Paganistic Practices in Pre-Islamic Arabia

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And he put one stone in front of the cabinet and this was the Hubble. And then from this, people began proliferating idols. How so? Well, the first thing that they did is that they began worshiping this is really interesting. They began worshipping the stones that the Kaaba was built with.

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How so? We learned from the traditions that whenever a caravan left to Mecca, they would chip away and take a rock from the cab.

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And they would take this rock as being equivalent to an idol. And wherever they went, they would then put the rock there and then worship this stone, what was the stone, the building blocks of the cab. Now, we as Muslims, this is something a lot of people don't think about. We don't consider the bricks of the Kaaba to be sacred and holy. The bricks of the Kaaba are just clay and sand. It is the location that is holy. It's not the marble of the floor. It's not the the silk covering of the cab. It's not the bricks that the cab is used to build with. It is the place that Allah created. And the cab a lot of people don't know this is rebuilt every few decades. It's just like any structure. How

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long does it building last? You know, the last reconstruction of the cab, who can guess when it happened? The current cabin that we see now, who knows when does when was this cab built.

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The people who live and visit frequently no around 10 years ago, the current cabinet is literally only 10 years old. That said, there is nothing holy about the cab. It is the area. It is the land of Mecca that is sacred, the kava comes and goes and after another 50 years is going to grow weak, the foundations are going to be crumbling, they're going to have to rebuild it. But the people of the of the muck at the time, they didn't realize this, they let paganism seep in. So they would take bricks of the Kaaba, and then they would worship those bricks. And of course, this is the stepping stone to idolatry. Another Sahaba, who accepted Islam aboard Raja and authority, or Buddha to authority

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mentioned that before Islam came, we used to worship rocks and stones. And it isn't like a Muslim. We used to worship rocks and stones. And if we found a rock that looked more beautiful than the rock we were worshipping, we would throw that rock away and put the other rock in his place.

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And if we were traveling in the desert, and we couldn't find a rock, listen to this, we would gather some sand, put it into a pile, bring a goat squeeze some milk out of it to make the sand firm and then do throw off around that sand.

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Now Allah it is mind boggling to think intelligent people will do this. But if you go to some countries on Earth, I'm not going to mention anything here because people might get offended. But if you go to some places on earth, Allah He every street corner, you go to the middle of the the jungles, and you will find people have built a a mausoleum or a structure or a pagan temple. And you you look and you see there is a rock with red painting or yellow painting on it just a rock. And you find people putting meat in front of the rock and putting butter and putting, you know sweets in front of the rock. And it's mind boggling that to this day, people can act like this, that they're

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going to give their acts of worship, they're going to prostrate, they're going to lower their heads to a wood or a rock or a stone. And when you read this, you wonder Subhanallah but then you see it with your own two eyes. And you see no this is still here. And then we talk about those who do this in our own religion and our own culture. There are some Muslims who do the same with graves with saints with Muslims, the same thing. You see it in many Muslim countries, you go and you find Muslims, literally bowing bowing their head down in front of the grave of a saint of a Wali of appear doing tawaf around the grave. And you wonder where is La Ilaha illa Allah? This is exactly

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what the jihadi Arabs did. One of the most disgusting stories to be honest.

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Is that a not ILA and I surf now either and I surf now either and I surf were two idols now either was put on sofa and I surf was put on Marwa. And so the Quraysh one they did throw off, they will touch into Illa and Assaf when they're going back and forth. When Islam came.

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The Muslims felt hesitant. How can we do say when it's meant to commemorate nathula and Assaf so Allah revealed in the Quran, the verses that we all know in nasaka Well, Murata min SHA, Allah, Safa and Marwah are holy before now I learned a cipher put their Safa and Marwa are from the signs of Allah before now in an SF ever came

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Safa and Marwa are from the signs of Allah. So whoever does hedge, then let him there is no sin on you if you do throw off or inside between them, there is no sin, meaning don't feel guilty. There is no evil in Safa and Marwa what is not an ACEF. Isha says that since we were children, we were hearing the story of Nitin and some of the legends that they have not in Assaf, may Allah forgive us for even narrating such disgusting things. But this is what the books of history say they were two lovers male and female. Now in an accept the surface, the male and the female, there were two lovers, and they could not find a place to be intimate because they were not married,

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except the interior of the cabin.

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So they consummated the romance inside the cabin. And as a punishment, Allah destroyed them and solidified and petrified them right then in there.

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Now when the courage came across them, they actually took them as a miracle.

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And they put these two on Safa and Marwa and that is why the Muslims are how can we do say between Safa and Marwa? So Allah said, Look, Safa and Marwah have nothing to do with not either, and I serve. So this is the story of NSF again, it shows you the paganism that the JD Arabs were upon. And we also know that when the Prophet SAW Selim conquered Makkah, they were around 360 Idols around the cab 360 idols of various shapes and sizes, some idols were in the shape of full humans, some were in the shape of animals, most of them were in the shape of half human, half animal. And, you know, to this day, the children's fairy tales half horse and half human and half lion, just like the sphinx

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of Egypt, or, you know, the the centaurs, this type of theology, we read in the books of history, that most of these idols were humanoid, a little bit of human, a little bit of animal, and they would then put these, these statues around the gab, also we learned that the Quraysh had the theology that Allah has daughters, and that these daughters are his angels. And they would worship the angels. They would worship the angels thinking that these are the daughters of Allah. So they would consider the angels to be the daughters of Allah. Now the Arabs did not have a specified theology, they didn't have a creed. You know, we as Muslims, we have a creed, we believe in Allah

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and the angels the Day of Judgment, call that we have a creed, we need to understand that societies that are idolatrous paganistic societies, they don't have creeds. For example, Hindus are the most clear example of idolatrous religion. Hindus don't have Creed's if you ask 10 Different Hindus what their religion is, you'll get 10 different answers, right? Because there is no unified creed. There is no aqidah as we call it, and one Hindu can worship one God, another can worship another god, and you can have 6 million Hindus worshipping 6 million gods different and each one has a different perception of what his God can or cannot do. This is all legit in their religion because there is no

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unified creed. The same goes for the Arabs, that there was no unified creed. Many of them believed in a day of judgment, many of them denied it. Many of them believe this many of them did it. There is no unified creed. But the one thing that they all agreed upon is that we need to worship these idols to come closer to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. They have some form of idolatry.

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