The Messiah and the Antichrist, Part 3

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Oh the villa administrate on the rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam, ALA, Moana, saline, saline and Muhammad Anwar Ali you also have to remain my beloved brothers and sisters said Mr. ecomark, with Lucha Barakatu

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always it will begin with the praise of Allah insha Allah Allah and Allah will be witness and testify that is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our love and our greetings salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam despise his poor family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be amongst them. Amin Amin Al Hamdulillah.

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Al Hamdulillah, we continue with our series on the Malema the advent of the malady. And I said this is in the context of what's happening in in Jerusalem in Palestine at the moment and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant victory for the Mujahideen. And Allah make it easy for the Musa Rafi and those who are struggling those who have lost their lives from like random genital, for those, those who have been injured and by Allah grant them Shiva, those who have lost their homes rather replace what they've lost with better am Allah grant, for instance, St. Louis, Omar Amin, we mentioned two weeks ago when we started this, that it's strange for the people that are most staunch supporters,

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ardent supporters of the genocide that's happening. Supporters of Israel are also people who claim to be extremely religious. And it's in the name of God, it's in the name of religion, it's in the name of, of goodness, that they see no problem in the killing and the massacre of an entire population of children. And if you were to ask why, how can you still support the tide and in the freezer, they will mention that this is part of the belief. And this is part of what they see as the science of the times. And so it's important for us to discuss this little eschatology, the in times what is believed in the Christian faith, Jewish faith in the Islamic faith? And what are we seeing

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unfolding? So we mentioned when we started this, that all religions seem to agree or all the Abrahamic religions agree that they asked me to come what is called a metal hammer. And Armageddon, a great wall is prophesized. It may happen tomorrow, it may happen 1000 years from now, it may happen 100,000 years from now Allah Allah, we are not afraid to the stick religion. We don't wait for the in times to come. We don't wait for a Messiah and Savior we operate as if though Insha Allah, we have it in our control, but with the knowledge that they will come to an end, and they will be a great war called the Mahama, or the Armageddon. They will also be certain figures that

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were appeared during this time, we know that they will be a Savior, the Messiah, and they will be a false messiah, a counterfeit Messiah called the jewel. This is a greed from the summit perspective, a Christian perspective. And even the concept of the Messiah is a Jewish prophecy. So we're all waiting. And we're all watching the events on both sides looking is this is it? Are we seeing the same times unfold? And so we mentioned some of the from our eschatology from our literature, the Islamic narrative that as time gets close to the key to Kiama what's going to happen is that the Muslim world will have no ruler, no leader, we living in that time. It's been 100 years no Khalifa.

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They will be a sense of civil war, strife, fighting within the Ummah we have we see that it's been like this for a long time. And it will be in this context. When Islam will be many but weak, the Muslim lands will be plentiful, but oppressed, that Islam the people will be able to read and write and learn, but knowledge will be scarce, where people will be clothed but naked, where everybody will be touched by riba even no one wants to try video hard to avoid the Rebbe is going to be touched. Allah the prophet speaks about a time like that this is coming close to Triana, we living in that time we living in those times, and it will be in this context with the Muslim world will be

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without a leader without a Khalifa that Allah will sin someone from the progeny of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he will not be a Superman or a superhero, you will be a normal man and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and the Hadith says will make him upright make him righteous, and he will be appointed against his will, against his will, he will be appointed as the the ruler of the Muslims the next Khalifa he will be the next Khalifa and he will of course be emailed mahadi We spoke about these things in our previous lecture that he will be appointed as the mahadi the the word mahadi means the guided one like NaVi salaam mentioned about the

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Olafur al Horford rashid al Maha Dean Robinson says Follow my sunnah my way. And the Sunnah of the rightly guided, Khalifa is after me. So Imam Al Mahdi, will the mahadi would not be from our perspective, he's not a super human, he does not have any miracles or Kurama he doesn't have any supernatural powers, he is a leader, and he is the best amongst us, and He will unite us by the baraka by the Grace of Allah subhanaw taala. And he will start fixing the problems that we have within our Ummah, and he would start from Makkah, and Medina, and you will move through Arabia, to to Syria, and he will be accompanied by many, many followers and supporters, particularly from

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hurrah Hassan, which is a Vani, Stan Iran area and throughout the world, the Muslim world will rally again, really with him. And so this will be the beginning of the mahadi and his, his his, his his quest, and SubhanAllah. It mentions in Hadith that he his objective, one of his objectives would be, would be Jerusalem, in a hadith and abuses the malady and no one can stop the army of the malady until it reaches Jerusalem. So for some reason, the Maddies focus would be there will be conflict in Palestine, there will be conflict in Palestine. And that is why whenever there is a conflict in the Middle East or in Jerusalem, in particular, the scenes have alarm bells. And are we seeing prophecy?

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Or is it just another chapter in the river, we don't know the evolving nature of it. And as I said, Before, there is there are many Hadith er, a number of Hadith within reason speaks about conflict in Jerusalem between the Muslims and the yahood. And I must take a moment to pause here, this does not mean that we are anti semitic, it does not mean that the EIV system is prescribing that we can only exist with the Jews in a state of war. No, we have 1500 years and we've given lectures on this, that Muslims and Jews coexisted. Well, and Jewish, the Jewish religion, the Jewish community, videopress community found greater success within Muslim lands than European lands, but then of Islam is

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telling you about the future. And he's saying that a time will come where in Jerusalem, there will be great war between the Muslims and the Jews. And interesting, what's interesting is when the Navi Salam gave this prediction, when he mentioned this, there was not a single Muslim, or single Jew in Jerusalem at the time, Jews were expelled from Jerusalem and Muslims had not reached Jerusalem yet. This was purely a Christian place and recently saying that this would be close to the AMA and the advent of the JAL would be a conflict with the Muslims and the Jews are going to be some mentions

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the Hour will not come to pass until the Muslims and the Jews fight and this is in the context of Jerusalem. So that is why when we see and this is the first time interesting span, like if you look at the history of Islam, there has never been an outright war between an Islamic a Muslim army or a Muslim group and a Jewish state.

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Bani Israel never had a country until the State of Israel was formed in our history. And so for the first time, we've seen prophecy of Nabi Salam coming to pass and that is why people become excited back to the MADI. So the body, what's going to happen once he brings together the Muslim ummah, and he moves forward, through the Middle East, and with the objective of Jerusalem, this will then begin

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the next the next sort of chain in the cycle would be the event of the metal hammer, which is the Armageddon, the Great War, World War Three, whatever you want to call it, and then at least I saw seldom mentions the scene he says, count six things that will indicate the coming of Kiana my death when I die, one. Number two, the conquest of Jerusalem when Muslims conquered Jerusalem, that's number two, there will be a plague that will kill many of you meaning Sahaba many it will afflict many of you and this happened in the school the plague of Adam was many Sahaba died because of this plague. So happened already, it will affect you as a plague of flicks sheep, then you will go

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through a stage of increase of wealth to such an extent that even if one is given 100 dinars, you will not be satisfied. And one could mention the Muslim ummah did go through that when the Muslims had risen up Alhambra and Baghdad and the great glory days of Islam and Muslims went through a great stage of wealth and prosperity. Then an affliction which no Arab house will escape. Now, no one there's no clear understanding what this means is that this was a fitna will come, which will afflict every household. As we said, Some people mentioned COVID Is this Allah Allah and we don't know what this is and we shouldn't try and read our DNA some I've seen, it's the internet is the

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fitna that no household will be aware of the television. Every generation looks to the time and they read these Hadith and they try to super impose the day and age in it but Allah Allah maybe some says they

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In you will have an affliction, a fitna that no Arab house meaning no home will escape, then then of his disease, you would have a truce between you the Muslims and the Europeans, who will betray you. And this peace that you have will be broken, and they will attack you under at flags and at Flags they will be 12,000. So, this is the man hammer. So, they will be a major conflict, the loss of the sixth is they will be a major conflict between Muslims and Europeans, a World War, World War Three Oh, then it will Allah Allah, whatever world what's going to be, will be between Europe European powers and the Muslim world, as per the Hadith discussion, and this is called the Mallanna. In

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another Hadith that says,

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the flourishing of the sake of Jerusalem

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will coincide will and will then be with thee will be when yesterday was in the ruins when Jerusalem Felicia flourishes and Medina is is is neglected or in ruins. At that point, they will be the Great War, the Great War will come out the outbreak of this great war now what's going to happen in this war there will be a massive and we'll talk about no Hadith about this war between the Muslims, the Mahadeo on the one side, and the Europeans. But that means is this great war will end with the Muslims when winning, the Muslims will win the Malhotra and they will then reach the end of this, they will reach Constantinople. They will reach Constantinople in Turkey. And the Hadith mentions

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that they will conquer Constantinople without any fighting. I was just interesting, I think a side note here. So just the stages in my mind, he appears he unites the OMA. He then goes to war with the European superpowers. A great war ensues, his objective is Jerusalem but he doesn't reach the instead he ends up going to Turkey and conquers Constantinople. And when Constantinople is called conquered, the gel will appear. Now Constantinople, we've already conquered this, the Ottoman Empire 35 to Mohammed the conqueror, he conquered Constantinople. We're gonna be Salah maintenance Hadith, Constantinople was the greatest city in the world. It was the biggest city in the world. There was

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no army that ever conquered it until many more than 1000 years later, the Ottomans conquered it. And that's why the Scott has mentioned there is two conquest of Constantinople. The first one happened already in the Hadith literature, the prophet is salsa mentions that my own number one, they conquered Constantinople, and what a great ruler, he would be what a great victorious, this war, this fighting in this one that happened already, the Ottomans, the one at the end of times the mill hammer, this conquest happens without any fighting an army of muddy reaches, they make tech bead, and the army, the basically the city sitting this and it would fit to imagine that the city is ruled

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by a group. That is I'm not saying that's the current state. I mean, we're not talking about current politics, but it would be a context where the city is a Muslim city, but it's being ruled by an enemy. And so the army of the mighty enters and the city is liberated without fighting. So it would fit in the context that we serve fine today, once Constantinople is under the control of the mahadi than the Susana mentions, that's when that gel will appear. And then of course, the age of the gel will begin.

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Okay, the melanoma What more do we know about it than everyone says, the time between the beginning of the melanoma and the conquest of Constantinople will be six years. So there's a six year war, the and that's why also when the Six Day War appeared. And if you look at one of the Israeli Prime Ministers, he had one he had an eyepatch, everyone tried to read into these things. This is Kiama we're seeing when they build skyscrapers supported Khalifa, let's Kiama we should never try to read our events, particularly of these things. So the responses between the Great War and the conquest of Constantinople is six days, six years sorry, and that the jail will come on the seventh, you will

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appear on the seventh year. He says the reason Saddam Paulson and the Muslims will then fight, this army will fight against the Europeans. And the third of the army would run away. This war would be so difficult that 1/3 would run away and Allah subhanaw taala will not Allah would be very, very displeased with this group, you will not forgive them, when 1/3 will continue to fight and they will be martyred and they will be the greatest Shuhada in the sight of Allah. And then 1/3 will remain and they would win the war and they would conquer Constantinople. In another Hadith. All this about the man hammer. None of us wholesome says they would be a terrible fight. And the Muslims would

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prepare a detachment which will not return but victorious, meaning they would go out with the intention we will fight until the death or when and they will not return. They will fight until knights will intervene when both sides will take a break from fighting without being victorious and both will be wiped out. They will fight until the death both sides and the Muslims will again prepare detachment and fight until the death want to victory. And this will continue until a fourth day and a new detachment of the remaining Muslim armies would prepare and Allah would decree for this for them to win. So four days would continue until they would prevail and

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I would say the Hadith continues, and this army would fight such a great fight, the likes of which has never been seen, so much so that even if a bird were to fly over them, it would fall down dead. Now, again, type of weapons we have today, a type of chemicals, the type of no, You never had situations where birds flying die, you know, as they as they as they come over until modern technology or Modern Warfare allows them, there'll be some insurance that it will be so severe that even the animals around would die, it will fall down dead before reaching the end. That would be such a massacre. And at the end of the battle, when counting the survivors, one in every 100 would

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survive, meaning it would have a 99% attrition rate 99% death rate which no war has had such a great country. So these are weapons that once dropped, no one survives. So what did he say? So what can so even though they will be victorious, this army would win, and they would conquer Constantinople, there'll be no joy in it, because what victory can they be what joy they can they be when so much death and destruction happens. And it will be in the midst of this sort of victory, but this faith, they would win. But there will be sad when a more terrible calamity will be informed. There'll be before that, that the journal has appeared, the gel has appeared. And so this thing begins the age

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of the gel. Now if we look at how this is the Islamic narrative, if we compare this to the Christian or interesting, just for interesting how much of this aligns up, and how much of this is what we seen, the Christians believe they also seen Kiana, so many people sitting here and I've got certain calls and saying, Ah, what's happening is definitely Kiama. Don't be sure, but everyone is looking at it are all the boxes are ticked, I'm seeing Kiama I know which side I need to be on. Now, the same thing is happening on the other side, from a Christian perspective.

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It says the Bible, the Quran mentions that there will be a terrible conflict in Israel. During the interim, they also number one mentioned the hotspot way the next way that Armageddon is going to happen, it's going to happen in China. So it's going to happen in Europe, it's going to happen in the Middle East, particularly in Jerusalem. Right? This is where we all agree that's where the place is going to be. And this is why this period is called the Great Tribulation. And

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in this time, so what is the what is the Bible mentioned about this time, this great tribulation, number one, they will be a massive return of Jews to the land of Israel. So interesting, the Bible mentions that the Jews will return and they will establish a kingdom, a country in Jerusalem. This is all in Palestine. And this is of course, happen now the last 70 years. And the Antichrist will make a seven year covenant with peace there will be a peace between. Now similarly to the Hadith. Remember, the hadith is a piece that will break will be broken. The Christians believe, of course, the Antichrist is us. We must be clear from the perspective. They believe our malady or our Messiah

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is the Antichrist. And so when they read that they will be a piece with a mean between the Jews and the Christians and the Muslims, we will break that piece and that gel will be on we will be following that gel.

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So they say we Muslims, so the Antichrist will break the peace with Israel. And the temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem, the temple will be rebuilt. And the gel will take that as his capital. We both agree on that. Both sides agree that, that John will claim Jerusalem as its capital, interesting. The Antichrist will break his covenant with Israel and the World Wide persecution of Israel will begin. And so when they believe that the gel will persecute the Jews, so when they see Muslims fighting Jews as a Dexter, John, you guys are done. And you understand the site, the psychology and Israel will be invaded, Israel will finally end eventually Allah was all in a context. Jesus was

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ALLAH Yeah, the biller will descend, and he will kill the job, and he will liberate

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the Jews, and He will establish His kingdom. And as he descends, the Christians believe when Jesus descends, all the Christians will die and they will be joined up which is called the rapture. So this is what they want. So whenever they see Jerusalem, Israel at war, whatever Israel does, they believe this is the people of God. This is the people on the right side, and if you fight against them, you are the followers of the jungle. And you've already made your mind up as to who the good guys the bad guys are, you've already decided these are the followers of shaitan. And that's the followers of God. And so even if it's a child that we dropping a bomb on, that's the jewel so it's

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okay. And this is not how religion works. Allah subhana wa Tada. God Almighty does not take sides on a genocide. It does not support the genocide. He doesn't have a special rules for different people. Injustice is injustice. This is an all religions. This is all faiths. We all agree on that. God does not stand on the side of the oppressed or the oppressor. Right. So from a Christian perspective,

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there'll be this great wall between. And now if you listen to the context as Muslims, and our malady is the dojang, and you will fight we will fight and invade Jerusalem and we will unite against Israel and eventually Nabi Isa or Jesus will descend. Now, important points I think in the last lecture, we said, and this is another thing to think about our the journal, our the journal will have the owner, our the child, the child within Islamic context, he will have miracles, they'll be Isa, when he returns does not have miracles, in my mind, he has no miracles, that journal will have supernatural powers and you will be able to control the weather you will have advanced either

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advanced technology, something Allah would give him the ability and he will utilize the gem. We know this from the narrations that Jared will have supernatural powers, and he will there will be no one can stop him. He will then claim to be the Messiah, he will claim because look, guys, I'm fixing the world. And so I'm the Messiah, and people will follow him but then he will cause to be worshipped and claimed to be God. And this is way

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the Nabisco is warning us we only worship Allah. Now.

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The Christians are waiting for a Messiah, the return of the visa. They already claimed a visa is a God. They already claimed that now the ISA is erected with its own ability that now the ISA can perform miracles. So when they see a Superman, that there is an extended and cause people to worship him, in their mind, this is the Messiah. And that is why there will be two figures, a true Messiah and a false messiah, that gel. And from our perspective, the thing that the NABI Salam tells us to keep secure Allah, Allah mentions in Surah Surah Surah Kahf. We recite it every Friday, and it's a prediction for us against the Gen Y. If you look at Surah calf, there are many supernatural people

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they don't coordinate travels the world, you find Fidel and salam who knows the Present Past in the future. You see the people who sleep for three and the only minutes super people, super humans, but Allah is saying you don't worship anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala our campus is now in a Imola. Anybody who claims to be a Nabi, or claims to be Allah where you have to build out a God, we know that is a false Messiah that is at the jail. And so this is the thing that we do not worship medicals. And we do not worship miracle workers. In fact, someone who does have strange abilities, we need to ask, where does that come from? Where does it come from. And so, just to summarize

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quickly, what would happen

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when the gel appears, and inshallah may perhaps next week, we will talk about the gel, the gel will appear. And of course, he will rule over the world for a number of years. And this will be the greatest test of human faith, and none will escape him. None will be able to then be some says that if he appears, and he comes to you, runaway, you can't fight him, you can't challenge him, and the Muslims will suffer and struggle until Allah will sin, the true Messiah and the ISA will return. And he will then remove the gel. And that will begin the age of the Messiah and the age of the Messiah, as is mentioned by the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims, the age of the ISA will be one of

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complete peace, there will be no fighting anymore, everybody would unite under the Messiah and maybe Isa. And as we end up with this point, as we know, on Monday is Christmas. And

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as Muslims, we remind our Christian friends and neighbors, that we have the utmost love when we establish Saddam, the utmost love for his mother Maryam Allison, I'm in fact, Maryam is mentioned more times in the Quran, and in the Bible, that we believe in his miraculous birth. We believe in the miracles that he performed through the power of Allah subhanaw taala we believe that he is the Messiah, and he will return once again to unite the world in peace and harmony. But we also believe that his message was ilaha illAllah. His message was, as Allah says in the Quran, about Nabi Isa, he said to his people color in Allah Arabi. Allah is my Lord, and He is your Lord for Abu so worship

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Him alone. That is the Siracusa theme. That was his message. It was the message of Musa it was the message of Ibrahim it was the message of all the Gambia law in a lot and so we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us to live upon the Kalama bla bla bla bla to die upon the Kalama of la ilaha grant a safety and security in this time of fitna of tribulation. We asked Allah to make easy for our brothers and sisters in Palestine and the Quran victory when you have a Blissett

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mother Yeah indeed Blizzard way some of you are taking holiday leave when you travel safely. And may Allah subhanaw taala grant the 2024 we have got another demo next week, but no longer on the 2020 will be better than the year that passes aka hate few announcements. A lot of people going on Omar Alhamdulillah that's that's what they say. There's a saying work hard get a bonus and going home and then repeat. repeat the cycle. So alhamdulillah that's the best way. So for those of you going O'Meara convention Oh Your name is so many names Gemma Allah grant your Alma O'Meara Maqbool Allah grant your safe journey, please any

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Remember all of us and you do ours remember the community members here in Cape Town. This machine is called the pilgrimage it before it was put out before when I was a pilgrim masjid and whenever the hajis would go on Hajj or Umrah it was a big deal because only the very very special people got to go and so you represent all of us for you stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala Your eyes are accepted the members new doors remember the old man universe so Allah grant you all O'Meara Maqbool, and then for those of you remain they still some some stuff happening in Cape Town and cukup is liquid during the festive season. The is the at the Burano hub they are food trucks and Safley

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supported in sha Allah is full for good cause and hamdullah we see all the artwork going around in commemoration of Palestine. Please show your support just Aquila hood, or Sunless Sea now Mohammed was episode number 700 Without me as salaam alaikum love it.