Ahsan Hanif – Quranic Progression – Part 6

Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the division of the Prophet sallavi's plan into eight halves, emphasizing the importance of learning the title and understanding the structure of the Quran for optimal reading. They also discuss common names in literature, including the Surah and "monster," and emphasize the importance of practicing Islam to avoid mistakes and ensure everyone is treated with respect. The speakers stress the significance of "arson" in terms of referring to actions and actions of others, citing the Surah as an example of referring to actions of others.
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Santa Monica Baraka

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spillover from the dilemma of benign Ameen Lama semi recently more radical article cynical Mohammed who are the early will suck the heat which married a mother. So today we're going to begin with the Tafseer of solar to mass. And as we mentioned at the beginning of kewpie, when we first launched these series of lectures, we said that inshallah we're going to do the subset of the planets that we were going to start from the end of the plan and work our way backwards. So starting from sort of national reverse order. And one of the reasons we did that was because obviously, these are the sources that we're familiar with that we know that we've memorized, you know, that that we recite

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most in our Salah that our children have studied the know and so on and so forth. And so something which you shall know we're going to focus on on Amazon as sort of products or a philosopher back in reverse order, inshallah Tada. And we're going to select the kind of water that we're going to take in the Quran.

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But before we go into saltiness, one of the things that we touched upon last week very quickly, I wanted to go into it in slightly more detail today, because it is relevant to the discussion that we have. And that is how the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to divide up.

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So in our like, for example, the plan that we have in front of us today, whether it's, you know, the printing study in Saudi Arabia, in Pakistan, or Egypt, or any other part of the world, what we find is that the plan is now divided into what we call a GI Joes. And you have 30, or 30 parts of the plan. And then each one of those edges is further divided into halves, and into eight and so on and so forth. Right. But this is something which came later on in Islam, it's not something which was known during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So in the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, there wasn't something called a juice, right, so we say juice, juice

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tabara you know, the first juice, the 10th chose the 12th juice. This wasn't something known by the companions of the Prophet so the lower limbs so that's why you don't find it in the head if you don't find the Hadith in which the processes themselves are read from just above right? or read from today, or tomorrow we're going to study the temperatures or anything like this, because that division of the iron was not something which was known or recognized by the chef snappy booty Mia Rahim, Allah tala. patella is like, amazing what that's been collected all of his writings and so on. And we bought together, measurement of fatawa. He mentioned that this division that we have

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today wasn't something that was known by the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And often you find because in the time of the Muslims, obviously, they don't have watches that clock story that we do today, the units of time measurement were different. So when they would measure something, they would measure it either by verses or by sauce. Right? So they would say, for example, or you know, the professor said them did something like this or the time between this and that was the time of 40 verses, or 50 verses, or 60 or 70 verses meaning what the time that it takes you to read 50 verses of the Koran, that's kind of roughly the time between maybe the Adana, the

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Obama between the first and the second or whatever it may be, right. So they would either measure something by verses of the Quran, especially when it came to Sala or the masjid, or you know, things like this, or they would measure it by the Quran by students, the suitors of the Quran. So I think the Hadith is in the same way, one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is mentioning how the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the length of his Salah, so when he would lead the solder as the man, what would be the length of the solder, and he would say that federal and federal used to be from the Father.

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And mother is from the facade, the facade, and Russia is from the Osaka, Osaka, Mufasa. And will come through these terms now. But they're speaking about sort of

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parts of the Quranic verses of the Quran. And this is the length of the salado prophets on the lower right. Or, for example, you have the Hadith in which

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he he read Serato, right. So he's showing you basically this is the average length of the solid, the profits on the lower it was the point being here, this is how they would measure, right, this is the way that they would measure things. It's only after this that we started having observed and so on and so forth. So in the headings that is in the booster demand management or human laterna

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he mentions in the Hadith

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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Greetings authentic karate to mechanic Torah, a setup I have been given in case of the Torah, the seven,

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the seven lengthy long songs, were key to mechanics.

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And I have been given in place of the songs, the songs that we do today without even selling them in, in means anything around the 100 verse mark, solos around the 100 verse mark, or Peter McKenna in G l masani. And I was given in case of the Injeel, the gospel, the method was beautiful little bit more. And then I was given extra virtue, the processor is seen with the soldiers that are known as the Mufasa. So this is how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is counting the soldiers of the plant? why he's not saying the statues is not saying just 10 or 11, or 12. He's saying that I've been given the several key well, then I've been given them in the marathon, and the Mufasa. So he's

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divided upon into harmony

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common dies. I just got back from a flight today. You guys look more tired than me. Literally like

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so for right, you have the you have the Marine, you have the Masonic, you have the Mufasa. So the processor is divided the Quran in a completely different way, not the way that we know. So what are the three? Well, the seven long ones that he's referring to, right? This is what we touched upon last week, right? When someone asked the question about, I think was at Fallon tober, and why there's no baesman and so on. So you have a bacara in Milan, and Lisa and Margarita and

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bokhara live in Milan, and Lisa Merida, and I are off. And then in Phelan tober when Fela Toba counted as one because there's no Bismillah between them, right? Those are the seven that the prophet SAW Selim is referring to right, I was given a piece of the Torah, the seven. These are the seven long solos also called the central, seven lengthy solos, and they take you across like a third of the plan. Once you finish tober, you've you completed the third of the plan. Those are the seven long solos. And then he mentioned after that the main, the main, or the solos come from Mia right is the poodle of the word Mia. Mia means 100. So anything around the 100 verse mark is considered in

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the sutras that are known as Alma in, right. And that's like probably the next 70 years, right to sort of go around the 100 verses slightly below slightly over around the 100% mark. These are known as the saunas that are made. And then you have the sources that are known as methane. And then muthoni, according to the blunderbuss, and others, they said that and methodically refers to the sutras that mentioned both stories, and rulings, without any means do. You mentioned both stories, and they mentioned rulings. So these are the sources that you know, you have all the way up to you start to Mufasa. These are the sources that have both mythology, they speak about stories of the

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prophets, parable, so on and so forth. At the same time, they give you rulings, you know, do's and don'ts, halal and haram, and so on and so forth. And then you come to

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Canada, we'll be happy Rahim Allah, he can have access to Mufasa are of three types. So this is the Hadith that I was referring to the sooner than the seven. Right. But the companion is saying this is how long the processor used to read the plan. So the methodical the Mufasa, begin Soraka

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is basically the end of the 26th juice of the plan in our common division and understanding of the time, it is the end of the 26th juice of the plan. So you have a separate t word, you have them in each other 100 vessels, then you have Dumisani, which are every other sort of after like the sort of start to get like around the 50 6070 verse mark all the way up to Soraka.

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When you come to Soraka, all the way to Surah nasce. Now you have what is known as the Mufasa. And that's what the companion will read to the Hadith and an essay divided into three. So you may have he said what are the effects of the lung function from Surah cough up until I made

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so these types of sutras that length of surah is the type of sword that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would lead solid professional with. Right, so you're looking at like two pages two and a half pages, maybe you're just short of three pages. These are the sources of the Quran that he would read in solid.

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And then you have the next one, which is the middle Mufasa. And that takes you from Amritsar alone, which is the beginning of the 50th jewels and to Sora to Doha. And those are the souls of the length roughly of select Russia, right like I made this

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You know, like sometimes the shows to prove you're on episode 115, Russia, federal ballot, you know these types of sources. And obviously the person doesn't always stick to this sometimes it's longer, sometimes shorter. This is like an average measurement of a solid. And then you have the asylum officer which are the short, myofascial Searles. And by the way, Mufasa means what? Catholic reversal, right? There's many stockings and endings meaning that the best mela comes often in this world, meaning that the British short, by Soraka onwards, every page two pages, you have a new sort of beginning, right, so the called Mufasa, meaning that there's lots of stocks in them, right, so

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they're very short. So as you're constantly starting, and you saw the sudden reversal, the short Professor therefore are from zero to 200, until obviously, softness right until the end of the day. And those are the sources that the professor agreed, or the length of which he would read in solid mode. Another interesting point that you take from this also is a generally when the profits are lower, it will send them would lead a Salah, like many or the majority of the regions that speak about the Salah, they speak about in reading Sutras, and not versus not passages, not a, you know, group of verses, they speak about him starting and finishing the surah. Right. And

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he says that the reason for this is, because when you stop halfway, you're always obviously breaking the meaning of the surah. Right, the surah was meant to be read and taken in its entirety. Obviously, that's not true is very common to read universities, from universities from

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research that this wasn't the way that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would be the surah or read his own, or he would take it to a soul at the time was even though he did speak about his family, but he would stand in the night, and he would offer you hearing reading a Baccarat right

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here, or he would read half of Baccarat or he read like you know 100 verses of Baccarat, he would finish another round. And then he said he would take solace in the integrity. And this is how the profits on a lower insulin used to take the banana widow on even though it's not particulars, because we know for example, that

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the companions will take how many verses at a time 10 right, they will take 10 verses at a time, which shows you therefore for study, and for other purposes and Learning Center for you to take and you know you don't have to finish the whole song. But the point is that the purpose of Solomon is Salah, and so on, he would like to keep the meaning together, right? He wouldn't like to just versus here versus there, especially if you don't know, you know how to like understand the Quran and its meanings and so on. It's not considered nice that you break up this the meaning of a story or have a sort of halfway through where you stand stuck in a random place. And you start to sort of look

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around. So the point is that this is how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to, or the companions as well at the time is to have a vision of the Quran. And the hadith of or even a believer, and this is in a Buddha mode and other than a Buddha.

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He said that I came and I asked the Prophet the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how did you use to divide the Quran? How would you divide the crown? And he said to him, he would divide it as three, then five, then seven, then nine, then 11, then 13. And then the Mufasa. Right, so this is another division of the Paradis time, from one of the companions, right? They will divide the poem in three Meaning what?

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Which three surah,

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Baqarah, and Lisa, and then five, meaning the next five would batch them together, which is what marry them and

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then seven, meaning the next seven sorrows would batch them together, then 11, the next 11, you would batch them together, then 13 minutes 13 would batch them together, and then you come to the Mufasa. And that takes you from Soraka, all the way to saltiness. So this is how the companions and adumbration of how the companions would divide the Quran. So where did I come from? Right? Where did it come from the you know, we have the

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first Jews, 30, Jews and so on. It said that this started in a miracle. None of the scholars they say that it started in the time of a judge, a judge of the use of a judge, I'm sure it's the name that you're probably familiar with, or you've heard of or come across, and her judge was one of the governors of the Omega dynasty. Right. So after the philosopher of parameters

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passed away, and we're out of the 11, between the halifa you have the beginning of the Omega dynasty.

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Right after him, his son, Izzy, and so on and so forth, and had judge was one of the governors. And I have judge if you look through the books of history, he speaks about him and there have been others. One thing that he was known for was he was known for his brutality.

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He was known for his depression. And he was known for his transgression. And a number of the companions died by his Ward and his command companions a couple levels away him rhodiola and Humana, the companions of the Prophet, sallAllahu, Alayhi, wa sallam, and many great number of the major scholars of the temporary from the students of the companions, they will kill that they will fought, and they were persecuted by this man. But at the same time, you know, he did some good, right, which shows you that there is always a balance between the two, even like people who do a lot of oppression, and transgression can do some good, right, and they can have some, some have said that

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we could teach to the names. One of the things that he was known for was his Rena and his careful, and his love for the Quran and, and trying to like get people to understand the Quran, and so on and so forth. And this is like an important point that we need to mention, especially like in the time that we live in today. All of the politics of schooling and all of the craziness that we see across the world, it's very important to be balanced in the way that we act, right. So, you know, we're not politicians, to politics, and none of that stuff, but our responsibility as a Muslim, who sees what you see on the news or sees and hears things that happen across the globe. What's our stance? How do

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we respond, right. And balance is a very important issue in our religion being balanced in the way that you understand an issue in the way that you deal with the issue is something which is extremely important. So you will remember that

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a judge is a man who did some good, but he had a lot of evil. And his affair is with the law, right? Only a large soldier knows how He will judge him, right. And

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he used to say, when he used to be asked about the differences amongst the companions of the fighting and the civil conflict that took place between what I read it and others used to say, this is something which saved my hands from becoming involved in. So I don't like to busy my time with with the same thing. But a lot simply from this, something which I will be asked about. And so I'm not going to busy my tongue slandering, backbiting spreading rumors, especially when it's very difficult to understand a no the whole situation, very difficult to understand what's going on and who's doing what, and we live in a time as the profits on the lower it was, Selim told us that a

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time will come from the sense of normal Deanna, when the truthful one is considered the lion, the lions considered truthful. And the treacherous one is trustworthy, trustworthy, you want to stretch for us. This is from the signs of normal BMI, it's very important to be careful in the way that you deal with these issues and the things that come out from your tongue and the way that you deal with it, because they're complex issues. And they require nuanced understanding, and so on, and so forth. And so it's important to be very careful, because a large selection will hold us to account for every single thing that we say, every single thing that we do, every single thing that comes out

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from our terms of our surgeon will hold us to a conflict, while we said, based on what what were the consequences of our actions and our words, and I was thinking, and so this is something that we need to bear in mind. So the point is, the judges said, he was the one who began this right and even taymiyah human life is much more fidella. He says that it's said that a judge began this or happened during the time of a head judge when he was the governor. And it began from Iran. And from there it spread across the Muslim world. And even Tamia Rahim, Allah says that at the beginning, it was known in Medina, or in Mecca or other parts of the parts of the Muslim world, that they would divide the

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Quran in this way, but that they would divide the problem into Jews and Robert and his one of these terminologies that we have today, in the Division of debridement. You look at the Parana sido styles, and those symbols in the margin. Those are things which came after the claim of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So that's how the companions is to divide the Quran, right? So we're going to begin with what is called the Pissarro Mufasa, the short fossils of the Quran, starting from the very end of them, and that is sort of another point that I think is also interesting to mention here, and it's also relevant is the order of the sutras of the Quran.

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Right, whether the order confirm and these are issues that are mentioned in the books of democracy. You know, how did the ordering of the Quran come the source of the Quran? Because as you know, the prophets on the lower it was silom received the Quran in stages right in verses it wasn't revealed all at once and it was revealed all in order in the order that we have it today. It was revealed in stages. So loss of habitat

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for Aparna

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mercy, this is operand that we have divided so that you may read it from the unintimidated way to the people. Large soldier didn't reveal the Koran altogether in one, right it's revealed in stages in part versus incidents happen versus the outcome. questions are asked a lot social dysregulation, and so on and so forth.

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So the Quran was revealed together and as you know, the chronological ordering of the Quran begins with what Surah dekra. Right? And then what is the source of the Quran, right? And so it doesn't begin in the way that we are now accustomed to. So the ordering that we have Fatiha bakura

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all the way up to the floss Filipinas, this old room of the 114 students of the Quran, where does this come from? What is this all bring something which the processor of gamers is something which the companions decided upon is something which comes from elsewhere. So, there are a couple of opinions on this. The first opinion is that it was from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the one who set the order of the soldiers of the Quran. And so even though he received the Koran in different in the in a different order, and verses were not revealed, like students were not revealed in their entirety, that you would have verses from the

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soul and verses from that surah by the end of the life of the prophets of Allah, where it was Solomon, all of the Quran had been revealed, and in his final readings of the Quran,

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every Ramadan, and he would revise the Quran with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in the year that he passed away, he came twice in Ramadan, to revise the whole Quran with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. By the time that took place, the Quran had finished his revelation. And so therefore every surah was read in its correct order. every verse was placed in its correct place. But this verse belongs in this surah at this place, and so on and so forth. And it is that reading, which then came to the companions, they took that as the final reading, and that's where it continued from. So when Abercrombie lavonne came to compile the program into book form into must

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your logline did the same thing. And he wrote it and whatever and spread it across the Muslim world. It became an issue of the geometrical comparisons agreed unanimously, that this was held on this order, it begins from fatty endurance or mass. And this is the order in which system this is the opinion of a number of the scholars of Islam and they have a number of proofs for this as well, from those proofs, or the Hadith that we mentioned before, in terms of how the Prophet said among the competitors to divide the Quran, right. So, when the professor says that you have the subtlety, well, then you have the money, then you have the method, then you have the Mufasa what are the

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headings are the companions is two characters three, and then five, seven, and nine and 11 and 13. It means that there was a one lone set order amongst the Muslims during that time, when, and then you have other hobbies, like the Heidi thug, or the Stephen rhodiola. One, which

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I mentioned.

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He says saurashtra, Maria, Baja BIA, these were from the early revolutions, but they were from the early revelations, and he mentioned them in order meaning that the companions were familiar with an order of the surah of the Quran. And obviously, then we have the map of the companions and all of them agreed that this is how the Quran will be ordered beginning from Fatiha to so on us. Another group of scholars said that the order of the soldiers of the army was something that the companions did. So when the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away, there was no such word of why the bond was revealed. And the verses of the surah were revealed in order, they will place an order but

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the order of the sutras of the canal wasn't something which he left. But rather it was something which the companions themselves agreed upon, in the time of its memory, a loved one. And so it became an issue of judgment. Right. And the reason why they say this, is because for example, you have narrations from some companions about some sort of your loved

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one, and we'll mention this because it's kind of got to do with he

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would consider or he wouldn't right sort of product and Solanas has been from the Quran. And he would say whether they are

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seeking refuge and protection from Allah. Right, and we'll come into this as a whole discussion about his view and his opinion, if you go to the books that I've seen, and so on, as in sort of changes to the source of the Quran.

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Allah has a view that is only to him, because he's the only one known to have taken this view and scholars differ is that authentic, not authentic, whatever. And we'll discuss that when we come to them.

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All you have distinctively been our best.

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And some of the other companions about seranthony Toba because there's no best Miller is a one surah is amongst the two songs and so on. Right. So there's some difference have been some of the scholars said therefore, this wasn't something which was known at the time of the companions at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in terms of the order of the surah parotid, something

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That the companions themselves agreed upon. And it became an issue of Marian obviously, as you know, Ajmera consensus of the Muslim scholars is one of the strongest sources of legislation in this Sharia. It is extremely strong because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, let's turn your own material upon my oma will never unite upon misguidance. So when the oma unites upon something, then it is something which a lot of paradata wants it to unite upon. And it is something which is good, because all of the scholars would unite upon misguidance right upon something which is wrong. So therefore, another other, you know, like some of the other opinions, you know, some of the

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sources were told to us in order, like fat herd and Iran and so on, and the other soldiers were not like, unfair and Toba. Right. And so that opinion tries to merge between the former two opinions. And the strongest of those opinions on the large soldier knows best is that it was the order of the soldiers of the Quran, were mentioned by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so the order that we have today of the soldiers of the Quran is something which was established by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam from Surah Fatiha until softness, right. And there are even like, logically, when you look at this, you have, for example, you know, if the companions were going to

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do something like order the soldiers of the command, rather than do it chronologically, why not do it in another way, this ordering of the soldiers of Conan is very unique, right? So this, for example, some soldiers that are bunched together like the soldiers or begin with him in the house, I mean, the Harmon soldiers are all together. And they all begin with exactly the same way. But then you have other soldiers that begin in the same way and then up together, right? That's sort of both of both of them begin with turbo, turbo, turbo, right. And then you have, for example, sutras that begin with a villa like Surah Fatiha sore, and for them, all of them begin in the same way, but they

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spread out throughout

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even the the sources are beginning to bhatinda. Right, you have in the middle of them in Africa. Right. And so therefore, they're not bought together. So the scholars say that, therefore the sport

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that was set of the soldiers of the Quran, or something which was done, and given to the companions by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that's how they memorize the Quran. And that's why when the companions came to compiling the Quran, other than these one or two points that we mentioned, for being smooth and so on, there is no difference of opinion, right? It's narrated that the scholars that the companions had a major issue of differing that some scholars have companions to this and others that do that, and then they differ back and forth. That's not mentioned in our books have had the history and so on. We're going to see that this is how the companion is different

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over the plan, which shows again, that it was something that became each map because it was something which was set by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Therefore, it was readily and easily accepted by the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, as well, and the word soldier knows best.

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The next issue that I wanted to also mention in relation to Salta ness, is whether it's a sword that is mucky or muddy.

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And the reason why I mentioned this is because it is an issue of difference of opinion amongst scholars as to whether or not is a monkey suit or a dinosaur. But before we go into the adversity, therefore, we have to define what is the monkey soul and what is the Medina surah. So the pinata is divided into two types of sources are murky and muddy, murky revelation and maddening revelation. And the murky and muddy

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you know, the scholars have different ways of categorizing them into those two, some of them looked at it as a time issue or the site as being a

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police issue location issue. another caller said that it has to do with the sentence structure and the eloquence of the borrower. So those columns for example, said that is to do with time, the second method is surahs. They said that anything that was revealed before the drop is mucky, and anything post Phaedra is madam. So anything revealed before the hinges of the process on him from Mecca to Medina, wherever was revealed whether it was revealed in Mecca, Medina anywhere, but it's before the Hydra is considered to be a murky surah and anything that is revealed after the hitch repost feature, even if it is revealed in Mecca, Mecca the conquest of Mecca, the Treaty of

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Philadelphia, in volumes of beef with the companions went to the book, wherever it may have been revealed. It is considered to be a meta disorder. Right? That's the first understanding of some of the scholars. But the scholars said no, the way that we categorize it is to do literally with the names right place and location. So Mackie saunas are what was revealed in Mecca and what surrounding mentor

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Like out of Minna, Missouri, the areas that surround Mecca and Medina solos are what were revealed in the city of Medina and what is surrounding Medina right now obviously that brings an issue and the issue is then what about those sources that were revealed?

00:30:18 --> 00:30:30

Half and half or for example, they will reveal in Macedonia Medina, the revealing taboo right or the revealed in like symbol which is quite far away from either of the two, which one do they follow

00:30:31 --> 00:31:16

the other scholars a third categorization of the McKeon Madani is to do with the verses themselves and the elephants right because we know that the mechanisms are what short, poetic, you know, they have a rhythm in the way that the end there's a certain structure to them and they focus on issues of Eman issues of Hellfire death, paradise piano, you know, those types of issues, whereas the muddy surahs along the the verses are longer they speak more about you know, punishments and more about halal and haram more about laws, prohibitions commandments, and so, they take on a completely different structure. So, they said that if the mucky surah follows the murky kind of outline follows

00:31:16 --> 00:31:49

the murky type of structure and so on, then it becomes a murky soil. And if he follows the mud, any structure so long Sora long versus speaks about punishments and rules and so on, then it becomes a muddy soil. Right? So and the stronger opinion of our soldier knows best and the one that like most scholars now considered to be like, the way that you categorize this is that it's to do with timing. 300 is considered to be Madani posted draft is considered sorry, preacher is considered to be mucky. Post hatred is considered to be Madden.

00:31:50 --> 00:32:33

And the reason why I mentioned this here is because it comes down to the central issue of my two issues. Number one is both the root cause of revelation for saltiness was the reason why supernatural is revealed. And number two, when was revealed was revealed in Mecca, meaning before he enters the murky Sora postcentral, and therefore it makes it a maddening surah. The issue of the cause of revelation of the surah comes down to a number of narrations. And the other is a difference of opinion, right? So you have a whole body of scholars that says that the surah is a mucky, surah. And you have a whole body of scholars and companions who said that it is a Medina surah. Right. And

00:32:33 --> 00:33:09

the reason why the different is because it kind of comes down to the issues that we just mentioned in terms of how you interpret so scholars will say that it's a meta surah they said that, for example, it follows the Maquis structure, in terms of its eloquence, the short surahs, you know, the, with the way that the end, they end with NASA. And so therefore, if it's the structure of a murky surah, so deftly was revealed in Mecca, others consonant as revealed in Medina. And it kind of comes down to the causal revelation, and that is that the causal Revolution and the scholars differ was the real cause of revolution was the incident that took place that caused this sort of sort of

00:33:09 --> 00:33:25

federal consumer class. And by the way, this is a point that we'll come on to, but so far, consumers are often mentioned together, like twins, right? And they consider the both call with a team, the two suitors that give you protection and shelter and refuge, right because both of them begin with,

00:33:27 --> 00:33:47

right so they are with the team. So often in the sooner you find that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam refers to both of them. When he speaks about them, he doesn't just say soreness or sorafenib up, he refers to both of them together, mechanical thing might be the thing. So the causal relation some of the scholars said,

00:33:48 --> 00:34:23

especially those who said that, that it is a modality sort of they use this as an evidence, because this incident took place in the time of Medina, right post hitron when the Prophet Solomon was living in Medina, and that is the, the Hadith that speaks and the Hadith, in essence, is an Buhari a Muslim prayer as many additions and alterations that are found in other than a Buhari Muslim as well. And that Hadith is the Hadith of the bewitching of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when magic was placed upon the prophets of the lower center, and that is the Hadith

00:34:25 --> 00:34:38

that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam magic was placed upon him when he visited a tribe or a community of Jewish people. And someone placed some magic in his food.

00:34:40 --> 00:34:59

No, sorry, that's a differential. So I'm getting confused between the two. This one is the hadith of Arshad Yolanda when she said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam magic was placed upon him to the extent that sometimes he would think that he did something that he had, right and vice versa that he had to do this thing that he had. Right. So just to say

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

With a normal routine, he will think that he'd done something but he hadn't. So you become confused in some issues of his daily routine of his day to day life.

00:35:10 --> 00:35:16

And so the profits are low earnings sentiment is heavy the variation that habit is in Bukhari and Muslim. So

00:35:17 --> 00:35:21

the Hadith says that the processor looms. So in a dream, two men come,

00:35:22 --> 00:35:39

and one of them sat by his hand, and the other one sat by his feet. And they had a conversation about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. One of them said to the other, what's wrong with him? And the other one said, he's been bewitched. So then he said to be rich, Tim, and he said, a man by the name of libido.

00:35:41 --> 00:35:41


00:35:43 --> 00:36:23

How did he do it, he took some hair on a comb that the professor was using, and he placed his incantations and his magic upon it, and he buried it in such and such a place in such a such a well did an electric there. So when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam woke up, he said to me, I shall be alone. And I think the last panel data has given me the cure. And he said, a couple of the companions to go and find this place that he heard in his dream. And they found the magic that has been placed, right, because black magic is done in a way, that the remnants of a person taking his blood, hair, nails and so on, and that's why the process seldom used to tell us that when you take

00:36:23 --> 00:36:50

off your hair, your nails, you know, if you're getting caught and blood is coming out, you dispose of it properly, right? You don't just leave it around anyway. And so the process of filling in some of his hair was taken on a pole, and magic was placed upon it. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was cured, because he found it and he in one direction and said that he read upon it sort of fell upon Solanas, and with every single verse, those knots of magic one time, right, some of the durations whereas

00:36:52 --> 00:36:58

the Hadith in Bukhari Muslim doesn't speak about the revelation of the source in the sense that he went over them.

00:37:00 --> 00:37:31

But other generations of the same Hadith are not in the body and Muslim. They say that this is when a large delusion revealed sort of follow up on soreness. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam put, protect yourself and seek refuge and align his protection from magic and Shabbat and so on and so forth. Right. And so this is where those scholars who took those having said that this is the cause of Revelation is the reason why the source revealed number one, and number two, it is the reason why

00:37:32 --> 00:38:13

the surah is a Methodist or postnatal, because this incident that is an alcoholic Muslim, took place after the ritual took place in Medina. And so that's an evidence that they use as well. But the head is in its essence, you know, Bukhari and Muslim doesn't speak openly about the issue of sort of her personas and its revelation. Right. And so therefore, you know, it's very possible based upon the Hadith that they had, it was revealed in Mecca. And the source rather revealed before the hatred in Mecca. And the prophets on the lower it was seven just happened to read them at this on this occasion. There is another narration or another statement of some of the scholars have said that

00:38:13 --> 00:38:38

they said that the prophets on a lower Hollywood sentiment he would seek refuge and protection in the law from the gym, and from the police, and from harm, he will just ask Allah for protection or he would say, oh, Allah, protect me from shape and protect me for me, please protect me from the gym, and so on and so forth. And then a large religion revealed it to Soros and funnily enough, so he started to read them instead. But he would read them instead of making just

00:38:39 --> 00:39:17

he would read sort of Philip and Solanas. But again, that doesn't speak explicitly about the cause of revelation doesn't say that that's why it was revealed, right? It's just something which took place during unmask those solos were being revealed. So therefore, the cause of Revelation is something which the scholars differ over was the reason why this was revealed, because as we know, there are certain verses and sources of the Quran, an incident takes place. In Arabic, this is called as Babel resort. And there are books that have been dedicated to the science. Why, and when were certain sources of the Quran reveal? Right, and we mentioned it in class, but mentioned it with

00:39:17 --> 00:39:27

surah, a capital other sources of iron, right where the scholar that is mentioned in the books of Hadith, and this is the place of revelation when surah gap Minnesota

00:39:28 --> 00:39:59

which is probably one of the famous ones that some of the people have koresh when they want to combat you know the damage of the profits or the lower it was send them in the Quran and so on. They said to one another, this is something new to us. We don't understand revelation. But the Jews of Medina understand because then people have scripture. They have a Torah. They claim the prophets came to them. They claim that they had revelation. So why don't we go and ask them about questions that only a Prophet would not come. You know from your scriptures and from your knowledge, give us

00:40:00 --> 00:40:36

Questions are only a Prophet would know. So that we can, you know, show that this man is false and whatever else. So a couple of them went to Medina and they spoke to Jewish tribes. And the Jewish tribe said, we'll give you three questions. Number one, tell us the story of the people of the king. Number two, tell us the story of the king, who conquered the east and the west. And number three, tell us about the spirit, the role, what is the relative the script. And so they came back and they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so what is the original revealed sort of gap, you have the story of the people of the Cave of horrible gap, you have the story of the codename was the

00:40:36 --> 00:40:41

king, the conquer the east and the west. And instead of Israel virustotal says with Luna

00:40:43 --> 00:40:44


00:40:46 --> 00:41:26

de la Padilla, they asked me concerning the spirit and the soul say that it is from the knowledge of my Lord, my lord. And you have been given very little of that knowledge. Right? And so again, this is something which is considered to be as Babel Muslim. So certain facts of the necessity which the scholars differ over, does it have a causal revelation or not the ones who say or the scholars who say that does, they point to these Hadith, right? And those are these you know, that that mentioned explicitly that sort of Pelican swirl and as revealed because of the story of libido blossom and magic and so on. Then ration that is a Muslim, as we said, doesn't speak about that explicitly.

00:41:26 --> 00:41:53

There are other innovations that are that do, and the scholars differ over their authenticity, right, some of them said that it is authentic, or the sense that it is not authentic, I think shuttle abellio him Allah said that it is authentic, one of them, other said that it is not. And so it is an issue of difference of opinion. Lola zildjian knows best, right. However, there are others narrations that don't speak about a cause of Revelation, but that do speak about the surah being amended is Surah

00:41:54 --> 00:41:59

Surah minnpost, Pedro, you have to have if one is the hadith of

00:42:01 --> 00:42:05

rhodiola one, which is in Sahih Muslim, and the other one is

00:42:06 --> 00:42:44

rhodiola. And in both of them, they're very similar the profits on the lower it was send them said that I have been given versus this night, or revelation has come to me this night or two sources have been revealed to me this night that I have never been given anything similar to them before. So to Philip uncertainness verses that have been revealed to me that are unique, I have never been given anything similar to them before. And then he read, sort of develop and sort of to last, the scholars say why are these ahaadeeth? Why does this have it show that this these two sort of meta postcentral surahs because of the Norwegians, the companions

00:42:46 --> 00:42:48

was a companion who accepted Islam.

00:42:49 --> 00:43:21

And he's reading the Hadith. And I'm sorry that your loved one is from the young companions of the answer. But honestly, the medics from the young companions are from that like age group, and therefore he only became a companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after the withdrawal when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam moved to Medina. And so this policy because of these two Hadith both of them, narrated by companions, who only became Muslim only became companions posted the surah is a Medina surah. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best.

00:43:22 --> 00:44:10

This is a sort of which has many virtues right and as mentioned many times in the Sunday in terms of its virtues, and it is recommended that it is a sword that is read after Salah when you wake up and from the morning and evening of currents on it will pay Mahima is to see him even though he says he is to sort of give you protection, Minnesota, Philip and so on, as they give you protection from every type of evil, every single type of evil, they give you protection from hidden and apparent, every type of evil and they do it with the most eloquent, most comprehensive and most powerful words and statements. So these are two sources that give you protection from everything sort of a mess, as

00:44:10 --> 00:44:40

we said before, it speaks about the hidden dangers and the hidden evil, and sort of Philip speaks about open and apparent evil. So he says that they give you protection from every evil in the most comprehensive and in the most eloquent of ways and forms. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to tell us to read the bar with the team after every solid. So when you make you have to solder, it is from the center to eat solid and solid mass from those

00:44:41 --> 00:44:44

inheritors in the habit of

00:44:46 --> 00:44:56

he says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded me to lead a follow up and analysis after every single congregational prayer every single obligatory prayer

00:44:58 --> 00:45:00

after every single practice

00:45:01 --> 00:45:23

Likewise, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that it's a surah that we should read in the morning and the evening three times. So from us count of the morning in the evening is to read the surah, three times and some of the scholars said, in after you purchase Allah after your mother's surah, you can read the den three times instead of one, and it becomes part of the car. And that is because the hadith of Abdullah

00:45:24 --> 00:45:52

that he said that I came up to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on March that was extremely dark, and it was raining. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to me, we'd speak Same, same researcher, what should I say? So he said to me a second time, say, and I said to him, what should I say? And he said, a third time, say, and then he said to me say all who allow I have older older, will fill up

00:45:54 --> 00:46:01

three times in the morning, and three times in the evening, they will protect you from every evil. And this hadith is in Surah, Timothy.

00:46:03 --> 00:46:10

So we did last Filipinas, three times in the morning, three times in the evening, they will protect you from every evil.

00:46:11 --> 00:46:26

And likewise, at the time of steeping the profits on the lower end selling the heavy the marisha Romana, she says that the processor is bad in the night, he would put his hands together, and he would read and then he would grow in them. And he would read

00:46:27 --> 00:46:35

the master overhead, and he would blow over himself three times that he would wipe his face and his body and his head, he doesn't say.

00:46:36 --> 00:46:52

So the professor before going to sleep, he would ask us or bring his hands together, we'd blow them and wipe over his body in his face. And he would read the three solos of last NASA This isn't a mystery. And also,

00:46:53 --> 00:46:55

at times of paintings,

00:46:56 --> 00:46:57

the Hadith, the

00:46:59 --> 00:47:38

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if he became ill, or he experienced pain, he would read them out with a team he would read sort of fell out, and he would read surah, NASS, and then he would wipe over that part of his body in which he was experiencing this, or he was experiencing pain, right. And so under other headings speak about the virtues of these three of these three slots. And to sort of sort of follow consolidation as often sort of the the class was mentioned with the Muslim. Another point that's mentioned by the sponsor, regarding solar to NASA, and sort of in front of is the name, right, the different names that are mentioned, in the sunlight in the books of Tafseer for

00:47:38 --> 00:47:55

these two circles. So solar to mass is known by obviously, sort of, that's the most common name that's mentioned, right. And it's mentioned in the vast majority of the books of Tafseer. It is considered a cold saltiness, that's the name that it is known. But it is also known as sort of

00:47:56 --> 00:48:00

openness, right? Using the first verse surah.

00:48:01 --> 00:48:05

openness. And this is the title that was given to it by the moment.

00:48:06 --> 00:48:21

When he speaks about the seal of the surah. He says the seal Surah COVID openness. And he mentions the whole verse, rather than just the word and ness. And it is also known as the model with the team, as we said, you know, and this is

00:48:22 --> 00:48:25

Amanda Timothy mentioned this in his, in his

00:48:26 --> 00:48:41

book of Hadith, he calls it with a team. And it's based upon a Hadith, I think, and that is that the, the process of them said that you should read the Bible with the team after every sauna, right and the basis upon this,

00:48:42 --> 00:49:11

based upon this duration equals to tomorrow with the team. And this is also a very common in the spread of the books. I've seen that the scholars refer to these two sources as tomorrow with a team or with a team means what the two sources that give you protection, right, from an oval, or with a team, that the two soldiers that give you protection and they give you shelter. Another name that is also mentioned in the books of Dempsey, or some of the books that they've seen. And this one's a bit of a mouthful. Mukesh machete

00:49:12 --> 00:49:18

right? Say that five times really fast. Mukesh Pasha thing, where the cop comes before the shoot,

00:49:20 --> 00:49:41

what does it mean? It means to free yourself, to absolve yourself right to free yourself and absolve yourself and so, some of the scholars said that Sora fellow anass are known as bhupesh attain that you free yourself from every harm and every evil and so on. However, in the books of

00:49:43 --> 00:49:52

this name, because it is more commonly used to refer to to other schools, right? are either unfound and tober.

00:49:54 --> 00:49:59

Why in front of Toba, what do they What do they speak? What do they free you from? What are they absorbing this from?

00:50:02 --> 00:50:33

From Kufa nifa went from disbelief and hypocrisy. Or they're used to refer to Sora to the class and careful for the Satanism because they also speak about observing and suffering, confirm disbelief, and so on. Right? And so you find this in the books of Pepsi that they used for these different sources, some of the scholars said that it is also a name that is used to refer to sort of Philip uncertainness. And the fifth name, right, so we have Sora, mass, polar alderbrook, Venus, where are we the team?

00:50:38 --> 00:50:43

And the fifth one, is he changed the coffin chin around, switch.

00:50:44 --> 00:50:45

shops are pretty

00:50:47 --> 00:51:17

shocking, right. And that's mentioned, you know, the machete is supposed to do the others, they say that this is also a name that is given to these two songs, and what does that mean? It refers to eloquence and refers to, you know, the beauty of the Arabic language, the poetry of the Arabic language, and so on. And that's because the songs are obviously very poetic in their recitation. So Ernest finishes, you know, all with a nurse. And sorafenib always finishes with a

00:51:19 --> 00:51:20

little fella, Shalimar

00:51:21 --> 00:51:56

robot and so he has a very nice rhythm to it. And because of that rhythm, and because of the eloquence that he has, then it is also given this name, right. So those are five names that you'll find the books have seen that speak about these two swords, right five names for these two sort of soreness and possibly both of them. So sort of NASS, Colorado openness with a team, which means that to sort of give you protection, Mukesh Pasha thing with the pasta comes first, which means what? to absolve yourself to free yourself. And then

00:51:58 --> 00:52:05

with the sheen that comes first with structure, patina, that means versus the rock. Also, those are extremely eloquent, poetic and so

00:52:06 --> 00:52:07

he had a question.

00:52:13 --> 00:52:14

Yes, are we the team is a

00:52:16 --> 00:52:36

dual language we have a singular form, Jude form improved form. So what are we the team when you see what are we the team, it refers to both Filipinas. And that's why the Hadith, and the books of Hadith of the books of the seed and when the scholars same or with a team, they're always referring to both scholars, not just one when you read both of them together.

00:52:37 --> 00:52:38

And sort of

00:52:40 --> 00:52:42

any other question as well

00:52:48 --> 00:52:51

before sleeping three times and blowing his hands at once

00:52:55 --> 00:52:58

to the profit sort of lower it was some essential

00:52:59 --> 00:53:00


00:53:01 --> 00:53:01


00:53:07 --> 00:53:09

the head it says

00:53:11 --> 00:53:14

he would blow once or he would wipe over his body three times.

00:53:15 --> 00:53:21

So with rock solid before going to sleep, you would read it once that would blow once and then he would wipe over his body

00:53:23 --> 00:53:34

three times or maybe blow and wipe three times. Because he says he used to do that three times. So it's possible that he would blow and wipe three times so important to wipe three times.

00:53:45 --> 00:53:52

Okay, so when you read these three stores, should you read for example, each time so Oh, I had three times then follow up three times the last few times or do you read

00:53:54 --> 00:53:58

it last fall upon us and then back of last fall of last class Filipinas.

00:54:00 --> 00:54:01

I think what like

00:54:02 --> 00:54:16

from what I remember from my teachers during that they would read them three times each. So if last three times then follow up three times the last three times. But I don't think that it's like a major it's almost like to the other way. I don't think that it would be a major issue.

00:54:18 --> 00:54:20

But that's what I remember from my teachers

00:54:23 --> 00:54:24

and professionals, although

00:54:40 --> 00:54:41

know how

00:54:44 --> 00:54:46

to fill up a mess and more with the team.

00:54:50 --> 00:54:51


00:54:55 --> 00:54:55

no one else

00:54:58 --> 00:54:58


00:55:00 --> 00:55:02

I think when mentioned one more thing, maybe

00:55:04 --> 00:55:11

rather than starting sooner. So one of the things that we mentioned earlier on is the position Have you been misquoted or the alarm

00:55:13 --> 00:55:18

deleted from him that he wouldn't consider these two sort of to be from the

00:55:19 --> 00:55:33

right. So you want to consider sort of mastery from the Parana, this is mentioned, the situation from him is mentioned by management in his Muslim ban, and others. That is to say

00:55:34 --> 00:55:46

that these two sort of offer protection and refuge and he wouldn't write them down in his must have read from the his visual novels of the copy that he had with him. He didn't write them down.

00:55:47 --> 00:55:56

And it's also reported from an American mother a bizarre Bharani, that he said something similar, but slightly different iteration and so on the

00:55:57 --> 00:56:00

very bottom right is done.

00:56:02 --> 00:56:45

So what did the scholars say about this particular iteration of rhodiola? There's two approaches that some of the scholars had. The first is to say that they are weak, these innovations from the long run their weeks, if you look at, for example, remember, Razi is the CEO of Apple and he even remembered, No, he hasn't, you know, a group of scholars, they used to say that these narrations are not authentic, or not authentic form, if it was, for other day or week, you know, that, like, authentically attributable to him, and so therefore, you know, like, a combat issue, if they weaken the not authentic and the cop established an attribute to him, there's no issue right, there's no

00:56:45 --> 00:56:53

problem and no story done. Close the chapter move on. However, other scholars, and especially like some of the specialists, hobbies, like email,

00:56:54 --> 00:57:03

Rahim, Allah and others, they signal the Hadith are authentic. Whereas if you look at the chain of relation, their authentic rate is authentic that it

00:57:05 --> 00:57:40

was not mentioned just in one had these books mentioned multiple books, and it's mentioned for multiple generations and multiple narrators, the liberal your loved one, by the way, Miss Ruth, as we know is one of the greatest companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, one of the early Muslims a major spotter amongst the companions, and it's not like just a young companion or someone who you know was with the person for a year or two, three or four is considered to be like up there, right from the senior early Muslims from the major companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that there's many Hadith that speak about his virtues and so on. Not only that, but in terms of his

00:57:40 --> 00:58:19

knowledge, the companions amongst themselves, used to acknowledge him as a scholar amongst men, so for the companions to acknowledge certain individuals, scholars amongst them, you know, that's something like major right. So even our best for the normal, these companions are well known. And they consider considered scholars and many of the tabulation of the students, you know, where we take our knowledge from today, they go back to these illustrious components. However, if your loved one was older than them, and he's an earlier Muslim than them, and therefore, you know, his knowledge is greater than them. Prophecy because he was older, he passed away before them. So they

00:58:19 --> 00:58:56

have more scope of teaching and spreading that knowledge and so on. Even Mr. Guardiola towards the end of his life, he settled in Iraq, he went to confirm and that's how he settled. And that's why he passed away rhodiola Miranda durations for exactly the type of ideology that people used to come to it from Iraq, and they will come to you on your loved one, and they will ask him questions. And he would say to them, don't you have to be Masood amongst you? And they would say yes, he would say so go back and ask him. My Why did you waste your journey come all the way and ask me when he lives amongst you go back and ask him anyway. And not the companions, especially in the time of Horace

00:58:56 --> 00:59:35

Mann and audience only will refer to them as probably a loved one. And they would ask him his questions and so because of his level of knowledge. So the scholars who said that, therefore, it is an authentic, authentic relationship with your loved one that he didn't write these songs down. How do they respond to this issue? They say that there's a number of explanations. Number one, is that even Massoud didn't write them down. But that doesn't mean that he didn't consider them to be from the Quran. He just didn't write them down because he considered them to be so well known. And so acceptable also accepted that he didn't need to write them down. So he never wrote them down not

00:59:35 --> 00:59:42

because he didn't consider them to be from the Quran. But just because it's something which he didn't feel the need to do. Right That's like one

00:59:43 --> 00:59:59

answer that's been given a one way of explaining the statement of your loved one. And the reason why they say this is because number one, this ahaadeeth universe one know that the processor can read these two swords in a sauna right? And he you know, her companions you

01:00:00 --> 01:00:35

reading them and so on and so forth to show that it is clearly from the Quran. And it's not possible that a companion of the stature and the knowledge and the virtual use or the a lot one would have been unaware of this, right? Although some scholars did say this, that maybe he was unaware, right? Because no one companion had all of the knowledge no one companion was perfectly normal companion with everything, everyone had mistakes, and they would come up with things that even the alarm didn't know, to speed up. And as companions, the alarm didn't know, and other companions would come and tell him. And so therefore, like, no, no one companion had all of knowledge, right. And that's

01:00:35 --> 01:00:45

why even when the companions came to complain that there was a committee of them, or they appointed four or five, so that they would all come together and help one another. However, also formatting

01:00:47 --> 01:01:24

is one of the greatest causes of crime, right? So when we take our puranam, you have your Senate that goes back of the params, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one of the names of the senators of the library was called the alarm. So if you pick up that like when others printed in Medina, and if you flip to the back, and they have a two or three pages in Arabic, that speak about the Quran, and how they, you know, like printed the Koran and where they took it, how they made sure that it was all completely the way that it should be with no errors and mistakes they have in the books of origin and art, and the great amounts of a Kufa that we read from our camera that we read

01:01:24 --> 01:01:57

from is taken from an email by the name of Mr. Manson warehouse analysis. So we read by the role of haves and answer are symbols from the era of Kufa. And he studied from the scholars of Kufa who eventually study like, you know, one or two generations above him, they studied with Abdullah rhodiola and in all of those karate and and all of those readings of the Quran surah to follow up on saltiness of them, right, so none of those imams ever said no you finisher, so that

01:02:00 --> 01:02:18

they all mentioned even miss rhodiola and then he went to a phenopen Solanas, right. And that is something which is extremely strong in terms of evidence, because it is motel work. Right? It is something which is widely narrated to the extent that it could have been possibly a fabrication or something, which is what,

01:02:19 --> 01:02:48

because he had hundreds of students and 1000s of students from generation to generation, until our time today, we still have a chain of narration that goes back from us, all the way to these great events, and obviously, the companions before them, such as even Miss rhodiola. So therefore, it's something which he did accept, even if he chose not, to, as we said, The Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, you used to read the sutras, and he, you know, he heard the Prophet sallallahu

01:02:49 --> 01:02:53

wasallam, recited the surah, in his Salah, as well.

01:02:54 --> 01:03:07

And other scholars said that this was the initial opinion of the loved one. And then he learned that he was mistaken, and he retracted. So at the beginning, he thought maybe it was just a matter the processor was given a door and his reading.

01:03:08 --> 01:03:23

And then he was corrected. And he was told that Actually, no, you know, it is part of the plan. And he changed his opinion. And he said, Okay, let's move on. And this is what Rahim Allah mentions in his Tafseer that this was the initial opinion.

01:03:24 --> 01:03:41

But the next one, he changed his opinion, when he realized that he was mistaken. And he came back to the opinion that all of the companions or all of the scholars have accepted, and that's why the scholars say that it was something which was, it was unique to him, White's peculiar just to him. Even the students

01:03:42 --> 01:04:07

don't accept this. And so they say, therefore shows that it was something that he was misunderstanding, he didn't know. But once he learned and he was corrected, he retracted it. And that's why it's not been rated. Otherwise, his students would have taken under students that would carried on, you know, they would have been for a number of generations, that would have been a common opinion. And the last panel, Tara knows best, I think, will stop the shower next week, we will actually start with the surah.

01:04:09 --> 01:04:15

Because I think we've covered like most of the introductory points to saltiness, any questions any

01:04:18 --> 01:04:18


01:04:20 --> 01:04:21

in Iraq,

01:04:22 --> 01:04:24

I think was, from what I remember,

01:04:27 --> 01:04:29

for at least has really settled anyway.

01:04:36 --> 01:04:51

I don't know. I don't remember. But I know like he's settled for a very long time and most of the knowledge that is taken from the scholars of Europa heslin buskey. And scholars are the words for the tambourine. They studied with the likes of Viola but it is possible that he that he moved back to Medina

01:04:55 --> 01:04:56

anyone else any

01:05:09 --> 01:05:24

Yeah, so remember, like the scholars like even the companions amongst themselves know that they can have differences of opinion on certain issues. And like we said, no one companion has all knowledge, right. So sometimes that companion has a view that he didn't like, hear or understand. So even if

01:05:25 --> 01:05:57

your loved one when he was the halifa, he used to say to the people that you have to make much more freedom hacha for what you can only make it on its own. And you can't make the majority hunter in your own Robert hatch, even though it's not mentioned in the title of the Prophet Solomon, there's a hadith and so on. But it's also something which he knew he considered to be the, you know, something that should be done. And that's like his view on other companions like aebersold, and others from that time that used to disagree with the opening and say, No, we clearly heard the process of them say this. So you have companions because, you know, like, no one companion has all of knowledge,

01:05:57 --> 01:06:18

right? No one companion knows everything. companions used to be absolutely Well, maybe didn't hear, they didn't know. And that's why the beauty of our religion is that it's not reliant on one person, after the person doesn't just rely on one person or two people, it is the whole body of the components where they come together, that gives us this knowledge, and this religion, its strength.

01:06:20 --> 01:06:20


01:06:23 --> 01:06:24

the dialogue between

01:06:28 --> 01:06:30

these two, in which case

01:06:33 --> 01:06:35

can we say something about?

01:06:37 --> 01:07:09

Okay, so the the issue of her judges, like, you know, like, scholars have spoken about advocacy, you mentioned in the day when you hire that have been mentioned in Sierra Nevada, and so on. And they mentioned like, you know, the majority of his actions that we know of, are actions that were like oppressive, and transgressive, and so on. And they mentioned this openly, but then they say, Look, he did some good, like, obviously, like, he expanded the Muslim lands, and, you know, whatever else he did, like, some good, and he's, you know, at the end of the day loss of Canada will judge him, the point that I was making is because we live in a time now where, you know, with all of this stuff

01:07:09 --> 01:07:13

that's going on in the media, with certain countries and certain rulers and so on. But what I

01:07:14 --> 01:07:50

want to impress upon all of us is, it's a very dangerous issue to get involved in things that you don't understand. Number one, and number two that you don't know the reality of, because once you open your mouth, it's written down, right. And that's something that you have to account for on human piano. And these are issues especially because what often happens, especially in our day and age, right, that most of the stuff is discussed, were on Twitter, right? on WhatsApp, right. And these are issues which are extremely complex and nuance to the required knowledge and wherever. And it's not something that you can do in 120 characters, or something you do like three or four posts

01:07:50 --> 01:08:28

or something that you do on a WhatsApp chat group or something. So it's something which requires us to be more mature, number one, number two, our religion is a religion of balance where and it's originally based on firm foundations of the Quran and Sunnah. It's not about what I think what you think, or I hope for you hope for what I consider to be good or not good or you stop the issue. The issue is this is our religion. Our religion tells us how to behave and how to act on every single issue. Even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the center of the illawarra, before Allah revealed the innocence in the Quran, for 3040 odd days, that period of time, which no revelation

01:08:28 --> 01:09:04

came, there were principles by which the prophets on the lower it will set them down with them. Likewise, the people of the book, The Companions, who didn't go to the book, they never valid excuse, 40 days 40 to 50 days or 50 nights, no revelation came. And the process of them dealt with them based upon principles wasn't like, Oh, she's my wife, or they're my friends, or I know that right up more than we have in our religion a certain way that we do things. And when it's based upon knowledge, it is fair, and it was just, you know, one of the things that they say about her judge was that when he was on his deathbed, he made the door and he said over law these people, meaning

01:09:04 --> 01:09:14

the people, generally these people claim that you will never forgive me. So Allah forgive me, because the people heard of his oppression. And so you're like, even competitors as Matt robiola,

01:09:18 --> 01:09:56

Senior Major companion, she's there from the beginning of Islam, you know, like she's like one of the early Muslim from the family level, but on the lower end, and so on when her senate blood was the meat was killed by the commendable head judge. She spoke out against him. Right? And she said, like this notion, she said, which the processor told us that they would come from his tribe, to the tribe of five, a man who is a liar, and a man who will cause corruption upon the as for the liar, we've already seen him in the false prophet who came in he came in he went in his den, and as for the one who caused corruption, I think it is you over her judgment and she has some harsh words and

01:09:56 --> 01:09:59

instruments on so people, you know what I was like, aware of

01:10:00 --> 01:10:08

And even the scholars, you know, like whatever. So he makes us to overload the people claim you will never forgive me. So forgive me, I'm gonna be

01:10:10 --> 01:10:15

the greatest scholars in this region. He said, By Allah, I wish that I had made that.

01:10:16 --> 01:10:52

Right, it's an amazing story to the people want to restrict allow us forgiveness, and His mercy and claim that allow will never ever forgive such a person only Allah knows, right? And Allah subhanaw taala is just in order as affairs and he will deal with him with his ultimate justice. So the point is here that it's these are issues that we have to be extremely careful about. The issues that really like should be left to people who are learned and scholars like me speak about it from an Islamic principle and standard point of view. Right? This is an Islamic ruling or what we should do as Muslims and so on. This is something which we should all be involved in. I think that's an

01:10:52 --> 01:11:32

important point to remember. Not least, you know, for which that state of Ahmedabad disease, Rahim Allah because we don't want to be held to account for it right? But what matters, what matters for them is that which they earn for you is that which you earn and you will not be asked about them. And they will not be asked about you. And so when we have so many of our own issues to deal with, you know, Why get involved in things that frankly, they don't really affect us in the urine and a lot of soldier knows best. The loss of habitat and protect us and our families and our children and our community and our soldier give us strength and knowledge and almost Coronavirus what is correct.

01:11:33 --> 01:11:53

Baraka lofi shala next week because when the clocks will back Sunday, Sunday So, next week we're starting at seven what seven o'clock was solid Russia and the masjid 730 restarting on mine meaning the class will start at 730 but you shall be able to sleep very sharp at the past. We'll start at 730 with the legs up on the hips.

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