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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh brothers and sisters here at Epic mashallah Tabata club, we continue to raise the bar, we continue to give services and programs and seminars that are of extreme relevance and a practical value to our communities. And I'm really, really excited to announce an upcoming project that we are sponsoring and helping with. And it is meant for our youth, it is meant for our young brothers and sisters from the age of 14 to 19. And it's going to take place over the course of the next three semesters, and it is entitled 10 essential skills. And I'm looking at this list here, And subhanAllah, I have to be honest, even though says 14 to 19, I kind

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of wish I could also attend some of these because they're so amazing and exciting. And I encourage all of you who are of that age to sign on to these classes, and encourage the parents to take a look at what's going on, and to understand that these are life skills that are rarely taught and yet very much needed. So for example, on February 18, a very first class time management and becoming a productive Muslim Subhanallah very practical tips that are going to be taught about how our teenagers who are wasting so much time on social media and whatnot, how can they manage their time effectively, there is going to be topics about the Gender Wars, roles and responsibilities, you

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know, of men and women topics such as leading and inspiring tools, the tools for successful you know, team management, how does one be a team player? How does one be a team manager? Later on? We're going to be talking about different types of majors. You know, our young men and women are wondering, where should we major and so we're going to discuss this as well. We're going to discuss political office, and if you're aspiring to be a politician, what are the pros and cons the pitfalls you should be aware of, we're going to discuss professional looks resume writing interviews, how to have a successful interview, how to look good online, how to write your resume in a way that's going

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to be effective, there's going to be business teaching skills as well how to create a million dollar business and professional networking and development, all of these skills, even if you don't necessarily use them for that slot or whatnot. They are life skills that are needed for today for today's society. And we're very proud here at Epic to be partnering up with a number of people including our brother Faison, who will be our main lead and inshallah to Allah he will be doing an effective class I myself witness last year he was doing some classes for a youth and martial law and amazing, amazing job done. So please brothers and sisters, look at what's going on log log onto our

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website, look at the entire list of courses and classes and Inshallah, if you're of that age sign up and if you're a parent who has a teenager of that age, then sign them up and we're hoping shallow to other to continue to provide you services, programs and seminars that are practical value to you so that Kamala Harris and I might even we're not going to lie about Katherine