job. The job is a type of Well, that doesn't have a built a wall around it is different than a bit a bit it is a more constructed? Well, a job is a more primitive well, and because they said throw him into the job or the well, they know exactly which one they're talking about. There is a well, that is well known.

00:46:30 --> 00:47:11

It's a famous Well, they would know what I'll call failure, but throw him into the recesses of that particular. Now this is a rudimentary well. So this is not the world that you are regularly using. If this was the regularly using Well, this would be the built up well, so this is a faraway well, which some of the travelers would use. This is not frequented by the local people, or else it would be built up, right? This is one of the words that everybody knows, but it's not something that is done on a daily basis. That's why it's called juke so throw him into that job. And yell Taco Bell, do Sayonara. Sayonara here doesn't mean a car. Car means those who are ill, those who are travelers.

00:47:12 --> 00:47:59

So an ill Ducati means to pick up or to find the word is very precise, is Dakota means you, you pick it up from a place you didn't, you found something, you found something you didn't expect. So some travelers will find him and they will take him. So this will be off of your back now. On an Illumina home, one of them said, some people say that this was the oldest, because he'll come again and again, in this story, Allah kabiru, Allah Kabira home, and others say this was another brother. But regardless, and this is of the perfection of Allah storytelling, that he doesn't give us details that are useless. If anybody has read the Old Testament, or even any book of history, you get bored

00:47:59 --> 00:48:40

so fast. Why? Because there's so many details thrown at you that are irrelevant. So many details, the beauty of organic store is you never get bored. Why? Because a lead tells you what you need to know. And he doesn't tell you what you don't need to know, who cares which brother it was, how do we benefit? it, there is no relevance at all. So if we were to say, Simon said this, or Roo we'll set this or ritm said that. And then the next story, another one, the next version, another one will all get confused who did what. And in the mercy Allah's mercy said, one of them said, perfection kind of call it a minimum. So no doubt the one who said this is the one who has more intelligence and more

00:48:40 --> 00:49:25

piety than the others. That if you must do something in quantum Finally, if you're really going to do something, so this shows that he doesn't like what's going on. But he doesn't oppose it. His evil is less than the evil of the other 10 of the other, well, let's say nine, because there's 10 of them. So he's one of the not one of the 10. So the other nine is evil is less than the other nine. So if this is the oldest brother, and it appears to be that this is the most strongest opinion, it appears then that he's trying to minimize the evil. He's trying to make the evil lesser than what they wanted to do. They are saying, Let's kill him. Or they're saying, Let's throw him into exile

00:49:25 --> 00:49:59

all over the desert or throw him away. He is saying, let's put him in the famous world that the travelers go by, he'll stay there, there's going to be water in the world for a day or two. And then we know that caravans go by that route, eventually, somebody's going to pull him out, and they'll find a ladder to find the boy. And in that day and age, that boy would automatically become a slave or they would take him to the next stopping post wherever that would be and leave him there. So he would be looked after at least he wouldn't die, at least you wouldn't be killed. And so what this brother does is he suggests

00:50:00 --> 00:50:45

the lesser of the two evils. And this is a well known principle in our religion, it is called a call of Bahrain or a column of said the thing, which is basically means there is a rule in our religion and also that there is a rule that if you must take one of two paths, or more than two, an all of them are negative, or how long, you must choose the lesser of the two, the lesser evil of the two. And this is something that we can apply in so many situations and so many times, especially in the times that we live in, that sometimes you are forced to do some type of evil or forced to do some type of thing that you do not like. And so the scholars say the lesser of the two evils is to do

00:50:46 --> 00:51:12

this, I'll give you a classical example, which I don't want to get too controversial, but it's always used in our times, and that is the issue of voting in the elections. Now, people are going to be elected regardless of whether we vote or not. And there are some very hardline scholars who say you should not vote. As you've all heard this, you know, it's how long to vote some of the very hardline scholars say, I personally don't agree with this. One of the reasons being it's much more than this, one of the reasons being we apply this rule,

00:51:14 --> 00:51:15

a column of setting,

00:51:16 --> 00:51:53

if you don't do anything, regardless of what you do, somebody is going to get into that position. Correct. Now, you getting involved, and you petitioning and campaigning, and you're getting the Muslims to see which of the two candidates is better, nobody's gonna be perfect, correct, especially in politics, far from perfect, but you can get a cultural buffs to the thing, you can get the lesser of the two evils. Even if you have to pollute your own hand a bit in the process, you can get the lesser of the two. And this is a rule that we find in America a lot, we have to use it, that there are certain things are going to happen, we're going to just have to choose the lesser of the two

00:51:53 --> 00:52:29

evils. And this is we get this in the story of use of and his brothers. Now, notice here that Allah Subhana, WA, tada is describing their evils, and their evils are many, their evils are numerous, many evils that are doing. Number one, they're breaking the ties of kinship, this is their brother. Number two, it's not just a brother, but a younger brother, a child. And so they're breaking the the few like bonds of the young child here. Number three, they are going against the rights of their own father.

00:52:30 --> 00:53:07

Because the one that they're harming is not just related to them by blood, it's also the son of their father. So it's not just that they're harming a stranger, they're harming their father and their brother simultaneously. And the Prophet says, and I've said, Whoever does not show mercy to the younger of us and respect the older of us, is not one of us, beautiful Hadith. Madame era Hamza Liana, where you walk in acadiana, Felisa Mina, whoever does not show mercy to the youngsters and respect to the elders, he's not of us. By doing what they're doing. They're breaking both of these commandments, they don't have mercy for the younger user, they don't have respect for the older

00:53:07 --> 00:53:51

father. They're also ignoring the love that their father has for that son. And in all of this, the fact of the matter because Yaqoob is a prophet. All of these sins are magnified. This is not just any person, this is a prophet of Allah. And once again, this shows us the dangers of hazard the dangers of evil, and so many a hadith we mentioned some of them another Hadith about hazard, which is very relevant here. The prophets of the Lyceum said Hadith is and Timothy, that one of the diseases of the people of the past has crawled into you as well. de la creme de la creme that one of the diseases of the people before has crawled to you in amongst you as well. They said, What is

00:53:51 --> 00:54:19

this? He said, and he said, Oh, well, Bobo, being jealous, and hating others. jealousy and hatred are diseases. And unfortunately, they have crawled into us as well. And then the profitsystem said, and these are the things that shave, and Harley. And I'm not saying that he said it. I'm not saying that they shave their hair, but they shave the good deeds and they shave the religion.

00:54:20 --> 00:55:00

shave the religion means you don't have the religion left, too much of hessen. Too much of jealousy and envy and envy, will destroy you. And then he said, I swear by the one whose soul is in my hands, while at the FCB D, you will never enter gender until you love one another. This is the opposite of hazard. You will never enter gender until you love one another. Should I not tell you about something that if you do it, you will love one another you spread Sallam amongst you. So the point is, once again has said jealousy and envy isness this is something that will destroy the dean. They said all you abandon our father. Why don't you trust us

00:55:00 --> 00:55:43

with use of why don't you give us use of four Indeed, we are going to be his well wishers we're going to wish him the best. We don't want him any harm. So they they devise the plan, they agree that they're going to take use of, and they're going to throw him into that well known Well, the world that is known to them. They know their father will be suspicious. So they already present the excuse, and they get rid of it. They say, or Father, why don't you trust us with use of they didn't even come to him saying, send him with us. First. They say, why don't you trust us. And so they catch their father off guard, human psychology, they catch the father of God, they immediately get

00:55:43 --> 00:56:27

rid of the suspicion. We're very early, we are now sukoon, we are eager to protect him, we are sincere to him out to see Luma Anahata send them with us tomorrow, you're in a lab, he will play and he will enjoy himself while in the half moon. And we will have assurity guard him. So once again, they set up the stage by calming their father down by firstly disarming his suspicion, showing them that we are so good, we're not going to do anything. And then they ask the petition comes after laying the father's fears, send him with us tomorrow, he will play your tie We are now in another era, it says that we will eat and we will play and another carrot says he will eat and he will pray

00:56:27 --> 00:57:08

what in law who has the half moon and we are going to protect him. Now the Arabic here is very precise, we're in law Who would have known I don't want to go into too much Arab because I will lose most of you. But the point here is that there is a triple emphasis, triple three times we're in now. And then the law who who comes first, then law Have you learned so there's three ways that there's an emphasis here. He didn't say not follow who this would be the bare minimum. If they said not follow who this would be the bare minimum. But by putting it what in there and then by putting a little meter separate and when faucet and before it level. And then they're putting the lamb law

00:57:08 --> 00:57:47

field on. There's three emphasis and this is a chapter of Arabic which simply does not exist in English. And when you translate it to English It sounds very dry. indeed very early surely we will guard it doesn't work that way. Right? It doesn't work in English we don't really have this emphasis too much what caused this is not not there right? For such a dilemma equal to cooler home edge Maroon colome edge Maroon, it doesn't there is no emphasis in English, it's a rather dry language. Whereas in Arabic, there are ways to emphasize And generally speaking, the triple emphasis is the highest right in nationalism, the declare war in law, who would have known this is the height you

00:57:47 --> 00:58:28

cannot get higher than that. What in law who will have the same wording here? Right What in law hula? Have you been the same wording point being they are speaking in the most eloquent manner and the most pressing manner and the most sincere manner possible? They've already plotted and planned this out and they're convincing their father that look, just trust us we're going to be fine. He's we love him. He's our brother. Let it let him go and enjoy tomorrow we'll eat and we'll have a good time and we will protect him and we will take care of him then now sit on the halfhill bone we want his best interest Come on is our younger brother want him to enjoy have a good time and look where

00:58:28 --> 00:58:39

the olders so we will protect him and with this inshallah dialogue gets to eight o'clock so we stop the story here and inshallah we'll resume next week we opened the law

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in NaVi dunia Santa

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